TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 401

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

 Chapter 401


Beneath the ominously darkened sky, an overwhelmingly terrifying horde of undead approaches, numbering enough to cover the entire land. The intense aura of malevolence they emit is suffocating.


Raon drew Heavenly Drive and Blade of Requiem, tossing their sheaths to the ground.

The sword sheaths of Heavenly Drive and Blade of Requiem were piled up on top of the sword sheaths of Light Wind members's. It was a manifestation of their will to come back alive and pick up the sword sheaths without dying.

"We will keep these safe."

"Please come back safely!"

"We will be waiting."

Pale-faced villagers held the sword sheaths dearly.

Raon nodded to them and went out of the city gate. He faced the undead army that was approaching, crushing the ground heated by the aura of death.

The Light Wind squad followed him, maintaining the momentum of a single sword.

"Close the gate."

"Close the gate!"

As the gate closed, the aura of death felt even thicker. The trembling of the swordsmen behind him could be felt.

Raon activated Ring of Fire and Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation simultaneously while raising  Heavenly Drive.

At the moment the sword pointed down, large rocks rolled down from the top of the wall.


The rocks that rolled down the wall crushed the undead and broke their front lines.

Next, flaming arrows that seemed to wipe out the night were shot from the sky and rained down on the undead. These were arrows that the villagers had made with all their might in a short time.

"Shoot with all your might!"

At the cry of Prika, the rangers drew their bows to the fullest with fingers dripping with blood, and released them. Their hearts ached at the blood on the feathers of the arrows.


"You damn corpses!"

As the arrows fell, the rangers threw spears to clear the way for Light Wind members.

"The support is enough."

Raon raised the Heavenly Drive. The blade turned red and created flames that wiped out the darkness.


He gritted his teeth and kicked the ground.


Light Wind members followed him, unfolding the Great Typhoon formation. Mark Gorton and Wendy stood next to Light Wind squad and raised their strength.


Raon swung Heavenly Drive, which was engulfed in flames, behind his back.

'Here it is....'

The best swordsmanship for killing enemies lined up in a straight formation was already decided.

Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation: Hundread Flames.

Dragon's Roar.

The flames filled in the sword blade turned into a storm, creating a red path in the darkness.


There were no undead left in the path where the line of fire passed.

However, there were so many of them around that they need to keep moving before the road was blocked.

"Charge like this!"

Raon ran across the ground, which was still hot. He felt the iron will of Light Wind squad, who followed him, not to be broken.


Light Wind squad followed closely behind and charged at the undead that they had not been able to handle perfectly.

The power of the first form of Great Typhoon Formation, Green Wind, quickly and stably broke the undead into black blood.

"It's a Dullahan!"

Wendy Arian ran to the left. She struck her sword before the Dullahan horde rushed in.

The dull, heavy power crushed the heads of two Dullahan.

"Already a Death Knight...?"

Mark Gorton rushed to the Death Knight, holding his breath. Before he could summon the flames of hell, he rushed in and struck his sword. The sword strike that fell like lightning split the Death Knight's body in half.

Raon looked back.

'Of course they're coming here.'

The undead no longer approached the wall, but turned around as if to surround the Light Wind squad. It seemed that they were hoping for the Light Wind squad to come out, as expected.

'This side's thoughts...hmm?'

While thinking about the opponent's psychology, a huge mana wave occurred on the right.


It was the lich and the skeleton mage who were operating the magic corps. They seemed to be drawing a huge magic circle as if they were going to use a linked magic.


Raon stomped heavily on the ground and hurled the Blade of Requiem in his left hand.

The Blade of Requiem, imbued with the enchantment of Mukyeolbi (Flawless Blade), flew through the magic circle and pierced the lich's head.


The lich tried to pull out the Blade of Requiem, which was stuck in his temple, but he couldn't move properly because of the ghastly energy.


Raon did not miss the opportunity. He stepped on ground and shattered the lich's body with fangs of insanity sword technique.

Without a soul bead, it will revive, but it will take quite a long time.


Light Wind squad continued to move forward without stopping, as if they had naturally believed in it.


As Martha stood at the forefront, she became a formidable giant mace, smashing through the formations of the undead.

Wrath nodded his head in approval as he watched them.

The name "Mad Dog" suits them well.

'That's right.'

Raon smiled faintly and followed them.

'If this mission is successful, I'm thinking of changing it to Mad Dog for real.'

Raon thought that the Light Wind squad would be furious if they knew, he dashed forward to face the Undead as they continued to advance.


The massive blade of cold air crushed the undead and tore through the hastily assembled encirclement.

"Keep going!"

The will of the Light Wind squad is felt, with Mark Gorton and Wendy Arian following closely behind.

Raon smiled as he ran through the Land of Death with a strong determination to somehow catch up and bring an end to this war.

Raon bit his lip as he looked at the land where even shadows could not be seen.

'The death aura is getting thicker.' 

Once they left the castle and entered the Land of Death, the death aura deepened. The aura of the undead approaching from within was also different from before.


The upper species of skeletons, Spathoi, called Dragon Soldiers, rose up, and the Ghoul Lord, who summons zombies and ghouls, also appeared.

The Death Knights, who were far away, waited for an opportunity and ignited the fires of hell.


When the Light Wind squad spread the resonance created by the ring of fire to shield themselves from the death aura, the Spartoi army rushed in.


The Light Wind squad clashed head-on with the Spathoi army with the Great Typhoon formation fifth form the Snowy Divine Manifestation.


For the first time, the Light Wind squad's footsteps, which had been moving with unstoppable momentum, stopped.


Wendy Arian and Mark Gorton were also unable to help them as they were blocked by the Death Knights who rushed from both sides.


Raon felt the bitter taste rising in his mouth as he moved forward.

'They're not even giving me a break.'

He bit the Blade of Requiem in his mouth and gripped Heavenly Drive in both hands. Swinging the sword in a large circle, he exerted the weight of a thousand kilograms on his forward-stepping foot.

Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation: Hundred Flames.

Yemae Muryeol. (Endless Flaming Sea)

The red line that bloomed from the swordplay like a brushstroke created a huge wave of fire.


The rising tide of enemies poured down, burning the undead surrounding them all.

"No time! Move!"

Raon gestured toward the open path and stepped on his footwork. The Light Wind squad, Mark Gorton, and Wendy followed behind, cutting down the undead they had not yet dealt with, but a new wall of undead appeared before long.

'How is it so fast?'

They gathered all of them here to catch you.

The undead were pouring in at a speed that was on a different level from when they were fighting in front of the castle. It seemed that all the undead were concentrated in this area, as Wrath said.


The Light Wind squad changed formation. They concentrated their strength on Martha to crush the bones of the Spathoi and moved forward.


Mark Gorton and Wendy Arian also joined the Light Wind squad, cutting through the bodies of the Death Knights with their strong power.

Everyone here poured out their sword techniques to relieve Raon's burden.

However, Raon's expression was not good. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and bit his lip tightly.

'It's not easy as I thought.'

With the emergence of empowered high-ranking Undead and their overwhelming numbers, it was not easy to open a path.

It seemed like a lot of time had passed since they entered the Land of Death, but they had not made much progress.

To be honest, if the battle continued like this, they would need Wrath's help before they could reach the place with the pillars.

"What the hell is this skull so hard!"

"They're dragons soldiers made of dragon's teeth, you know!"

"They don't freeze well either..."

Burren, Martha, and Runaan bit their lips. The defense of the intermediate undead, which was covered in thick death aura, was so strong that they could not cut through their bones without sword techniques.

As their aura was quickly depleted, the Light Wind members's complexion gradually turned pale.


Raon clicked his tongue and swung Heavenly Drive, imbued with the aura of fangs of insanity. While it sliced through with fierce strength, other Undead crowded in from the surroundings.

'It's not just them.'

They've come from behind too.

Behind the Spathoi and Skeleton Warriors that surrounded them, a wall made up of Ghoul Lords and Dullahans was erected.

Specters were flying in the sky, breathing death.


Raon scattered the flames to wipe out the specters, and then he threw a sword wave to the back.

Even if he wiped out the specters and Spathoi, new undead took their place, and he couldn't see ahead.


The tips of his fingers holding the sword trembled. His mental strength seemed to have reached its limit, and it seemed that his stamina and aura were also being depleted faster.


"Die, you skull-headed bastards!"

"My enemies of sleep."

When his head felt fuzzy with frustration, the Light Wind squad rushed forward.


The ferocious sword strikes spread out, and the undead's formation that had just been filled collapsed once again.


The sharp power of Mark Gerton and Wendy Arian opened a path for the Light Wind squad to go deeper.

They broke the heads of the undead who gathered in the open space.


Krein looked back and smiled.

"Is the vice-squad leader not falling behind?"

"Nah, surely not?"

"Yeah. He's the one who said we could go without sleep for ten days!"

The Light Wind squad shrugged their shoulders, saying that it was pathetic that they were already tired.

"Those guys..."

Raon let out a hollow laugh and straightened his back.

'It will be tougher from here.'

"Despite having rested for only three hours, it was really heartening to see them smiling even though they were likely tired and wanted to give up."

'We can't afford to lose.'

He suppressed the pain and ominous feelings he felt here and there, moving forward ahead of the Light Wind squad.

'If I don't hold the leash, who knows where they will all run off to.'

Raon stood at the front and unleashed the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’s aura imbued with ghastly energy using the Blade of Requiem.

Screams of resentment, spread, and the undead that were gathering stopped moving.


Light Wind squad and Mark Gorton, as if they had been waiting, kicked the ground and crushed the bones and flesh of the undead.

Raon and Light Wind squad didn't know how much they had fought or how far they had gone, but they kept running towards the end of this path, cutting and cutting the corpses that filled the front.

The Light Wind squad, who had been exerting their strength, had their swords pointed at the ground. Mark Gorton's posture resembled that of an elderly woman, and Wendy Arian was sweating profusely like a patient.


Raon, holding his aching energy center, stretched out his strength and swept away the skeleton mages who were firing magic from afar.

"Almost there!"

He knows because he came here last time. He has already crossed half of the Land of the Dead. It will be over soon.

"Soon the pillar will be..."

Just when he was trying to give hope to Light Wind squad, a hideous scream like the cries of hundreds of children was heard.

When he raised his head, a Death Knight with burning green eyes and a banshee in the form of an old woman were descending on a ghost horse.


The Death Knight flew towards him with its eerie green eyes flashing.

Raon frowned.

"That bastard, could it be...?"

The feeling is familiar. It seems to be the Death Knight that he killed at the end of the Swamp of Death. He extended his left foot forward and infused his savageness into the Heavenly Drive sword.


The Heavenly Drive sword, the Death Knight's Abyssal sword, which fell like lightning, collided, and a strong shock wave erupted.


He feel like he's about to get internal injuries. He's correct. The Death Knight has appeared stronger than before, causing a hellfire.



In the sky, the Death Knight and the specters' breath of death caused the Light Wind squad to sway as if they were about to fall.


Mark Gorton jumped up and cut the banshee, but he was hit by the attack of the specter that came from behind and fell to the ground.


Wendy was too busy blocking the undead that were pouring in to help the other side.

"Damn it..."

Raon bit his lips until they bled.

'I can't help it now.'

It is impossible to kill this Death Knight with my current strength and aura. Even if I win, I will be injured a lot, which will be a disadvantage.


"Everyone do whatever you can!"

"We're almost there..."

Thanks to the determination of Burren, Martha, and Runaan, the Light Wind members were managed to maintan the the Great Typhoon formation, but it was on the bring of breaking.

If the formation breaks, the massacre will begin immediately. This was the limit.



Wrath did not answer, but just stared at the hill on the right.

'It's Urgent! Heal me right now...'

Just as Raon frowned and called out to Wrath,


A horn trumpet sounded from the right hill, piercing the deathly aura.

“What? What? What is this horn trumpet sound….”

The first to react was Dorian. He raised his head with his chin trembling as he was about to collapse.

“No way!”

Raon pushed the Death Knight away with all his might and turned to the right.

An old knight on a white horse was standing on the hill.

“This land is full of death.”

Commander Milland of Habun Castle looked down at the horde of undead with a cold gaze.

“Still, not as much as Habun.”

Terian, the vice commander, rode up on a black horse behind him and smiled faintly. He raised his spear and pierced the sky, which was slowly getting brighter.



A grand roar rang out, and behind him, the Night Fox Knights and the Snow Stormers raised their silver spears.

The thin military flag soared as if to pierce the sky.

“For the benefactor of Habun Castle!”


Milland kicked the horse's flank with his spear lying down.


With a grand horn trumpet sound, the cavalry galloped down the hill.


The charge led by Milland was like a spear play that had been tempered thousands of times.

The undead barrier that seemed impossible to break was smashed mercilessly, and a silver path was opened.

“A young man asks an old man to come.”

Milland smiled faintly as he passed by.

“Still arrogant!”

“It's been a long time! Raon!”

“Your face has gotten even more handsome!”

“Why do you only choose difficult fights!”

The knights and Snow Stormer swordsmen bowed their heads as they passed by. They seemed to be going to wipe out all the undead.


Before the excitement of Habun Castle subsided, the cry of an eagle was heard from the left.

“I wondered why that monster friend called, but there was a reason.”

“This is the first time I've seen so many undead.”

This time, a familiar voice was heard.

It was Owen Kingdom's third prince, Greer de Owen, and the spear-tipped sword, Borini Kitten. They formed up with the Blue Eagle Knights and the Silver Knights, to which they belonged.

“Return the dead to their original land.”


Unlike Habun Castle, a long line of cavalry charges. In front of the sharp blades of their spears, lowered and sped up, the walls of the undead were torn like paper.

"I've been wondering when this guy's power would be used properly."

The third prince smiled as he approached.

“I will not think of this matter as one of Raon's-nim request.”

Borini Kitten nodded slightly as he followed him.

"Since It's for the sake of the continent; it's only natural I participate."

With a blade sharpened to a chilling degree, he shattered the left arm of the Death Knight that had been standing aside and moved forward

They advanced.

As Raon was clutching his heart, which was burning hot, a tremendous heat rose from the sky.


A powerful explosion erupted in the center of the undead, and the corpses left by the two knight orders were scattered in ashes.

When he looked up, Morell, Balkar Kingdom's magician, known as the snake of raging fire, was reaching out.

“I wonder how did you persuaded our stubborn princess.”

He frowned and gestured forward.

Various fire magics from the hands of the magicians of Salaman squad, who were behind him, crushed the remaining undead here and there.


In the dust that rose from the magic, a green glint flashed. A Death Knight who had hidden and recovered his body rushed in and stabbed with his Abyssal sword.


Before Raon could block it, someone jumped out. He deflected the Death Knight's sword with a delicate sword strike and crushed his head. It was an incredible power, even for a surprise attack.

“How pathetic.”

The man who pulled the sword out of the Death Knight's skull turned around. He was a middle-aged man with a cool impression with short blond hair. It was Trevin Zighart, the leader of Warring Steel.

“Did you call us because you couldn't beat these undead?”

“I wanted to give the Warring Steel some experience.”

Raon smiled faintly and shook his head.

“You talk well. Warring Steel!”

Trevin raised his hand.

“Since The Light Wind squad could not defeat them! Crush them all!”


As they moved forward, the Warring Steel members, who had been waiting behind, moved to the front.


The undead's morale increased, but nothing could halt the advance of the Great Black Iron Sword formation, with Trevin leading the way.

‘It looks like They arrived properly.’

Before the war began, he asked for their help with Dorian's one-time artifact. He was worried because there was no guarantee that they would arrive, but it seemed that they all got in touch.

Raon clenched his fist until it bled.

‘It's different from before.’

The individuals who came to rescue him when he was kidnapped were the forces of House Zieghart gathered under the name of Glenn, but now they are the people assembled under the name of Raon Zieghart.

My strength and my connections, let's show them. His heart pounded as if it would burst


As the dawn advanced, the knights, swordsmen and magicians advancing together cleaved through the wall of death filled with the undead's sinister aura, opening a path with their swords.

“The night is over.”

Raon gripped Heavenly Drive and Blade of Requiem, and looked back at the Light Wind squad members.

“It's time to show them just how terrifying daylight can be.”


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