IBRV (Novel) Chapter 93

C 93

"Welcome, my lady."

"Yes, hello."

It was Hill Rosemont who welcomed me into the room from which I had fled from Chronos Etham.

And when I was in class with Hill Rosemont, I used to dismiss people out of habit. The same went for Terem.

It was because I didn't want the conversation with him to be overheard by anyone.

I sat in a chair while observing the refreshments prepared by the maids.

"Has it grown?"

"Yes, isn't it great?"

"It seems to be very loved."

As he spoke triumphantly, Hill Rosemont responded with a smile.

He seemed quite at ease, as if he had decided not to act in front of me at all.

"Should we do the transaction first before the lesson?"

"Give it to me first."

I smiled broadly and extended my hands. Hill Rosemont chuckled.

"First, milady, you have to show me the real thing. Isn't that the basic of trade?"

"I'll judge if you've researched the data properly."

"I did well."

"Then show me."

Hill Rosemont's eyes narrowed. He reflected for a moment, as if trying to gauge my true intentions, then handed me the briefcase.

I immediately pulled out the papers and examined them. It was clear which route was being acquired, if it was going to be acquired, the quantity, and even the location where the work was being done.

However, there was no information about the antidote at all.

"Any information about the antidote?"

"You asked me to tell you about Hatar, you didn't ask me to tell you about Hatar's antidote."

Hill Rosemont said, widening his eyes.

"I'll give you half an egg as well."

"... Are you joking?"

"You only gave me half of the information."

The antidote is the most important, so how can it be administered without it?

"I just don't know yet."

Hill Rosemont shrugged.

"I did my best to gather information within the limited time, but I still can't help what I don't know."

The voice saying firmly that it's not a breach of contract is firm.

This should work.

The first test was enough.

The ultimate goal is to gather enough evidence to catch the ringleader and then stab him in the back.

"To do that, I don't have to carry out an extensive purge."

With my arms crossed, I looked in the direction I suddenly felt.

Hill Rosemont was looking at me with his head tilted.

"So what are the results?"

"If you open that drawer, you can find it."

His eyes narrowed when I pointed to a small desk drawer.

"... In such a small place?"


There are many legends that say a wyvern's egg is the size of an adult man's head, so it wasn't surprising that Hill Rosemont reacted this way.

However, that's a legend made up by people who have never properly seen a wyvern's egg.

In fact...


Hill Rosemont, who abruptly opened the desk drawer, twisted his face fiercely.

"My lady, are you deceiving me?"

It's because it's a tiny egg the size of a child's hand.

Hearing the fierce tone, I shook my head.

"No, it's correct."

Just like me before I turned into a hatchling, a wyvern was a small lizard the size of a child's hand when it was small.

"Is this correct...? Such a tiny thing..."

Hill Rosemont sighed and looked at me.

"Do you swear?"


"If not..."

Hill Rosemont leaned in, touched the couch next to my face, and leaned closer.

"I'll replace your father."

It was clear he was talking about the imprint.


After all, it really is that egg.

Hearing the definitive answer, he nodded without hiding his doubtful spirit.

"I'll trust you."

"Yes, do you know how to raise it?"

"I saw it in a book."

"In a book? What else did you read?"

When I looked at him without hiding my bitter expression, Hill Rosemont opened his mouth with a rather proud expression.

"Wyvern eggs require heat, so you should place it in a warm place like lava..."

If you leave it like that, it will burn, and there will be nothing left.

"If you think it's ripe enough, it should be placed in an appropriate fire for it to absorb the energy of the fire."

Yes, and with that, it will become a fried egg.

"Lastly, they say that if you heat it up enough on a hot iron plate and then make a small gap, the wyvern will hatch from the shell."

That's definitely a fried egg.

I don't know what the hell he's trying to do with such a fragile egg. It was only then that Hill Rosemont fell silent as I put on an exhausted expression.

"... Is that not it?"


"Then, what should I do?"

Hill Rosemont seemed to be thinking about what I said, then changed his mind silently.

He must have noticed something odd.

"The main culprit."

His eyes narrowed at my words.

"If you tell me where the culprit who released Hatar is hiding, I'll tell you."

"...Is this breaking the contract a bit?"

"I said I would give you an egg; I didn't say I would teach you how to hatch it."

Hill Rosemont's eyebrows furrowed as he opened his eyes wide and smiled.

He showed his teeth with a flushed face.

"Madam, do I look like a fool to you?"

(Note: He refers to a person who is so foolish that everyone uses them for their own benefit.)

"No, you're my partner."

"...Partner? Are you referring to you and me, milady?"

He laughed bitterly, as if he had heard a very amusing story.

I nodded unabashedly, and the man with crossed arms sighed wearily.

"I don't know the details, except for the information about his appearance being a young-looking man with a scar over his left eye. They say he likes unique cigars, but they're not produced or distributed in the market."

Hill Rosemont obediently opened his mouth.

To be honest, I thought I should have discussed and persuaded a bit more, but he was unexpectedly gentle.

"That's all I know."

Of course, the reason seems to be that he doesn't know much about the content.

"Sometimes he shows up in a gaming room, but I don't know if it's just talk. It's a place where all sorts of cigar scents mix."

He tilted his head and smiled ironically. Seeing that unpleasant look, I looked him up and down, but instead, I smiled.

"Just wait."


"You just have to incubate it like a chicken incubates an egg."

"...Is that all?"

"Yes, that's all."

The wyvern hasn't been able to hatch for a long time because no one gave it heat.

"Stabbing someone in the back and saying we're partners... I'd like to explore you for that shamelessness, milady."


Hill Rosemont's eyebrows raised at my sudden remark.

"Eirin is fine."

"Why me...?"

"Because we're friends."

"What kind of friends...?"

"They say there are no age or boundary restrictions for friends."

When I smiled, Hill Rosemont seemed exhausted and opened the book.

Still, he didn't respond to deny my words.

"Did I make a friend?"

I focused on the class thinking it was a very positive thing because he didn't deny it.


After reporting about Hatar, things progressed quickly.

In my father's arms, I entered a conference room that was still unfamiliar. Today, the meeting room was a bit different from usual, and there were more people.

A round table was placed in the center, and there were familiar faces.

Starting with Charniel Etham, Nelia Zardan, Akrea Safile, Hayel Etham, Chronos Etham, and the grandfather, the former Duke Miriel.

Devane Etham, his grandmother, who had returned a few days earlier, was also there.

Not only that, but this time it seemed that Callan Etham, Silian Etham, and Sharnae Etham were also participating.

Seeing them standing in the back, it seemed that they had come to observe.

The three of them greeted me. I smiled and waved my hand, and Sharnae began rubbing the wrist she held in her hand.


When I turned my head to look at Devane Etham, I felt an unpleasant tingling sensation, so I turned my head.

"I heard that Mother had an accident as soon as she arrived, so does our youngest niece hate her?"

Nelia Zardan said with a gentle smile. She greeted me with a relaxed look.

"Hello, family matriarch."


Nelia Zardan smiled happily as she tilted her head in the seat where Dad had seated me.

"You really don't look like your dad."

I widened my eyes and looked at her, and she tilted her head.

"Why? That's the best compliment."


Is this the best compliment?

After thinking for a while, I quickly understood. In the eyes of common people, this is undoubtedly a compliment.

I nodded, and Dad looked at me with a somewhat surprised expression.

"Ahaha, hahaha!!"

Nelia Zardan tilted her head and burst into a loud laughter. I didn't understand the reason for such laughter.

"Sister, take care of your body. It's really embarrassing."

"We're only among us, so who cares? You're so stiff... Do you act like this in front of the Marquis of Safile?"

"Do you want to start a fight?"


Nelia Zardan shrugged.


Seeing him still frozen in shock, I cautiously brought my lips close to my father's ear.

"Still, I like Dad more."



"...Then it's okay."

Dad's hardened expression softened a little, and his lips protruded a bit.

"I guess he's relieved."

Only then did I confidently look forward.

Then, this time, other people were looking at us strangely.


Hayel Etham turned pale and choked, as if he had suffered a lot in the past or it was the first time he had seen Dad's protruding lips.

There was a moment of silence.


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