TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 136


Whether the Brain Demon was sweating profusely or not, Cale asked with a furrowed brow.

"What's the problem?"

Eunuch Chief Wi did not have time to pay attention to this, even though the tone was completely different from the polite tone of Young Master Kim that he had known until now.

'That guy?'

He still hadn't gotten over the shock of Cale referring to the Heavenly Demon as 'that guy.'

"Ahem. Yes, exactly."

The Brain Demon said while avoiding Young Master Kim's dissatisfied gaze.

"Originally, we wanted to ask Young Master Kim to attend when the Heavenly Demon has a banquet with the four candidates."

Cale sat in a chair, crossing his arms, wanting to hear more.

"This was to confirm if there is a Living Jiangshi among the candidates."

Cale nodded.

It was a necessary thing.

"And we chose a banquet because we thought it would be the best way for Young Master Kim to greet the candidates and have a light conversation with them, taking advantage of being a member of the Imperial Family."

He nodded again.

It was a reasonable idea.

"That would be troublesome."

But Cale disagreed.


"First of all, we cannot have a banquet."

The Old Priest Dust would faint every time he was near the Heavenly Demon.

Cale informed the Brain Demon about Priest Dust's existence and his ability to detect Living Jiangshi.

"I see, so someone like him exists."

The Brain Demon exclaimed in amazement, amazed by the novelty of the situation.

"If he faints when he sees the Heavenly Demon and starts vomiting when he sees the Living Jiangshi, it would undoubtedly be difficult to have him at the same banquet."

"That's right."

"It's fortunate."

While Cale responded, the Brain Demon continued speaking.

"Originally, we had planned for it to be a banquet, but I wanted to let you know that the circumstances have changed."

Feeling a bit uncomfortable, Cale motioned for the Brain Demon to continue.

"When news of this banquet got out, the factions supporting each candidate became anxious."

At those words, Cale frowned slightly.

"Saying that the Heavenly Demon cannot decide how to have a banquet is different from the state of the Heavenly Demon within the Demon Cult that I have heard about."

It was said that the Demon Cult allowed a certain amount of internal fighting among the candidates before choosing a successor.

It also openly welcomed duels between candidates and legitimate confrontations between factions. All of it was because of the value the Demon Cult placed on the strongest.

That was why the current Heavenly Demon, who didn't have much power, was able to rise to that position.

But even in those circumstances, it didn't make sense for the Heavenly Demon not to be able to hold a banquet his way.

'It's not like it's difficult to do.'

And at that moment, the Brain Demon gave the answer to Cale's question.

"There is only one of the Eight Pavilions that has not supported any candidate, and it's called the Pavilion of Laws and Manners. They oversee the laws and manners of the Demon Cult."

Laws and manners.

When he heard those words, Cale could quickly understand how this situation had come about. His mouth opened before the Brain Demon's.

"I see, it's because of the guest (meaning me) from the Imperial Family visiting the Demon Cult."

"Yes. It's been almost three hundred years since such a visit occurred."

"Anyway, since that's the case, I guess the Pavilion of Laws and Manners recommended that the Heavenly Demon follow the laws and manners?"

"That's right, Young Master."

"They wouldn't be wrong in saying that. Plus, since a successor hasn't been selected yet, they can't allow any disrespect to the Imperial Family to happen. That's why they suggested creating a proper atmosphere."

"Yes. That's right."

Cale's expression turned somber, and as he nodded his head in agreement repeatedly, the Brain Demon wiped the sweat off his forehead with a handkerchief.

"The Pavilion of Laws and Manners' Pavilion Master is the oldest person currently working in the Demon Cult, and they've been working since the peak of the previous Heavenly Demon's reign, so their words cannot be easily dismissed even by the current Heavenly Demon."

"...They're probably an important person then."

"That's right! Young Master Kim is capable of grasping a person's essence just by hearing about them!"

The Brain Demon praised Cale, but Cale remained pensive.

'It's like in Martial Arts Novels; every faction has an elder or person like that.'

Cale sighed. He was already starting to get annoyed by all of this.

The Brain Demon looked at him and then spoke quietly with a friendly smile.

"In reality, you don't need to worry too much about that matter."

"Are you asking me to take a look at the Heavenly Demon's successor candidates and then inform you?"

"That is also just a formality."

The Brain Demon said without beating around the bush.

"In fact, at the Pavilion of Laws and Manners, we also want it done that way, and in the Eight Pavilions and Eight Battalions, we don't want the assessments of outsiders to influence the selection of the Heavenly Demon's successor candidates."

"So, what made them distrust the banquet?"

"They are worried that the Heavenly Demon might listen to Young Master Kim's words and that there might be a preference difference among the candidates."

The following words reassured Cale.

"Furthermore, the Heavenly Demon doesn't listen to others' opinions. Especially in matters related to the successor, he will do as he sees fit."

In response to the Brain Demon's words, Cale finally smiled comfortably.

"So, you're saying that the Heavenly Demon will listen to me, right? Then I guess I don't have to worry too much. I'll just take a look and say some kind words about the candidates after observing the situation. Right?"

That should work.

Feeling more at ease, Cale didn't see the Brain Demon wiping the sweat from his forehead.

Instead, he added a word to the Brain Demon.

"However, I need to think a bit about how to identify the Living Jiangshi."

"That's right."

"Then, while we're here, we could evaluate the Eight Pavilions and Eight Battalions along with the four candidates."

Old Priest Dust might have difficulties, but at least he would be doing it all at once.

Cale watched the Brain Demon leave, saying he would make his own preparations, and then turned to Raon, who had deactivated his invisibility.

"You say Dominating Aura is similar to the Heavenly Demon's?"

"That's right, Human. Besides, I feel a presence similar to Choi Han's."

Tap, tap. Cale, who was lost in thought while tapping the armrest, spoke to Ron, who was still in the corner.

"Hey, Ron. What are Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo up to?"

"Choi Han is training, and Choi Jung Soo hasn't left his room with Sui Khan."

"Did you see Choi Han using the Heavenly Sword?"


Cale looked at Ron. Instead of answering his question directly, Ron remained silent and contemplative. Then, when their gazes met, Ron spoke.

"I can't understand very well what the Heavenly Sword is, but the sword Choi Han was wielding wasn't the Heavenly Sword; it was more like..."

Cale patiently waited for Ron to continue instead of responding directly to his question.

After a moment of silence, Ron spoke again.

"More like a sword that pierced the sky."

He slowly closed and opened his eyes.

"If that sword is completed, it seemed to me that Choi Han's sword could break the sky. However..."

"However, what?"

"Lately, I often see him a bit stuck, spending a lot of time meditating instead of wielding his sword."

Cale thought for a moment and then turned to Ron.

"Ron, how do you think we should approach this?"

"I'm thinking similarly to Young Master."


The corner of Cale's lips lifted.

The person he spent the most time with after possessing Cale Henituse was Ron. Perhaps that was why the other person understood what he meant without him having to say anything.

Or maybe they were starting to think similarly.

"Let's see, the day to evaluate the candidates for the Heavenly Demon's successor is tomorrow at noon. I think tomorrow night would be a good time."

Ron took over from Cale's words.

"So, let's rent a training field near the accommodations tomorrow afternoon and call Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo."

"Yes, that would be perfect."

Cale smiled involuntarily but stopped when Ron poured the tea.


Ron filled his tea cup with a benign smile.

Cale's smile disappeared. Although he didn't know what kind of tea Ron had prepared, it was definitely more bitter than lemon tea.

"Young Master, it's said to be good for your health."

Without any other options, Cale drank the tea with determination.


The next day. The day had become increasingly hot, and the sun had unmistakably become hotter, and Cale walked following the Left Guardian, accompanied by Eunuch Chief Wi and the invisible Raon.

He was looking at the Left Guardian's back while casually asking:

"You haven't been looking for me recently. Is everything okay?"

Although there was no subject in the question, the Left Guardian immediately understood.

-Yes, Young Master. The Heavenly Demon has had no issues until this morning. Furthermore, there have been no other incidents with the other Heavenly Demon.

"Okay then. Is he still fine now?"

-Yes, he is doing very well.

The Left Guardian hesitated for a moment and then added.

-So far, there have been no major tragedies in crowded places, so you don't have to worry.

Cale nodded his head.

According to the Brain Demon, the Heavenly Demon had never been caught in the moment when his other self was revealed.

Partially due to his own control but also thanks to the timely response of the Brain Demon and the Guardians.

Therefore, the Brain Demon had assured him that there was no need to worry about this particular meeting.

'I suppose so. It's just a casual gathering for tea.'

Keeping things as discreet as possible, the Heavenly Demon arranged a small tea party with representatives from the Eight Pavilions and Eight Battalions, and the four candidates.

It was a show of respect, including greetings to Young Master Kim and the Imperial Family.

'Young Master Kim can join later.'

Once everyone had entered, Cale would join at the end.

Then, the Brain Demon would introduce him, and after a few words, the Heavenly Demon and Cale would exchange pleasantries with the representatives of the organizations and the four candidates, and then there would be some time for informal conversation.

That's what Cale had understood from the Brain Demon's instructions.

-Human, this is amazing! Raon's words held true as a beautiful garden appeared before Cale's eyes.

At the entrance of the garden, which was filled with natural beauty without being exaggerated, stood the Right Guardian.

"Welcome, Young Master."

And next to him...

"Uh-huh. Uh-huh."

There was Priest Dust, clutching a tree, inhaling air.

What used to look like a typical priest now only elicited some pity from Cale.

"I guess there were quite a few?"

At his question, Priest Dust slowly raised his hand.

He raised two fingers.

At the same time, the Right Guardian continued the sound transmission.

-With the exception of the Heavenly Demon, there are a total of two Living Jiangshi. One in each of the Eight Factions.

(Note: When you read 'Eight Factions,' it's an abbreviation for 'Eight Pavilions and Eight Battalions.' Meaning, one Living Jiangshi was found in the Eight Pavilions, and one Living Jiangshi in the Eight Battalions.)


A cry of surprise escaped from Cale's mouth.

-Fortunately, none of the candidates were identified as Living Jiangshi.

So, there are none among the candidates.

It's surprising. I didn't think we would find so few.

Of course, there could be more "Living Jiangshi" among the administrative staff.


'Obviously, the Blood Cult is different from the Justice Faction.'

In most cases, in the Justice Faction, the future leaders used to be Living Jiangshi.

They were all relatively young, except for the next great Sect Leader of Kunlun Sect.

However, in the Blood Cult, the Living Jiangshi were individuals who held a high position in the current Jianghu (Martial World).

Therefore, Cale could infer to some extent the Blood Cult's intentions.

'The Blood Cult wants to use the Demon Cult as a starting point for the Great War.'

That's why they had planted a Living Jiangshi in the leadership of the current Demon Cult.

'And the reason they didn't plant Living Jiangshi in the future talents of the Demon Cult...'

It could be that they believed the Demon Cult would become unnecessary in the future.

Or its power would be so weak that it wouldn't require control, or it might even disappear entirely.

The Great War Between Good and Evil.

If that were to happen and its magnitude increased, the Government would intervene.

Unless the Blue Bloods intend to destroy the Central Plains World, there will be a line drawn somewhere, and there must be a line, or a scapegoat, for that line.

'It seems the Blood Cult chose the Demon Cult as that sacrifice.'

The Demon Cult, the starting point toward the Great War.

'And it seems I'm not the only one who has realized it.'

The Right Guardian's affable face showed concern.

'Maybe this report has reached the Brain Demon and the Heavenly Demon.'

The Brain Demon, in particular, would have a better idea than Cale.

'I'll have to go listen.'

Cale entered the garden while listening to the names of Living Jiangshi from the Eight Factions through a Sound Transmission from the Right Guardian.

There was a fairly large pond in the center of the garden.

Near the pond, next to a bird tree, was a four-sided pavilion with a panoramic view from all sides.

People were seen sitting there.

"Almost twenty people."

They weren't all sitting in the same place.

The Heavenly Demon sat on the highest level, the candidates below, and the others sat around the back.

'Where is my seat?'

Cale moved slowly, trying to get a glimpse of the candidates' faces.

Then it dawned on him.

People who were getting up and bowing to him.

People preparing to pay homage.

Among them, the Heavenly Demon stood with an undisturbed expression as he approached Cale.

Still, Cale walked slowly.

'Two women, two men.'

The ages of the candidates seemed to be in their late teens or early twenties at most.

'Let's say something good about them later.'

With that thought, Cale listened to Raon's voice.

-Human, those treats over there look delicious! I have to try them!

Casually nodding his head, Cale suddenly stopped.

-Huh? Human!

Tcaha, the Cheapskate, urgently yelled.

-Darn it!

Cale saw the Heavenly Demon stumble.

'He said he never showed weakness in front of his subordinates!'

So why is he swaying like this now?!

The Heavenly Demon prevented the frightened Brain Demon from trying to help him.

He tried to stay upright.

But the Brain Demon grabbed the Heavenly Demon, saying something.

The Heavenly Demon refused again.

He had no choice.

-Human! Dead Mana!

Black smoke flowed from the Heavenly Demon's mouth.

It grew thicker and thicker.

A bit of black smoke also came out of his two ears.

'Oh, really! I thought I was just supposed to drink tea and evaluate the candidates!'


The wind brushed against Cale's ankles as he swallowed his harsh words.

It was Raon's magic.

Cale quickly headed to the pavilion and entered.

"Young Master!"

Pushing his way through the stunned crowd, Cale passed by the Brain Demon, who called out to him, and headed toward the Heavenly Demon.

But something was wrong.


Something was a little different from the Heavenly Demon he knew.

The moment he realized...

-Young Master, it seems like the other Heavenly Demon is about to awaken!

An urgent Sound Transmission came from the Brain Demon.

-He's never been like this before, why is he suddenly like this, spitting out black smoke...!

While unable to hide his panic, Cale heard Raon's voice.

-Human, I just heard another Sound Transmission, and I think I need to tell you this!

Raon urgently spoke.

-A while ago, two people said the same thing.

Cale came to a halt upon hearing the next words.

-The higher-ups have authorized a change in tactics. We must show that the Heavenly Demon has gone mad. All for the sake of the Blood Cult.

-Thank you. It is truly difficult to handle the Living Jiangshi of the Demon Cult. All glory to the mighty Blood Demon.


The Living Jiangshi weren't the only problem; there are Blood Cult spies here too...

Cale's eyes widened in disbelief.



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