Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 37


Prior to Siena arriving at the Engine room.

Under Alpheas' instruction, the other instructors cast the Illumination magic which was meant to stop the exam.

The sky glowed red, but Shirone and Mark showed no intention of stopping.

'It's a huge trap.'

As the iron bar bent, circular rings of various sizes started heading towards them.

From the front, the trapps overlapped like a net, so there seemed to be no room to escape through it.

'Do I have to give up?'

Shirone and Mark glanced at each other. And right as their gazes collided, they teleported.


Some instructors started shouting when the shapes of the two were obscured by the obstacles.

“How foolish! Are they planning on going through with this to the end?””

Siena spoke.

“They just don't want to give up first because the one who does will definitely be shamed later.”

“This is a problem. What the hell is Mr. Thadd doing?”

Another reason for this chaotic atmosphere was that Alpheas was silent. To be honest, anger was boiling inside Alpheas. Especially towards Shirone.

'Sometimes you have to know when to back down. Don't you know that much?'

But he also knew that at times, doing such a thing was not an option.

'…There are times when you can never back down.'

There was no right answer in life.

'Whatever you choose to do, as long as you take responsibility for your decision, what others think becomes meaningless.'

“Let them proceed. Neither of them seem satisfied with my decision.”

The instructors were surprised.

“What? But if an accident were to occur, this could turn into a huge problem.”

“No matter what happens…”

Alpheas' eyes turned icy.

“I'll take responsibility.”

The instructors were bewildered and could not reply back to their Headmasters' cold attitude that did not usually surface.

The only one who could perhaps somewhat understand Alpheas' intention was Thadd, who was currently absent.

His gaze went back to the competition.

'Alright, I understand your will.'

He had heard all about Shirone's past, his origins, and the things he had to go through to enter the academy.

'Every moment must feel like your last. I will respect that. But if you can't take responsibility for the results…'

Alpheus was resolved.

'This will be the end of your path to becoming a mage.'


Shirone felt dizzy.


The traps were so fast that he had no time to dodge one and have the luxury to think about the next.

'I have to look at the whole thing all at once.'

To compare it to a maze, it was like running after memorizing the whole map.

'There's no end to it.'

Due to being too focused on avoiding the obstacles, Shirone advanced less than two meters.

'At this rate, my mental strength will be exhausted first. I have to try and move forward somehow.'

Mark was thinking the same thing.

'There is a possibility that both of us will fail. The one who gets the furthest will probably be the winner.'

Like a lion in a circus jumping through a hoop of fire, Mark broke through the obstacle.

“Here I go!”

The instructors admired Mark's bravery and decisiveness as he sharply swerved and penetrated through the obstacle.

“The change of direction of teleportation is by no means easy. I see Mark has prepared well.”

Mark was delighted.

'It worked! I can do it!'

When Mark turned his head to look back, he saw that Shirone was in the same place he was previously.

'Kekeke, he's terrified.'

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