Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 38


The time left until the collision was at most one second, and this time, Shirone's heart couldn't help but race.

He could smell death.

'Let's stay calm.'

He was not yet dead, so with that in mind, Shirone narrowed his eyes at the iron structure that wished to swallow him whole.


Intense electrical impulses hit his brain, and Shirone quickly readjusted his omnipotence and omniscience to repair his Spirit Zone which had been shaken by Mark's shrill screams.

That took a tenth of a second.

Shirone thought to himself. 

'Was that enough…? No, not yet.'

He thought faster.

A hundredth of a second.

He reconstructed the internal structure of the Dragon's Labyrinth and simulated exactly how it went in his mind in order to find a way out.

A thousandth of a second.

There were 6 roads in front of him. Shirone needed to link nine teleports in order to escape.

'No. It would be possible alone, but with Mark? I have to find another route…'

Right as Shirone was about to begin a new simulation, the Dragon's Labyrinth devoured them both.

Many students turned their heads, and some even screamed.

Sharelle's scream was the loudest among them.


The sound wave in the narrow space sounded like the screams of Shirone and Mark.

ten-thousandth of a second.

Despite only being given ten-thousandth of a second, a time which was too faint to be perceived with insight, Shirone somehow managed to analyze all the patterns and teleport accordingly. 

A single flash of light pierced through the Dragon's Labyrinth. And in a flash of dazzling light, Shirone crossed the finish line.

“Hahh… Hahh.”

Shirone dropped Mark onto the ground and walked a few more steps. But his body couldn't take it anymore, so he ended up curled up on the ground. There was no place in his body that was not overloaded and aching.

Nobody made a sound. The students who took in the scene were blown away. They looked at the boy who triggered this response with frightened eyes as if they were looking at a ghost.

Ethella cast Spatial Warp towards where Siena had left in search of Thadd, and shortly thereafter, the engine system turned off, and a voice echoed out.


–The engine system of the Bridge That Cannot Be Crossed has been deactivated. Level 0. Level 0.


Shortly after the empty voice of the machine sounded out, the movement of the iron bar slowed to a stop, and the vine-like structure returned back to how it was initially.

The upperclassmen from the Advanced class were the first to speak up.

“Wh-What the…”

All the students had uniform thoughts.

“Is that really possible?”

“No way. This is absurd. That was level 10. He passed the Dragon's Labyrinth…”

Awakened by the students' voices, Shirone took a second to look around.

'Huh? Why are they all staring at me?!'

Some parts of his memory were hazy, but he at least knew he had crossed the Bridge That Could Not be Crossed.

As his head started to clear, and everything came crashing down, Shirone's eyes got teary as his lips trembled.

“Wahhhh… I really thought I was going to die.”

Considering it was said by a person who just made history, the remark was almost too tasteless and uncool.

Sharelle pulled Amy in for a hug and cried out.

“Shirone did it! Your boyfriend really did it!”

It would've been better if she didn't mention the boyfriend part, but Amy let it go this time after feeling her teary friend's sincerity.

Students shoved each other around to reach Shirone in order to congratulate him.

“Congratulations! You were really cool!”

“So I guess you're going to be promoted to Class 5 now. Hahaha! Class 6 kids are going to go green with envy.”

While Shirone was busy getting praised, the instructors that had gone to the engine room returned… With Maria in tow.

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