Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 45


Despite the commotion, Ethella turned her head.

As the students watched, flashes of light continued to shoot from Shirone's hand.

'Active magic.'

That meant that he had successfully strengthened his Spirit Zone.

Ethella approached Shirone.

“Shirone, I see that you've prepared well.”

“Thank you. But in fact, this is the first time I've succeeded.”

“The sequence method seems to have worked. Would you like to try it again? I'll watch.”


As Shirone cast photon output. Ethella touched her lips and fell into thought.


It was not simply the Sequence.

'He exceeded the level that can be strengthened with basic skills. Did he combine the modularization from the information department?'

Whether he did it while knowing or discovered it by accident, with Shirone's insight, either was possible.

Organizing her thoughts, she made a suggestion.

“Shirone, you haven't tried hitting a target yet, have you? Would you like to try out the Image Zone?”


The students stopped what they were doing and gathered around to watch Shirone.

“How effective will photon output be?”

“Not sure. It's one of the fastest magics out there, but the accuracy of it depends on the mage.”

After checking the safety device, Ethella spoke.

“You may begin.”

Shirone nodded and flicked his finger.

The target jumped up and flew around quickly.

The thorns of the Attack form pierced out in all directions, and one of them caught the target.

'Photon output.'

The magic was cast without delay. A flash of light sped toward the target and turned it into ashes.


The students were awed.

While it may not actually be effective in real combat, the flashy lights overwhelmed the viewers.

'Not bad.'

The targets turned to ashes left and right as Shirone fired a series of flashes.

Shirone's performance really emphasized the advantage of photon output in regards to the Speed Gun Test.

'Yes! I can do it with this!”

The Sequence method already exceeded 1,500, and the count on the display board continued to rise.

Currently, Shirone had eliminated 172 targets.

Shirone had 20 seconds left. He could easily break through to 200 points, and with time to spare.

'As expected, he's using modularity.'

Ethella was finally certain.

The realization he had when he crossed the Bridge That Could Not Be Crossed continued to help him with the current exam.

'I was worried for nothing.'

She originally thought it would be better to strengthen Shirone's Spirit Zone through mental training rather than technical training because of his disposition.

'Surprisingly, there is quite a belligerent side to him.'

His desire to obtain victory seemed to have spurred his thinking to become stronger and more fierce.

A minute passed, and when the targeting program ended, Shirone let out one big breath.

The final total was 342 points, which was recorded on the electronic signboard. All gazes were pointed there.

“342 in one minute. But how did he not miss one? Should I just switch to photon output instead?”

“Does that look easy to you? Shirone mastered teleportation. That's why he's at that level.”

Meanwhile, away from the group of students, Nade and Yiruki sat side by side and shared their opinions.

“As expected of Shirone. Even though he specializes in defense, he is also good at offense, too.”

As opposed to Nade, Yiruki was negative.

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