Infinite Mage (Novel) Chapter 16


Bischoff greeted them as the representative of the Ogent family.

“Nice to meet you. I'm Bischoff Ogent, the family head.”

Klumph and Rai did not come, but instead, Rian and Reina accompanied him.

Rian bravely stepped forward.

“Hello, father! I am Rian, Shirone's sword. In time, I will become the best swordsman in the world. Hahaha!”

“I'm Reina, Rian's older sister. I've heard a lot about you.”

After staring blankly for a while, Vincent quickly realized the situation and lowered his head.

“Hello! I'm Shirone's father. Why are such important people, such as yourselves, here…?”

“Oh my, did you not hear from Shirone?”

“Yes? What do you mean?”

The only thing that came to Vincent's mind was his son's nonsensical story.

“So you're saying the story is true?”

“Oh, I see. We should have come sooner. Anyways, what Shirone said is true. My little brother, Rian, and Shirone are bonded together due to the knight's oath. That's why we called for you two.”

When Vincent became aware that the whole story was true, his heart skipped a beat.

His joy was brief as fear rushed in, quickly replacing it. How could his innocent son cause this much trouble? What was he thinking?

“First of all, let's eat. We can talk about the details after.”

Bischoff turned around after their short conversation.

Bischoff was not particularly friendly, so Rian could only imagine how uncomfortable Shirone's parents felt.

Even after the rest of the Ogent family left, Vincent could not leave his spot for a while. Only when Shirone slightly pulled him by his shirt did he come back to his senses. Once that happened, he headed for the living room.

'Is this real? Our Shirone? Staying with the Ogent family?'

Everything confused him, and Olina, still terrified of the situation, grabbed onto her husband's arm tightly. But little did Olina know that even Vincent was terrified. His legs were shaking as if they were leaves being ravaged by the wind. He couldn't even walk properly.


Vincent shook his head.

If Shirone's words were true, he could not show any weakness. For his son, he had to stay strong.

Various delicacies were placed on the square dining table. Even Vincent, who was a hunter, saw foods he had never seen before. The ingredients were transported from the royal palace by Reina.

As for the seating arrangement, it went according to one's rank. Lord of the house, Bischoff, sat at the head of the table, on his left sat Klumph, while Reina was at his right.

Seated at the very end of the table, Vincent was finally snapped out of his stupor when he saw the delicacies in front of him. Head butler, Louis, and deputy butler, Temuran, unconsciously puffed out their chest in pride.

But Vincent couldn't openly show his enthusiasm. He had to save face for his son. He had to finish the meal quietly, but his eyes couldn't help it. When he saw over seven different dishes around him, his eyes twinkled.

Most commoners were able to eat whole boars with just a fork. However, the dishes in front of Vincent were all of different sizes. There were even foods in shapes he had never seen before.

Although the Vincent family could not take their first bite, the butlers and maids made no move to help them. This was because acting rashly in this unprecedented situation will only harm them.

Of course, such a decision was also mixed with a little contempt for the Vincent family.

Bischoff placed down his tableware and spoke.

“Eat comfortably. You do not have to follow the formalities of the nobility.”


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