TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 382

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

 Chapter 382

"Raon Zieghart..."

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at Trevin Zieghart, who carried an intense aura. 

"Was this chaos part of your and Rimmer's plan?"

As expected, Trevin believed that Rimmer's withdrawal was part of their plan. His eyes darted in shame at the psychological warfare.


Raon tilted his head as if asking what he meant.

"Rimmer's withdrawal!"

"I never planned anything like that."

"Wh-what? Then why did Rimmer withdraw?"

"Perhaps he just wanted to."


"Our leader has always been unpredictable. He's a free spirit."

Raon lowered his center of gravity and conjured a blaze like a heated pot. A red gleam emanated from the edge of his Heavenly Drive sword, pressing down on Trevin's entire body.

"I don't understand! Why would he do something like this in such an important test...?"

"I don't even know what that gambling elf is thinking."

In fact, Raon knew why Rimmer had chosen to withdraw and had considered ways to manipulate him, but there was no need to mention it.


Trevin was pushed back by the fierce flames Raon conjured, his jaw trembling.

"Th-then, was what he said earlier true?"

It meant that Rimmer's words about rushing to attack the Light Wind squad were not lies but genuine intentions.

"Damn it..."

It was unbelievable how the situation had escalated because of that mad elf.

His insides churned. He wanted to storm into the elimination waiting room and punch Rimmer's face.

Raon looked at Trevin's reddening face like a boiling pot and drew a faint smile.

"That guy isn't the leader of the Mad Dog squad for nothing. Even among us, he's uniquely crazy."

As soon as he finished speaking, a powerful force surged from behind.

"How many times do I have to say it! It's not the Mad Dog squad, it's the Light Wind squad!"

Burren frowned as he broke into the battlefield. The rough gales cleared a path towards the first vice-division leader of the Warring Steel division, Kaman.

"Crazy Raon."

Runaan blocked the movements of the Warring Steel division members who were trying to protect Kaman, unleashing waves of cold.

"Among us, you're the craziest!"

Martha summoned the Titan's aura as she rushed behind Kaman, whom Burren and Runaan had cleared a path for.


Following the three captains, the Light Wind squad, their madness heightened, charged towards the Warring Steel division.


The Light Wind squad and the Warring Steel division collided head-on, with both sides abandoning tactics and unleashing their raw power.


They unleashed intense energies against each other, causing shockwaves to burst forth across the battlefield.

"These guys!"

Kaman, the first vice-division leader of the Warring Steel division, gritted his teeth as he fought against the Light Wind squad. When he tried to push them back, Martha rushed at him and swung her sword.

"Your opponent is me!"

Martha, taking advantage of her surprise attack, unleashed a powerful sword strike.

Burren and Runaan followed her to support.

"Attack! Attack them!"

Raon heard Dorian's frail voice, who was commanding the Light Wind squad instead of the captains, and added more strength to his grip on the sword.

"Let's start this dogfight."

*     *      *

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Rimmer wore a fur hat to conceal his ears and head. Disguised as an ordinary swordsman, he left the elimination waiting room and climbed up to the hill where spectators had gathered.

"Is this really how it's going down?"

"It's a total mess."

"Yeah, they should call it the Mad Dog squad, not the Light Wind squad."

"The Mad Dog squad really is really unpredictable."

"Rimmer made the game very entertaining."

The spectators burst into laughter as they watched the battlefield turning into chaos.

Most of them preferred the wild brawl over a dull strategic fight, and their faces were filled with excitement.


"Raon! We believe in you!"

"Trevin! Keep your composure!"

"Warring Steel division can't afford to lose!"

"Mad Dog squad! Devour the Warring Steel division!"

The spectators, now calling the Light Wind squad the Mad Dog squad as a matter of course, cheered.


Rimmer hummed a tune and passed through the spectators, heading for a corner of the hill.


"If this fails, I can't even pay my rent!"

"How did Raon come up with such an idea?"

"Darn it, Trevin! Why didn't you seize the opportunity!"

The people there, unlike the joyous spectators, clutched their betting slips with anxious eyes.

"Gamblers are always amusing."

Rimmer passed the gamblers and looked at the blackboard at the end of the hill.

"The odds are 7 to 1!"

The blackboard indicated that those who bet on the Light Wind squad to win would receive seven times their bet.

"Hey! Brother! Where did you go?"

The old man in charge of the gambling board revealed Rimmer's absence with a smile.

"At this rate, we're going to have a feast, right? It's a whopping 7 to 1!"

He chuckled, saying that Raon had turned the situation around for him.

"I'm watching too."

Rimmer suppressed the urge to laugh and tightened his fist.

"It was worth withdrawing."

There were two reasons he had withdrawn today. First, it was to provide the Light Wind squad with a challenging fight, giving them a stepping stone for growth. Second, it was because of this gamble.

"In team battles, the gambling board doesn't close immediately."

Unlike other matches, the gambling board for team battles remains open until a certain amount of strategy has been revealed.

This time, it was such a gambling board, so he moved before all the bets were placed, capturing one vice-division leader and forcing him to withdraw.

"The odds went from 2 to 1 at the start to 7 to 1. A perfect success."

Rimmer chuckled as he confirmed the numbers on the blackboard once again.

"This is killing two birds with one stone."

Help the Light Wind squad grow stronger and earn money himself. It was no different from killing two birds with one stone.

"We believe in the Light Wind squad!"

"Warring Steel division! Show your true strength!"

"Trevin! Don't lose to a kid!"

The spectators in front of the gambling board cheered on the Warring Steel division with fervent fist pumps.

Rimmer wore a satisfied smile as he left the gambling board, but he glanced up. From the opposite hill, he felt an eerie presence.

"A bit dangerous..."

Looking up at Glenn on the hill, it was indeed quite dangerous, but he couldn't miss such a good opportunity.

"Well, He won't really kill me... Right?"

Thinking that Glenn might genuinely kill him with his current demeanor, he put the gambling ticket he had made from rubber into his pocket.

"I can't afford to lose it again."

He couldn't afford to repeat the dreadful experience of losing his gambling ticket in the Owen Kingdom. After preparing for Glenn's lightning, he stood at the end of the hill.

"My retribution, light, and salt, radiant beacon Raon."

He clasped his hands together, looking at Raon battling Trevin with his sword.

"I'm counting on you today too!"


Warring Steel first vice-division Kaman glared at Martha.

"How dare..."

"A third-rate villain's line."

Martha scoffed and swung her sword downward. A powerful strike, brimming with formidable strength, descended toward Kaman.


Kaman swiftly parried Martha's strike as if swatting away a bug.

"You don't even know your place!"

"This is a line suitable for back alley thugs."

"Shut up!"

He glared, then charged at Martha, aiming his blade like a ray of light at her chest.


Martha didn't back down. She unleashed her Titan's Aura with all her might and leaped forward.


The collision of auras between her and Kaman filled the air with sparking embers.

"Is he really a master level? Quite disappointing."

Martha looked at Kaman, who was clashing swords with her, and raised an eyebrow.


Kaman exhaled lightly, revealing an angry expression.

"I intended to finish it quickly to help the leader, but I guess it can't be helped."

His aura erupted like a volcanic explosion, and from his clenched fist, astral energy, the symbol of master level, burst forth.


Kaman firmly struck his blade down, and Martha's energy was split in two like tofu.


Before Martha could retreat, Kaman's powerful sword aimed for her waist. However, from the right, green energy intervened.


Burren interjected, blocking Kaman's astral energy with a groan.

"Ugh! I told you! You can't handle this alone!"

"Damn it..."

Without time to thank Burren, Martha was pushed back.

"Even with you added, it's still too much!"

Kaman grunted and directed his astral energy towards Burren.


The swift and sharp sword strike melted Burren's energy like butter.

"This is the end!"

As Kaman drew his sword horizontally, aiming to strike both Martha and Burren simultaneously, a chilling aura suddenly erupted from behind him. It was Runaan's cold energy.


Kaman turned around just in time to parry Runaan's unleashed cold energy.


The energy Kaman couldn't block in time rose in his hand.

"Why did you come!"

Martha glared at Runaan, grinding her teeth.

"You're not strong enough!"

She pointed her finger at Martha as if asking what she meant.

"Don't ignore me!"

Kaman, now blocking Runaan's cold energy, rushed towards her.


Runaan attempted to slow Kaman's movements using his ice, but Kaman, like a true master level, unleashed his aura, pushing aside the cold energy, and swung his sword down like lightning.


Runaan created a semicircle with his icy sword to block Kaman's attack. However, overwhelmed by Kaman's sheer power, Runaan's energy tore apart like a piece of paper.


Just as Kaman's sword was about to pierce Runaan's shoulder, Burren rushed in again, intercepting Kaman's sword strike.


However, Burren's energy couldn't hold up for long and was about to break when this time, Martha came in from the left and swung her sword downward.


Kaman couldn't ignore the massive sword strike approaching from his left, so he changed the direction of his sword to block Martha's attack.

"These annoying pests...!"

He trembled, glancing at Martha, Burren, and Runaan.

"Where are these pests coming from!"

"We're not pests, we're lunatics."

Runaan stuck to the left, assisting Martha with her sword strikes.


Thanks to their exceptional expertise, the two of them were able to withstand the master's astral energy for a brief moment.

While they held out for that short time, Burren unfolded his Wind Blade behind Kaman.


The silvery blade, enveloped in a northern wind, aimed for Kaman's right arm.


Once again, Kaman retreated, unable to finish Martha, while sharpening his blade.

"These wretched guys..."

"It's really working."

Burren chuckled lightly, watching Kaman with amused lips.

'We can really handle a master level.'

Even though they were peak experts level, facing a master who wielded astral energy alone was a challenge.

But if the three of them fought together, they could withstand the master's astral energy for a little longer and even counterattack when the opportunity arose. If they continued to fight like this, they could easily gain the upper hand.

"Hey, Why are you attacking!"

Martha rolled her eyes. Her eyes turned bloodshot and a powerful energy that surpassed her sword aura rose above her blade.

Rage/Fury. The technique that had led her to victory in the Six Kings Tournament flared up once again.


Martha charged at Kaman with a ferocious energy explosion. A sword strike that was difficult for even a master level to receive was thrust down diagonally.


Kaman stepped back with a short click of his tongue. He had no problem dealing with Martha, but it could be dangerous if Burren and Runaan followed suit.


As he dodged Martha, who had raised her frenzy, he looked at Burren and Runaan, but the two of them didn't move at all.

'Could it be?'

He narrowed his eyes and looked at Martha. It seemed that the energy she had released from her rage had spread around, making it difficult for Burren and Runaan to approach.

'This is my chance!'

Kaman put his weight on his back foot and charged forward. He raised his sword to the maximum and swung it.


Just as the sharp astral energy like a needle was about to pierce Martha's shoulder, her pupils sank to a clear light like a lake.


The energy that Martha had been spreading wildly converged on her sword and collided with Kaman's astral energy.

"You, you bastard..."

He tried to cut her down in one fell swoop, but Martha concentrated on defense and her sword couldn't come out properly.

"Kugh! I don't like it, but I'm the sandbag today!"

As soon as she spat out blood, Runaan  and Burren rushed to Kaman's back.


The wind aura that spread from Burren's sword wrapped around the frost that bloomed from Runaan's sword and struck Kaman's back.


Kaman, a master level, wrapped his aura around his back to defend, but he seemed to have suffered a great shock from Burren and Runaan's sword strikes, and he spewed blood from his mouth. It seemed that he had suffered a serious internal injury.

"How shameless to gang up on me!"

He seemed to be filled with annoyance as he raised his aura to its maximum and poured out sword strikes at the three of them. The sword strikes that rained down like arrows covered the air.


Runaan stepped forward first. The petals of ice that bloomed along the trajectory of her beloved sword, Sehwa, calmed the flow and power of the astral energy.


Then, a cold wind swirled out of the sword that Burren drew out. The razor-sharp blade of the north wind scraped away the slowed astral energy like sandpaper.


Martha broke through the space between Burren and Runaan  and exploded her Titan's aura. The sword tip that flashed with a yellow light pierced Kaman through the dried astral energy.


Kaman, unable to withstand the combined attack of the three captains of the Light Wind squad, fell to the ground, spitting blood for the second time.


"My shoulder hurts."

"Master level, it's nothing."

Martha, Burren, and Runaan staggered over to Kaman, their swords raised.

"Wait a minute!"

"Have you ever seen a mad dog listen to someone? Die!"

The three of them could no longer generate aura, so they only hit Kaman's back of the head with their strength.


With a deafening sound like a pumpkin breaking, Kaman's head was slammed into the ground. He lost consciousness with his eyes rolled back.

"Haack, he's no ordinary master level..."

Martha collapsed in place and surveyed the battlefield. Dogfighting was the Light Wind squad's specialty. The entire battlefield was tilting in the Light Wind squad's favor.

"No, you're not supposed to go that way! Go to the right! Oh, please listen to me!"

In particular, Dorian, who was the second strongest after the captains, was unexpectedly leading the troops properly, so there were few casualties.

Martha looked at Raon and Trevin, who were fighting in the center of the battlefield, and curled her lips.

'Now it's just you left.'

*     *      *

[Warring Steel division vice-division leader Kaman Out of Combat!]

[Warring Steel division Jacob Out of Combat!]

[Warring Steel division George Out of Combat!]

[Warring Steel division James Out of Combat!]

[Light Wind squad Krein Out of Combat!]

[Warring Steel division Oliver Out of Combat!]

Raon listened to the voice of the referee, Harrison, and smiled with excitement.

'They did a good job.'

Starting with vice-division Kaman, Warring Steel members were dropping out one after another. There was a weird guy in the middle, but it wasn't worth worrying about.

"This, how is this possible...?"

Trevin swallowed dryly as he listened to the news of the Warring Steel members' elimination.

"Mad Dog don't let go once they bite. It's best not to get bitten."

Raon pushed Trevin away with force and raised the Flame Spirit of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation.


He raised the Heavenly Drive sword in the midst of the fiery storm that filled the battlefield. His eyes shone with a light even hotter than the flames.

"Let's end this. Warring Steel leader."


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