RDM (Novel) Chapter 522

 Chapter 522

Eom Soso was like a venomous serpent, brimming with deadly poison.

Her eyes were filled with Killing intent, and her hands radiated malice.


Her dark sword zipped through the five yards in an instant, reaching Pyo Wol at the front.


Having lost her target in a flash, Hong Ye-seol clicked her tongue. But her expression showed no concern for Pyo Wol.


As Hong Ye-seol had anticipated, Eom Soso's dark sword bounced off Pyo Wol's body before it could even make contact.

Pyo Wol had swung his Soul Reaping Thread to shield himself.


With a spirited cry, Eom Soso unfurled a deadly onslaught.


Her sword seemed split into dozens, bearing down on Pyo Wol.

It was a technique called the Heavenly Sword Rain.

It was like swords were raining down from the sky in a torrential downpour.



Even the martial artists of the Martial Sword Alliance who were attacking Pyo Wol were swept away by her terrifying assault.

Their flesh was torn, and their muscles burst.

Within moments, more than a dozen people lay on the ground, their limbs severed. But the real target of Eom Soso's attack, Pyo Wol, remained unharmed.


Something akin to a soft shield had formed around Pyo Wol.

The Heavenly Sword Rain launched by Eom Soso had bounced off this shield.

'A sword barrier? Protective Qi? No!'

Eom Soso had realised that the shield around Pyo Wol was unlike any technique she had seen before.


If one listened closely, a faint noise continuously resonated around Pyo Wol.

It sounded like the humming of a machine.

Eom Soso widened her eyes and observed. She then saw something ceaselessly circling around Pyo Wol.

The object spinning around Pyo Wol was none other than the Soul Reaping Thread.

The Soul Reaping thread was spinning at an incredible speed, creating a shield.

Eom Soso gritted her teeth as the technique surpassed her imagination and thought, 'I should have killed him then.

When she first met Pyo Wol, he was close to being a monster, but not to the point of defying common sense like now.

If it hadn't been for Dokgo Hwang's vain attempt to recruit Pyo Wol, she would have been able to kill him back then.

The regret of that decision was painful, given the current situation, but there was no time to sit and regret.


Eom Soso kicked off the deck, launching an attack.

Her body hung in the air as she swung her sword ten times in a row. Each time, a terrifying sword qi rose and rushed towards Pyo Wol like a wave.

Bam, bam, bam!

But before it could even reach Pyo Wol, her onslaught was blocked by the violently spinning Soul Reaping Thread.

Its power was not inferior to a Protective Qi.


Eom Soso's face was distorted.

Now, she realized clearly.

That she could never kill Pyo Wol with ordinary assaults.

In order to kill this non-human entity in front of her, she had to bring out everything within her.

"Haah! Storm Annihilation!"

Eom Soso focused her qi into the sword. Then a one zhang long sword qi erupted.

The blue sword qi stabbed straight towards Pyo Wol.

No matter how strong the shield made by the Soul Reaping Thread was, it couldn't block the

sword qi.

'I'll cut him down at once.'

Eom Soso swung the sword with all her might.

At that moment, Pyo Wol withdrew the shield made by the Soul Reaping Thread.

He too had realized that he couldn't block Eom Soso's attack with ordinary techniques.


Lightning flashed from his fingertips.

It was the Black Lightning Serpent qi imbued with lightning energy.

The Black Lightning Serpent qi extended like a venomous snake and clashed with the sword qi.

"This petty thing......"

Eom Soso was determined to cut down the Black Lightning Serpent qi in one go. However, contrary to her expectations, the Black Lightning Serpent Qi pierced through the sword qi and shot towards her.

"No, it can't be!"[a]


At that moment, she felt a burning pain on her forehead.

The Black Lightning Serpent qi had pierced her forehead.

"'Lord, my lord...'"

At that moment, the image of Dokgo Hwang appeared in her mind. But quickly, the image of Dokgo Hwang faded and everything turned pitch black.

Everything in her head had been burned by the thunder energy embedded in the Black Lightning Serpent Qi.

TL/N- Finally Jang Noya gets peace,


Eom Soso collapsed to her knees, white steam rising from her entire body.

She stared blankly at Pyo Wol before falling down completely.

She was dying.



The warriors of Martial Sword Alliance, having witnessed Eom Soso's death, were in shock.

Leaving their opponents, Do Yeonsan and Eun-yo, behind, they rushed towards where Eom Soso had fallen.

Seeing them rush towards Eom Soso, even risking their own lives, Do Yeonsan and the others didn't know how to react for a moment.

Eventually, a few of them reached Eom Soso's body.

They hurriedly scooped up Eom Soso and carried her to the Martial Sword Alliance ship

The remaining warriors attacked Pyo Wol.

Meanwhile, the ship carrying Eom Soso's body moved away from the Unmado Riverboat.

The remaining warriors of the Martial Sword Alliance on the Unmado Riverboat fought to the last breath.

"She's dead!"


Having lost Eom Soso, they had no intention of surviving.

To them, Eom Soso was the one they had to protect, just as Dokgo Hwang was the one Eom Soso had to protect.

There was no right to live for a martial artist who failed to protect those he was sworn to protect.

And so, they charged, disregarding their  own lives.

Their appearance was ghostly.

Had Pyo Wol and the others been ordinary warriors, they would have faltered under this onslaught. But neither Pyo Wol, Do Yeonsan, Eun-yo, nor even Nam Shin-woo were ordinary in any way.

Despite their youth, they had grown up from the bottom of the Kangho, facing all kinds of hardships. Their determination was unparalleled.

They fought and fought again.

After half an hour of intense battle, the only ones left standing on the boat were Pyo Wol and his


The Martial Sword Alliance martial artist fought to their last man.

To an outsider, it might have appeared that Pyo Wol's group had massacred innocent warriors.

The spacious deck of the Unmado Riverboat was drenched in blood.



Screams erupted from the passengers below deck.

It seemed that the blood from the deck had flowed down into their cabins.

The passengers in the cabins didn't dare to step out.

Sal-lno approached Pyo Wol.

His entire body was also stained red with blood.

He had been nicked with minor injuries, and covered in the blood of the enemies he had killed.

While wiping the blood off his face, Sal-no spoke.

"It might be best if we disembark from the ship."

"That seems wise."

Pyo Wol agreed with his proposal.

Eom Soso was a confidante whom Dokgo Hwang had cherished the most.

They shared a bond that transcended the mere relationship of master and servant. After killing

such a precious Eom Soso, it was certain that Dokgo Hwang would be furious.

Pyo Wol was not afraid of Dokgo Hwang, but to clash with him now would undoubtedly cause

problems in their future endeavors.

Pyo Wol turned his gaze towards Do Yeonsan and the others.

"Is everyone okay?"

"I'm a bit wounded, but it's alright."

"Don't worry about us, big brother."

"I'm also okay."

Do Yeonsan, Eun-Yo, and Nam Shin-woo all said they were alright.

Pyo Wol studied each of their faces.

Fortunately, there were no major physical wounds, but their expressions indicated a significant mental burden.

If they had an unshakable spirit like Pyo Wol, things might have been different. But ordinary people could not kill so many and be fine.

It was rather odd for a person not to be shaken after getting his hands bloody from killing so many.

For instance, someone like Pyo Wol.

And Pyo Wol was well aware of this fact.

He knew that he possessed a different mindset and perspective than most people.

Knowing that others were different from him, he had to be considerate.

Pyo Wol asked Hong Ye-seol.

"Do we have a place to lay low for a while?"

"There's a place called Sol Family Pavilion."

"Sol Family pavilion?"

"It's one of the assassin guilds. Their dwelling would be a suitable place for us to hide."

Sol Family pavilion was one of the assassin guilds mentioned in the list that Sal-no had handed over.

Originally operating far away in Shaanxi province, they had temporarily relocated their base to this vicinity to exploit the chaos brought about by the Kangho Great War.

They might have thought they were moving stealthily, but they could not escape the attention of the Hundred Wraith Union.

Unbeknownst to them, all their moves were being tracked by the intelligence network of Hundred Wraith Union.

"Then we will stay at the Sol Family pavilion for the time being."

"I'll send the Black Shadow Assassins to clean it up in advance."


Pyo Wol nodded.

If Sal-no said that, it meant that he didn't have to bother, because the group didn't have much power to resist.


Sal-no whistled loudly.

Twice long, then three times short. The whistle that echoed along the Yangtze reached the Black Shadow Assassins, who were moving along the river.

Receiving the order, they swiftly sprung into action.


In an instant, they vanished towards the Sol Family pavilion.

Pyo Wol approached a man slumped on one side of the deck.

He was the captain of the Unmado Riverboat.

He was unconscious after trying to block the Martial Sword Alliance’s warriors and getting kicked away.

As Pyo Wol infused his internal energy, the captain came to his senses.


He gasped in horror at the sight of the countless corpses around him.

Pyo Wol spoke to the captain,

"We're going to disembark here."

"Huh? Y-Yes!"

"If any of the Martial Sword Alliance’s warriors come searching, tell them truthfully that we disembarked halfway."

"Ah, I understand."

"I apologize for the mess on your ship. We will pay our debts with the carriage and horses


"No, there's no need..."

"There's no place for us to unload the horses and carriage halfway, is there? Consider them


"Thank you."

The captain gratefully bowed.

With the horses and carriage that Pyo Wol had brought along, the captain could fetch at least tens of gold coins. The reward was well worth the risk.

"Steer the ship close to the riverbank."

"Yes, sir."

The captain took the helm, slowly maneuvering the large vessel towards the riverbank.

Once close enough, Pyo Wol and his group leaped towards the riverbank, disappearing in a blink of an eye.

With his guests gone, the captain finally collapsed, his strength drained.


A sigh of relief unconsciously escaped his lips.

Suddenly, he looked around the deck.

Numerous bodies still lay scattered about.

He wanted to throw the bodies into the Yangtze, but he couldn't.

The dead were all warriors of the Martial Sword Alliance.

Surely, they would come to collect their fallen.

He needed to preserve the bodies until then.

"You cowardly scum! Come out and help clear the bodies!"

The captain yelled at the hidden crew members.

Only then did they emerge and begin piling the bodies on one side of the deck.

"Make sure to move every single one of them. Damn it! If you make a mistake, the Martial Sword Alliance could kill us all. So handle them with utmost respect."



The crew moved even more cautiously as they transferred the bodies.

"Damn it! They wouldn't take out their anger on us, would they?"

The captain mumbled, glancing at the bodies piled on the deck.

Blood was still oozing from the corpses.

The foul stench of blood made the captain and his crew uneasy.

The captain clenched his fist, grumbling under his breath.

"I don't know! Damn it! The Martial Sword Alliance wouldn't harm innocent people, would they?"

[a]She is under delusion that she is ever a match for our mc.

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