Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 17


“This is utter nonsense. Clearly, I am my father's son. There will be no instances where I will be adopted as a son of another.”


Vincent was touched.

He said it with no hesitation, and even his tone was layered with disgust as if just thinking about it was unpleasant.

While the rest of his family members were dumbfounded, Klumph asked coldly.

“Are you completely sure you are okay with that? You have the chance to become a noble. This isn't an opportunity anyone can just get.”

“If I'm required to become the son of another, I would rather live as a commoner.”

“Commoners cannot enter the magic academy.”

“Then I will not enter.”

“If you don't get into the magic academy, you can't become a mage.”

“Then I won't become a mage.”


Klumph stood abruptly from his seat.

Shirone's upright attitude was frustrating.

'Other times, he is such a smart boy, so why now, of all times, is he so hung up on such a simple problem?'

“Is it guilt? Living in this world is no picnic. There are things you have to sacrifice for success. Is that dream of yours that insignificant to you?

Simply looking up the large build of Klumph must have felt overwhelming, but Shirone replied calmly.

“Maybe that's why.”


“No matter how small or big my dream may be, that is something I inherited from my parents. They were the roots that nurtured me and allowed me to dream. I mean, look at me, the child of a mountaineer working in a mansion. And even before all that, reading… It's because of them I can read. If I must make a comparison, this one opportunity I have right now does not even come close to standing alongside the countless other ones my parents have handed me. Telling me to deny my roots and to be nurtured by another is no different from telling me to wither and die.”

Silence enveloped the living room.

They weren't simply impressed by Shirone's words… He made them reflect.

Klumph was very shocked.

'It's not guilt. He understands the way we humans grow.'

Even if one were to miss an opportunity right in front of their eyes, new ones would eventually turn up.

However, the moment one abandons the people who helped them get to where they are, they lose everything.

Suddenly he had this idea.

Maybe he was thinking incorrectly from the start? Even without someone's help, wouldn't this child eventually become a mage?

'Rian, maybe it was you who was the lucky one.'

'If even the honor of the Ogent family is just a passing opportunity for this child…'

'Then no one can restrain this child!'

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