TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 135


"So, can I leave now?"

In response to Cale's question, the Heavenly Demon nodded.

"Yes. I made you go through something troublesome as soon as you arrived."

"To be honest, it wasn't too difficult."

It was easy to eliminate the black smoke filling the air due to the Fire of Destruction, which had been released at 72%.

The Fire of Destruction was a force that had once scorched the land to the point of threatening the previous World Tree. Indeed, it was more challenging to control it precisely when human lives were at stake.

"I understand. It wasn't too difficult."

The Heavenly Demon straightforwardly repeated what Cale had said. When Cale gave him a quizzical look, the Heavenly Demon stood up from his seat.

He wobbled a bit but soon straightened himself.

Despite being the head of a sect that followed the rule of the strongest, the Heavenly Demon's appearance was suitable for his stature, similar to Cale Henituse.

Of course, he didn't look as slim as Kim Rok Soo in Cale's current appearance.

Maybe just a bit more slender, perhaps?

"...You're in your thirties, right?"

Cale asked involuntarily, noticing that the Heavenly Demon had fairer skin than him and appeared younger than Choi Han.

"Yes, I'll be forty next year."

The Heavenly Demon, who replied calmly, asked as if it flowed.

"You must also be older than you appear now, right?"

"Oh, yes, that's right."

Although he gained a bit of weight, he was basically Kim Rok Soo at the time when he was slender. Cale was older now than he was back then.


No, I'm older than Cale Henituse, right? After all, I lived until my late thirties and fused with Cale Henituse. While calculating his age, Cale felt his head growing muddled and decided to roughly sort out his thoughts.

'What does age matter?'

You just have to live it.

Cale crossed the threshold of the room and stopped.

"I guess we part ways here."

The Heavenly Demon stopped at the room's doorway without crossing into the hallway.

"As you wish."

Cale didn't really need the Heavenly Demon to bid him farewell. Rather, it was a hassle even if he followed him to the bedroom. Annoying issues might crop up.


However, Cale had one question, so he asked before parting ways with the Heavenly Demon.

"Isn't the Shadow Guardian affected by the black smoke?"

A noise came from the side of the ceiling again.

Of course, the answer came from the Heavenly Demon.

"That's right. The black smoke doesn't seep through the ceiling, so the Guardian can securely watch over me. However, she can only sense sound and presence and can't see us."

"I see."

With his doubts resolved, Cale casually waved his hand at the Heavenly Demon as he spoke.

"I'm leaving. Oh, and if something similar happens again, call me. I'll help."

The Heavenly Demon offered a warm smile in response.

To that, Cale spoke without beating around the bush.

"If you're going to conduct the experiment in a week, you'll occasionally find yourself in the same situation as before."

"That's true. Then I'll have to rely on you."

"Count on it."

That's it. With that said, Cale bid farewell once more to the Heavenly Demon, then stepped away from him and headed toward the exit.

The hallway was quiet and peaceful now that the black smoke had dissipated. As he walked slowly down the corridor, Cale organized his thoughts.

'The Heavenly Demon set a two-week limit for himself. And the experiment is one week from now.'

An experiment to remove only the Dead Mana while keeping Inner Energy at its maximum and disturbance to a minimum.

The date the demon had set for it was one week from now, and in the meantime, Cale would have to stay in the Demon Cult.

That wasn't a big issue.

He wondered why he had postponed it for a week when he could have done it tomorrow.

'Because there's a lot of work in the Demon Cult these days.'


'Choosing the next successor.'

Successor. Upon hearing that word, Cale fell silent.

'Haha. There are quite powerful families in the Demon Cult, and they want me to decide on a successor sooner rather than later since I'm nearing forty despite my youthful appearance.'

The problem is that I have no children and haven't married anyone.

That must be complicated.

'Yes. Although it's troublesome to have many children like the previous Heavenly Demon, it's also troublesome to have none. Anyway, my subordinates want me to adopt a child and groom them as my successor.'

'Before the Great War Between Good and Evil?'

At Cale's nonchalant comment, the Heavenly Demon smirked darkly.

'Young Master Kim. You're quite sharp.'

'It's basic.'

In a battle as large as the Great War Between Good and Evil, even the mighty Heavenly Demon could die. It was only natural for his subordinates to want to choose a successor just in case.

'In any case, I have to decide on a successor within this week.'

'And then purify them?'

'That's right.'

Cale stared at the Heavenly Demon and then let out.

'I see you've already made up your mind.'

The Heavenly Demon simply smiled.

Cale added one more word to that look.

'The problem seems to lie in how difficult it will be to put that successor in the position of successor. That's why it will take you a week. Even with your dignified position as a Heavenly Demon.'


Cale ignored the smiling Heavenly Demon.

Because the selection of the Demon Cult's successor was not his concern.

'Oh, they're also selecting a new Priestess in the Blood Cult these days, right?'

He recalled a conversation he had in the Shaolen World with the Head of the Black Blood Family.

'What does the Great War Between Good and Evil and the Orsena Duchy have to do with this?'

"...Like the time when the Blood Cult is also selecting a new Priestess."

The Blood Cult is currently selecting a new Priestess.

"Although I don't fully grasp the dimension of the Blood Cult, the Blood Cult has a God, the Blood Demon, and the role of the Priestess is to assist that God and convey the will of the heavens to him."

'The current Blood Demon must choose a new Priestess first before deciding who will succeed him.'

It was said that the Blood Cult first selected a Priestess before selecting the next Blood Demon successor.

'If they have chosen a new Priestess now, they are probably about to choose a Blood Demon successor.'

Add to that the fact that they are also preparing for the Great War*, and things are going to be quite complicated within the Blood Cult. (*Note: From now on, whenever you see the term 'Great War,' it will be the easiest way to refer to the 'Great War Between Good and Evil.')

"Anyway, they're quite capable individuals."

He had to admit that.

The Blood Cult only selected people with promising futures for Living Jiangshi, and among them was the Heavenly Demon. If Cale hadn't come to this world and the Heavenly Demon hadn't entered the Profound Realm.

There was a high probability that the Great War would have broken out, and even the Evil Faction would have been involved.


The Blue Blood Family, which was also the Blood Cult, came to the Roan Kingdom and took away the youngest daughter of the Orsena Duke.

Most likely, the missing Princess Orsena was also in the Blood Cult.

'Anyway, it seems that the Priestess candidate and the two princesses of the Orsena Family are somewhat related.'

Cale shook his head slightly.

'Whatever it is, we'll find out more when we delve into the Blood Cult.'

He reached the end of the hallway before he realized it.


Furthermore, the Right Guardian and the Left Guardian had also arrived and were waiting at the entrance.

The two men stared at Cale without speaking, until Cale stopped walking and slightly tilted his head.

The Right Guardian stopped in front of him and opened his mouth.

"So, Young Master Kim, did the conversation go well?"

"Yes. It ended well."

Many gains were obtained.

"Then, I will take you to your quarters-"

"I will do it."

The Left Guardian interrupted the Right Guardian's words and stepped between the Right Guardian and Cale.

"I will do it; I will guide you."

"Yes, please."

Cale didn't mind who would guide him. In fact, it seemed convenient to him. The Right Guardian seemed skilled at setting a friendly atmosphere, so it seemed like he could engage in conversation while they walked back. On the other hand, the Left Guardian was silent, which Cale found comforting.

"Then, please follow me."

The Left Guardian stepped forward and started walking.

Without a word, he walked at a moderate pace.

"It's okay."

Cale observed his surroundings with a light feeling, as if he were taking a stroll.

And as he did so, the Right Guardian observed Cale as he walked and then turned his head.

"...It's amazing."

-I think so too.

The Heavenly Demon's voice echoed in his mind.

The Right Guardian sat on one knee.

The door to the pavilion opened. A room at the end of a long hallway. The door to the room was left open, revealing the image of the Heavenly Demon.

He looked a little sweaty, but he looked much better than usual.

Moreover, the black smoke that used to fill the hall since the Heavenly Demon went through that experience had disappeared. The sight of the hall free of smoke was simply amazing, as if there was no longer a need to create Spell Formations for the sole purpose of blocking the spread of this black smoke in the Demon Cult.

"It seems the Brain Demon brought the right person."


The Heavenly Demon laughed.

-Right Guardian. I don't think he's the type of person you can judge.

He only said those words so casually, but the Right Guardian involuntarily bowed.

"I apologize, my lord."

-No. I didn't say it as criticism towards you.

He knew that.

But he shouldn't take the words of the Heavenly Demon (Chun Ma) lightly.

'Young Master Kim is even more amazing than I thought.'

The truth was, he didn't really see the black smoke that was being cleared by Young Master Kim.

He only deduced it based on the circumstances behind this.

'Well, judging by how the Left Guardian is acting, he shouldn't hastily judge Young Master Kim.'

At that moment, a bird's chirping could be heard.

The Right Guardian stood up and raised his arm, and a black bird landed on his arm. He untied the letter attached to the bird's leg and checked it.

Then, he turned to the Heavenly Demon and bowed his head.

"Heavenly Demon. The list of recommended Successors from the Eight Pavilions and Eight Battalions has been determined."

-How many are there?

"Three people."

-Then there would be a total of four candidates.

"Should I bring that boy?"

The Right Guardian asked, concerned. The Heavenly Demon nodded.

-Yes, as long as Young Master Kim is here, my condition should be fine. I can protect that child while he is present. Bring him.


The Right Guardian soon disappeared, and the Heavenly Demon looked up at the ceiling.

"What worries you?"

Haha. The Heavenly Demon let out a soft laugh.

"Aren't you relying too much on Young Master Kim?"

The Heavenly Demon shook his head.

"Who said I trust him? I'm just using his abilities."


A sound came from the ceiling.

The Heavenly Demon smiled.

"And he's probably doing the same."

And he added.

"Among the Eight Pavilions and Eight Battalions, there may even be Living Jiangshi from the Blood Cult. Did you hear what Young Master Kim said earlier? He said he could find the Living Jiangshi. Ask him to confirm it."


"Also, I will soon have dinner with the four successor candidates. Ask Young Master Kim to attend."


"Yes, I don't trust the four successor candidates either."

Everything must be thoroughly checked.

To make sure there are no more impurities in the Demon Cult.

A dark red aura flowed around the Heavenly Demon. The Shadow Guardian on the ceiling inhaled at the momentum.

This was a true Heavenly Demon, incomparable to the last generations of Heavenly Demons.

One who constantly seeks the end of nothingness, reaching for higher realms. And one who only thinks of the Demon Cult.

Towards him, the Shadow Guardian descended from the ceiling and made a courteous bow.

And Cale soon made his way to his quarters.

"Young Master!"

Eunuch Chief Wi, Fist King, and several others, including Choi Han, were waiting in front of the pavilion assigned for his accommodation.

Surprisingly, Byuk Sun was also there.

Cale was perplexed when he saw that Byuk Sun slightly averted her gaze when making eye contact with him, but he didn't pay it much mind.

"Thank you for guiding me."

Cale greeted the Left Guardian politely, who nodded expressionlessly.

Then he heard a voice from the background.

-Young Master, is it really possible to cure him?

Contrary to his calm face, his tone was quite cautious.

The Left Guardian looked at Cale.

The reddish-golden light that instantly dispelled the black smoke. The sight was different from the sun illuminating the night.

It rather reminded him of destructive fire and lightning, burning away the darkness.

However, it was sacred.

Because the energy within it was so pure and orderly.


The Left Guardian froze.

With a furrowed brow, Cale replied.

Since he didn't know how to use Sound Transmission, he did it with his mouth.

"I think it would be best if you asked your lord."

Since it was the Heavenly Demon who proposed the experiment. He had to respond; why should I do it?

Just at that moment...

This time, it was Cale who was startled.

"I apologize."

The Left Guardian bowed very politely to apologize.

'Why is he doing this?'

He had no reason to apologize.

Cale spoke sincerely.

"There's nothing to apologize for..."

At that moment, the Left Guardian stopped even more and did not raise his back.

Instead, he apologized once more.

"Please forgive me for my imprudence. I apologize, Young Master."

No, there's no need to apologize.

Cale looked around, unaware.

Eunuch Chief Wi and Fist King seemed surprised, as did the colleagues surrounding him. Even Byuk Sun had a strange expression.

For the first time, Cale saw a pleasant expression on Byuk Sun's face.

'What's wrong with this old man?'

He couldn't understand what was being said, but somehow, it persuaded the Left Guardian.

"It's okay."

There was no need for him to apologize, but if he said it was okay, the Left Guardian would probably withdraw.

It was only then that the Left Guardian withdrew with a comfortable expression.

Cale shook his head and turned to Eunuch Chief Wi and Choi Han, who had approached.

"The Demon Cult is certainly not easy."

They all had a difficult look about them.

At that moment, the Left Guardian was left alone and pressed his chest with both hands over his heart.

Thump. Thump. Thump. His heart was pounding.

"I almost made a mistake."

How anxious he felt seeing Young Master Kim's furrowed brow, worried that he had offended him and that it would have a negative effect on the Heavenly Demon's healing.

Timidly, the Left Guardian clicked his tongue.

'That's why talking is always a problem.'

He decided that he should avoid speaking again and moved on.


How did this happen?

Cale thought.

'No, shouldn't I have rested for a week and then performed the purification of the Heavenly Demon?'

That's what he should have done at this moment.

'Then why am I involved in the selection of the Demon Cult Leader?'

Cale looked at the Brain Demon in incomprehension.

The elderly one, who looked placid, smiled kindly and said.

"I would like you to take a look at the candidates for the Demon Cult Leader once, thanks to Young Master Kim's wisdom and character."

"Why me?"

Cale asked unaware, and the Brain Demon responded smoothly.

"Because you are Young Master Kim."

It was an answer that left him speechless.

So, without realizing it, his genuine concern emerged.

"That guy, the Heavenly Demon, does he really want this?"

The Brain Demon paused for a moment, and Eunuch Chief Wi, who was serving tea, shivered.

"Well, it's not exactly that, there's more to it, let me explain."

Sweat began to appear on the Brain Demon's forehead.



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