Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 27


Jake mounted his high horse. 

'Behold, this is the real battle of adults. In this world, dirty, cheap humans will always end up winning. Kekeke. Goodbye, Amy. Even if I fall into hell, I'll make sure to bring you with me.'

“Don't get cocky, Jake.”

Siena narrowed her ice-cold eyes and spoke.

“I've already heard from Sharelle before coming here. You won't be able to attend this academy anymore.”

“Don't make such assumptions. You're a teacher who teaches students. You're not a part of the management team, correct?”

“What did you say?”

“You know how much the Ardius family donates, don't you? It's more than 10 first-class aristocrats combined. You think you can expel me?”

Most aristocratic academies ran on a donation system. It was for the maintenance of expensive equipment. If the equipment was underdeveloped or outdated, students would not be able to reach their highest potential. If their grades drop, the title of being one of the top prestigious academies would be taken away, and the vicious cycle of talented students being reluctant to enter would repeat.

If there was history and tradition to back up an academy, it would at least be able to hold out to some extent. However, that was not the case for Alpheas Magic Academy as it was an emerging one that was only 30 years old, it needed support from the nobles.

It was Thadd, a graduate of Alpheas Magic Academy, who knew this better than anyone else. If the money from Jake's family disappeared, they would be financially damaged.

“Ms. Siena, I think you're being a bit too hasty regarding the talk of expulsion. Wouldn't that matter be for the disciplinary committee to decide?”

“No. Jake is expelled. If we don't expel him from the academy, how will we be able to face those who dropped out? If Jake stays, I will take responsibility as a fellow instructor and resign.”

Thadd imagined an academy without Siena and immediately stamped out the thought. Much to Thadd's displeasure, she was a woman with a cold personality… But he knew she had great magical qualities. Her quitting the academy was a different matter from Jake's expulsion.

Jake's shoulders shook as he laughed.

“Hahaha! You'll quit? I'm down for it! Let's see if it will be the teacher or me who leaves first.”

Frost materialized on Siena's shoulder. Since she was an ice mage, even her boiling anger manifested through cold ice.

“Where do you think your salary comes from? How do the libraries buy their books? What about the money to open a training ground? Expensive magic devices? At the end of the day, the world revolves around money! Money! There's nothing in this world that can't be achieved through money!”

At that moment, Siena raised her hand. Jake looked around at the ground around his feet in bewilderment. The moment he felt his surroundings get chilly, cold air whirled above ground in a vortex.


Realizing that it was an Ice Tornado that would drop the temperature of the air on call, Jake curled up and covered his face.


The whirlwind of frost ascended and trapped Jake. Hundreds of icicles revealed themselves as the air froze over.


A sharp icicle scraped past Jake's face, shoulders, sides, and legs. Jake couldn't move an inch. It was as if he was trapped in a mold.

'Wow! That's amazing.'

Shirone genuinely admired Siena's work. Even if a mage was omnipotent, it was difficult to control the freezing phenomenon at a molecular level. The rumor that she was a genius mage coveted by the royal palace was no exaggeration.

“How dare a student lecture me, an instructor? Unlike what that minuscule brain of yours might think, there are many things in this world that money cannot buy.”

Jake scrunched up his face. There was nothing in this world that money could not buy. He grew up watching countless nobles turn into mindless beasts when faced with the gold he would at times present to them.

“Something you can't buy with money? What the hell is that?”


Jake flinched. Siena stabbed where it hurt most.

“Quality. Personality. Faith. Intelligence. Trust. Effort. True willingness. Should I continue?”

Jake wanted to scream. Why was this woman bothering him? As long as he could shut that blabbering mouth of hers, he didn't care about how much money he'd have to give. He just wanted her to shut up.

The Ice Tornado shattered into pieces when Siena flicked her finger. The ice shards smacked Jake in the face with no remorse.


Jake didn't even have the courage to open his eyes. He was terrified. He was worried that his face might get ruined by the sharp ice shards.

“Now you understand, Jake? Money can't buy everything… And that is why you don't have anything.”

Siena, who had grabbed Jake by the collar, pulled him hard and looked him dead in the eyes.


“So, I'm telling you, don't get too full of yourself. The Academy is the only place that teaches you things that money can't buy… And you just took that for granted. When you leave this academy, no one will teach you these things… Because no one outside of this place truly can.”

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