RDM (Novel) Chapter 518

 Chapter 518

Lee Si Chang glanced at Pyo Wol before finally speaking.

“What happened to those who were inside?”

"I didn't kill them."

A moment of relief flashed across Lee Si Chang's face at Pyo Wol's answer. But his face hardened again at Pyo Wol's next words.

"But they could die at any time."

"Any time?"

"Any time!"

"You dare to say such things even in my presence? What audacity!"

"You didn't even notice me coming in, did you?"


Unwillingly, Lee Si Chang wore an expression of humiliation.

Pyo Wol had infiltrated their base and wreaked havoc undetected.

If Pyo Wol had malicious intentions and launched a surprise attack, he would not have been able to guarantee his own safety.

Pointing his sword at Pyo Wol, Lee Si Chang said,

"That was your last chance. If you had attacked me then, you would have had a chance of victory. But by revealing yourself in front of me, you've lost all opportunities."

"Is that so?"

"Watch and learn. This is how an assassin fights."

In an instant, Lee Si Chang vanished from Pyo Wol's sight.

It was Lee Si Chang's White Moon Nocturnal Technique.

The White Moon Nocturnal Technique was an elite stealth technique that allowed one to completely hide their presence, even in broad daylight.

It was thanks to his mastery of this tēchnique that Lee Si Chang was able to become the leader of the White Moon Guild.


He was unseen, but the sound of his footsteps could be heard.

The footsteps were so faint that only someone with a highly developed sense like Pyo Wol could detect them.


Without any warning, Lee Si Chang emerged from behind Pyo Wol.

He aimed his sword at Pyo Wol's neck.


The sword penetrated through Pyo Wol's neck.

A glint of joy appeared on Lee Si Chang's face.

'This was nothing.'

He had allowed his back to be exposed so easily, without a hint of resistance.

It was almost anticlimactic, having his attack succeed so easily.

He couldn't feel any resistance from the hand holding the sword.

'Could it be?'

In an instant, the body of Pyo Wol, which had been pierced by his sword, disappeared like a mirage.

"An illusion?"

Shock filled Lee Si Chang's face.

He couldn't believe that he had attacked, unable to distinguish between reality and illusion.

At that moment, Pyo Wol appeared behind Lee Si Chang.

He had tricked Li Si Chang's eyes with his demonic shadow exchange and had actually occupied his back.


Lee Si Chang quickly unleashed his White Moon Nocturnal Technique., concealing himself.

His movements were so swift that even the most skilled fighters wouldn't detect him. But even with his White Moon Nocturnal Technique., he couldn't shake off Pyo Wol.

Before he knew it, Pyo Wol was running side by side with him, shoulder to shoulder.

No sound, no hint.

If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he would never have believed it.

The fact that there was a man who could follow his White Moon Nocturnal Technique..

Not just the average martial artist, but even the great masters couldn't have done this.

For this to be possible, one must have mastered the same kind of martial art.And, there is only one class of people who can do this.

"Assassin? Are you, by any chance, the Reaper'?"

He didn't understand why the nickname 'Reaper' came to him at that moment, but the moment it did, Li Si Chang was certain that his guess was correct.

He couldn't think of anyone other than Pyo Wol who could demonstrate equal, if not superior, movements.

Pyo Wol gave a nod instead of answering.

"The Reaper, why? Have you joined the Hundred Wraith Union?"

"I never submit to anyone."

Lee Si Chang shivered at Pyo Wol's cold reply.

Being in the same line of work, he was more interested in Pyo Wol's movements than anyone else and studied them. The Pyo Wol he studied did not belong to any group.

He was known as an assassin, but he had never taken an assignment or committed a murder. At least, not that Lee Si Chang knew of.

His audacity and ruthlessness were hard to believe for an assassin.

He was too unconventional to be working for someone else.

He couldn't imagine Pyo Wol bowing his head and going under someone else's thumb.

"So, have you taken the Hundred Wraith Union under your control?"


Pyo Wol didn't answer. But Lee Si Chang seemed to have heard the answer.

Sometimes, silence hits harder than a ten-word answer. It was one of those times for Lee Si Chang.

But he didn't understand.

It was hard to believe that Pyo Wol, who abhorred being tied down, had now taken control of the Hundred Wraith Union, and even sought out the White Moon Guild.

This did not match the character of Pyo Wol he knew.

A person's character does not change easily. But if it had changed so drastically, there must have been a significant reason.

No matter how much he thought about it, there was only one possible reason.

"Are you perhaps trying to dominate all the assassin guilds in Kangho?"


"What a futile dream you have."


With a loud shout, Lee Si Chang swung his sword.

His sword aimed for Pyo Wol's throat, but it didn't touch him As the blade approached, Pyo Wol had elegantly retreated.

The slightest miscalculation of distance could result in a life-threatening situation, but Pyo Wol executed the maneuver effortlessly.

"Are you mocking me?"

Lee Si Chang roared, swinging his sword angrily.

Having considered himself at the apex of assassins, he had refused to be subservient to the

Hundred Wraith Union, and had independently operated the White Moon Guild.

Believing that he could even compete with the head of the Hundred Wraith Union, his pride was enormous. But it was shattered when he had to deal with Pyo Wol.

Pyo Wol did not display any special techniques.

He merely deployed the Demonic Shadow Exchange and synchronized with Lee Shi-chang's White Moon Nocturnal Technique technique.


They moved so swiftly that their figures were practically invisible.

Even Hong Ye-seol, after concentrating her internal energy and widening her eyes, barely caught their afterimages.

Lee Si Chang was attacking Pyo Wol relentlessly. But, not a single attack hit its mark.

Even though Hong Ye-seol was familiar with Pyo Wol's martial arts skills, she couldn't help but shudder every time she witnessed such a spectacle.

'He's no match.'

By now, Lee Si Chang must have realized this fact.

Only his injured pride was keeping him from conceding.

Had Pyo Wol decided to kill him, Lee Si Chang would have been dead long ago.

Lee Si Chang was still alive, not because he was skillful, but because Pyo Wol had not bothered to strike.

The look on Lee Si Chang's face was pitiful.

His quivering jaw seemed ready to spew his frustration at any moment.

Had he been overpowered, it wouldn't have been this humiliating.

Even without attacking, Pyo Wol was making Lee Si Chang miserable. This was an unprecedented humiliation in his lifetime.


Unable to contain his frustration, Lee Si Chang executed his utmost attack on Pyo Wol.

However, Pyo Wol dodged all his attacks with a hair's breadth difference.

Their gazes met in midair.

Pyo Wol opened his mouth.

"I propose a deal."

"I don't want to hear it."

 Lee Si Chang replied with a fierce attack. But Pyo Wol was undeterred.

"Even if you don't want to listen, listen. Otherwise, I will find and kill not only you, but every single one of your assassins on this island, as well as those who are out on missions, one by one."


"Stop all assassination missions immediately and wait."

"I said I don't want to listen."

Lee Si Chang unleashed the first form of his ultimate technique, the Lunar Ghost Sword

It was an attack infused with his full qi.

Seeing the sword qi swirling around Lee Si Chang's blade, Pyo Wol frowned.

It wasn't the sword qi he feared.

For an assassin to draw Qi into his sword contradicted their code.

An assassin must never lose his cool, not in any situation.

Though infusing the sword with qi may boost its power, it sacrifices the element of stealth.

It was an unspoken rule in the world of assassins that unless one is sure of their victory, they should never expose their sword qi.

Lee Si Chang, drowning in fear, ignored this unwritten rule and released his sword qi.

An assassin who has lost his calm is not a formidable being.

Even before that, Lee Si Chang was hardly a threat to Pyo Wol, and by exposing his sword qi, he had only made himself more vulnerable.


Suddenly, a thunderous sound echoed.

Simultaneously, Lee Si Chang was thrown backward like a cannonball.

Pyo Wol had punched his chest.

Even though he had held back his attack, Lee Si Chang was barely clinging to life. If Pyo Wol had used his full power, Lee Si Chang would have died instantly.


Lee Si Chang groaned, rolling on the ground.

He quickly balanced himself and stood up like a high-level assassin. However, what greeted him was a merciless kick from Pyo Wol.


With a cracking sound, Lee Si Chang was again thrown backward.

Lee Si Chang's face turned ghostly pale.

A clear sign of internal injury.

He tried to balance himself in midair.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

But then, he felt an intense pain in his limbs.

Lee Si Chang's eyes widened.

A fine qi, indistinguishable to the naked eye, had pierced through his limbs.

Pyo Wol had deployed the Soul Reaping Threads.

He tried to maneuver out of it, but it was of no use.

Like an insect caught in a spider's web, he couldn't move.

'What is this?'

He suddenly felt a tightness in his throat.

The Soul Reaping Threads were coiling around his neck like a noose.

The moment Pyo Wol flicks his fingers, his neck would be severed from his body.

Despair washed over Lee Si Chang's face.

It was then that he realised that the gulf between him and Pyo Wol was far greater than he had ever imagined.

Chills ran down his spine.

His entire body shivered, a spasm running through it.

He was an opponent that bred unfathomable despair.

Even if there were ten more of him, they would not stand a chance against this being, which is akin to death itself.

He had never seen a more deserving recipient of the title Reaper.

'Re... aper...'

Lee Si Chang closed his eyes for a moment.

When he opened them again, there was only one emotion swirling within them.

It was awe.

Pyo Wol retracted his Soul Reaping Threads that had entangled Lee Si Chang.

Instantly, Lee Si Chang knelt before Pyo Wol.

"I pledge my allegiance to you with all my heart."

"Does that mean you will obey my orders?"

"Yes, I, Lee Si Chang, sincerely swear to follow you."

"I accept your vow."

"Thank you."


Without a shred of hesitation, Lee Si Chang bowed his head to the ground.

Blood flowed from his broken forehead, but Lee Si Chang felt no pain.

Pyo Wol was an opponent he dared not confront.

If he couldn't overcome it, it was best to serve under him—it was the only way for the White Moon Guild to survive.

Others would have scoffed at the idea of being under someone else's heel. But having experienced Pyo Wol's power first hand, Lee Si Chang could guarantee one thing.

No Sect in the world could dare confront Pyo Wol.

'Even the leader of the Hundred Wraith Union bowed to him, didn't she?'

So his own submission wasn't so shameful.

Pyo Wol spoke.

"The White Moon Guild will not accept any commissions until I give further orders."

"I understand. I will recall all the members who are currently outside."

"Refuse all requests from the Silver Lotus Hall and, of course, from the Golden Heavenly Hall as well."

"Yes, sir!"

A halt in their assassination operations would mean significant losses.

Yet, Lee Si Chang did not hesitate to reply.

His opponent was the absolute being aiming to be the ruler of all Assassin Guilds.

It was his first order.

No matter how significant the financial loss, he had to comply.

"I will contact you later."

With those last words, Pyo Wol and Hong Ye-seol disappeared.


Only then did Lee Si Chang let out a sigh of relief.

He hurried towards the inner part of the island.

He was worried about the safety of the remaining members.

Fortunately, no one had lost their lives, they were just knocked out.

Only one or two were injured.

The scent of blood emanating from Pyo Wol was clearly from them.

His legs gave way, and Lee Si Chang fell to the ground, muttering,

"The true overlord of the assassin guilds is about to rise."

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