TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 380

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 Chapter 380

Note: (The correct translation of "Iron Fortress Division" is "Warring Steel Division".)

Rimmer watched the Light Wind squad charge at Raon, baring their teeth. He let out a sigh.

"People change so much in a single day."

He wasn't just referring to the Light Wind squad's newfound ferocity.

Raon had been helping the Light Wind squad absorb the Soung Hwans elixir, that they had yet fully absorb, by stimulating their mana circuits whenever he beat them up.

As a result, the Light Wind squad had been experiencing the absurd phenomenon of their aura increasing the more they got beaten up by Raon. They had been swinging their swords all day long.

"That's no easy task."

Stimulating the Light Wind squad's mana circuits while fighting them not only consumed his aura and physical strength, but also his mental energy.

That was why Raon looked a little tired, unlike his usual self.

"Anyway, he's too kind."

Only Raon would do such a difficult and tedious job until midnight.


Gambling Monster came up to Rimmer and snorted.

"Then why don't you help him?"

"Can't you see this?"

Rimmer frowned, pointing to his bruised left eye socket. He took an egg from his pocket and rubbed it around his eyes, sighing.

"I'd like to help, but my injuries are too severe."

"It doesn't look like you got hit that hard. Are you just being lazy?"

Gambling Monster's eyes narrowed.

"What are you talking about! The physical pain is bad enough, but the emotional pain of being trampled by my subordinates is still so painful! This won't go away even with medicine!"

Rimmer turned his head away and sniffled.

"Anyway, you're being a drama queen."

Gambling Monster sighed and shook his head.

"That's besides the point. Are you not going to tell the kids?"

"Tell them what?"

"That they don't have to win the battle."

The first test for a squad to be promoted to division is usually a battle against a division. However, it was not necessary to win, as division were naturally stronger than squad.

"The point of the battle is to see how they fight against a stronger force. Winning is not a condition, is it?"

"That's right. You don't have to win."

Rimmer shook his head without hesitation.

"Were you planning to make the kids grow by making them only focus on winning? Well, at their current level, they should be able to win easily."

"Huh? No, that's not it."

He looked at the Light Wind squad and smiled coldly.

"I just wanted to see those bastards who stepped on me suffer a little more."

"...Your heart is small as a sardine."

"Actually, it's even smaller than a sardine. That's my pride."

Rimmer laughed, calling himself a narrow-minded man.

"Ugh, you're really..."

Gambling Monster let out a groan and looked at Rimmer with pity.

"But this is getting boring."

Rimmer's voice rang out merrily, as if carried by the wind. He looked at Raon and the Light Wind squad, who were getting more and more crazy as they fought, and smiled slyly.

"This guardian of balance needs to step in."

*     *      *

A deafening roar echoed over the square-shaped practice field.

The roars of the Warring Steel division, who were sweating so much that their gray training uniforms turned brown, were focused on their training.

A chilling aura emanated from the Warring Steel members as they swung their swords, operating the Great Black Iron Sword Formation.

"That's enough."

The golden-haired middle-aged man standing on the stage raised his hand, and the Warring Steel division members lowered their swords with discipline.

The man who can move the Warring Steel division with a single gesture is the Warring Steel division leader, Trevin Zieghart.

"The training for the Great Black Iron Sword Formation is over. Now, split into groups and practice the Small Black Iron Sword Formation."


The Warring Steel division members immediately bowed their heads and scattered into three groups in the training ground.

The Small Black Iron Sword Formation they unfolded was not as majestic as the Great Black Iron Sword Formation, but it had a sharpness that could cut the skin just by looking at it.

"Group 1. The aura at the center is scattered. Make sure to distribute your energy accurately. Group 2, your balance is off. Raise your sword a little higher. Group 3..."

Trevin Zieghart pointed out the shortcomings of each group with a meticulous gaze and even told them how to improve.

The Warring Steel members, who heard his teachings, swung their swords with even more intense aura.


The first vice-division leader, Kaman, sighed as he looked at Trevin's back.

"The training never seems to end."


The second vice-division leader, Ores, shook his head.

"I respect our leader, but I don't understand his caution."

"It's a bit too much."

"It's because of our leader's caution that our promotion was delayed."

In fact, they should have been promoted to Division a long time ago, but Trevin, the leader, took his time to prepare for a perfect promotion, and they were only able to be promoted to Divison three years ago.

"I need to stop him now. The kids are going to die."

"That would be good."

The two vice-division leaders took a deep breath and approached Trevin.


Kaman smiled as he stood behind Trevin.

"Now, isn't it time to stop? The test is tomorrow, and the members need some rest."

"That's right. We're only facing the Light Wind squad, after all. There's no need to push ourselves this hard."

Trevin's gaze turned towards them.

"The Light Wind squad?"

Trevin's gaze became cold enough to chill.


Perhaps thinking he had misspoken, Ores quickly covered his mouth.

"I mean, it's not that... Um..."

"Rimmer, the Light Wind squad leader may not have fully recovered his skills yet, but he is still Zieghart's Sword of Light, as they call it. He is a monster, and Raon Zieghart is a genius. He even showed proof of it in the Six Kings Assembly duel. These are not opponents we can afford to underestimate."

Trevin spoke with a voice that seemed to crush the two vice-division leaders.

"Furthermore, the Light Wind squad has been training in the training ground for a week without emerging. We must prepare perfectly to defeat them, regardless of their tactics. This is the image that the Warring Steel should portray."

"I'm, I'm sorry."

"No excuses."

Ores and Kaman offered no excuses and simply admitted their mistake.

"...But it's also right to give the kids some rest."

Trevin looked up at the sky. Judging by the moon's position, it seemed well past midnight.

"Everyone, assemble."

He gestured, summoning the Warring Steel members to gather in front of the platform.

"We will conclude today's training here."

"Leader! We can do more!"

"Tomorrow is the test. Let's continue training just a little more before we go!"

"The Light Wind squad hasn't left the training hall for a week, as you said."

"We can't lose to those guys!"

The Warring Steel swordsmen shouted as if they had heard what Trevin had said to their vice-division leaders.

"Tomorrow is the match, so we need to rest our bodies and be in top condition. This is not a break, but preparation for battle."

As he said this, Trevin pointed to the small booklets on the podium.

"These contain information about the Light Wind squad. Please memorize them all by tomorrow's match."


The Warring Steel division members answered without hesitation and bowed their heads.

Trevin narrowed his eyes as he watched the Warring Steel division swordsmen pick up the booklets.

'The Light Wind squad...'

Even if they fought now, it would not be difficult to defeat the Light Wind squad.

However, they have the power to overcome difficult situations. They should never be taken lightly.

'There have been countless people who have underestimated Raon and the Light Wind squad, but I am not such a fool.'

Trevin looked up at the sky and clenched his fists tightly.

'I will show them the difference between a squad and a division.'

*     *      *

On the day of the test between the Light Wind squad and the Warring Steel division.

Glenn and Adis Sepia stood on top of the red spire located east of Mount Mongmang.

"Is that where the duel will take place today?"

Adis pointed to the ruined city below the spire.

"That's right."

Glenn nodded, lowering his gaze.

"That's unexpected. I thought you said there would be a duel, so I thought they would have a one-on-one match in the arena."

"This battle is a test to promote a squad to division. We need to see the strength of the group as a whole, not the individual's strength."

"Ah, that makes sense."

Adis scratched his cheek, realizing Glenn's meaning.

"I didn't know it was that way because I'm a foolish merchant."

"No. It was because I didn't tell you that far."

The voices of the two men who had shared a drinking party were filled with softness.

"So, if the Light Wind squad wins today, they will be promoted to a division?"

"That's not the case. There are two exams to be taken, and even if they lose today, they can still become a division."

"Even if they lose?"

"That's right. It's a natural fact that a division is stronger than a squad. It would be more strange to win."

Glenn shook his head, saying that it is almost unheard of for a squad to defeat a division and be promoted.

"Then they will focus on how they fight against a stronger enemy?"

"You're quick to understand. That's right. That's the purpose of this battle. The reason they are fighting in the city is also to see how they respond."

"The test of one of the Six Kings is not simple in any way."

Adis let out a sigh as if he was in awe.

"Is it as scary as the Merchants Association?"

"Still, we deal with words and money, not swords."

"Those words and money can be more terrifying than swords at times."

"That's true sometimes."

Glenn smiled faintly, and Adis shrugged.

"I have made arrangements so that the head of Sepia can also watch the battle comfortably today, so there will be no difficulty in understanding the situation."

"Thank you for your consideration. Hmm?"

Adis lowered his head and pointed to the swordsmen entering the city.

"It looks like the Light Wind squad is coming in."

He put his hand in his pocket and took out a portable telescope and put it to his eye.

"That's right."

Glenn nodded and turned his gaze to the Light Wind squad.

"He seems to be biting his lips, so he looks a little nervous."

"He definitely has a confident face."

"I don't know if he can fight properly like that."

"He's the kind of guy who can always perform at his best no matter what the situation is."

"His clothes are wrinkled. He's always the same when it comes to cleaning up."

"He's combed his hair neatly. That's definitely better."

The two men continued to talk without realizing that their conversation was not going anywhere.

Roenn smiled softly as he watched Glenn and Adis continue their mismatched conversation.

'You're both interesting.'

The reason why their words don't connect is simple. Glenn is talking about Raon and Adis Sepia is talking about Dorian, so their words are not connecting.

'I see why they became friends so quickly.'

Roenn bowed his head slightly to Raon, who was walking towards the center of the city.

'Thank you for always giving me something interesting to watch... Hmm?'

He frowned as he looked at the Light Wind squad members following Raon.

'Why are they all baring their teeth in a scary way?'

*     *      *

Raon walked into the city, which was in ruins with collapsed buildings everywhere.

'This place was originally built for training, I see.'

The buildings and walls in the city are training facilities that can be moved. It seemed to be installed so that the location could be changed so that you don't get used to the geography when training.

'So I just need to memorize it now, right?'

He smiled faintly and put all the geography of the city he could see into his head. As he moved around, he arrived at the center of the city and saw the swordsmen coming from the other side.

'That's the Warring Steel division, right?'

The Warring Steel division exuded a sharp aura, with each swordsman looking like a sword. It was no wonder that they were a powerful force that continued to achieve great results even after being promoted to a division.


Raon saw the blond middle-aged man walking in the center of the Warring Steel division. He had a unique sense of oppression, even among the swordsmen who exuded a strong aura. That man seemed to be Trevin Zieghart, the leader of the Warring Steel division.

They're all weak.

Wrath lightly clicked his tongue as if it were nothing.

Your subordinates may be scared, but against something too weak... Huh?

He turned around to look at the Light Wind squad and opened his mouth wide.

They're not scared?

'Because they're angry.'

Raon smiled as he turned around. All of the Light Wind squad members had their eyes lit up with hatred for the Warring Steel division, who had made them go through hell training. They were ready to charge at any moment if they were given the order.


"Those things made us go through that much trouble."

"My enemy of sleep..."

Burren, Martha, and Runaan emitted a particularly strong aura as they looked at the approaching Warring Steel members.


Wrath let out a sigh as he faced the madness of the Light Wind squad.

Why are they mad at them when you're the one who bullied them? The King of Essence doesn't understand!

'That's how you deal with people.'

Teach the King of Essence. The King of Essence wants to learn it!

'You have to pay the tuition.'

Tuition? This crazy human!

He was furious, saying that it was nonsense.

What else do you want after taking away the King of Essence abilities and stats every day!

'That's a protection fee.'

P, protection fee....

Wrath opened his mouth wide in disbelief.

Raon pushed away Wrath, who was clinging to him, and looked at the Warring Steel division, which had just arrived.

"It's been a while."

Trevin Zieghart, the leader of the Warring Steel division, nodded to Rimmer.

"Hey, Trevin. You've gotten more arrogant."

Rimmer laughed as he looked at Trevin.

"As time has passed, you have gone down, and I have gone up."

He looked down at Rimmer and the Light Wind squad with cold eyes.

"I didn't think you were that kind of person... Well, it doesn't matter."

Rimmer shrugged as if he didn't care.

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at Trevin from behind Rimmer's shoulder.

'That's right.'

According to Judiel's information, Trevin is a calm and cautious personality. It seemed that he was deliberately provoking now.

'However, he made the wrong choice.'

There is no one here who is susceptible to provocation.

Rimmer was like a fluttering piece of paper and didn't fall for the provocation, and the Light Wind squad was already in a state of madness, so it was meaningless.


Raon opened his legendary sense to check the energy of the entire Warring Steel division.

'They have gotten stronger than when I received Judiel's information, but not by much.'

If Rimmer can block the two division vice-division leaders while he is facing Trevin Zieghart, he can win easily. That's because the current Warring Steel division couldn't stop the Light Wind squad, who had turned into Mad Dog.


The madness and hot breath emanating from the Light Wind squad behind him felt so reliable.

When the Light Wind squad and the Warring Steel division were staring at each other, a middle-aged man in a brown uniform approached.

"I am Harrison, the referee for today's duel."

He bowed to Rimmer and Trevin in turn.

"The duel format is simple. If you capture the flag in the opponent's formation or make all enemies unable to fight, you win."

Harrison smiled as he said it wasn't difficult.

"However, there is one peculiarity in today's duel, and that is that we will be informed of who defeated whom."

"Why are you the one telling that?"

Trevin frowned as he looked at Harrison.

"I don't know either, it's an order from above."

Harrison bowed his head apologetically.

"Are you the one who will determine the incapacitated state?"

"Yes. I and the judges scattered around will judge. In addition, if you forfeit, it will also be called incapacitated."

"I understand."

Trevin nodded as if he had all his questions answered.

"Do you have any questions from the Light Wind squad?"

"Not really."

Rimmer shrugged as if he didn't care.

"Then we will start the duel in 30 minutes. The Light Wind squad, please move to the west formation, and the Warring Steel division, please move to the east formation."

At Harrison's instructions, the Light Wind squad and the Warring Steel division began to move in opposite directions, brushing past each other.

Raon smiled and nodded.

'West? That's good.'

Since he came in from the east, moving to the west would allow him to know all the terrain of this city. The Warring Steel division would be the same, but he was confident that he could use this terrain better than them.

'I'm looking forward to the battle with the Warring Steel division leader.'

Raon thought this battle would be fun as he walked towards the east formation, but his expectation was shattered to pieces shortly after the battle began.

[Rimmer, the leader of the Light Wind squad, is incapacitated!]

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