TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 372

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 372


When Raon had a creepy smile, Runaan suddenly appeared like lightning and extended a square box.

Inside the box was a familiar bead ice cream.

"Eat it."

He opened the lid of the box and tilted it forward. Two scoops of cookies and mint chocolate ice cream were visible.

It seemed like she really didn't want to train if she was willing to give up bead ice cream, especially mint chocolate.


Raon looked behind the box at Runaan's face. With her blank eyes and calm expression, she didn't seem to dislike training.

'She must have given it to me to just eat it.'

"You've improved a lot."

Runaan's rank was even higher than when she was in Owen Kingdom.

If she had changed that much to the expert top rank, it meant she had worked hard every day.

What are you doing!

Wrath extended his tongue while looking at the ice cream.

You can't even accept a gift! Eat it quickly!

He pounded his back like a drum, saying the ice cream would melt.

'I have to train them.'

Can't training wait until tomorrow! Even if they die, die tomorrow!

'I don't intend to kill them.'

It was just training, but I don't understand why everyone is making such a fuss.

"Thank you."

Raon smiled as he received the box that Runaan handed him.


Runaan nodded as if urging him to eat quickly.

As the atmosphere softened, Burren and Martha approached cautiously.

"Raon. It's been a while. Did things go well on your travels?"

"Why did you come so late! You said you'd be right back!"

"I had a bit of work."

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the two.

"They've been training properly on this side too."

Martha and Burren had clearly grown just as much as Runaan. These two had also put in their all for training.

'The others as well.'

Not as much as Runaan, Martha, and Burren, but the other members had also improved significantly.

Everyone had come together to endure tough and exhausting training. This level of achievement was more than enough to be recognized.

Sheesh! Have they gotten much stronger or not? Today, sheesh! Forgive them.

'Wipe your drool and speak properly'

Without even looking at the members, Wrath focused only on the ice cream and let his saliva flow.

"While you were gone, we really trained hard. So, don't mind what he said, and how about taking a break today?"

"Yeah. Is that brat talking nonsense for a day or two?"

Burren and Martha frowned and glanced at Krein.

"Right! vice-leader!"

"Handsome vice-leader, please!"

"Oh, training just ended not long ago!"

"Plus, it's late, so let's start from tomorrow!"

Other Light Wind members approached quickly to seize the opportunity, wearing forced smiles.


Runaan, whether she responded or not, only stared at the ice cream box.

Raon nodded at Light Wind members as they all met his gaze.

"As you said, it is an achievement worthy of recognition."


Wrath licked his lips as if he was about to eat ice cream.

"Our vice-leader is so generous!"

"We didn't miss a single day of training."

Burren and Martha also smiled excitedly, thinking that there would be no additional training.

"So I'll give you a chance."

"A chance?"

"What kind of chance?"

Raon pointed to Dorian, who was chewing on a cookie behind him.

"If you've really trained hard, you should be able to beat Dorian, who was robbed of his time by traveling with me, right?"

He turned his finger to Krein, who was standing there dumbly.

"If Krein beats Dorian, I'll let everyone go cleanly, and I'll give everyone free time tomorrow."

You're really...

Wrath, who knew everything, sighed.

'Why? Krein might win.'

He looked at Dorian with a chuckle. He had reached the highest level of expert through this journey, and he was filled with confidence.

"But if he loses..."

Raon looked down at everyone with a colder gaze than he had ever seen before.

"From now until the sun rises tomorrow, you will train."


"If that's the bet, we have to accept it!"

Burren and Martha smiled brightly, thinking that Krein would definitely win.


"We only believe in you!"

"Don't just talk, make sure you win!"

"Krein! Show us your blood and sweat!"

The other members of the Light Wind also waved their hands and cheered, predicting Krein's victory.

Krein was the vice-captain, and he was originally far ahead of Dorian in terms of skill, so everyone thought they had already won.


Dorian came forward with a surprised expression.

"Can I really beat the vice-captain?"

"Winning is one thing. They're even being careless. If you can't finish it in one blow, you'll be climbing the mountain all night by yourself."


Dorian closed his eyes for a moment and recalled his time in Rocan.

'It was hell.'

While climbing a cliff, Raon rolled rocks and trees from the top to the ground.

Of course, he saved him before he died, but he could never forget that experience because he really felt what death was.

'That was the only one in the Light Wind!'

Only he and Mark Gorton had experienced that hell. He couldn't do that crazy thing alone.

"Kugh! I won't die alone."

When Dorian opened his eyes, his eyes were filled with a blue glow. He ran up to Krein, grabbed his training sword, and waved his hand.

"Come at me!"

"You arrogant brat!"

Krein glared at Dorian and bit his lip.

Raon stood between the two men and lowered his hand.

"Come on, let's release our pent-up emotions with our swords."

With that, he raised the hand he had lowered.



As soon as the duel began, Dorian moved first. He gritted his teeth and swung his sword as if he was in a desperate situation.


Krein snorted and raised his sword to block the attack.

"You're still in a hurry. This way, you'll never be able to beat me... huh?"

He felt the energy coming from Dorian's sword and widened his eyes in surprise.

'What, what is this! Why is it so strong!'

He tried to block Dorian's sword with all his might, but it was too late. His sword was already at his forehead.

"Wait a minute!"


Dorian ignored Krein's words and swung his sword down.


Krein fell to the ground with his eyes rolled back, as the training sword was thrust into the center of his forehead.


Dorian exhaled hot breath, tightly gripping his sword.

"I can't die. I can't die alone! Even if I die, I'll..."

He muttered that he couldn't die, as if he was possessed by something.


"What, what is it!"

"K, Krein lost? Even if today's training was tough, it's... impossible."

"Is this true?"

The members of the Light Wind opened their mouths wide as they saw Krein lying on the ground and Dorian puffing out his chest.

"What did I just see?"

"I don't know. Damn it..."

Buren and Martha also shook their jaws at the unexpected situation.


What broke their confusion was the sound of Raon's clapping.

"The match is over."

Raon curled his lips as he received the gaze of the stunned swordsmen.

"Now, are you not dissatisfied? Then let's go. To my special training."

With that, Raon picked up the collapsed Krein. He had to give everyone an equal opportunity to become stronger, so he didn't even think about leaving him unconscious.


Wrath shook his lips as he looked at Raon's back, who was heading to the mountain.

Even demons don't do this these days.

It's not something that even happens in demon realm to make a bet with a predetermined outcome. I wonder how that demon's head is made.

He's definitely going to hell... No, first eat the mint chocolate!

*     *      *

Glenn Zieghart frowned as he paced around the reception hall. His eyes were shaking slightly, as if he was worried.

After circling the stage for a long time, Glenn sat down on the throne and bent over.


He lowered his eyebrows as he looked at Roenn below the stage.

"It's been a long time since you said he passed through the main gate, but why is he not returned yet?"

"It seems that he is being considerate of the lord."

Roenn smiled and bowed his head.


"Yes. It's late."

He turned his gaze to the moon in the sky.

"He probably thought it would be rude to meet you now, so he'll come tomorrow."

Sheryl also agreed that Raon did it for Glenn's sake and smiled.


Glenn cleared his throat and lowered his gaze.

"I don't need that kind of consideration. As always, he's just doing useless things."

He licked his lips in disappointment.

Roenn and Sheryl looked at Glenn with gentle smiles.

"Oh, then I'll bring him over?"

Rimmer raised his hand, leaning against a round pillar.

"I haven't seen my disciple in a while. I'll bring him over now?"

"Hey. He must be tired, He'll be resting"

"No, if it were him, he would have gone to the training grounds."

Rimmer clicked his tongue, saying that Roenn and Sheryl didn't know Raon well.

"What should we do? Shall I bring him over?"

He shook his fingers at Glenn.


Glenn looked down at Rimmer without answering.

"Oh, you must not like it. Then I'll just go see him. I need to have a drink with my disciple who's over twenty years old. Well, see you later... ."


As Rimmer waved his hand and was about to leave, Glenn slammed the armrest of the throne.

"...Bring him over."

"Huh? I can't hear you. It's too quiet!"

"Br, bring him over."

"What are you saying? I don't know what you're talking about, Grandpa!"

"You... ."

With Glenn's anger, a thick cloud of lightning appeared in the air.

"Oh no! If you drop this, I can't go! No, I won't go!"


The lightning that filled the reception hall quickly subsided at his words.

"Of course Raon is right!"

Rimmer laughed and opened the door to the reception hall.

"I'll bring him over right away!"

He waved his hand mischievously and left.

"After Raon comes back, catch that guy."


"I understand."

Roenn and Sheryl nodded at the same time.

Sheryl looked at the door Rimmer had left and smiled coldly.

"I'll get rid of one elf corpse today."


*      *       *

Burren climbed the cliff of Bukmangsan mountain, biting his lip.

"How did Dorian become so strong?"

He had only seen a single sword strike, but he could sense that the guy's power had changed significantly from before.

He had thought he experienced hell in this place, but it seemed like hell was actually sitting next to Raon.

"Still, he didn't make it too unbearable."

Training to climb the cliffs with supressed aura was honestly not that difficult.

"It's fundamentally physical training."

Climbing cliffs barehanded had been one of the outstanding physical exercises since ancient times. During their trainee days, Rimmer had even told them to climb mountains as punishment for being lazy.

"I wondered what he had in store for us, but this seems pretty easy."

Martha also smiled, saying that climbing the cliffs was like a walk in the park.


Runaan seemed to have more relaxation as she climbed the cliffs, dozing off intermittently.

"He's not a complete demon."

"Yeah, he's got a conscience. If not, I'd have to dig a hole."

"Even the vice-leader is human... kind of."

Burren nodded as the other members of the Light Wind squad engaged in light conversation while climbing the cliffs.

"But he's not that kind of person..."

Krein, with a large bump on his forehead, frowned.

"What do you mean?"

"If It's the vice-leader. It doesn't seem like he'd finish a training just like this."

"He's still human, cut him some slack."

Burren shrugged, pointing out that Raon was originally a good guy.

"Well, he's a good guy, but when it comes to training, he's uncompromising."

Just as Krein was voicing his thoughts, there was a thunderous crash from the summit.

"What's that sound... cough!"

Before Krein could finish speaking, he was hit by a falling rock from the cliff and fell below.


He fell without grabbing onto anything in the middle and disappeared from view.


"What's going on?"

"Why did rocks suddenly start flying...?"

Burren, Martha, and the Light Wind squad members all simultaneously raised their heads.

Thud! Thud, thud, thud!

Accompanied by the sound of the cliff collapsing, logs were falling from above.


"Why are logs coming from here?"

"This is insane!"

The members of the Light Wind squad screamed and scattered in all directions to avoid the logs.

"To safety... cough!"


However, even to their hiding places, rocks were flying, causing them to fall to the ground one by one.

"Take cover!"

"Rocks are flying!"

"We'll die if we fall!"

The members of the Light Wind squad quickly crawled along the cliff like insects, trying to escape, but the rocks seemed to have waited and struck them in vital areas.



"Help meeee!"

The members of the Light Wind squad were gradually diminishing, leaving nothing but screams in their wake.


Martha narrowly dodged a flying stone with her head and lifted it up, exclaiming in anger.

"You crazy bastard!"

She cursed at Raon, who was at the summit, and sharpened her insults.

"Did you really come back insane? I'll kill you... Argh!"

Martha hadn't finished her tirade before a stone hit her side, causing her to fall to the ground.


Burren was left speechless. Now, only he and the still-dozing Runaan remained.

"Runaan, Runaan! Get up! You might really... Argh!"

As he tried to wake Runaan, a fist-sized stone descended from the summit.


Burren pressed himself against the cliff, narrowly avoiding a stone that aimed for his throat. But that wasn't the end of it. Stones rained down from various places, as if they were waiting.

"I can't die here!"

He used every ounce of his strength to dance around the falling rocks like a meteor shower.


When he narrowly avoided a shoulder-high rock, a fist-sized stone fell onto his forehead.

"This damned psycho... It hurts!"

Receiving the second stone squarely on his forehead, his strength drained from his limbs.

"The crazy bastard... damn it!"

With his strength waning, Raon had placed a psycho aura on the rocks. Burren couldn't withstand it any longer.

Half out of his mind, Burren fell from the cliff.


He wanted to grab onto something, but he had no strength left.

"All goodbye... Huh?"

Thinking of death, something soft cushioned his fall.


As he raised his gaze, he saw a neat middle-aged man who had come with Raon earlier. It seemed like the man had caught him without any trouble.

"Are you alright?"

"I'm... I'm okay. Thank you."

Burren nodded and stood up.

"Captain, you're late."

"Still, you held out the longest."

"Ugh, it was really terrifying..."

The other members of the Light Wind squad were sitting on the ground unharmed.

"Damn it..."

Martha cursed and pounded the cliff with her fist.


When Burren was standing there dazed, he saw an elegant, middle-aged man who had come with Raon earlier. It seemed like the man had caught him without any trouble.

The middle-aged man moved lightly, caught Runaan, and then placed her on the ground.

"Thank you."

Runaan nodded calmly, as if she had experienced such situations many times before.

"Now, what should we do..."


When everyone was unsure of what to do, Raon's voice echoed from above the cliff.

"Don't forget we're training until sunrise! Come back up!"

The Light Wind squad members, although their eyes were red from anger, perked up at Raon's cheerful and bright voice.

"This time, we won't lose!"

"Let's climb up and give that guy a beating!"

"We won't fall, no matter what!"

From below, the Light Wind squad members began to rally, their passion burning brighter than before, perhaps fueled by anger.

"That's right. This is how it should feel."

Raon smiled coolly as he rolled the log towards the area with the most squad members.


With a deafening crash that seemed to make the cliff collapse, the log fell onto the heads of the Light Wind squad members.


"Krein fell again!"


Two members fell from the log at once. Considering that more than five fell when he threw it earlier, it was a remarkable achievement.

Raon continued to drop the log consecutively, eliminating over ten contestants. Then, he picked up some rocks.

"Now it's getting real."

With a grin, he was about to throw a rock when a cool but gentle breeze blew from behind.

"Why are you tormenting them as soon as you arrive?"

Hearing the familiar voice, Raon turned around. Rimmer was there, wearing a smile reminiscent of when he gambled and waved his hand.

"Squad leader."

Raon stood up and hugged Rimmer, who had changed significantly after acquiring the artificial energy center. He felt like a different person now. It was a sensation similar to sharp lightning surging through the cheerful wind.

"You haven't been playing around, have you?"

"Well, I have, actually."


Raon praised him, but an unexpected rebuttal followed. It was classic Rimmer. It finally sank in that he had returned to the Light Wind squad.

"Let's stop playing and go."

"Where to?"

"First, let's pay our respects to the adults at home. The lord has been looking for you."

"At this hour?"

It was late, and Raon had planned to visit the head of house tomorrow, but he didn't expect to be summoned so soon.


Rimmer nodded with a gentle smile.

"It seems like he wants to give you a present."


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