RDM (Novel) Chapter 520

 Chapter 520

The voice was neither loud nor soft.

Blended with the rustling of the wind, it was a voice so subtle that if one didn't intentionally listen, it would be indistinguishable. Yet, upon hearing it, Do Yeonsan and others felt chills.

Goosebumps rose on their skin, their fingertips tingling.

These thirty members of Black Shadow Assassins were not just any assassins.

They were the final force supporting the assassin group known as the Hundred Wraith Union.

Assassins who pledged their allegiance only to their leader.

They didn't carelessly utter the term 'Supreme Leader'.

Even the former leader didn't receive the title of 'Supreme Leader'. Yet, they were now calling Pyo Wol the 'Supreme Leader'.

Such was the impact of the martial prowess Pyo Wol had displayed.

To the point where even the mighty Hong Ye-Seol was powerless to stop him.

The assassination techniques demonstrated by Pyo Wol sent shivers down the spines of the Black Shadow Assassins.

They were assassins too.

Naturally, they could recognize how transcendent the assassination techniques shown by Pyo Wol were.

A realm they dared not dream of reaching.

Pyo Wol's assassination techniques opened their eyes.

The small tremors on the shoulders of these men kneeling on one knee were no coincidence.

The same was true for Sal-no.

Sal-no looked at Pyo Wol with a face full of admiration.

"Finally, the supreme leader of all Assassin Guilds..."

He wasn't just talking about the leader of the Hundred Wraith Union.

He was referring to the Master who would dominate all assassin guilds in the world.

"To witness the Supreme Leader of all the Assassin guilds in my lifetime..."

Pyo Wol hadn't yet taken control of all the Assassin guilds.

He only brought three, including the Hundred Wraith Union, under his control. That made Sal-no even more excited.

Because he could observe Pyo Wol's journey from the beginning.

How much longer could he live, having already lived a full life?

There wasn't much regret left for his remaining life.

If there was a last wish, it was to witness the birth of the Supreme Leader of all the assassin guilds.


Sal-no knelt down and bowed his head.

"I, your humble servant Sal-no, stand before the supreme leader who will rule all the assassin guilds of the world. I pledge my loyalty to you, ready to jump into any flames you command without hesitation. Just give me your command.

"Give us your command, Supreme Leader!"

The Black Shadow Assassins echoed Sal-no's words.

Their voices swept across the reed field like a wave. Hong Ye-Seol whispered to him from the side.

"Say something."

Only then did Pyo Wol look at the Black Shadow Assassins.

The assassins, who rarely showed emotion, were staring at him with uncharacteristically fiery eyes.

They were his subordinates now.

Following Hong Ye-Seol's advice, he had to say something.

"I will value you."

Pyo Wol said it simply, without any unnecessary words.

The Black Shadow Assassins, on the other hand, reacted passionately, recognizing the sincerity in Pyo Wol's words.

"We will serve you with all our heart."


They echoed in unison once more.

Pyo Wol nodded and waved his hand. Suddenly, as if by magic, the thirty Black Shadow Assassins vanished from sight.

They intended to guard the leader covertly, as they had always done.

Sal-no stood up and approached Pyo Wol.

"Thank you for accepting to be the supreme leader of the Hundred Wraith Union. I, too, will serve you with loyalty."

"You manage the Hundred Wraith Union as you have been doing. Just report on the important matters."


Sal-no responded politely.

With a carefree smile, Hong Ye-Seol adjusted her headband.

"Well, I suppose I'll return to being a ten blood assassin now.

She seemed relieved.

The heavy burden that had been pressing down on her was finally gone, and her cheerful spirit was restored.

Do Yeonsan, Nam Shin-woo, and Eun-yo approached them.

"Are you two okay?"

In truth, Do Yeonsan's words were more directed at Hong Ye-Seol than Pyo Wol.

Hong Ye-Seol shrugged her shoulders. It was her way of saying she was okay.

At that, Do Yeonsan finally let out a sigh of relief.

Seeing the three of them, Hong Ye-Seol smiled.


Pyo Wol and his group returned to the Unmado River boat.

In their absence, the boat had nearly completed preparations for departure, loading fresh cargo.

As if waiting for them to board, the Unmado Riverboat left the dock.

Although Pyo Wol had become the new leader of Hundred Wraith Union, little had changed.

Pyo Wol was still Pyo Wol, and others interacted with him as they always had. Only Sal-no's demeanor became noticeably more respectful.

He stood next to Pyo Wol, briefing him about the Hundred Wraith Union.

The current power, finances, residences, and the status of their allies - Sal-no shared every detail with Pyo Wol.

Even if Pyo Wol didn't directly manage Hundred Wraith Union, these were the basics he had to know.

Pyo Wol silently listened to Sal-no's report.

Sal-no's report continued for half a day.

"That is all."

Sal-no wiped the beads of sweat trickling down his forehead.

"You've worked hard."

"No, it's my duty."

"Not anyone can report for half a day."

"I do it with pleasure. Don't concern yourself, Master."

A smile appeared on Sal-no's wrinkled face.



A faint whistle suddenly sounded.

The expressions of both Sal-no and Hong Ye-Seol hardened simultaneously.

It was a signal from the Black Shadow Assassins].

"A ship is approaching from the front," reported Sal-no.

"A ship?"

"An ordinary ship wouldn't warrant such a response from the Black Shadow Assassins. It's probably a ship related to a powerful sect or faction in Kangho."

"Perhaps it's related to the Golden Heavenly Hall or the Silver Lotus Hall”

"What should we do?"

"Let's watch and decide."


The situation was still unclear. They had to understand the reason for the approaching ships first.

Pyo Wol, with his arms crossed, gazed forward.

After a while, a large ship came into view from the opposite side.

Its hull was as black and grand as a humpback whale.

At a glance, it was a far cry from an ordinary ship.

It was the kind of vessel one could never encounter in a gently flowing river like the Yangtze river.

"Is it a sea vessel?"

"Correct. It's a ship built in an optimal shape for sailing through high waves in the sea."

"As expected, it's a ship mainly active in the sea."


Pyo Wol closed his eyes for a moment.

In his knowledge, there were only two sects that would bring a sea vessel to the Yangtze River.

One was the Ghost Fleet, and the other was the Martial Sword Alliance, the rulers of the South Sea.

The leader of the Ghost Fleet was Go Il-won, the descendant of New Moon Manor.

Go Il-won might bear a grudge against Pyo Wol. However, it was quite a stretch to think that he'd already found Pyo Wol.

Above all, if Go Il-won had moved, the entire Ghost Fleet would move together, not just send a single ship like this.

"It seems to be a ship from the Martial Sword Alliance."

"I think so too. The martial sword alliance’s ship might have been dispatched because of the

Patrol Squad. What would you like to do?"

"We have to confront it. We're in the middle of the river, so avoiding it would be tricky."


The Unmado Riverboat was built to transport people, carriages, and cargo. They were well suited for steady travel on the river, but their slow speed made it difficult to escape.

Rather than acting hastily, it was important to make contact with the enemy ship first and ascertain their intentions.

The ship from Martial Sword Alliance slowly approached the Unmado Riverboat on which Pyo Wol was aboard.

It was clear that the Unmado Riverboat was their target.

The Martial Sword Alliance ship aligned its hull closely with the Unmado Riverboat.

"What's happening?"

"Why are they doing this?"

The passengers trembled with fear.

They worried about being robbed right in the middle of the Yangtze River.


Finally, the Martial Sword Alliance's ship clung perfectly to the side of the Unmado Riverboat.

The hull of the Unmado Riverboat screamed as though it would shatter any moment.

"Everyone, cross over."

At someone's command, the figures aboard the Martial Sword Alliance ship all hopped onto the Unmado Riverboat simultaneously.

"No, wait. What is the meaning of this?"

The captain of the Unmado Riverboat protested vehemently.

Despite the fear of martial artists, he was the captain responsible for the safety of the Unmado Riverboat.

He couldn't not protest.



However, what returned was brutal violence.

One of the martial artists who crossed over to the Unmado Riverboat kicked the captain in the stomach. The captain flew far, hit the railing, and passed out.

"How dare a lowly sailor..."

The martial artist who kicked the captain's stomach released his aura.

He looked around the deck with icy eyes.

The passengers shrunk back at his intense glare, bowing their heads or looking away.

It was near impossible for common folks to withstand the fierce gaze of a martial artist.

Escorted by the martial artists, a woman crossed over last.

The woman, emanating an overwhelming cold atmosphere, was Eom Soso.

After surveying the deck for a moment, Eom Soso walked straight towards where Pyo Wol and his party were.

The atmosphere around Pyo Wol's group was peculiarly different.

Pyo Wol and Eom Soso had seen each other's faces several times before. But those were all when Pyo Wol was in his usual appearance. She had never seen this disguised face of his.

Thus, Eom Soso failed to recognize Pyo Wol. But she sensed an odd discomfort from him.

She addressed Pyo Wol, forcing a calm expression.

"I am Eom Soso of Martial Sword Alliance. I apologize for this inconvenience. I promise we won't cause any more trouble if you cooperate."


"What is your name?"

Eom Soso directly addressed Pyo Wol.

After staring at Eom Soso for a moment, Pyo Wol opened his mouth.

"I am Jin So-myeong of the Three Blue Pavilion."

"Three Blue Pavilion?"

"You wouldn't have heard of it. It's a small sect..."

"No, I have heard of it."

Eom Soso answered decisively.

Three Blue Pavilion was a sect barely known in Kangho. However, independent of that, Eom Soso knew it well.

She stared intently at Pyo Wol.

"I once visited the Three Blue Pavilion a long time ago. I have seen Master Jin So-myeong



"But Jin So-myeong I remember didn't look like you. Who are you?"

"I said I'm Jin So-myeong."

"I told you, I've visited the Three Blue Pavilion."

At that time, she was in the middle of a training journey to complete her sword art.

In search of worthy opponents, she visited several sects of Kangho, including the Three Blue Pavilion.

She had a duel with Jin So-myeong, the head of Three Blue Pavilion.

The reason Eom Soso still remembered Jin So-myeong was that his martial arts skills were incredibly lacking.

Of course, that was by her standards.

Anyway, although it was a long time ago, Eom Soso had a duel with Jin So-myeong, and his face then and now were very different. Not only his appearance but his aura also changed drastically.

So much so, it was impossible to believe they were the same person.

She felt something, and stared intently at Pyo Wol.

"That... gaze?"

It was a gaze she had surely seen somewhere.

There were only very few people who had eyes that made such a deep and lasting impression on her.


Suddenly, Eom Soso drew her sword, and so did the Martial Sword Alliance’s warriors waiting behind her.

Eom Soso shouted.

"Pyo Wol! You are Pyo Wol, aren't you?"


"You can disguise your face, but you can't hide that gaze."

Eom Soso was convinced that the person before her was Pyo Wol.

The faint crimson light flickering in Pyo Wol's eyes.

She clearly detected that subtle light that ordinary people could not distinguish.

"Pyo Wol! Reveal your true self."

At her shout, Pyo Wol subtly smiled.

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