Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 39


Shirone was promoted to Class 5.

Siena, who knew the unique study method of the Core of Knowledge, became the homeroom instructor.

It was hard for Shirone to keep up with the classes as he had jumped up two levels, but Shirone decided to stick with his old method nonetheless.

Class 5 had a test that occurred once a week and had a final exam at the end of the month that determined a student's rank for that month. In the first test, Shirone placed 40th out of the 40 students.

There were a total of 11 different subjects, and his average score was only 32 points.

However, it was worth noting that his score across all the different subjects ranged from 30 to about 33. 

The average score for the second theory test was 34.

'A two-point improvement in average might seem insignificant. However…'

His scores for all subjects increased simultaneously.

The third test was similar. However, there was one slight difference this time, as there was a steeper upward trend for he scored 36 to 39.

'It's increasing all at once.'

Shirone's will could be felt through his progress.

'It's a relief. Staying in the lower ranks for a long period of time can lead to a decrease in self-confidence.'

Siena saw no such anxiety through his progress graph. He was just quietly walking his own path.

'Theory tests are important. It is one of the key components that helps one evaluate omniscience.'

Instructors regarded a score of about 60 or higher as the minimum standard for one to start using magic.

'If he were to raise his average by 10 points per month, he can start using basic magic after three months. And if so…'

'In less than half a year, he should be able to use basic magic.'

Of course, since humans were not machines, their aptitudes varied depending on their dispositions.

However, looking at the graph now, she had a strange feeling that it might be possible since it was Shirone.

How far could he raise his score without missing a single subject?

Depending on the results, the level of Shirone's potential could be judged.

'His relationships are also smooth.'

There were no students who looked down on Shirone because of his low grades.

By the time the students reached Class 5, their attention was focused towards the Advanced Class rather than rankings.

Countries around the world did not cut corners when trying to maintain the highest level of magic hierarchy. And especially in such situations, it was important for students to specialize in their major in order to differentiate themselves from other mages.

Therefore, students who did not yet have any kind of special skills were envious of Shirone, a specialist in light.

'I, too, think he has an affinity in the Photon field.'

But above all else, The photon field utilized omnipotence more than omniscience. This was because the limits were more so with the human brain itself rather than aptitude.

If Shirone had not felt the segmentation of time through insight, he would not have been able to complete the Bridge That Could Not be Crossed.

For this reason, Shirone's classmates could not ignore him and lowerclassmen would often greet him during integrated class.

Ironically, one student amongst the lowerclassmen who followed Shirone the most was Mark, who returned after being punished.

“Please, sit here. I saved a seat for you.”


The leader of Class 7 took pride in the fact that he could be friendly with Shirone.

“Oh! You were here! Any place for me?”

Mark gasped and jumped up to greet Sharelle.


Sharelle was one of the top students of Class 4, so she was an upperclassman who could not be easily approached.

Sharelle waved her hands with no care and sat right next to Shirone.

“Our Shirone, you look a bit frail these days. I mean, your lover did leave, so obviously.”

“Haha! It's not like that.”

A week ago, Amy took the promotion exam and finally got promoted to the Advanced Class.

According to Sharelle, she passed effortlessly, but anyone could tell how hard she trained for the exam.

“You must be more lonely than me. You were always together with Amy.”

“Yeah, that's true. But it's okay. I'm thinking of going to the Advanced Class sometime soon.”

“Yes? The Advanced Class?”

Sharelle was more than capable enough to get into the Advanced Class.

There were many talented people in Class 4, but she was a talent who stood out in terms of recovery magic.

Moreover, since the Advanced Class was a class that only focused on majors, recovery magic that had high performance would give her many advantages.

“Although I'm not doing it just to follow my friend… Like Amy, I was inspired after seeing you. My original dream was to go work at a public health center and live whatever, but at some point, I thought it would be a waste to end it like that.”

Hearing that a talented person recognized by the academy wanted to work in a public health center as her dream job caused Mark to nearly burst into tears.

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