TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 134


"Well, I don't think you're in any condition to talk right now."

Unintentionally, Cale adopted a defensive stance towards the Heavenly Demon.

Did Raon say that the Heavenly Demon's smile was similar to Alberu's?

From his perspective, the Heavenly Demon was a slightly different kind of person compared to people like him and Alberu.

'He just speaks as he is and moves according to what he says.'

The type who doesn't feel the need to use fancy language to gain benefits. But his worldview was similar to his, perhaps even to Alberu's.

The reason he could sense this was simple.

'Those eyes don't hide anything.'

He expresses his emotions as they are, but that doesn't make him seem innocent or light.

On the contrary, although it seemed like he was in his late teens, when he met the Heavenly Demon's eyes, he felt the depth of his age.

The ability of someone with a deep gaze to fully reveal their feelings through their eyes.

This was not something easy.

'But there's no reason to be nervous.'

The Heavenly Demon's voice reached Cale's ears.

"Well, it's true; I'm a mess right now."

The Heavenly Demon ran a hand through his sweaty hair.

"But in a situation like this, shouldn't we be able to say something?"

Before he could respond, the Heavenly Demon spoke calmly.

"However, you're a bit different from what I've heard."

"What have you heard?"

"I've heard that you're incredibly compassionate, kind, and gentle, like someone who will never exist in this world again."

Before Cale could reply, the Heavenly Demon spoke with an expressionless face.

"All of that is a lie."


Cale was slightly impressed.

'Are you sure you're the Heavenly Demon?'

At least, in the Murim Novels he read, the Heavenly Demon was a ruthless existence... but he... didn't seem like that at all.

-This, this! No! Human, you're just a bit of a swindler, no, not a bit, but somehow you're smooth, anyway, Human, you're very nice!
Ignoring Raon's confused babbling, Cale looked around.

"Well, this place blocks out sounds from the outside world, so if we're going to talk, this might be a good place."

However, his expression turned slightly expressionless.

"Although I guess your Guardian seems to be here."


The Heavenly Demon nodded politely.

"It's up on the ceiling of this room."

"Is it the Shadow Guardian?"

"Yes. The Shadow Guardian doesn't reveal itself except to the leader, so I hope you understand."

Cale was about to nod at that, but the next words made him look at the Heavenly Demon with a strange expression.

"And it seems you've brought a friend with you too."

-Human! This Human named Heavenly Demon is looking at me! 


Cale swallowed his admiration and asked casually.

"Heavenly Demon-nim, can you see that too?"


The Heavenly Demon pointed to his head.

"As the upper Dantian opens up, hidden things in the world only gradually reveal themselves."

"I see."

Cale nodded indifferently, then asked casually.

"So, did you find out that you're a Living Jiangshi?"


The Heavenly Demon fell silent.

He stared at Cale.

Seeing that gaze, Cale stopped inwardly.

'What's wrong? Why are you suddenly looking at me like that? Didn't you say we should talk first?'

Then there's nothing to talk about other than Living Jiangshi and the Blood Cult, right?

When Cale looked at him incredulously, the Heavenly Demon opened his mouth.

"I said you were the answer, so I'll tell you everything."

He looked up at the ceiling.

"Don't let anyone get close to us."

There was no response.

But the Heavenly Demon nodded and locked eyes with Cale.

"The Brain Demon must have told you. That I'm fighting against another version of myself for control, and that I'm trying to fight against the Blood Cult."


At that moment, Cale recognized the fatigue on the Heavenly Demon's face, despite his youthful features.

"But I'm sure this story is new even to the Brain Demon, so it must be new to you."

It was the face of someone burdened by a heavy load.

"I'm dying now. I'll be dead in two weeks at most."


Before Cale could respond, his gaze shifted to the ceiling.

It was because of a rumbling sound that came from a corner of the ceiling.

"It's okay."

The Heavenly Demon looked over there and then smiled ironically at Cale.

"I shouldn't complain and murmur about all of this. But I feel like I should tell you everything."

"Why are you dying?"

"I touched the wrong thing."

He casually replied while pointing near his heart.

"Here is where that dark energy started to surface, and I noticed its buildup."

His hand moved from the heart to the abdomen and then further down.

"And it mixed with my energies in the Middle Dantian. In other words, this dark energy occupied both the Middle and Lower Dantians. Ultimately, it started from the heart."

The Heavenly Demon continued.

"It was only then that I realized why those who become Living Jiangshi don't recognize their brainwashing and live as normal people."

Cale crossed his arms and focused on his story.

"If the brain is the realm of cognition, the heart is the realm of instinct. And it's in the heart of the Living Jiangshi where the Blood Cult's missions and tasks are engraved."

Cale recalled Namgung Taewi's ugly black heart.

"If the Heavenly Demon's hypothesis is correct, then Namgung Taewi's main mission is probably to assassinate the Sword Saint."

That's why he tried to die with the Sword Saint.

"Of course, since everything is in the heart, it must have been instinctive for the Living Jiangshi to bring information to the Blood Cult unknowingly, and they also implanted orders to act on their instincts secretly."

The Heavenly Demon scratched his cheek. Then he gave an awkward smile.

It seemed strange to Cale.

"Once I reached the Profound Realm and recognized the dark energy, I felt an inexplicable sense of confidence. With my ability, shouldn't I be able to dissipate and suppress it?"

Cale's expression became puzzled, but the Heavenly Demon calmly exposed the result.

"But I failed."

He shook his head.

"I overestimated this power. Now I have mistakenly disturbed the Middle and Lower Dantians, which has led them to constantly attack the Upper Dantian. The situation has led this dark energy to target the Upper Dantian."

The Heavenly Demon tapped his head.

"So if this dark energy takes the Upper Dantian, I will die."

A self-deprecating chuckle escaped his lips.

"This is what happens when I get cocky."

At that moment...

"You're wrong."

A woman's voice sounded from the ceiling.


The Heavenly Demon stiffened, but the voice continued from the ceiling.

"The Heavenly Demon didn't do this out of arrogance but to prevent the collapse of the Demon Cult."


For a moment, Cale's arms had goosebumps.

A dark red energy rose from the Heavenly Demon.

That energy was ruthless and rebellious, unlike his calm self.

But the voice from the ceiling did not stop.

"Heavenly Demon, you must stop carrying the burden alone."

"I won't tolerate one more word."

Gulp. Cale swallowed hard.

This man had the highest cultivation level of anyone he had met.

No wonder that dark red energy was so intimidating.

-Human, it's similar to your Dominating Aura!

Oh, really?

Cale was slightly surprised and stared at the dark red energy.

Suddenly, the voice from the ceiling fell silent, and the Heavenly Demon stopped as he noticed Cale staring at his energy.

'Have I looked for too long?'

Cale shrugged, and his expression turned stony. He felt like he needed to say more, so he opened his mouth.

"It's not about dying, is it? You don't have thoughts of dying yourself, do you?"

At the bluntness of the words, the Heavenly Demon's eyes flickered.

Dong. The sound of a thud on the ceiling sounded again.

In any case, Cale continued with his words.

"If what you're saying is true, wouldn't it be enough to submit to the dark energy up to the Upper Dantian?"

Then, that dark energy, Dead Mana, would spread through the Upper, Middle, and Lower Dantians.

"But that doesn't mean you'll die, right?"

Even if the dark energy penetrates the Middle and Lower Dantians, he won't die.

What does that mean?

"Heavenly Demon, at the moment that happens, you won't be thinking about dying, will you?"


"For the sake of the Demon Cult."

The expression disappeared from the Heavenly Demon's face.

"Perhaps, the other self, upon becoming a complete Living Jiangshi, will wage war against the Central Plains, causing the Demon Cult's destruction. If there's no solution despite all efforts to prevent it, you seem to think that your own death, the source of the problem, is the answer, right?"

When Cale finished his speech with a question...

Without hesitation, the Heavenly Demon responded.

"Yes, that's right."

With a satisfied smile, Cale pointed at himself.

"Does saying 'that's right' mean that things have changed now that I'm here?"

"Of course."

The Heavenly Demon replied bluntly. This human is secretly quite eloquent.

"I've heard about your Brain Demon Purification power. Now that I've experienced it, it seems you have the power to remove the dark energy."

A strange smile formed at the corners of the Heavenly Demon's mouth.

"However, this power doesn't seem to be related at all to the 'Nature Realm' state you're supposedly in."

"I didn't start that rumor."

Cale sighed involuntarily. The Heavenly Demon nodded.

"I know. It's just an interesting rumor. I like that kind of gossip and exaggeration. The exaggerations and misunderstandings of the Murim are interesting."


In an instant, Cale wondered what he had heard. However, the Heavenly Demon changed the subject without concern.

"Do you think you can get rid of this dark energy?"

Once he got to the point, Cale replied.

"Yes. I can get rid of it."

And he continued immediately.

"But you will lose all of your Inner Energy."

At that moment, Cale felt a creepy energy.

The moment he felt a murderous intent directed at him...

-How dare you!

Raon seemed to sense that murderous intent and got angry.


Black Mana started to swirl around Cale.

It was Raon's mana.


The Heavenly Demon called the Shadow Guardian, and at that moment, a voice sounded from the ceiling.

"I'm sorry, Young Master."

"It's okay."

Cale responded indifferently, adding.

"But don't do it next time."

You never know what Raon will do when he's angry.

And I'm quite scared myself, seriously.

Cale decided not to add any more words.

"...I understand what you mean, I'll keep it in mind, sorry."

Since the response had come automatically from the ceiling, Cale nodded as if he understood.

'The Guardians seem to value the Heavenly Demon a lot. The same with the Brain Demon.'

It wasn't just about worshiping the Heavenly Demon as a deity.

Rather, it seemed like he was taking care of his own family, his children, and siblings.

The Heavenly Demon met Cale's eyes and smiled bitterly.

'This must be quite complicated.'

He seemed to know why the Heavenly Demon had hidden his decision to die from everyone except the Shadow Guardian.

"Anyway, Young Master Kim. Can you explain why my Inner Energy would disappear?"

Cale nodded and recounted what had happened when he purified Namgung Taewi.

From the dark heart turning black to the Inner Energy in the Lower Dantian that was about to explode due to Dead Mana.


The Heavenly Demon, who nodded from time to time, closed his eyes when he heard the story of how Namgung Taewi had finally reached a point where he couldn't accumulate any more Inner Energy in the Lower Dantian.

Then, when he opened his eyes again and saw the expression on Cale's face, he spoke.

"It seems like you're expecting something."

Cale admitted honestly.

"Because you're the strongest among the Murim I've seen. I wonder if there's a way not to lose your Inner Energy."

Cale, who had been reading Martial Arts Novels for years, was confused as he experienced this Central Plains World.

When everyone mentioned "Dantian," they seemed to refer only to the area below the navel, so he thought there were no concepts of "Middle Dantian" or "Upper Dantian."

However, the Heavenly Demon had said that he had reached the "Upper Dantian."

This meant that there were also a "Middle Dantian" and "Lower Dantian."

It implied that he had overcome each of them, which also hinted at the existence of such a concept in martial arts.

'No, if you look at martial arts novels, they do exist.'

Cale let out what he was thinking.

"Is there any way to accumulate Inner Energy in the Upper Dantian or some way to maintain the Dantian itself, even if you lose some Inner Energy?"

The corner of the Heavenly Demon's mouth lifted.

"Is that what you want as a reward for purifying me? A method that allows you to keep Inner Energy in the Upper Dantian?"

Cale's mouth corners lifted as well.

"Oh, is it possible? Aren't you saying it's impossible?"



"You might want other things in exchange for purifying me. But why would you want that?"

Cale wore a puzzled expression at the usually eloquent Heavenly Demon's question. He couldn't help it.

'Well, wouldn't it be better that way? Don't we need people to fight alongside us when facing the Blood Cult?'

The next Kunlun Sect Leader was currently a Living Jiangshi. There was also Jeong Chan from Shaolin and Jegal Eunso from the Jegal Family. Furthermore, he didn't know about potential Living Jiangshi in the Evil Faction. In any case, those were rather important individuals. If so many people were to be purified at once, losing their martial arts and stepping down from their positions, it would be difficult to deal with the Blood Cult.

Cale decided he should take the lead in dealing with the Blood Cult, even if it was a bit more challenging, but now it seemed there was a solution.

'So, shouldn't I accept it?'

'Originally, I wanted to tell the Demon Cult to take the initiative in dealing with the Blood Cult.'

The Blood Demon was a human willing to die to prevent the Blood Cult from having its way. He didn't need to mention this part.

Seeing that the Heavenly Demon still wanted his answer, Cale responded embarrassedly.

"Because that's what's needed the most. Don't you already know that?"

He felt embarrassed for a reason.

'He knows.'

The Heavenly Demon seemed to have noticed all of Cale's thoughts. But why bother asking?

At that moment, Cale could see a wry smile on the Heavenly Demon's face.

"Well, I think I already know why there are so many rumors."


"No, nothing."

The Heavenly Demon chuckled, now under his breath.

"You're a very interesting man."

What is he saying now?

Just as Cale's expression turned confused, the Heavenly Demon spoke indifferently.

"I think I can come up with a way to accumulate Inner Energy in the Upper Dantian."

If he does that, then it would pave the way for Namgung Taewi to return to the path of a Martial Artist.

"And as for the purification method while protecting the Dantian, I've already thought about it as soon as I saw your power, so I'll have to experiment to know exactly how to do it."



Cale thought for a moment, then pointed at the Heavenly Demon.

"Are you the test subject?"

The ceiling trembled once more.

"Of course I am."

The ceiling trembled again as the Heavenly Demon answered simply.

The corners of Cale's lips lifted slightly.

"I'd like to hear your plans."

"Of course."

The Heavenly Demon began to lay out what he had in mind.

The ceiling trembled repeatedly.

-Human, human. Do you plan to purify someone again? If you vomit blood again this time like last time, I will shatter the entire Central Plains!

Raon kept rambling, but Cale thought as he listened to the Heavenly Demon.

'This should be easier than I thought.'

Cheapskate chimed in.

-Yes. It'll be easier if I use my Divine Power (신물).

Cale's expression brightened.

Somehow, he felt like he would be able to handle it without vomiting blood this time.

-You're making me nervous! Don't put on such a bright expression! Human, don't make such bright expressions! You're making me nervous!

Of course, Raon's words were ignored.



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