Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 24


Jake felt his blood start to boil. His hours of effort in waiting for Amy were slighted like this.

“How dare a bitch like you…! Keuk!”

He closed his mouth shut and cowered in fear. Amy had already entered the Spirit Zone. Most likely in the Target Form of the Four Way Formation.

“'How dare a bitch like you?' To a guy who's all bark and no bite, do I look that easy to you? If you're that angry, why not just come at me? I'm willing to set you on fire right this instant.”

Jake ground his teeth. He was mistaken to think she was a model student who only devoted herself to studying. She used to also be a vicious girl who jumped from back alley to back alley.

“It's against the rules to use magic at this time.”

“Wouldn't you have used magic first? While warming up that civet cat or something.”

“You crazy! How is that the same as the Four Way Formation!”


Amy couldn't help but burst out laughing. At least he was only small fry. A small fry who gets scared once he finds out his opponent isn't easy. Most of the men she met were like that. 

“Do you know why I accepted Shirone's coffee? Because he seems to take responsibility for everything. Unlike you, who immediately resorts to using his family, he does everything he can before resorting to those methods. If you don't disappear from my sight, right now, I will set you on fire. I'll burn you enough so that not even a trace of you will be left behind.”

Jake was certain. Those were not empty promises. The red eyes of the Karmis family, which he had only heard through rumors… Her large eyes were glowing red.

“If you kill me….”

“I don't care. I can take responsibility for what I do or do not do.”

Jake clenched his teeth hard. He had never felt so humiliated before.

However, in front of the pressure of the red-eyed girl, the world's #1 good-for-nothing boy named Jake, had no choice but to step back.

He was already overpowered by Amy's Four Way Formation. In the hands of the first-placed student in Class 4, he knew she wasn't bluffing when she said she could burn him to nothingness.

“You will definitely pay for this, you haughty bitch!”

Jake gritted his teeth and strode out of the library. It was only after he disappeared from view that her red eye lost its glow. Amy, who staggered for a moment, rubbed her eyes and muttered.

“So annoying. What a snob.”

Instead of being able to go back to her room to rest, she had to instead waste her time arguing with a bastard. That fact was unbearably irritating to her because she knew that once enough time had passed, they would resort to the same underhanded tricks again.

She could not understand why all the guys clinging to her were all so equally despicable like that trash. She wondered if there was something wrong with her personality.

A short laugh escaped from Amy.

“Well, it's true that there's something wrong with it.”

Amy suddenly felt sorry for Sirone.



Shirone, who had finally managed to escape Amy's clutches, was happy. Studying became more enjoyable when he realized how precious that 1 hour Amy took away was.

He had to suffer from people's attention thanks to the scandal with a girl from the academy who was known to have the highest standards, but no one cared as much in the library. Their eagerness to study was the driving force behind why the Alpheus Magic Academy was in the top 5.

Finished with today's classes, Shirone was on his way to the library while humming a tune. Then he saw a familiar face near the instructor's lodging.

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