TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 391

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 Chapter 391

Raon turned around and looked at Wendy Arian as soon as he left the audience chamber.

"Our members haven't eaten dinner yet. Can we eat first?"

Oh! What's gotten into you?

'Taking care of my belly.'

Wrath, who didn't think he would be able to eat right away, popped out of his bracelet like lightning. He looked so happy to fill his stomach that his face even brightened.

If you're going to order, order the specialties! Tell them to offer the best food they can do here!

Raon pushed Wrath away and asked for food and accommodation.

"Of course!"

Wendy nodded with fiery eyes that looked like they were on fire. She seemed to be moved after hearing the conversation with Wigen.

"Meal? Are we having a dinner right now?"

"He's thinking about getting food first. Will the sun rise from the west tomorrow?

"Will we get the sleep too?"

Burren, Martha, and Runaan looked at Raon with wide eyes, thinking that they would start the mission right away.

"I've never starved you."

Raon frowned and waved his hand, acknowledging that while he might not have let them sleep, he always made sure they had food.

Didn't you make them eat grass in the mountains?

'That's also food.'


When Wendy gestured to the side, Prika, the third team leader of the Ranger squad who had guided the Light Wind squad here approached.

"Please guide the Light Wind squad members to the accommodation and restaurant."

"Please come this way."

Prika bowed his head carefully and led the Light Wind squad members to the right.

Raon did not go to the restaurant, but approached Wendy's side.

"Squad leader, let's have a talk."

"I understand."

Wendy nodded and pointed to the left.

"Let's go over there."

She said that there was a place to talk and walked ahead.

Hey! You devil!

When Raon tried to follow Wendy, Wrath grabbed him by the collar.

Why are you following her?

'I need to get information about this place.'

After talking to Wigen, he realized. The Arian family was more damaged than he thought. The head of the family and the executives were rotten and corrupted, and the entire family was buried in mud.

'So he said to take responsibility?'

Now that I think about it, Glenn may not have just ordered me to solve the problem of this swamp, but to change the ruined Arian family.

Do you know who the most evil person in the world is?

'I don't know. Well a demon maybe?'

He is the one who gives hope and then takes it away! That would be you!

Wrath screamed and shook the collar he was holding wildly.

'Don't worry, I'll find a way to eat today, no matter what.'

He hit Wrath on the forehead, who was causing a commotion, and knocked him to the ground.


Raon left Wrath' screams behind and looked at the people inside the family.

'That's the least of it.'

Unlike the family executives whose eyes were filled with laziness and desire, the condition of the family members was not so bad.

There was concern about the current situation, but the temperament of having lived a diligent and honest life was felt.

'It's thanks to her.'

Wendy Arian is the only tree that stands tall in the flowerbed of this family. If it weren't for her, not only the Imperial Sword members, but also those people would have changed as much as the executives.

While thinking about the Arian family, Wendy's steps suddenly stopped.

"Here it is."

The place she led him to was the top of the western wall overlooking the Swamp of Death.

The moonlight pouring through the fog and the soft lighting blended together to create a certain atmosphere. It was a scene that Burren would have muttered to himself that it was charming.

"It's not bad, is it?"

Wendy leaned against the wall and smiled faintly.

"It's nice."

Raon nodded and stood at the end of the wall. Even though it was late at night, his senses, which surpassed humans, pierced the Swamp of Death.

'It's really just zombies and skeletons.'

The fog was thick, so he couldn't see far, but the only monsters in the vicinity were zombies that slithered and skeletons that creaked.


The numbers are large.

Unlike Wigen's words that the number of undead monsters had slightly increased, he felt a considerable amount of aura.

If they all gathered at once, they would be able to block this western road.

Raon pointed to the Swamp of Death and looked at Wendy.

"When was the last time you went on a patrol?"

"…October of last year."

Wendy lowered her head as if embarrassed.

"October of last year…."

Over four months had passed since the new year, which meant that they had not gone on a patrol for over half a year. It was a serious matter that could not be laughed off.

"And I didn't go all the way."

Wendy said that she had never been to the end of the Swamp of Death and bit her lip.

"Did the head of the family interfere?"

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at Wendy, whose face had turned red. Since he had said that he could not go out without his permission, it was a possibility.

"Yes. Originally, when going on a patrol, you need a ranger team and two executives, or the lord. But…."

"No one had it?"

"Yes. I tried to persuade him somehow, but the lord said that a patrol was unnecessary."

"It wasn't unnecessary, it was just inconvenient."

The executives of the Arian family, whom he had seen in the audience chamber earlier, were no different from the head of the Arian family, Wigen.

When the Imperial Sword members were building muscle through training, they were building fat through pleasure, so they would not have moved their heavy bodies.

Wendy, who was in front of him now, even looked strange.

"That's right."

Wendy nodded with a sigh.

"That's why you seem even more amazing, Raon-nim, who took control of the lord as soon as you arrived here."

"It's nothing. I've seen people like that before."

Raon smiled faintly and turned his gaze.

"How is the condition of the swamp?"

"The water level of the swamp has risen more than 50 cm from before. If it rises a little more, there is a possibility that the swamp will seep through the gates."

Wendy frowned, saying that she had never seen this before and didn't know what problems would arise.

"Then how much has the number of undead increased?"

"It has increased more than five times compared to last year."

"Five times."

"The rise in the water level of the swamp and the increase in the number of undead had happened before, but this is the first time there has been such a big difference, so I had no choice but to call for support, ignoring the opposition of the higher-ups."

"You did the right thing."

Raon nodded. To be honest, the Arian family is weak.

Fortunately, nothing happened, but if powerful monsters have emerged from the deep within, the people here wouldn't be able to stop them.

"So I apologize."

Wendy bowed deeply.

"I asked for support, but I'm afraid I won't be able to go on the patrol tomorrow. It's obvious that the lord will prevent me from moving because I have to protect this place."

It was an expected event, so Raon quietly waited for her next words.

"Instead, I'll send the third team of the ranger squad. While I can't say I have full control of them, I've put a lot of influence in them, you should be able to move comfortably."

Wendy apologized again and bowed her head.

"It's okay."

Raon smiled coldly, not looking at the Swamp of Death but at the lord's chamber behind him.

"I've learned that there's more than one thing to be cleaned up."

*     *      *

Advance chapters:

Advance chapters: (Indonesian):

Arian family's audience chamber.

Raon and Wendy had left, but Wigen and the executives remained there.


The fat-bellied commander, who was below the stage, raised his head and gritted his teeth.

"Will you leave that insolent little bastard alone?"

"That's right. If we leave him alone, he'll rummage through our family like it's his own home."

The treasurer, with rings on his bony hands, nodded.

"We can't just leave him alone."

"We have to stop him somehow…."

"If there's a problem with the swamp, things will get bigger!"

The other executives also raised their voices, sticking to the commander and the treasurer.

"Don't leave him alone?"

Wigen furrowed his brows and lowered his gaze.

"Are you going to take on that monster who reached the intermediate master level at the age of 20?" (I guess they didn't know Raon already an advanced level)

"That, that…"

The treasurer was unable to answer and bit his lip.

"Don't just get angry, think and speak."

Wigen continued, shooting cold eyes.

"How do you expect to stop those bastards who have not only power but also justification?"

If Raon had pressured him with his strength alone, he would have somehow resisted, but the bastard had the justification that Glenn had delegated full authority to him.

There was no way to give him a chance to plot.

"Have you seen their eyes?"


"The eyes of the Light Wind squad members bastards!"

The gaze of the Light Wind squad members behind Raon was so chilling that it made my heart sink. It felt like I was looking into the eyes of a mad dog, not a human.

"As I said I wanted to have them a banquet, and Raon refused, they showed a very murderous aura. They were truly mad dogs."

Wigen trembled at the memory of the Light Wind squad’s fierce madness.


"There must be a way…."

When the Arian family executives were at a loss, the door to the audience chamber opened and a well-trained middle-aged man entered. It was Bainder, the head of the Rangers.

"Don't worry too much."

Bainder bowed to Wigen.

"It's obvious that the Light Wind squad will take the third team of the ranger squad with them tomorrow, so I've come up with a plan."

"Your plan didn't work today. Not a single one of them got wet and arrived here without any wet mud on them, so what!"

Wigen clicked his tongue at Bainder.

"This time, I lured the team leader."


"Yes. I promised her a position as an executive or captain and instructed her to guide them to a place where there was nothing. The Swamp of Death is foggy, so even a White Sword Dragon would have a hard time finding their way."

Bainder smiled, saying that the Light Wind squad would return without finding anything.

"After that, I sent the youngest lady just in case to clean up any potential issues."


Wigen nodded slowly, his plump flesh shaking.

"In addition, I've already contacted him."


"Yes. It's better to deal with things quickly."

Bainder bowed his head calmly.

"There's no one else but you."

Wigen smiled broadly, tapping the armrest.

"If this goes well, you'll be greatly rewarded!"

"Thank you."

Bainder raised the corners of his lips with his head down.

"I'm looking forward to it."

*     *      *


Krein yawned loudly and put down his fork on an empty plate.

"Our vice-squad leader doesn't know the meaning of rest. He never rests."

He sighed, saying that even a welcome party would be fine.

"He didn't go on purpose.

Burren frowned at Krein.

"You saw it too, right? The executives here are different from the leaders we know. There's no need to get involved with them, so he cut ties first."

He shook his head, saying that Raon did the right thing.

"It's clear that Raon is crazy, but he's really crazy."

Martha licked her lips with her fist on her chin.

"He's the kind of guy who would never do anything that would put us or house Zieghart in danger."

"That's true, but it's a bit regrettable. Not being able to rest…"

Krein frowned, saying that his shoulders and knees were aching.

"I thought I'd rest for a day, but now I want to fight even sooner. I want to train."

Dorian smiled as he caressed his belly pocket.

"What? Are you finally going crazy? It's clear you've become a training addict like that monster!"

"Didn't you feel it today? That we've grown."

"Ah, that's…."

Krein nodded slowly.

"That's true."

Thanks to the continuous practice not only in Zieghart but also on the way here, they were able to walk through the swamp like a plain.

'And there's more…'

Their achievements in footwork have increased dramatically because they practiced footwork on the water surface. The level of martial arts also increased, so they were able to wield swordsmanship and footwork as if they were a different person than before.

"Do you know what that flower is?"

Dorian pointed to the blue flower in a vase in the center of the table. The Light Wind squad members all looked at the flower.

"It's called Mallean, and it turns red in normal soil rich in nutrients, and blue in acidic soil."

He smiled and touched the Mallean.

"Unlike this flower, we are growing red in the soil of Raon, which is incredibly rich in nutrients."

Dorian raised his finger at Krein, who had frozen.

"What I felt while traveling with our vice-squad leader is that he never does anything meaningless."

He definitely felt it at Habun Castle and the Sepia Merchants Association

Raon was a person who gave the appropriate reward and answer if you just followed him properly.

"I feel the same way."

Mark Gorton put down his tea and nodded.

"Although I met Sir Raon later than all of you, I have no regrets. In the short time I've been with him, my skills have improved by more than a dozen years."

He smiled, saying that it was a debt of gratitude that he would have to repay for the rest of his life.

"Well, that's true."

"Except for Wendy-nim, there was no one who looked stronger than us among the people we saw today."

"I can feel that we're growing gradually."

The members of the Light Wind squad all nodded with smiles on their faces.

"Then there's no choice."

Burren smiled lightly and clenched his fist.

"We just have to keep following that monster so he doesn't get mad."

"That's right."

Martha laughed as she got up from her chair.

"That damn bastard. Who else would follow him if it wasn't us?"

She stood up, saying to end the seat.

"Let's go to bed."

Runaan nodded with a sleeping hat on his head.

The Light Wind squad members got up without hesitation and headed to the inn they had visited before going to the restaurant.

When everyone was gone and the waiters had cleared away the dishes, Raon walked out from behind a pillar in the restaurant.

'That's remarkable.'

He thought it was impressive that they had such thoughts even though he had forced them into training.

Originally, the relationship between people is something that can be known only after talking. You can't know the inside just by thinking.

'You know a lot for a demon.'

Didn't the King of Essence told you before! The King of Essence is closer to humans than you are!

Wrath snorted, saying that he will never understand humans.

That's enough, now let's order...

When he said that he should order quickly, the lights in the restaurant went out.

They heard the sound of employees leaving through the back door. It seemed like they were working overtime to clean up and leave quickly due to the Light Wind squad.

What, what is it! Why are you going! There are still people here! You guys!

Wrath screamed, but of course no one turned around.

Hey, you cicada-like guy! You're going to starve because you're dragging on time, aren't you!

'Oh, but I have something to eat.'

Raon smiled lightly and took out a piece of bread from his spatial pocket.


Wrath's face turned pale.

'Do you want to eat Nadine bread?'

Get that evil thing away!

*     *      *

In the early morning of the Arian family, where the sun had not yet risen.

The Light Wind squad and the Rangers were gathered in front of the west gate.

When Raon nodded, The third team leader, Prika nodded as well and opened the gate release device.


With vibrations shaking the ground, the gate opened. The accumulated dust shot up into the air, creating a dense gray cloud.

Perhaps due to the increased water level in the Swamp of Death, a little mud seeped inside the opened gate.

Raon turned back to look at Light Wind squad members. There was no hesitation in the eyes of any of them, just like the determination they had shown the day before.

"Are you ready?"

"We're ready!"

Light Wind squad responded with unwavering determination. Their voices were firm and resolute, and the strong will was evident in their eyes, making those around them shiver.

"Raon, sir."

Wendy Aryan approached Light Wind squad and bowed her head.

"I received standby orders as I mentioned yesterday. I apologize. Instead..."

She pointed to Prika and the third team of the ranger squad, and her eyes sparkled.

"They will guide you to the best of their abilities, please trust them."

"Thank you. Don't worry and wait."

Raon nodded at Wendy and Prika.

"Let's go."

He took the first step onto the swamp, and Light Wind squad members followed behind him.

The last to leave were the Rangers who had lived here.

They hadn't been on a reconnaissance mission for over half a year, which was why, not long after they set foot on the swamp, zombies and skeletons began to gather from all directions.


"What's with all the zombies?"

"There are quite a few..."

"Isn't it a bit much?"

The Rangers frowned as they watched the undead closing in.

"Light Wind squad."

Raon tapped his sword scabbard without slowing his pace.

"Eradicate them."

Before the words were even finished, Light Wind squad members who had been guarding behind him burst forth with their vibrant yellow eyes.


With just one sword strike, the swamp was devastated. Among the dozens of undead monsters, none survived.

"Let's go."

Raon gestured to the perplexed rangers.

"There's no time to hesitate."


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