Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 26


Black Magician.

A research group created by six problem children, led by Jake.

Aside from Jake, it was a group of students who had no dreams or futures and were students who were repeatedly held back.

There was a time when they, too, were noticed as brilliant talents… If only they had the spirit to try again, they could have made great achievements.

But they took their hands off the competition. In a way, they were the only losers in the fierce competition.

“This can't be. There must be something wrong.”

Jake shook his head. This may have been possible for Amy, but it should have been impossible for Black Magician to lose to a freshman who had just enrolled.

“Yeah. I didn't lose. I just got unlucky.”

So far, the students Jake had forced to drop out had excellent grades. How could Shirone even compare? Jake felt he was just unlucky. 

'Doesn't everyone go through a day like this in their lives?'

'It's not over yet. I'm a Class 4. I'm naturally different from those backstabbers who use Anti-Magic.'

After reading Jake's deadly atmosphere, Shirone tensed. Jake's Spirit Zone, which turned into a star shape, was felt by Shirone through synesthesia. It felt as if hundreds of archers were aiming their bow at him.

'What do I do? I haven't learned magic yet.'

He was able to resist Anti-Magic because it was a battle fought using the Spirit Zone, but a magic battle was a completely different story.

There was no way Shirone, who had not mastered any offensive or defensive magic, could face Jake.

Jake called forth wind between his palms and pressed them down to compress. Then the air began to rotate in the form of a disk. It was Windcutter, a magic that could easily cut through tree trunks.

“I'll take your arms first. Then your legs.”

Just as Jake was about release the Windcutter, someone grabbed his shoulder from behind and turned him around. The person touched his body at the same time Jake sensed their approach through synesthesia. The speed at which the person moved was inhuman.

Amy's face appeared right in front of him with eyes glowing red. As her fist smacked his chin, the scenery in front of him shook. 


To a mage who was not well-rounded physically, physical attacks were like rat poison. And in addition to that, being attacked by a punch that contained the power of Schema would do even greater harm. Their Spirit Zone would not be able to withstand it.

Amy got on Jake's stomach and threw out a barrage of punches. The power of a single strike was like being struck down by a big stone.

“What did you say you were going to do to me? I dare you to blabber again, you bastard! Say it!”

Jake's head snapped side to side as if it were close to being yanked out. Worried that something terrible would happen if left as is, Shirone ran to Amy.

“Amy, stop it! He's going to die at this rate!”

“Let go of me, you bastard! You must have thought I was easy to target, Jake!”

“He's going to die!”

Jake heard the conversation as his consciousness slowly started fading away. He no longer felt pain, only a dull shock traveled from his face to his body whenever Amy struck.

'Die? I'm going to die?'

The fear of death awoke Jake's mind. He covered his face with his arms and shouted at the top of his lungs.

“H-Help me! Just spare my life! Please!”

Amy's eyes watered. She had almost lost her eyes. She had been on the brink of going blind. Remembering that she had been shamed by this good-for-nothing scum, she felt her blood boil even hotter.

“I will never forgive you! You sick bastard!”

“Amy, please stop!”

Shirone tried to pull Amy back with all his might. He felt like he was pulling out a wooden stake stuck in the ground due to her Schema. But, when he pulled her one last time with a forceful tug, Amy fell back and crushed Shirone.

“That's plenty enough, Amy. Please stop it.”

Shirone was breathing hard. When he came to his senses, Shirone felt something soft and tender against his arm. Realizing that he was pressing Amy's chest, he hurriedly pulled his arm away.


Amy was unresponsive. She was only shivering sporadically as she exhaled and inhaled roughly. Her body was clearly reacting to how she was feeling, so Shirone, feeling sorry for her, gently hugged her waist and softly said.

“Amy, because of me—”

“AHH! That felt soooooo refreshing!”


Amy bounced up, ramming Shirone's lower abdomen with her butt.

Shirone turned around, clutching his abdomen. If he had been hit a little further down, a horrible situation he did not wish to further imagine could have happened.

“What's wrong? Are you not feeling good somewhere?”

He was able to avoid the vulnerable spot, but a cold sweat broke out on his forehead because the impact poured downwards. But he did not show it.

“No… It's nothing.”

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