SL:R (Novel) Chapter 77

 Chapter 77


When Suho stopped attacking, a heavy silence came.

As Lee Minseong died, the contaminated ghouls around him collapsed at once like a puppet with a thread cut off.

The contaminated wasps that filled the ominous sky also disappeared.

‘Oh my God…‘

Baek Miho, who was running to help Suho, stood there blankly staring at Suho.

It was an absolutely unbelievable sight.

A C-Class hunter crushed an A-Class villain by force.

‘As expected, that person…‘

Baek Miho went on her way to guess Suho’s identity.

Meanwhile, in that suffocating silence, Suho himself was busy reading the noisy system messages.

Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring.

[The Queen‘s Lancer has been defeated.]

[Your level increased!]

[Your level increased!]

[Your level increased!]

‘Oh, great.‘

Climbing 3 levels at once was worth the hard work.

Suho‘s level was now at 32.

Surprisingly, however, the message did not end there.


[The player has reached the required level.]

[You have met the completion conditions of ‘Secret Quest: Qualification of Corps Commander‘.]

[There are unread messages.]

‘Required level? Qualification of Corps Commander?‘

Suho, who was trying to check the message with a puzzled expression, suddenly stumbled.



Suddenly, the floor started shaking as if it were about to collapse.

No, that space itself was about to collapse.

[Young Master! You must get out of here immediately!]

Beru urgently shouted at Suho.

The sky was also being torn apart.

[If it was too late, you could be trapped here forever!]

Lee Minseong made numerous sacrifices and forcibly brought such an incomplete dungeon, the sanctuary of insects, to Earth.

That was the role of a Pontifex that Queen Bee Arsha wanted.

However, at the same time as Lee Minseong‘s death, the coercive power disappeared, and the sanctuary was about to return to the dimensional rift.

“Come on, let‘s get out of here.“

Suho put off checking the message and looked back at Baek Miho and Lim Taegyu.

Lim Taegyu, who was staring at the dead Lee Minseong, immediately closed his eyes and turned around.

Then he glanced at Suho feeling conflicted and opened his mouth.

“I have a lot to ask you, but I‘ll do it once we get out of here.“

“Me, too.“

Baek Miho added.

The three hurriedly escaped from the insect sanctuary.

However, just before Suho left the sanctuary, he suddenly stopped and glanced back.

‘It took a lot of hard work to catch him. It‘s a waste to throw him away.‘

He reached out his hand toward Lee Minseong’s body lying on the ground.

‘Ruler’s Power.‘


An invisible hand lifted one of Minseong‘s arms, which Suho had cut off.

It was already in a deformed shape to be called a human arm.

The lancer‘s arm, which had a long spear instead of a hand, moved towards Suho like a magnet.

Right after that, Suho smiled meaningfully and escaped from the sanctuary.

* * *

The post-processing was carried out swiftly the moment Lee Minseong, the main culprit, died.

All the ghouls that were rampaging in the city stopped moving at once, and all of those disasters ended at once.

This was the result of the loss of power from the contaminated Royal Jelly of Minseong, which corrupted their bodies.

Afterwards, Lim Taegyu immediately called a healer specializing in detoxification and received treatment. He was barely able to break free from the poison.

“Ha. I almost died this time. In the future, should I have any kind of a court lady or so? I have to choose my next assistant as a healer specializing in detoxification.“

Lim Taegyu repeats his resolutions with an exhausted expression.

Meanwhile, Baek Miho mobilized all the manpower of the Baekho Guild and took the lead in securing casualties and missing persons.

Reaper Guild was not in a position to do so.

The incident was somehow solved, but the Reaper Guild had lost so many things due to that.

Fortunately, most of the elite B-Class or higher were still alive, but the loss of most of the hunters C-Class or lower was a big blow.

Well, they would just have to recruit new ones, but…

‘Who will try to join our guild now? I‘m worried that those who were there will also leave. Phew.‘

Lim Taegyu raised his head and blankly looked up at the sky where Lee Minseong‘s beehive was.

For some reason, he had a vision of the dead Lee Minseong raising his middle finger up in the sky.

‘That damn bastard.‘

‘This must be why my mom told me to make good friends.’

“… Oh right. Secretary Oh!“

Lim Taegyu suddenly remembered Secretary Oh, who betrayed him. He hurriedly looked around.

However, no matter how much he searched for him, Secretary Oh‘s whereabouts were already unknown.


It felt strange.

Secretary Oh was a secretary he personally selected.

He had a moderate personality and was a good guy at work.

Since when was he a traitor?

Was he even human in the first place?

* * *

At that time…

‘Secretary Oh‘ was watching them all with an expressionless face, mingling with the crowd.

He turned his back as he walked away from the scene.


As the bees flapped their wings, without anyone noticing, the face changed to that of Queen Bee Arsha.

However, Arsha‘s expression looked more depressed than Lim Taegyu‘s.

“… It‘s futile.“

Lee Minseong died, and the sacrifices also perished.

All the plans she had prepared so far collapsed overnight.

“The plan was perfect.“


Looking back, her plan was perfect.

Hide in the shade and make a hideout.

There, she gradually increased the number of worker bees.

‘I put my heart and soul into making followers.’

Offering sacrifices for the dead Querehsha.

In the middle, Lee Minseong ran away, but that level of error was not a big problem.

Rather, it served as a catalyst to accelerate her plans.

The only cause of defeat was…

‘That human.‘

Arsha caught the sight of Suho in the distance.

She also thought he was ominous from the first time she saw him.

As expected, she should have killed him earlier, but instead, only her worker bees were taken away by him.

It has become an urgent situation even for oneself to survive right now than to think of revenge.

“… Is this the power of descendants?“

There was a strong desire in Arsha‘s eyes looking at Suho.

‘Alright. I’ll admit it.’

From the moment she got involved with that human, she had no chance of winning.


“He is the descendant of Rakan.“

As expected, he was the heir of the King of Beasts, the Fang Monarch.

It was natural that she would not be able to deal with him with her own power as she had not yet become a monarch.

So, she wanted more.

“If I become a monarch, I will have that kind of power.“

Fortunately, the succession of the Plague Monarch did not happen there today.

She confirmed the most important fact with her own eyes.

“I‘m leaving for today, Beast King Crow.“

But someday definitely…

Swallowing back words, Arsha‘s body scattered on the spot.

* * *

Returning home, Suho had two business cards in his hand.

The owners of the business cards were Baek Miho and Lim Taegyu.

Korean hunters receive business cards from the president and vice president of large guilds that everyone was eager to enter.

– I‘m busy today, so I just let it go!

– Be sure to contact us tomorrow! It is a must!

The two forcibly put the business card in Suho‘s hand, even while he was frantically answering questions from reporters flocking to do post-processing.

Still feeling uneasy, they even took Suho‘s phone number.

“It feels like I was casted on the street for some reason.“

[That‘s not quite wrong.]

Beru responded to Suho‘s words with a proud expression.

[Like when you get recruited on the streets for looking too good, Young Master is also very good at fighting! When did you grow up so great…]

“That’s too much.“

Leaving Beru, who was shedding tears of emotion, Suho roughly threw the business cards on the desk.

‘It‘s good to join a large guild.‘

It wasn‘t just a popular name or a big company.

Even if the salary wasn’t high, the welfare of a large guild was truly enormous.

Depending on the class or experience, one can borrow expensive, high-quality equipment.

Large guilds were also equipped with a spacious and sturdy training center that would not collapse even if members used their mana to their heart‘s content.

Other hunters don‘t grow through leveling up like Suho, that‘s why they needed more training.

It was to use the power given to them more efficiently and strategically.

The problem was that…

“I already have them all.“

Good weapon? Suho had a shop window.

As long as his gold was enough, he could buy any equipment he wanted.

A large training camp?

Is there another hunter in the world who has a personal training ground as big and wide as Suho’s?

Suho immediately inserted the key into his shadow.

[Are you going in right away?]

“Yeah. I have something to check.“


[Would you like to enter the Shadow Dungeon?]



[Entering the Shadow Dungeon.]


In an instant, Suho‘s vision turned black and white.

Before he knew it, the place where he was standing was the shadow dungeon‘s strength training center, the pyramid of Ammut.

There, Ammut, who was waiting for Suho to come, stood up with his gigantic body and a vicious smile.

[You are finally here. Let‘s start training.]

“Wait a minute! Not yet!“

As soon as Suho saw him, he hurriedly dissuaded Ammut, who was about to start Spiritual Body Manifestation training.

Ammut frowned as he tried to transform into a spirit body.

[Do you have anything else to do?]

“Yes. There are other important things to do.“

Suho let out a sigh of relief and checked the message flickering in front of his eyes from earlier.

[You have met the completion conditions of ‘Secret Quest: Qualification of Corps Commander‘.]

[There are unread messages.]

After taking a short deep breath, Suho immediately checked the message.

[Secret Quest: Qualifications of Corps Commander]

A player has proven himself or herself by reaching the required level.

Become a Shadow Legion Commander and raise your own crops.

“This can‘t be…“

Suho‘s eyes widened.


Under Suho‘s feet, the shadow moved on its own and began screaming silently.

The sound was grand like a military song of brave soldiers leaving the battlefield, or grotesque like a solemn requiem.


[You have learned ‘Skill: Shadow Save‘.]

“Shadow Save?“


Before Suho could finish his words, Beru was startled and screamed.

[Oh my God! Finally, Young Master has been recognized by His Majesty!]

[To be continued…]


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