TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 381

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

 Chapter 381

10 minutes before the match began.

Raon looked at the yellow flag planted in the main base of the Light Wind squad and smiled.

"It reminds me of the old days."

Looking at this flag, he remembered the time when he fought against the sixth training ground trainees in a group battle during his trainee days.

Back then, didn't that pointy-eared guy inform you a day before the battle as well?

Wrath laughed like a child.

'Yeah, he did, but...'

He frowned and looked back at Rimmer.

'Why did he inform us a day before this time, when he's participating himself?'

At that time, they were mere trainees, but it is truly puzzling that he didn't inform them again this time.


Rimmer scratched his hair, which was standing up because he slept late, and yawned. He smiled and turned his chin when he met his eyes.

"Why? Is this the first time you've seen a handsome elf?"

"No, I haven't."

Raon sighed briefly and waved to the Light Wind squad.


The Light Wind squad gathered around the flag with a faint madness in their eyes.

"First, I've already assessed the layout of the city. I'll draw a map down here...'

When he was about to make a plan based on the information he had gathered, the ground suddenly shook violently and the walls and buildings of the city training ground began to move.

[We will change the city training ground for a fair battle.]

Over the dust and the surging movement of mana that shook the entire city, the voice of the referee Harrison rang out.

[Now, the city battle between the Light Wind squad and the Warring Steel division will begin!]

With Harrison's voice that came after 30 seconds, the walls and buildings that were moving around wildly stopped with a thud.

"Did they move the location there again?"

Burren frowned as he looked at the training ground where the dust had not yet settled.

"Even a monkey falls from a tree, I guess you didn't think of this?"

Martha looked up at Raon and laughed.

"We need to re-identify the terrain, don't we?"

"No, it's okay."

Raon shook his head as he drew a map on the ground.

"Because I thought of the situation where the terrain changes."

After confirming that the devices inside the training ground could move, he expected how the buildings and walls would move.

Since the Warring Steel division would not know all of the changed terrain now, if he opened up the legendary sense to identify the terrain, the situation would be more favorable than before.


Martha frowned and turned around.

"That's boring."

"Whose side are you on?"

Raon sighed and opened up the legendary sense at full power. With the feeling that his skin was stretching endlessly, He began to feel everything around him.


When he was slowly identifying the terrain of the city from nearby, Rimmer raised his hand.

"I'll go reconnaissance for a bit."

"What? Reconnaissance?"

Raon looked at Rimmer with his eyes narrowed.

'There's no way this elf would do the reconnaissance...'

If he just said he was tired and took a nap behind him, it would be fine, but to say that he was going on reconnaissance first, his back was cold.

"I'll go. Squad leader you never goes on reconnaissance missions."

"You wouldn't know how, would you? Setting a good example, it's none other than this Rimmer's job!"

'Rimmer roles is handling two vice-division leaders that's enough.'

Since he had to face them, he absolutely couldn't afford to be absent.

"Don't worry, soon, the position of Division leader will be waiting for me."

After making an enthusiastic gesture, Rimmer leaped onto the rubble of a collapsed building.

"Wait a minute..."

"I'll be back soon." 

Rimmer, without waiting to be stopped, turned into a green wind and ran east.

"What's up with the squad leader? Did he felt guilty for telling us about the test late?"

"That can't be it. He just took the wrong medicine."

Burren let out a sigh, and Martha snorted.

"He must be sick."

Runaan nodded with dull eyes.

"Do you think he thinks it's a dream?"

"He might have bet his entire fortune on us."

"Oh, that's right! It's gambling!"

The other members of the Light Wind squad also came up with various reasons for Rimmer's unusual behavior, but none of them were good.

The King of Essence feels like the elf is going to make a mistake.

'I feel it too.'

That elf shouldn't go.

If Rimmer doesn't take on the two vice-division leaders, the situation will be complicated. He wanted to chase him, but it was now the right time to quickly come up with a plan.

Raon drew a map of the city based on his understanding after using the legendary sense.

"Gather everyone. I'll explain the operation from now on. The right side of the road is the biggest, so... 1st team will..."

While explaining the terrain and operation to the Light Wind squad again, Harrison's voice was heard.

'…Don't tell me...'

[Warring Steel division vice-division leader Ores is unable to fight!]

In contrast to the anxiety that his heart was beating wildly, it was the news that Ores, the second vice-division leader of the Warring Steel division, had been eliminated.

"Oh! What is this!"

"The squad leader!"

"Is the squad leader finally doing something?"

"The sun will rise in the west tomorrow!"


"Rimmer! Rimmer! Rimmer!"

The members of the Light Wind squad cheered so loudly that the madness in their eyes disappeared due to Rimmer's performance.

Huh? The elf is working?

"He defeated a vice-division leader? The vice-division leader?"

Raon and Wrath gasped in surprise, but Harrison's words were not over yet.

[Light Wind squad leader Rimmer is unable to fight!]


As soon as that voice was heard, the members who were laughing shut their mouths at the same time.

Raon. No, all the members of the Light Wind squad had the same thought in their heads.

That damn elf gave up on purpose...

*     *      *

Trevin Zieghart, the leader of the Warring Steel division, frowned as he looked at Rimmer, who was sitting down in front of a collapsed wall.

"What the hell were you thinking?"


Rimmer shrugged with a calm expression, as if he was enjoying a tea time.

"Why did you surrender right after incapacitating Ores?"

'This bastard ambushed Ores, who was on a reconnaissance mission, and then came here and immediately gave up. It was so absurd that it made me feel like I had wasted my time getting ready to fight.'

"I'm tired."

Rimmer sighed deeply and shook his head weakly.

"I'm getting old, and my bones ache, so I can't fight for long."

"You don't look like it."

Trevin pursed his lips.

'Something was different from before.'

The energy that Rimmer used to hit Ores was not just wind. There was a much more ferocious energy in his sword.

"What are you trying to achieve?"

"What I'm after is money."

"Stop talking nonsense!"

"I'm serious. Don't worry about me, just move on as planned. Go quickly and smash the Light Wind squad, who is confused."

Rimmer waved his hand, urging them to charge right now.


Trevin took a deep breath.

'What the hell is this?'

He had come up with countless plans to prepare for the Light Wind squad's movements, but he had never considered this situation. He couldn't figure out why Rimmer had given up for what.

"What are you doing! Go get the Light Wind squad!"

Rimmer stomped his feet, saying he was going to be late.


Trevin bit his lip as he watched Rimmer floundering.

Since the situation was not clear, he could not issue any orders. He felt like his chest was tight, like he was choking.

"L-leader, you must not trust him!"

"He's a man called a con artist, so he must have some ulterior motive!"

"He's always been good at lying."

The Warring Steel division's members also glared at Rimmer, certain that there was another reason.

"Ah, it's frustrating! There's nothing to it!"

Rimmer pounded his chest and twisted his lips.

"Rimmer, you're not allowed to talk like this as a dropout."

One of the judges approached and covered Rimmer's mouth.

"You idiots! Go now! Go and beat those bastards! This is not the time to be careful... mmph!"

He shouted at the Light Wind squad until the very end, even as he was dragged away by the judge.


Trevin bit his lip as he watched Rimmer being dragged away.

'I don't understand.'

The more he saw, the less he understood the crazy elf's words and actions. The Warring Steel division members also swallowed their dry saliva, feeling uneasy.

'It's definitely a trap...'

The Light Wind squad is not a place that simply relies on brute force. There must be a special plan, but no matter how hard he thought about it, he couldn't figure out what it was.

"L-leader, what if we just charge in?"

The first vice-division leader Kaman approached and suggested charging in.

"No. There must be some ulterior motive. Let's start with reconnaissance first."

Trevin ordered a small reconnaissance instead of a full-scale attack.

'As long as I don't lose, or the flag is not taken away...'

If he avoided those two things, he would never lose.

"Each reconnaissance team will split up into the directions I designate...'

The Warring Steel division's leader, Trevin, wiped the sweat from his forehead as he gave orders to his members.

'Damn it...'

He felt like he was sinking into an invisible swamp.

*     *      *

Adis Sepia, who was watching the battle through a portable telescope, shook his jaw.

"W-What is going on now? Why did the Light Wind squad leader suddenly give up...?"

Rimmer defeated a seemingly high-ranking member from the Warring Steel division and cheered, but he didn't run away or fight. He raised his hand and shouted that he was giving up. He didn't look tired, so he didn't understand why he gave up the battle.


Glenn clenched his fists until the palms turned white.

"It seems like that elf doesn't want to live anymore."


Adis swallowed his saliva at his dry voice.

"B-But he was called the Zieghart's sword of light, a renowned swordsman. He must have something in mind, right?"

"Of course he has a brain, so he must have something in mind. But..."

Glenn turned his gaze to Adis. His red pupils burned with anger.

"That kind of behavior is only going to get him punished. And it's going to be a painful punishment."

He seemed like he wanted to run out and beat Rimmer up right away.

"Y-Yes, I see."

Adis awkwardly smiled and looked through the portable telescope again at the Warring Steel division.

Even though Rimmer had given up, they didn't move right away. They sent a small reconnaissance team to assess the situation.

"Hmm? Why isn't the Warring Steel division moving? They could solidify their victory if they went now."

Glenn spat on the ground as he looked down at Trevin, the Warring Steel division leader.

"Because he's thinking too much."

"He's thinking...?"

"The Warring Steel division leader has always been cautious and thoughtful. He's so surprised by Rimmer's antics that he can't make a proper judgment."


Adis clapped his hands as if he understood now.

"That's right. The Warring Steel division leader's plans probably didn't include this situation, so he's gathering information first because he's flustered."

Glenn narrowed his eyes as he looked at Trevin, who was biting his nails.

'He still hasn't fixed his flaw.'

Trevin is a skilled swordsman with great concentration, focus, and patience. However, his excessive caution can sometimes be a flaw, just as it is now.

If he had just thought, 'That's just Rimmer being Rimmer,' and boldly charged forward, he would have been able to start the battle with a significant advantage.

"Thanks to that..."

Glenn's gaze turned back to the Western terrain where the Light Wind squad was located.

"It looks like those kids have a fun opportunity."

*     *      *


Wrath laughed out loud, flailing his round arms.

Giving up on purpose? That idiot is always crazy!

He sometimes said that he liked Rimmer because of this.

'Shut up.'

Raon pushed Wrath away, who was being noisy, and frowned.

'It's obvious what that stupid leader was thinking.'

Rimmer could have returned after defeating Ores, the second vice-division leader of the Warring Steel division, but he gave up on purpose.

'The reason is probably to make us suffer.'

He was clearly trying to make it a very difficult situation to win in order to avenge the time he was so happily trampled.

"Surely, if we had fought as planned, we would have won. Except for dealing with Trevin Zieghart, it was all going to be easy."

'As per the plan, Rimmer would lead two teams, and take down the two vice-division leaders, and the rest of Light Wind squad would easily defeat the Warring Steel members. But since Rimmer only dealt with one vice-division and gave up, the situation has completely changed. If the Warring Steel division charges at us right now, we'll be in an incredibly tough fight due to the numerical disadvantage and the difference in skill.'

"What are we going to do?"

Burren sighed and approached.

"What to do! We have to fight and kill them, except for that human!"

Martha answered in his place.

"Let's go."

Runaan drew her sword as if it were nothing.

"W, we're doomed! We're really doomed! We can't do it!"

It's always fun to see humans in despair.

Dorian covered his head and sat down, and Wrath snickered beside him.

"Everyone, just stay still."

Raon slapped Dorian and Wrath on the head and walked forward. He widened his legendary sense to the point where he consumed a lot of Aura, and he looked at the eastern area.

'Are they not coming?'

Now that Rimmer, a huge mountain, was gone, he thought that the Warring Steel division members would charge in full force, but they didn't move.

'No, they're moving. But....'

There are too few?

The Warring Steel division was moving in three directions with three people each. That's also very slowly.

'Is it a reconnaissance?'

There was no reason for the members to move that slowly if it wasn't a reconnaissance.

Raon narrowed his eyes as he grasped the members' movements.

'Why not charge right away... Ah!'

As he thought about why they sent scouts and Trevin's personality, the fog cleared from his head.

'The Warring Steel division is also confused by this situation right now.'

Anyone would be surprised if the leader of the opposing team suddenly appeared and took down a vice-division leader and gave up. Especially since Trevin Zieghart is a cautious person, he was even more confused and did not move the main force but sent a reconnaissance team.

'He thinks highly of me.'

Trevin, as a cautious person, highly valued Raon Zieghart's name.

'There is plenty of room to use.'

Raon gestured to gather the Light Wind squad and explained the situation he had just realized.

"That's the way it is?"

"That crazy bastard's crazy act turned into a plan..."

"So we just charge in?"

Burren laughed emptily, Martha laughed as if it were refreshing, and Runaan fidgeted with her sword as if she wanted to fight quickly and go back.

"That's right."

"This is an opportunity to pressure them back."

If they moved in a way that broke Trevin's prediction, they would definitely be confused and stay still this time too.

'I'll use the legendary sense to surprise and take down the first vice-division leader, Kaman. After that, we'll follow the original plan and face each other…'

"Wait a minute."

Martha raised her hand. Her eyes were rarely calm.

"Can't I try fighting that vice-division leader?"

"It's impossible."

Raon shook his head. He acknowledged Martha's talent, but it was impossible for her to face a master who had surpassed the wall at her current level.

"What if I join in?"

"I want to do it too."

Burren and Runaan also stepped forward and put their faces close together.

"You guys! Why are you getting involved!"

"You can't do it alone."

"That's right. Martha is not strong enough."

"Shut up!"

Raon nodded as he looked at the three people growling at each other.

'It should be okay, right?'

One may be too much, but with three, they should be able to handle it. It wasn't a real battle, but rather a sparring match, so it was also an opportunity.

"Let's go."

Raon took out a blunt dagger without a blade and smiled.

"Let's show them that the simplest and most straightforward is the best."

*     *      *

Eastern Warring Steel division formation.

The members who had gone out on reconnaissance ran back with anxious expressions.


"The Light Wind squad is coming. B-but..."

The members looked back and swallowed their saliva.

"They're running towards us like a rat swarm without any formation."

"I know..."

Trevin Zieghart nodded, biting his lip.

"I know."

Through his expanded aura sense, he could feel the Light Wind squad charging towards them like animals without any rules or order.

'What is he thinking, Raon Zieghart?'

What was more worrying was that Raon could not be felt in the aura of the Light Wind squad members. It was clear that he was moving separately.

"W-What should we do?"

"Strengthen our defenses."

Trevin exhaled a heavy breath and told them to prepare to engage in combat at any moment.

'I need to block all of their opportunities to win.'

There were two things that Raon could target. The flag in the center of the formation and Trevin himself. If he could properly protect those two, he would never lose no matter what situation the Light Wind squad created.

"They're coming!"

Following the finger of the first vice-division leader, Kaman, he saw the Light Wind squad charging towards them like madmen. They had a bright yellow madness in their eyes and were literally running like Mad Dogs.

"They're not the Light Wind squad, they're the Mad Dog squad."

Trevin frowned and raised his hand.

"Great Black Iron Sword Formation."

"Great Black Iron Sword Formation."

Following his shout, the Warring Steel division began to operate their formation. At the moment when the swordsmen's auras gathered in the center of the formation, a red-hot dagger flashed in the darkness behind the wall.

"I knew it!"

Trevin's eyes lit up as he saw Raon throwing the daggers.

'It's not an ordinary dagger!'

The daggers was not only fast and stealthy, but it also contained an enormous amount of power inside it.

'He wasn't aiming for me.'

He turned his gaze not to the dagger that was charging towards his heart and neck, but to the first vice-division leader, Kaman.

"Kaman! Protect your heart and throat! Use your stances!"


Without a moment's hesitation, Kaman poured out his strongest stance towards the charging dagger.


Kaman's legs were buried in the ground up to his ankles due to the powerful aura contained in the dagger, but thanks to proper defense, he did not suffer much damage.

'That's enough!'

After confirming Kaman's safety, Trevin struck away the dagger that had come close enough to touch his skin. Thanks to his prior attention, he was able to easily dissipate the aura contained in the dagger.

"Let's operate the formation again...."




When he was about to give another order, screams were heard from within the Warring Steel division. The three captains were lying on the ground, clutching their vitals.

"I didn't think...."

"That's right, I did."

Along with an eerie voice, Raon Zieghart struck down with his sword.


A fierce sphere of fire contained in the sword's edge pressed down on the ground, blocking the completion of the Great Black Iron Sword Formation.

"Too much thinking can be poisonous. Sometimes, simple ignorance is the answer."

Raon smiled coldly with his sword drawn against Trevin.

"Mad Dogs."

The savage madness stood out in the eyes of the Light Wind squad members who heard their master's call.

"Tear them all to pieces."

The Light Wind squad members' eyes were filled with fierce madness when they heard their master's call.


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