RDM (Novel) Chapter 521

Chapter 521

The smile that began at the corner of his mouth spread across his face.

It had been a long time since he had been so free with his emotions.

It was a testament to how amusing the current situation was.

Pyo Wol's face-changing technique was flawless. It was impossible to detect any discrepancies in his altered appearance. Yet his opponent had seen through his disguise merely by the look in his eyes.

Eom Soso had shown a perception and memory that surpassed Pyo Wol's expectations.

He never expected to encounter Eom Soso here, and he certainly did not anticipate that she would see through his disguise.

'This is what makes the world so fascinating. Unexpected challenges pop out when you least expect them.'

That's why he could never afford to let down his guard.

If he became complacent and let his guard down, he couldn't predict what might happen next.

For ordinary people, a bit of complacency may not lead to great harm, but for a martial artist like him, it could spell death.

The world of Kangho, in which he lived, was such a place.

A world where the slightest carelessness was not tolerated, where a moment's distraction could lead to a disastrous end.

Eom Soso had reminded Pyo Wol that he lived in such a ruthless world.

Pyo Wol was grateful for this reminder.

He was glad to have regained a sense of caution before falling deeper into complacency.


Pyo Wol's face began to change.

"As I thought!"

With her sword aimed at him, Eom Soso confirmed her suspicion.

"Oh, my!"

"My goodness!"

Unlike Eom Soso, the martial artists of Martial Sword Alliance were looking at Pyo Wol with shocked expressions. They could not have imagined that a person's face could change so dramatically without the use of drugs or tools.

Finally, Pyo Wol returned to his original appearance.

When his face, more beautiful than any woman's, was revealed under the sunlight, the martial

artists from the Martial Sword Alliance gasped.

'Is it even possible for a man's face...'

'Can a human face be so delicate and refined?'

They were completely overwhelmed by Pyo Wol's otherworldly aura.

Pyo Wol shrugged his shoulders and said,

"Is that all?"

"So it really was you." "Yes!"

"The ambush on the patrol unit... it was your doing, isn't it?"


"Why did you do it?"

"You're asking even though you know why?"

"Are you fine with making the Golden Heavenly Hall your enemy?"

"Why the sudden concern? You've already considered me your enemy."

At Pyo Wol's retort, Eom Soso furrowed her brows slightly.

Just as he said, she had regarded him as an enemy for quite some time.

Her lord Dokgo Hwang, had tried to win Pyo Wol over, but from the very beginning, she had seen Pyo Wol as someone she could never ally with.

He had always exuded a dangerous aura.

More than just a double-edged sword, Pyo Wol was like a reverse-bladed sword, his rebellious nature was too strong.

Managing and directing such a person was never an easy task.

And so, she had defined Pyo Wol as an entity she could never align with, and antagonized him from the get-go.

Eom Soso flared her nostrils as she spoke.

"You have to come with me to the Golden Heavenly Hall."

"I have other things to do."

"You don't have a right to refuse."

 "No, you don't have the right to talk about my right to refuse. I don't understand why you're

saying such things."

"So, negotiations have broken down."

"Were we supposed to negotiate in the first place?"

"Well, it's not something that can be resolved with words anyway."

Eom Soso wore a cold smile.

From the beginning, she never intended to negotiate with Pyo Wol.

All the questions she had asked until now were mere formalities.

Both Eom Soso and Pyo Wol knew this fact.

Suddenly, the deck was filled with martial artists from the Martial Sword Alliance, who had crossed over from the Black Whale.

The killing intent they exuded had long driven the passengers into their cabins.

Eom Soso said,

"You don't stand a chance. But don't give up too soon. I won't accept it anyway.

"You brought quite a crowd."

"I had to prepare for unexpected situations. And it seems my thoughts were right, since I've

caught you here."

Eom Soso's smile deepened.

Behind her, there were over two hundred martial artists. They were all elites of the Martial Sword Alliance.

They were particularly adept at fighting on ships.

Even among martial artists of the same level, these men had an overwhelming advantage due to their experience on ships.

Over two hundred such individuals were supporting her from behind.

Eom Soso had no reason to shrink back from Pyo Wol.

Pyo Wol spoke to Eom Soso,

"It seems you don't see the people around me."

"Your comrades? So what? Do you think I care about them at all?"

"You should."

"Trying to shake me with such words is pointless. You can't disturb me that easily."


Eom Soso raised her hand. And as she did, the martial artists who had been arrayed behind her launched a collective attack on Pyo Wol and his group.



Like a tidal wave, they rushed towards Pyo Wol and his group.

True to their experience of battling the rough waves on a daily basis, these men were tough and showed little fear.

That's why, even though they knew who Pyo Wol was, they attacked without showing any signs

of fear.

At that moment, Sal-no tapped his waist and grumbled.

"I was going to hold back and not move if I could help it. But daring to disrespect our leader, I can't bear it."


Sal-no disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was in the middle of the Martial Sword Alliance’s martial artists.

Thump! Thud!

Each time he casually swung his staff, a Martial Sword Alliance martial artist fell, their chests pierced.



Do Yeonsan and Nam Shin-woo also stood up to the martial artists of the Martial Sword Alliance

without hesitation.

Before joining the fierce battle, Eun-yo quickly glanced at Hong Ye-Seol .

"What about you, sister?"

"I have a bitch to deal with separately."


"I'm going to tear that bitch's mouth off."

The one Hong Ye-Seol was glaring at was none other than Eom Soso.

Eun-yo nodded silently.

Even in her shoes, she would've done the same.


She kicked a fallen Martial Sword Alliance martial artist's sword into the air.


A Martial Sword Alliance martial artist charged at her. But Eunyo, without panic, swung the sword horizontally.


With a sharp sound of slicing, the martial artist fell, blood spurting from his chest.

The Nine Heavens Demonic Sword.

The most potent blade technique of Xiaoleiyin Temple was being showcased.

Eun-yo, Do Yeonsan , Nam Shin-woo  were a formidable wall.

They formed a wedge formation and held the ground.

The martial artists from the Martial Sword Alliance fell, unable to overcome the wall they created.

Though the Unmado Riverboat was vast, it was still a ship after all.

It wasn't as wide as the land, so by blocking the narrow path in this way, they were able to fend

off a greater number of enemies despite being outnumbered.


Eom Soso was shocked at the unexpected spectacle.


A small dagger flew towards the back of her head without any warning.

It was an ambush by Hong Ye-Seol .


However, Eom Soso was a grandmaster who had reached the pinnacle.

Her senses were as sharp as an assassin's. Such keen senses caught Hong Ye-Seol 's ambush.


Eom Soso's sword repelled Hong Ye-seol 's dagger.

"Do not interfere!"

With a roar, Eom Soso attempted to attack Pyo Wol once more, but Hong Ye-seol intervened again.

"Who are you to decide his death?"


"If anyone's to kill him, it will be me. So stop meddling around my man and disappear."

"Oh, so you're one of those empty-headed cunts fascinated by that beautiful face."

"Let me show you how formidable a 'foolish woman' can be."

"Fuck off."


Eom Soso unsheathed her sword. However, before it could make contact, Hong Ye-seol vanished.

She was a stealthy assassin to her core.

Assassins don't fight directly with orthodox techniques.

Apart from Pyo Wol, most assassin's win fights through stealth attacks.

Hong Ye-Seol adhered faithfully to this unwritten rule of the assassins.

Using the bodies of the fallen Martial Sword Alliance martial artists, or objects on the ship as

cover, she stayed hidden while keeping an eye on Eom Soso.

"Damn it!"

Eom Soso gritted her teeth.

Her focus on Hong Ye-Seol prevented her from reaching her actual target, Pyo Wol.

To her, Hong Ye-Seol was like a mosquito.

She couldn't ignore her, but she wasn't easy to catch either.

What's more, the sting Hong Ye-Seol had wasn't simply painful or itchy. Instead, it was

dangerous enough to cost you your life.

Because of this, Eom Soso had no choice but to engage Hong Ye-Seol with all her might.

Pyo Wol stood still for a moment, observing the battlefield.

Do Yeonsan, Nam Shin-Woo, and Eun-Yo were certainly pulling their weight.

Do Yeonsan had started to utilize the power he obtained from the Ghost King effectively, and Eun-yo was freely demonstrating the ultimate techniques of the Xiaoleiyin Temple..

Nam Shin-woo  might have been the weakest among them, but he possessed an extraordinary ability of immortality that ordinary people didn't have.

His wounds healed in an instant, which allowed him to confront the Martial Sword Alliance martial artists without fear.

But the most impressive amongst them was Sal-no.

Despite his bent back, Sal-no's might, toppling the warriors of Martial Sword Alliance, was truly awe-inspiring.

"What the? This old man!"

"Damn it!"

"Grab him! We need to tie him down."

The Martial Sword Alliance warriors swarmed Sal-no to capture him, but to no avail.

Sal-no was as elusive as an eel, escaping from the slightest gaps and never getting caught.

However, the downside was that his attacks weren't powerful enough to kill more than one person at a time.

Besides, there were still many martial artists from the Martial Sword Alliance.

If they continued to fight like this, their side would wear out first.

If they were to call in the Black Shadow Assassins, who were secretly following, they could easily end this. But doing so would expose the fact that Pyo Wol is now the leader of Hundred Wraith Union.

That was not what Pyo Wol wanted.

Until the very end, it was crucial that no one knew Pyo Wol had become the leader of Hundred Wraith Union, but was also aiming to become the Supreme leader of all the assassin guilds, a position of even higher prestige.


Pyo Wol extended his Soul Reaping Thread silently, but no one noticed.


Without a sound, the Soul Reaping Thread cut through the air.

Thud, thud, thud!

Three men were instantly impaled by the Soul Reaping Thread.




With their dying screams, the warriors collapsed.

Pyo Wol launched the Soul Reaping Thread again.

This time, a similar number of warriors fell.

It was almost impossible to see the thin Soul Reaping thread with the naked eye.

At first, the Martial Sword Alliance warriors didn't realize that Pyo Wol had joined the fight. However, as ten or more warriors were killed in succession, they realized Pyo Wol was striking from the shadows.

"It's a Qi Thread."

"It's the signature technique of the Reaper."

"Everyone be careful."

They didn't know the exact name, but there was no one who didn't know that the Qi Thread was Pyowol's Signature Technique. However, just knowing about it didn't make the Soul Reaping Thread any easier to block.

Thud, thud, thud!

The faint sound of penetration echoed continuously, and countless people fell dead.

Neither blocked nor avoided.

The thin silver thread weaved through the battlefield, leading countless warriors to their deaths.

At this sight, Eom Soso's eyes flared with fury.

"Pyo Wol!"

Discarding Hong Ye-Seol, she charged towards Pyo Wol.


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