IBRV (Novel) Chapter 94

C 94

Upon seeing this, my father smiled brightly and playfully tossed a nearby feather onto Hayel Etham's forehead.


It was Chronos Etham sitting next to him who deftly snatched the feather headed towards Hayel Etham.

Hayel Etham's eyes widened at this unexpected action.

"T-thank you, Chronos."

After looking at Hayel Etham, Chronos Etham glanced unabashedly at the crumpled feather and furrowed his brow.

"Don't do anything childish."

"You're so picky."

Erno Etham, with his arms crossed, responded insincerely.

"Why does our family never start a meeting well when we gather?"

Charniel sighed and opened his mouth to continue the meeting.

"Let's each report on our progress."

Charniel said and looked at me. Nelia Zardan spoke after I nodded, as if she had been waiting for my permission.

"My husband and I did some investigation, and things like that have really started circulating."

"As I expected..."

"It seems that some small guilds have already offered. Some of them have already talked about it... They've only taken one or two sips just to try it, so I don't think it's a problem yet. In any case, verification by the 'Association' is needed, so I delayed the contract a bit and informed them to wait for a while."

I nodded at Nelia Zardan's words.

"By the way, what is the 'Association'?"

When I turned my head slightly to look at my dad, he naturally leaned in and brought his ear closer to me.

"Dad, what is the Association?"

"Imperial Merchants' Association. It's a place where you have to pay a subscription fee and join if you want to run a merchant guild in the empire and sell goods."

"...Maknae, when you put it that way, our Association sounds like a very vicious company, doesn't it?"

When Nelia Zardan raised her voice, Dad patted me on the head and responded with sarcasm.

"In terms of forcibly collecting fees, that's definitely the case."

"Matriarch, don't listen to the maknae. The Association is a place that mediates disputes between merchants or unpleasant matters and handles unjust incidents during trade. The monthly membership fee is received under the name of insurance."

Nelia Zardan said coldly, as if she felt wronged. Charniel then looked at Hayel this time.

"What we mentioned earlier?"

"I'm investigating it... I haven't received a response yet."

"He hasn't been caught in your net yet? That bastard wasn't that good at this..."

"Yeah... these kinds of things don't happen very often... If the description has completely changed or someone is hiding it, it might be a bit difficult... I don't know."

Charniel Etham, who added a comment to Hayel Etham's words, looked at me and spoke.

"Yes, what would you like us to do now, matriarch?"

Looking at Charniel Etham, I opened my mouth.

"Can we simply block all the routes through which Hatar enters?"


"Actually, that would be best. If you report it to the imperial palace and request the cooperation of the emperor, it will all end soon."

I nodded at Charniel's words. Indeed, what he said is the most practical.

"However, if in the end we don't catch the mastermind, we don't know when it will happen again."

The only future I knew was that Hatar would explode at this moment.

However, if the other party secretly tries to resolve something even more dangerous after solving this problem, then I won't be able to help.

There are limits to the future I know.

So it would be better to catch him before that.

"Hatar will continue as it is."


Charniel asked in surprise. Everyone looked at me with expressions asking me to explain.

"More precisely, after buying all the Hatar that comes to the Association, we make fake Hatar and swap them to sell."

".... Fake Hatar?"

Nelia Zardan's eyes opened slightly.

"Is there a reason for that?"

Chronos Etham, who had been listening silently, asked. I smiled and nodded.

"The mastermind behind this... are you thinking of catching them?"

Hayel Etham was the first to realize my intentions. He's very clever.

I nodded vigorously.


"...I see, if your plan succeeds, the line will be long."

The more the culprit moves to spread it to many people, the more traces will be left.

"Are you trying to catch the criminal? Why in such a noisy way?"

Akrea Safile said with a puzzled voice.

"This culprit is taking a risk now and playing a prank on the entire empire."


"Then, the Empire could be in danger... I'm afraid it's not just a simple..."

"You mean it could be the work of another kingdom."

Nelia Zardan's words made the atmosphere at the round table serious.

Miriel Etham and Devane Etham remained silent as if they had come only to observe.

"Just in case."

Indeed, I am sure it is the work of a foreign country, but I can't say this for certain.

"It sounds simple, but I don't know if it's really possible."

"Yes, but my youngest niece. How are you going to make fake Hatar?"


He asked, slowly scratching the round table with the tip of an iron fan.

I smiled. I had already thought of that.

"I'm a dragon."

Of course, no matter how much I think about it, I look like a lizard, but I still can't believe it.

Being a dragon means...

"I just have to imagine it!"

I wished in my head.

"I want to know the ingredients for Hatar."

At that moment.

Golden magic began to flow from my body, and soon the feather in front of me moved on its own and began to write on the paper.

On the paper were written the names of medicinal herbs and poisonous herbs that I had only seen in the botanical encyclopedia.

As I looked at over 10 types of ingredients exhausted, a large hand landed on my head.



"Don't overdo it."


I liked the concerned voice and the hand that stroked my hair, so I replied with a smile.

"Is this your dragon ability?"

"What did it do?"

"I think it just leaked a little magic..."

"Why...? I think I would know if Erno used it..."

In order, Charniel, Akrea, Nelia, and finally Hayel murmured.

Chronos Etham looked at me with a furrowed brow and a disapproving expression, but when our eyes met, he looked away.

"Is it because I fired him?"

It seems that the hostility has grown more than before...

"I should go shopping soon."

For the healing of Chronos Etham.

Also, somehow I didn't really hate Chronos Etham. It's strange that he acts so brusquely.

"Are these the ingredients?"

Callan Etham approached, picked up the paper, and examined its contents.

"If you get me some Hatar, I'll make it for you. As close as possible, but without addiction. Is that okay?"

"Yes, just like the real drink."

Hearing my words, Callan Etham smiled.

"This is my specialty. One week. No... Four days are enough."

"Can I ask you that favor?"

"Don't ask the obvious, you're the only one I can ask to do it."

Said Callan Etham, pulling my cheek.

Seeing him so animated, saying he had something to do after a long time, I pressed my palms against my warm cheeks.

"We're like real siblings."

Of course, we are real siblings, but it was exactly as I had dreamed.

I relaxed my mouth and laughed. Callan Etham looked at me seriously and said.



"Why don't you live in my pocket for the rest of your life? You'll feel comfortable, and... Aack."

Callan clutched his head with both hands and raised it.

"Why are you hitting me?!"

"If you have something to do, stop saying nonsense and go."

"My father always carries Eirin, and sometimes I can't even talk to her..."

Callan Etham murmured and began to grumble. He seemed very dissatisfied.

As I watched, Callan Etham obediently got up from his seat while pursing his lips.

"Isn't it natural?"


"Because Eirin is my daughter."

He responded very triumphantly, as if he was very proud of what he was saying.

"Wow, am I not your son then?"

Dad's eyes narrowed when Callan Etham spoke with a distressed voice.

"Who said you're not? You're also my children no matter what others say."


The embarrassing words turned Callan Etham's face red.

As if he had never expected to hear such words, Callan Etham waved his hands in the air and backed away in panic.

"W-What are you saying all of a sudden...?"

"And not just a daughter."


"Sons and daughters definitely feel different."

Callan Etham's touched expression shattered at the sound of his father's clear voice.


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