Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 44


The students were stupefied.

“G-Get down to business?”

They were bewildered because the power Samuel had shown just now was enough to really showcase the power of Incantation magic.

“Earth of furor.”

Samuel recited the same poem again.

One difference was that the speed at which he spoke became faster.

“I borrow thy power so touch my hand. Looking down at the sky, the history of achievement, be captured in a moment.”

It was almost frightening how fast he sped up. His words were almost incomprehensible.


And finally, a sound that could not be considered as language broke and spread out.

Samuel's face distorted terribly while the sound he was creating resembled that of a dolphin's cry.

The speed of the incantation seemingly reached its limit.

He recited the phrases that took 2 minutes to complete in 4 seconds. 

He cast the magic while clutching his chest.


A huge whirlwind with a mixture of dirt and dust soared through the sky.


The loud shouts of children from the lower classes were heard, and a strong wind swept past their seats.

By the time the dust disappeared, Samuel had a peaceful expression with a soft smile on his face.

After the tinnitus disappeared from the ears of the students, Samuel explained calmly.

“That, everyone, was the basis of Incantation magic. It's called Supersonic magic.”

“It is an indispensable skill in battle. Of course, it's not just about speaking fast. It may have been simply a noise to you, but I ruminated over and over the full meaning of the phrases. I think the power of the whirlwind that every one of you has seen serves as proof of that.”

As they were still in a daze, nobody replied back, but everyone agreed with Samuel's words.

It was the same for Shirone.

'The Power of Incantation…'

'The last whirlwind that was 10 times more powerful than the first.'

'Is this the level of the Advanced Class?'

Not to mention, he was the teaching assistant that Ethella chose, so he must have been in the top ranks in the Advanced class.

But regardless, he was still a student.

The thought that Amy was competing with such people made him nervous, but at the same time, something hot flared inside him.

'I'll definitely reach that position.'

The other students seem to have felt the same way because their eyes looked slightly different from before.

This was the exact reason why Ethella called a teaching assistant.

“Good work, Samuel. The students should have picked up a few things. Thank you for following through despite the difficult request.”

“Not at all, Ms. Ethella. Just call me up anytime, I'll be happy to help.”

Compared to the comfortable way the Intermediate class acted around Ethella, Samuel bowed his head politely.

'That is the kind of world for mages.'

Shirone realized anew who he was taking lessons from. 

Once Samuel eventually graduated, he would be a non-certified Grade 10 mage. However, the instructor in front of him was a Grade 6 mage, and a state-certified one at that.

'How strong is she, our teacher?'

The other students must have registered this fact as well, as even after Samuel left, they were filled with reverence.

“Okay, everyone. Did you enjoy the demonstration of Incantation magic?”


Hearing the louder-than-usual reply, Ethella nodded, satisfied.

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