Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 46



Despite knowing that the Target form was her specialty and that it gave her an advantage during the exam, Shirone felt that the score of 987 points was out of this world.

Nade recalled and spoke.

“You might not know, but during exams, our senior focuses so hard to the point she seems like a different person. It's no wonder she never lost her place as the rank 1 prior to entering the Advanced class. I mean, you're also not much different in that sense.”

Shirone realized once again. 

'How many people of talent live in this world?'

But on the other hand, it gave him courage.

'That's right, there's nothing that is absolute in this world. Like how Amy won using her own method, I will also win using my own method.'

Nade advised.

“There's no need for you to break the highest record, so relax. Before the record-breaking 987 score, I heard that the highest score was somewhere in the late 700s. Our senior achieved her highest record when she was in Class 4, not 5, so even more reason to take it easy.”


Shirone thought.

'Then let's make my primary goal 700 points.'

3 weeks were left before D-day. Shirone had to think of a way to raise his score in that short period of time.

'I won't lose. Not in a million years.'

Shirone clenched his fists.



The only thing clouding his thoughts was the Sequence method.

He had to count faster than Yiruki, but he couldn't come up with a number.

'Damn it. How should I execute this exactly?'

No matter how much he increased the set numbers using modularity, it was shabby compared to the unit compressive force of log.

“First, let's train.”

At night, Shirone practiced Photon Output.

The speed at which the Sequence method reached the last number was much faster, but even so, he could only count to 10,000 in one minute.

'Yiruki reached one million on the first day. I may have the upper hand in terms of stamina, but Yiruki is superior in terms of the speed at which he strengthens his Spirit Zone. If I do nothing about the gap between us, winning will not be possible.'

There was the exam he had to think about as well.

If there were an unlimited number of targets, achieving 1,000 points wouldn't be too difficult, but there was a unique pattern.

'At level 1, 10 targets appear. You have to take them all out in order to move on to level 2. Moreover, with each increase in level, there's an additional target that gets added.'

At level 10, nineteen targets appeared all at once.

Therefore, if one were to start off slow from the beginning and take too much time, one wouldn't be able to earn a high score.

'If I miss a target even once, the delay could prove fatal. After all, the name of the game is Speed Gun.'


Shirone finished training around midnight.

Currently, Shirone's daily routine looked something like this:

He would go to his dorm, sleep like the dead, wake up to take classes, train until midnight, and then repeat the process all over again.

Other students either shared tips and tricks with each other or practiced the Sequence method while waiting in line for the Image Zone.

When it was his turn, Shirone poured out everything he learned and trained without restraint.

Every time the thorns of the Attack Form made contact with a target, the beam of the Photon Output pierced the air.

The students gave him their full attention.

“It's getting faster and faster.”

As Shirone continued to get used to active magic, eventually, he was able to hit the mark without even turning his body.

A minute passed by in a blur for the students who watched the light show.

The final score was 567 points.

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