TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 390


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Chapter 390

Prika frowned when she saw the shoes of Raon Zieghart and the Light Wind squad approaching her slowly.

'They're just ordinary boots.'

The Light Wind squad walked on this muddy ground with ease, even though they were wearing combat boots that would only get in the way in a swamp.

In all the years she had been here, she had never seen an entire group walk so casually.


Unlike Raon Zieghart, who emitted a seemingly carefree aura that was absent in this place, the eyes of the Light Wind squad were filled with a chilling madness.


Prika couldn't meet the gaze of the Light Wind squad members and let out a moan.

'What's wrong with the eyes of these people?'

She had heard rumors that the Light Wind squad was called the Mad Dog squad, but this was beyond her imagination. She quickly lowered her head, feeling like she would be eaten alive if she kept looking.


"Is that the Light Wind squad?"

"It's a little different from what I heard. No, it's a lot different..."

"I can't even look at them."

Wellis and the Rangers also swallowed their saliva, feeling the beast-like aura emanating from the Light Wind squad members.

Raon approached without making a sound, as if he were walking on dry land, and smiled.

"Are you the ones who came to meet us from the Arian family?"

"Yes! I am Prika, the third team leader of the ranger squad."

Prika bowed her waist, trying to hide her embarrassment.

"Nice to meet you. I am Raon Zieghart, the vice-squad leader of the Light Wind squad."


Raon bowed his head neither rudely nor excessively. Her heart fluttered at the thought that the White Sword Dragon, who was known throughout the continent, was greeting her.

"Ah, welcome to the Arian family... Hiii!"

Prika let out a scream when she raised her head and saw the three members behind Raon.

Her heart sank at the aura in their green, black, and purple eyes.

"Rangers? I can definitely feel a nimble aura."

"Are they scrawny enough to fight?"

"Their shoes are weird."


The three members spoke to her calmly, but she couldn't speak because she was crushed by their aura.

'Are these the captains of the Light Wind squad?'

She had heard rumors that the captains of the Light Wind squad also had outstanding performances in the Six Kings Assembly Duel Tournament, but now she saw that they were monsters with a presence beyond those rumors.

When Raon looked back and clicked his tongue lightly, not only the three captains, but the entire Light Wind squad suppressed their madness.

This meant that he had them completely under his control.

"Then please guide us."

"Yes, I understand. We'll be leaving right away... Ah!"

Prika stopped and hesitated when she tried to move. She opened the door of the carriage behind her and took out swamp boots.

"These are ivy boots made for walking in swamps. If you wear them, you'll be able to move around much more easily."

"Then will you give us two pairs?"

Raon nodded and held out his hand.

"Two pairs?"

"Walking through the swamp is also part of the training, so we'll be going this way without the kids."

He pointed to the two children, who looked like they were struggling to stand in the swamp unlike the other Light Wind squad members.

"Vice-squad leader! I'll walk this way! Mark will help me!"

The girl with pigtails waved her hand vigorously.

"If you do it, I'll do it too! Vice-squad leader, I'm not wearing them either!"

The boy with a sharp-looking expression clenched his fists as if he would not be outdone.

"I see. Thank you, but we'll decline the boots."

Raon shook his head with a faint smile.

"Okay, I understand. Let's go then."

Prika pointed to the front.

"Wellis, you lead the way. I'll clean up and follow."


Wellis swallowed his saliva and went forward, and Raon and the Light Wind squad members followed behind him.

'That idiot won't even joke around with the Light Wind squad, right?'

Prika put the shoes she had taken out back in the carriage and checked the condition of the swamp and the carriage before following the group from the back.

Wellis walked ahead, biting his lip.

'I'm screwed.'

What am I going to say to the executives…

He had been paid quite a sum to ensure that none of Zieghart's swordsmen would arrive unscathed from the mud. But now, it seemed like they would all be fine.

'There's no way to do it when they're walking on their own without boots... Huh?'

While he was walking with his eyes fixed on the ground, he saw a patch of lighter color in the swamp ahead.

'A Clear swamp!'

It's a swamp with a higher water content because the sand has settled or spread to the side. It was clear that even the Light Wind squad members would not be able to escape from there.


Wellis slightly changed direction to lead the Light Wind squad to the clear swamp.

It was getting dark around, so even if Raon or the Light Wind squad members were strong, they couldn't avoid getting their clothes wet.

Wellis naturally pulled the Light Wind squad to the clear swamp, and when Raon, who was in front, stepped on the swamp, he sneakily looked back. And then.


With a thunderous roar that shook the entire swamp, mud that gushed out like a fountain fell down.


Wellis rolled on the ground, being hit by all the mud.


Each falling mud was like being punched by a strong man. He was so dazed that he couldn't get up.


Just as he was about to fall into the swamp, a hand reached out and grabbed his collar and pulled him up.

It was Raon. He smiled gently and pulled him out of the swamp.

"Are you okay?"

"Thank you... eep!"

As he tried to say thank you, he saw a chilling light in Raon's eyes. He trembled in fear, thinking that he was saying he would kill him if he joked again.


Wellis stopped talking in the middle of saying thank you and bowed his head until his head touched the swamp.

'He's a human that should never be touched...'

He thought he was a gentle person compared to other members of the Light Wind squad, but he was wrong. It was no wonder that he was keeping those monsters as his subordinates.

"Hey! Idiot!"

Prika came running from behind and slapped Wellis on the back of the head.

"I told you not to!"

She immediately turned around and bowed her head to Raon.

"I'm so sorry! This guy is a troublemaker. I'll be your guide from now on."

"It's okay."

Raon smiled faintly. He pointed to the front as if nothing had happened.

"Let's go. I want to get there before it's too late."

*     *      *

Advance chapters:

Advance chapters: (Indonesian):

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the gray walls of the castle built on the swamp.

'Is this Arian family's castle?'

The castle felt sturdy and firm, as it had withstood the test of time.

However, there were gaps here and there, unlike the undamaged outer appearance, as it had not been properly maintained.

It's unique.

Wrath frowned as she looked at the castle.

The guy who built this castle seems to have been quite strong.

'How do you know that?'

The balance is perfect.


When they built the castle, they perfectly balanced it to a level that would be impossible for ordinary humans. Of course, it's all ruined now.

He seemed to be interested, so he landed on his shoulder and muttered that he wanted to eat.

'He's not wrong.'

Since the first head of the Arian family had conquered the Swamp of Death with the first head of house Zieghart, it was only natural that he was strong.

"A castle floating on a swamp. It has a touch of elegance."

Burren nodded his head vigorously, amazed at the castle itself.

"Does elegance exist everywhere I go?"

Martha frowned, not showing any sign of surprise despite being surprised.

"It's beautiful..."

Runaan's eyes lit up slightly as she seemed to like the appearance of the castle, which was opposite to the swamp.


While the Light Wind squad members was all amazed at the Arian family's castle, the gates opened, roughly pushing the swamp away.

For some reason, the mud from the swamp could not enter the inside of the gate.

A swordswoman with brown hair tied up like a horsetail walked out of the open gate. She looked to be in her early 30s, but she seemed to be older than that in reality.

'Is this woman Wendy Arian?'

She was clearly the woman who was listed in Judiel's book as the Arian family's only master level and the youngest daughter of the head of the family.

"Thank you for your hard work. I am Wendy Arian, in charge of the Imperial Sword squad."

Wendy Arian bowed her head as if she had instantly recognized their identity.

"Thank you for your welcome. I am Raon Zieghart, vice-squad leader of the Light Wind squad."

Raon bowed his head while checking Wendy's energy.

'She's well-trained.'

She seemed to lack practical experience, but she had astral energy sword that had been consistently trained for a long time.

She was weaker than Mark Gorton because she was just at master beginner level, but she had the potential to rise high if she was trained properly.

'It's better than I expected.'

I thought that the Arian family had all fallen apart because they had only one master level and the other knights were weak, but that was not the case.

At the very least, Wendy Arian was showing a warrior-like gaze.

While Raon was sizing up Wendy, Wendy was also looking at Raon and the Light Wind squad members.


Wendy narrowed her eyes as she looked at the Light Wind squad members, none of whom were covered in mud.

'What is it?'

Raon was a master level, so it was understandable, but the Light Wind squad was not wet even though they were wearing ordinary shoes.

The only person in the group who was covered in mud was the veteran ranger, Wellis.

When she looked to the side, the third team leader, Prika, shrugged her shoulders as if he had gotten what he deserved.

'He must have been playing the prank and got backfired.'

Wendy was surprised by the Light Wind squad's skills. She had heard that they were strong, but she had not expected them to be this powerful.

'What's even more amazing is that.'

Wendy trembled at the sight of the Light Wind squad standing behind Raon.

'Not a single one is lacking.'

According to the rumors, the only to be wary of in the Light Wind squad was Raon and Rimmer, but now it seemed that none of the Light Wind squad members were easy to deal with.

There was one master level, four peak expert level, and the others were also at the intermediate or advanced expert level.

Except for the two children, the formation was completely flawless.

'Is this the real military force of house Zieghart?'

Very occasionally, swordsmen and officers from house Zieghart would come to inspect the Swamp of Death, but these were the first people she had seen with such a strong aura.

Wendy lightly tapped her forehead to clear her head and reached out.

"Please come this way."

She raised her hand to Raon and the Light Wind squad in a polite manner.

"The head of the family is waiting for you."

"I understand."

Raon nodded and followed her to the center of the Arian family.

'It's flashy.'

Wendy walked into a mansion that looked like it had been built recently.

Unlike the beautiful buildings, the people who guarded this place did not feel like they had any real aura.

'It's more disappointing than I thought.'

Apart from Wendy and the knights who were accompanying her, there was no one else who caught his eye. It seemed like a place that was more soaked in laziness than he had expected.

The Arian family's lord's mansion were smaller than those of Zieghart's, but they were not inferior in terms of flashiness.

It seemed that they had a lot of money thanks to their specialty products, as none of the decorations on the walls looked cheap.

"This is the audience chamber room."

Wendy opened the arched door. The huge door opened without a single creak, as if it had been well-oiled.

Through the brilliant light pouring out of the audience chamber, a platform could be seen.

People who looked like Arian family executives were standing on either side of the platform, and at the top was an old man with brown hair.

His cheeks were plump and his stomach was hanging loose, as if he had eaten well.

Raon stepped onto the red carpet in the center and bowed his head.

"I am Raon Zieghart, the vice-squad leader of the Light Wind squad of house Zieghart . I am here to meet the head of the Arian family."

Even though they were a vassal family, they were the head of a family that had a long history with house Zieghart, so he first paid his respects.

"You are the White Sword Dragon, aren't you? You have a spirit that befits that name."

A greasy, thick voice came from the platform.

"You must have worked hard coming all this way. Stand up."

"Thank you."

Raon straightened up and looked up at the platform.

'Is that the head of the Arian family, Wigen Arian?'

If the head of house Zieghart or other families had projected their own light and aura, the old man was using the brilliant light pouring down from the ceiling to create his presence. He did not feel any strong aura, firm will, or cold intelligence.

Is that man really the head of the Arian family?

Wrath also frowned as if he was at a loss.

The talent is above average, but what he has built is too pathetic!

'I think so too.'

As the Wrath said, Wigen Arian seemed to have built nothing but fat.

"Is the Destructive King of North doing well?"

"Yes, he is in good health."

Raon responded respectfully, maintaining the proper decorum for this meeting.

"That's good."

Wigen Arian nodded. He smiled faintly, saying that he would visit them soon.

"I have prepared a feast for the Light Wind squad who came all this way. Let them enjoy themselves today."

He clapped his hands, saying that it would be a fun time. A sound like someone gritting their teeth could be heard behind him.

"Thank you for your hospitality, but I must decline."

Raon shook his head at Wigen Arian.

"I came to the Arian family in response to a request for support. I don't know if the work will be finished, but I don't think it's time to enjoy a feast now."


Wigen showed an uncomfortable expression and tapped the armrest. His arm fat swayed like the wind.

"You don't know, but the water level of the Swamp of Death often changes. It's not a special thing in this place."

"Not only the water level of the swamp, but the number of undead monsters has also increased, I heard."

"Even if the number increases, it's just zombies and skeletons. It can be easily dealt with a few arrows."

"Undead are monsters that cannot think for themselves. There is a possibility that an advanced level monster that gives orders to explore has appeared."

Raon said what he had thought about when he came here.

"Hmm, isn't that just a speculation?"

Wigen coughed and leaned back in his chair.

"I've lived on this land all my life. Things like this happen every 10 or 5 years. It's not a big deal to worry about."

"Then why did you request support from the main house?"

"Because Wendy Arian, the leader of the Imperial Sword, worries too much."

He frowned, saying that this request was contacted independently by Wendy Arian without going through his hands.


Raon looked at Wigen only, not turning his head to Wendy.

'It's exactly as I expected.'

Wigen's uncooperative attitude was likely to protect his own incompetence and complacency. Given that the Swamp of Death hadn't changed for centuries, he probably believed it would remain safe, having sent scouts and punitive expeditions a long time ago.

It was clear that Wigen was reacting this way to avoid being blamed by house Zieghart if problems arose in the swamp now.

'They'll only take action once I'm gone,'

However, that strategy wouldn't work now. While some of the officials and swordsmen from house Zieghart might have been swayed by the money and pleasures here, the Light Wind squad was focused solely on growth and mission completion. It held no significance for them.

"Head of the family. Even if it's the same situation as before, we need to check..."

Wendy stepped forward and kneeled down, but Wigen frowned even more.

"You don't need to push yourself. Consider your stay here as vacation. We, who know this place well, will handle the matters…"

"As I said, I have to do my job."

"I don't know if you know, but you can't enter the Swamp of Death without my permission. That swamp is a place where even rangers have a hard time passing through, so first rest and..."

"I'm sorry, but..."

Raon raised his eyes. Wigen's neck meat trembled at the fiery red eyes that were like a volcano spewing fire.

"I have been delegated full authority by the head of house Zieghart."

Responsibility leads to authority.

Glenn didn't actually say that he would give full authority, but since he said that the Light Wind squad should be solely responsible, it was not entirely a lie.

"That, full authority? What does that mean...?"

Wigen's mouth was agape as he didn't expect the word "full authority."

"Are you planning to do as you please, like an inspections?"


Raon deliberately did not answer and only shot a stronger gaze. Let Wigen fall into the trap himself.

"No, it's ridiculous. Even if you’re the White Sword Dragon, for just a mere squad..."

When Wigen trembled his lips, a grim-looking middle-aged man approached him and whispered. He couldn't hear it clearly, but it seemed to be telling him that the Light Wind squad had passed through the swamp without special boots.

'It's worked like a charm.'

A small lie started to grow on its own after drinking water. It was worth teaching the Light Wind squad to walk on water.


Wigen gritted his teeth as he looked at Raon and the Light Wind squad.

'They walked through the swamp with those shoes...'

Walking through the swamp without special boots means that you are a master level who can walk underwater. If the entire Light Wind squad had done that, it meant that everyone had skills beyond rumors.

'What kind of look is that from these kids…'

As he looked at the Light Wind squad members, he felt a chill down his spine as if he had met eyes with a beast. The aura of each one is no joke. With the exception of the two children, there was no knights here who seemed to be able to win in a fight against them.

'Was the Light Wind squad this strong?'

If they had this much power and aura, it was no wonder that Glenn was given them full authority.

'Damn it!'

There was no way. He nodded, hoping that there would be no problems in the Swamp of Death.

"Since you have just arrived, you should take a rest first then you can do what you want."

"Thank you for your consideration."

Raon bowed his head politely and walked backwards. 

"Wendy. You're left... "

"I'm sorry, but can I go with the leader of the Imperial Sword? I have some questions about the swamp."


Wigen waved his hand as if to let him do as he pleased.

"Thank you."

Raon bowed his head again and turned around. The Light Wind squad members was still glaring at Wigen and Arian's executives as if they were going to eat them, even though the conversation was over.

'It's worth raising.'

Not only the nickname of the White Sword Dragon, but also the Light Wind squad was able to obtain the authority to move freely here thanks to the fact that everyone walked through the swamp and spread their strong aura. It seemed that the effort of teaching them was worth it, and a smile came to Raon's lips.

Raon shook off his black dragon coat and walked through the Light Wind squad.

"Let's go."


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