Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 25



Black smoke rose from Amy's face. However, if one looked closely, one could observe that there was a gap the size of a finger protecting her from the attack. It was a magic spell called Air Shield. It compressed air in order to create a barrier.

“A surprise attack as soon as the meeting place changed. I see you're still the same petty person from before.”

Amy raised herself from where she landed and looked back. The man who gave her the note stood with a fishy smile.

“Hoho, I myself have a lot of pent-up anger because of you. If you had just obediently let me, I would have had the honor of having the famous Amy's first kiss.”

“Your tongue is as dirty as you are. But that's not why I'm here. Where is Shirone?”

Five people fell from the sky, circling Amy. Among them was Jake, the leader of Black Magician. Looking around, he said as if he found it really surprising.

“You really came alone. Is he that precious to you that you'd put yourself in harm's way?”

“What nonsense. I alone am enough to handle all of you. I'm asking again, where is Shirone?”

“Hahaha! That feeble bastard is probably in the library, completely unaware as to what his girl will be experiencing from this point on.”

Amy finally realized that she had been tricked. But to her, this was the better outcome. She was confident that, without hostages holding her back, the scoundrels would not be able to touch a single hair of hers.

“Calling me out means you're ready to die, correct?”

“How confident. But did you really think we'd come here unprepared? If you look at the list of guys who looked down on Black Magician… You'd notice that most of them were beaten half to death.”

'There's a limit as to how far his intellect can drop. He babbles too much.'

Amy entered the Spirit Zone. When the shape was transformed into the Target Form of the Four Way Formation, Jake, remembering last night's incident, immediately moved to cast it as well.

However, the cost of being one step behind and missing a preemptive attack was huge. Amy ignored Jake and went after the members behind him.

The men hurriedly flew away when she cast consecutive Fire Strikes, her special skill. Since strike type added physical force to magic, Air Shield alone was not enough to block it.

Amy quickly rotated her Spirit Zone to aim at the target. However, humans were quite unpredictable, so it was not possible to achieve 100 percent accuracy like during practice. Every time the Spirit Zone rotated or did a reverse rotation, her head throbbed. 

Jake manipulated the wind and soared into the sky. If Amy's specialty was fire, Jake's was wind. After all, in face-to-face combat, one lethal move would determine the outcome. When he cast the magic he was most confident in, Windcutter, a sharp wind slashed through the air. 

Amy didn't sense the magic approach. The cross-shaped Target Form could dramatically increase the range, but it was bound to be weak in defense compared to the sphere form. In particular, the cross-shaped target form was weak to air magic.

Amy sensed Windcutter penetrating her Spirit Zone and immediately moved her body. However, by the time she moved, it was already less than a meter away.

The moment Black Magician was about to celebrate in delight, her body twisted so quickly that she could not be seen. The Windcutter brushed past her red hair, freaking out Jake.

“What? How did she…?”

“It's called Schema, you bastards.”

Amy raised the cross-shaped Target Form at an angle. Seeing this, Jake hurriedly tried to flee, but her targeting speed was the best in the Intermediate class.

“Fire Strike.”

A fireball the size of a cannonball was fired. Thinking it was impossible to avoid, Jake wrapped himself in an Air Suit, a higher-level air-type magic.

Jake, who was hit by the Fire Strike, crashed to the ground with a loud bang.

“ARGHH! That bitch!”

He got up and glared at Amy. The fire continued to blaze on his Air Suit as the flames sucked in oxygen from it. With his whole body covered in flames, he looked like a demon. Jake detonated his Air Suit and the flames came down like petals. However, because the physical force of the strike had already made its mark, his stomach was damaged. 

“I'll kill you!”

“Hohoho! Did you actually think you could defeat me with your meager level of skill? You're far from moving up, let alone graduating. You're at the perfect level to fail. You should be focused on your studies, not on girls, you dipshit! 

Amy, the genius of the Karmis family. Indeed, the difference in their skills was as vast as their fame.

But then suddenly, Jake smiled wickedly.

“I doubt that. Your reign of terror ends here.”

As if to prove that he wasn't bluffing, members of Black Magician held out their hands at the same time. Then Amy's face paled. It was a strange sensation that she had never encountered before. Something had entered her mind and was messing with it.

Amy glared at Jake with anger.

“This is… Anti-Magic?”

“Hahaha! Are you surprised? This is the Black Magician's specialty. It's also the magic that sends countless talents back home.”

“How crude!”

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