TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 383

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 Ch 383

Adis Sepia watched the Light Wind squad push back the Warring Steel division with his mouth open.

"I can't believe the situation has changed so much...," he thought.

He had thought that the battle was over when the Light Wind squad leader gave up after incapacitated one of the Warring Steel vice-division leader.

It was only natural that the Warring Steel division would have the advantage if both sides were confused.

However, it was the Light Wind squad that first regained their composure and overcame the disadvantage.

While the Warring Steel division was locking the door to assess the situation, the Light Wind squad quickly gathered their plan and then charged forward to destroy the Warring Steel division's center.

It was an incredibly bold strategy to see right in front of him.

'This is all...,'

Adis swallowed his saliva and then looked at Raon, who was standing in front of the Warring Steel division leader.

'Because of this man.'

It was Raon who raised up the confused Light Wind squad after Rimmer gave up, who devised the plan to push back the Warring Steel division, and who tied up the Warring Steel division leader.

If it hadn't been for him, this battle would have ended in the Warring Steel division's victory long ago.


He was worried.

He had heard that the Warring Steel division leader, Trevin, was a peak master level. Even if Raon had grown, he was worried because there was a big difference in power and experience.

Adis exhaled a stale breath and turned his gaze to Glenn, who was standing next to him.

He was glaring at the spectators on the other side of the battlefield, clenching his fists. Sparks flashed from his fingertips, as if he was angry.

"My lord, can the Light Wind vice-squad leader defeat the Warring Steel division leader?"

Only after hearing that question did Glenn's eyes turn to the battlefield.

"The Warring Steel division leader is a peak master level, so if he only comes to his senses, there is no way for the Light Wind vice-squad leader to win, is there?"

"If he were a master of the intermediate level, that would be the case."

Glenn nodded slowly and looked at Raon. His aura softened, and the sparks that had been erupting from his fist subsided.

"That child has already reached the level of a master of the advanced level." 

"Advanced master level?"

Adis' eyes widened.

'At that age, if he reaches the advanced level, he will not be dreaming of being the best in the continent. However...,'

That is something for the future.

Even if he had reached the advanced level, the opponent was Trevin, who had reached the peak level and had more experience.

He didn't think that Raon would win because there was a big difference in everything.

"But the Warring Steel division leader is a peak master level, isn't he?"

"That's right. Generally, it is impossible to surpass the level of martial arts mastery. However...,"

Glenn looked at Raon with a warm gaze and continued speaking.

"That child has the power to surpass that level. That is a rarity that is more precious than any talent."


Just as he was drawn to Raon, who changes people, Glenn seemed to be attracted to Raon's appearance of never giving up in any situation.

"Just watch."

A gentle smile appeared on Glenn's cold expression.

"That child will beautifully betray the expectations of the senior master."

*     *      *

Raon looked at the Warring Steel division leader, Trevin Zieghart, and clicked his tongue.

'Did he find calmness by being too surprised?'

Trevin's shaking pupils were emitting a chilling light. It seemed that he had forced himself to hold on to his crumbling mind in the face of the news of the Warring Steel division's consecutive eliminations.


Trevin sighed and opened his eyes narrowly. He looked at Raon and let out a genuine sigh of admiration.

"Impressive. I was well aware of your outstanding power and strategy, but I didn't expect you to be so bold. In terms of strategy and group battles, it's my perfect defeat."

He admitted defeat in a way that was not typical for a direct line.

"However, I am also the leader of the Ziegharts. I cannot simply cry defeat in front of my subordinates because of my mistake."

As Trevin raised his sword, a sharp and relentless astral energy surged, much like a spear. It felt like astral energy itself had been ignited.

"I will defeat you with my sword, and bring victory to the people who followed this unworthy leader."

"Good plan, but I don't intend to lose."

Raon laughed coldly and moved the fragments of the flames that filled the battlefield.


At the moment when the giant flame storm was about to wipe out the battlefield itself, Trevin's sword shot forward.

One sword edge spread into hundreds of pieces, piercing all the petals of the burning flower. It was his highest-level swordsmanship, Iron Penetration Sword. 


Astral energies clashed and mingled, creating a magnificent display of light in the air.

Beneath the fading white light, Trevin's eyes flashed coldly. It seemed that he had regained his original calm demeanor.

'He wiped out all the flames without a single one left. He's strong, indeed. However….'

It felt like he knew my Swordsmanship.

Trevin's swordsmanship was not just fast and strong, but it moved as if it read the movements of the flames.

Raon lowered his eyes and adjusted his Heavenly Drive.

'Let's test it out.'

He kicked the ground and started to spin. The sphere of flame concentrated on the sword tip spun and created a powerful energy.


Trevin came running forward, sliding across the floor. The white light that rose from the sword he swung with a lowered posture split the center of the rotation.


The flame of the rotation that exploded before it was completed spewed out like a fountain, obscuring the view.

'He erased it before the rotation gained momentum?'

Raon, not flustered, he wrapped the energy of Glacier around the Heavenly Drive that bounced back.

After finding Trevin's presence, he slashed down diagonally at the flames that blocked his vision.


The slash of frost that fell down following the movements of the Heavenly Drive aimed for Trevin's collarbone when his eyes flashed white.


Trevin used the technique of Iron Penetration Sword in succession to block the blades of the Heavenly Drive and the cold blade at the same time.


Raon furrowed his brow as he put strength into his shaking arm.

'Of course, this man….'

He knows my swordsmanship.

He knew not only that the Seolryeon (snow lotus) sword technique strike had two strikes, but also where it came from and how quickly it followed.

It was clear that Trevin was not just strong, but had also fully grasped Raon Zieghart's sword.

"Did you studied me?"


Trevin nodded calmly.

"It's not always a good thing for a swordsman to become famous. It means that your swordsmanship, movements, and aura are being studied by your enemies."

He raised his sword with a slight nod of his chin.

"Raon Zieghart. I will fight you as someone on the same level as me."

"Should I say it's an honor?"

A gleam of interest flickered in Raon's eyes.

"I hope that feeling doesn't change until the end."

*     *      *

Trevin narrowed his eyes as he watched Raon charging towards him.

'It's a footwork that surpasses space.'

The footwork that Raon uses is a mysterious footwork that disappears and reappears like a blink.

However, because it was not yet complete, the movement distance was limited and it could not be used consecutively, so the movement had to be revealed.


Thanks to the astral energy spread out around him, he could feel Raon approaching from behind. His slashing sword was full of ferocity.

'Is it the fangs of insanity sword technique?'

That fierce sword technique was the fangs of insanity sword technique, an intuition sword that forcibly created openings in the opponent.

'It's a great swordsmanship, but...'

There is a way to block it.

The Fangs of Insanity sword technique aimed to exploit the opponent's openings. By intentionally creating multiple openings and guiding the sword strikes, it could be countered.

Trevin unfolded Iron Penetration Sword's Suncheolcham (Iron Threat Barrier)

Before fangs of insanity could gain its full power.


The sound of metal twisting as swords clashed spread wildly.


Raon clicked his tongue and lowered his sword. It was not fangs of insanity. It was an extreme technique that created a heat line in front of the sword blade and cut down weapons and enemies.

'I know this too.'

Trevin clenched his teeth and threw out Geumhyeongsangjeol (golden shape sword strike). The sword stroke wrapped in white light reached out and cut down Raon's sword, which was just about to complete the heat line.


Raon backed away with his sword, then pushed the ground and rushed back. He had already drawn the sword in his scabbard.

'The sword of sound!'

Trevin blocked Raon's draw with Iron Penetration Sword's Cheoljungjwae (Iron Sense Blockade), blocking out not only his hearing but also all his senses.


The silver blade blocked Raon's draw and the sound that created confusion stopped.


Raon backed away with a deep footprint on the ground, unable to overcome the power of Cheoljungjwae (Iron Sense Blockade).

Trevin stretched his back and smiled.

'As expected, it works.'

The advantage of Iron Penetration Sword is accuracy, speed, and penetrating power.

He was confident in dealing with an enemy who he knew all the information, as it was a swordsmanship that could reach first even if it was late.

"As I said, I don't underestimate you."

Trevin kept his emotions down despite gaining the advanced hand. Raon was a master of comebacks, so he should never be careless.

"I will break you down with all my strength."


Raon rushed in without any response and poured out sword strikes.

The flames soared to the sky, and the cold pressed in, freezing the entire battlefield, but Trevin did not back down.


He broke down Raon's sword strikes one by one, unfolding the techniques of Iron Penetration Sword in succession as planned.


Raon backed away, bleeding from the corner of his mouth. It seemed that he had suffered internal injuries from being unable to overcome the astral energy penetrating power of Iron Penetration Sword.


Trevin held his shaking wrist and let out a sigh.

'He's amazing....'

He had researched Raon's swordsmanship endlessly, and even as a peak master level, it was not easy to break it. It was clear that, that monster would go even higher after this fight.

'But this time, I'm going to win.'

He continued to gain an advantage in the battle because of his rank as a peak master level and his research on Raon.

This fight was all but over.


Trevin bit his lip and looked at Raon.

'Why does he look so happy?'

Despite blocking all of his sword techniques, Raon's eyes did not dim. In fact, it seemed that his momentum was growing even stronger.

"I see you really did research on me."

Raon's voice sounded excited. It was natural for him to suddenly raise his voice.

"Why are you suddenly speaking in a high tone?"

"Because you deserve it."


"At first, I thought you were just like the other direct line who only believe in blood and status, but I realized that's not the case after this battle."

Raon smiled faintly. Trevin doesn't understand why he's smiling like that in a situation where he's being overwhelmingly overwhelmed.

"You didn't just research my martial arts, you also predicted that my astral energy/aura would increase."

"That's right. Your growth is unpredictable, so I also took into account the increase in the quantity and quality of your astral energy/aura."

Trevin nodded. Raon had always returned stronger than before after completing any task.

Based on that, he had prepared for the battle, thinking of Raon's power as a peak master level.

"I can't say anything but thorough. However, your latest research of my sword skills is probably around the Six Kings Assembly duel tournament, right?"

"That's right."

"Then you better be careful. From now on...."

Raon smiled with excitement and adjusted his sword.

It didn't seem like anything had changed in particular, but he felt a chill run down his spine.

"It will be a bit different."

With that said, Raon charged forward and swung the fangs of insanity technique. It was faster than before, as if he had drawn all of his astral energy.


Trevin thrust his Iron Penetration Sword into the fierce sword stroke that came in a bend.


He fired his sword at the same timing as before, but the Iron Penetration Sword's technique was not eaten and bounced back.

'What is this?'

It was true that the astral energy had increased, but he couldn't believe that there was such a difference.

However, there was no time to think. Raon's sword strokes were still coming.


He thrust his Iron Penetration Sword's Jeokgeob Baekcheol (Crimson Sword White Steel) into the sharply cut sword stroke of Raon.


The strong shock wave that erupted from the clash of swords swept through the air.


Trevin groaned as he shook his wrist. Unlike before, the shock that was enough to ache his bones naturally made his expression crumple.


Raon also bled more, as if he had suffered internal injuries from the penetrating power of the Iron Penetration Sword, but it was important that the countermeasure did not work.


"This is just the beginning."

Raon approached like a swallow, lowering his body. In a moment, a sword soaked in cold air was approaching his eyes.

'Chain Strike!'

A breathtaking display of swordsmanship followed as real blades and icy blades struck one after another.


Trevin clenched his teeth, wrapping his sword with the principles of Iron Penetration Sword.


Two clashes, just like before, but Raon's first strike was faster, and the second one was slower. That slight difference distorted the Iron Penetration's momentum.


Trevin recoiled to the right, biting his lip. He felt shaken from the impact.

"He could control the speed of Iron Penetration..."

Raon had just demonstrated a sword technique called "Iyeon-geom," (link sword) which used two consecutive strikes to overwhelm the opponent with extreme precision. Trevin hadn't expected Raon to adjust the speed and disrupt the balance this way.


Raon's sword traced a graceful curve, and from that line, fiery blossoms bloomed.

"Is this flame spirit?"

This was the unique sword technique that Raon had used earlier, the one Trevin had managed to fend off.


The blossoms burst into flames, and countless fiery fragments rained down, covering the entire battlefield in crimson petals.

"Try to break through this!"

Trevin held his breath, his sword extended with radiance. It was the Iron Penetration's ultimate technique, "Baegpamanggyeol." (hundred wave ten thousand cuts)


In the sky above the fierce battlefield, red and white astral energy clashed endlessly, causing successive explosions.

Trevin managed to block the flame spirit, but it was different from before. Unlike when he could accurately track their trajectories, there were around a hundred petals now, and their power was bone-crushing. Each one felt like a real sword.


Unsuccessful in stopping the petals, Trevin suffered burns and bleeding. The pain was agonizing, making his teeth clench involuntarily.


Trevin forced Raon back and gasped for breath. Raon's bright blue pupils wavered again.

"You... What in the world..."

* * *

[Advance chapters link:]

Raon looked at the bewildered Trevin with a faint smile.

"I think sir Trevin only thought about my growth in terms of aura."

It was clear that Trevin had made a great effort to understand and prepare for his various sword techniques.

*However, my growth is not just about aura."

Since leaving the Owen Kingdom, Raon hadn't spent a single day without wielding a sword. During times when he couldn't train physically, he would reflect on his weaknesses and engage in mental training to overcome them.

Constantly fixing his flaws and maximizing his strengths, his sword techniques had evolved day by day.

Raon gently set his sword on the ground and withdrew Heavenly Drive.


From the tip of his sword, a fiery sphere emerged, spinning violently and releasing a tremendous force towards Trevin.

'The activation time for flame spirit has become faster.'

While its power was enhanced, the activation speed of flame spirit, which had slowed down, had also improved through relentless training.


Trevin quickly swung his sword, but the rotation had already completed. The two techniques clashed, resulting in a massive explosion.


Trevin blocked the attack with an astral energy barrier but was still forced to retreat. The impact left his left advanced body severely injured.


Raon clicked his tongue. Trevin's left arm looked as if it had been pierced by a spear. Once again, a master-level technique. Even in his confusion, Raon exploited Trevin's vulnerabilities through his swordsmanship.


However, Trevin's eyes were shaking as if he was discouraged. Now was not the time to sink into the pain, but to move on.


Raon moved with his footwork. He crossed the space and swung his Heavenly Drive from Trevin's right side.


A single ray of heat bloomed on the blade of the Heavenly Drive, targeting Trevin's chest.

“Damn it!”

Trevin bit his lip and swung his Iron Penetration Sword. The sharpness and speed that came out were terrifying.


Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation: Jeokseom and the Iron Penetration Sword's technique clashed head-on, creating a storm of vermillion energy.


Trevin was pushed back so far by the storm that he exhaled a rough breath. He had a clear wound that cut diagonally across his chest.

“Did you hide your power in Owen….”

He shook the hand holding the sword as if he couldn't believe it.

“No. I've gotten stronger. I've been training all along.”

“…That's even harder to believe.”

Trevin laughed wryly and raised his sword.

“If my information is useless, it would be better to end it in one fell swoop.”

His blade was filled with a pure light. It seemed like a giant spear that a god would use had risen above the blade.

“I'll accept it.”

I wanted to accept his full power, just as Trevin had acknowledged me.


Raon drew back the Heavenly Drive. The flames that rose from the sword tip wrapped around the entire blade. The flames that burned like a dragon's head revealed their scarlet maw.


The last technique of the Iron Penetration Sword, Baekjeon Gunbong (White Thunder Spear) rushed forward as if it would pierce through the world. 

Raon felt like his bones would crumble and his skin would be torn apart by the enormous wave of power caused by the peak master level.


Raon took a deep breath in the white light that covered his entire field of vision.

There is no need to be afraid.

Like an inextinguishable flame.

Like an unmelted glacier.

It's enough to move forward, trusting the sword that I've built up so far.

At the moment when the power of Baekjeon Gunbong (White Thunder Spear) approached just in front of him, He pushed the Heavenly Drive forward. The red dragon that descended on the blade let out a roar of heat.



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