RDM (Novel) Chapter 506

 C 506

The Unmado Riverboat cut serenely through the river.

A substantial amount of rain had fallen recently, causing the river to surge and flow swiftly. Yet, the Unmado River boat carried on without showing the slightest hint of instability. Its massive size made it immune to the rapid currents.

However, its speed was very slow.

The greatest virtue of the Unmado Riverboat was its safety.

Being so large, it was filled with horses, carriages, and lots of cargo. The purpose of the Unmado Riverboat was to safely deliver these goods to their destination. For the sake of protecting the cargo, it couldn't afford to increase its speed.

Pyo Wol sat on the deck and looked up at the sky.

The sun had set and darkness had fallen.

The ship continued to sail with numerous lanterns hanging from the bow.

The captain and crew, who had traversed these waters countless times, knew the terrain intimately.Even in the dark, they could avoid the reefs and steer the large boat.

As the darkness deepened, the other passengers retreated to their cabins, leaving only Pyo Wol.

Pyo Wol lifted his head and looked at the night sky.

The sea of stars spread out widely.

Each star, boasting its own presence, was emitting a brilliant light.

Starlight filled Pyo Wol's eyes.

'Even in the darkest night, there is light.'

Although he already knew this fact, seeing it first hand stirred a different sense of appreciation.

Since ancient times, people often linked human destinies to stars.

Some people were said to be born with the fate of the Purple Star and ruled the world. While, some were said to carry the curse of the Heaven Slayer Star, destined to bring calamity.

So revered were these celestial beings that the most respected martial artists in the present world were often referred to as the Eight Constellations.

Brilliant stars that illuminate the darkness.

However, several of them lost their lives at the hands of Pyo Wol. Even so, the honor of the constellation was not attached to the title of Pyo Wol.

He was the profound darkness residing at the deepest part of the starry sea.

Devouring other stars and expanding, but people were completely oblivious to it.

The darkness that devours stars is terrifying because it doesn't show itself.

People were more afraid of threats they couldn't see.

Pyo Wol had to be like that too.

He had openly revealed his face and identity in the past, but now he would meticulously hide himself. Hence, he chose not to intervene when Jo han-pyeong and Eun-yo collided.

Those who were with him should have the ability to handle such threats themselves.

It was then.

"Big brother!"

Suddenly, a familiar voice rang in his ear.

Turning his head, he saw Eun-yo.

Eun-yo walked lightly and approached Pyo Wol.

"What are you thinking about?"

"Just this and that......"

"You look troubled."

"Why did you come out without resting?"

"My mind is a little complicated too."

"Is it because of what happened during the day?"


"Don't doubt your choice. You did well."



"I'm relieved."

Eun-yo let out a slight sigh of relief.

Though she made a decision unilaterally, she was worried that Pyo Wol might not like it. Unable to sleep due to this, she stepped out and ran into Pyo Wol.

Standing by Pyo Wol's side, Eun-yo looked at the river swallowed by the darkness.

A cool breeze blew, gently lifting her hair.

As she tidied up her messy hair, her eyes suddenly lit up.

She stopped moving and stared at the river swallowed by the darkness.

Creak! Creak!

A faint noise echoed from across the river.

It was a minute sound, only audible if one were to strain their ears.

"What's that?"

"It seems you're right."


Eun-yo let out a sigh.

How foolish the human psyche is, never deviating an inch from expectations.

The sound now was unmistakably that of an oar rowing.

In Pyo Wol's eyes, over a dozen small boats were approaching the Unmado River Boat.

Each boat was carrying more than ten people.

They were rowing towards the Unmado River Boat.

At the forefront was Jo Han-pyeong.

His clenched jaw and bulging eyes looked as threatening as a viper ready to strike.

Jo Han-pyeong had returned with the elite of Hundred Mountain Valley.

"I gave them a last chance, though......"

She knew this would happen, but she felt foolish for thinking they might behave differently.


Eun-yo gave a little whistle. As if they had been waiting, Do Yeonsan and Nam Shin-woo came out.

They weren't surprised to see the small boats approaching the Unmado River Boat.

"As expected, he came back."

"What's so special about being the young master of the Hundred Mountain Valley? Even a small fry like me wouldn't act that way."

The two shook their heads.

They, like Eun-yo, were not letting their guard down.

Since they had already prepared, they were not surprised that Jo Han-pyeong had returned leading the elite of Hundred Mountain Valley.

The only concern was the passengers on the boat.

If they made a mistake, the innocent passengers could be swept up in their fight and suffer great damage. That was something he had to prevent.

No matter how chaotic the world was, there were things that needed to be protected.

At least, they had to ensure that people who were innocent wouldn't be harmed in the conflict of Kangho.

Eun-yo said.

"We absolutely can't let them board the Unmado River Boat."

"We'll have to resolve this on the river."

"And as quietly as possible......"

The three looked at each other and nodded.

Do Yeonsan, as the representative of the three, spoke to Pyo Wol.

"I'll be back. Brother!"


At Pyo Wol's response, Do Yeonsan grinned and swiftly launched himself from the Unmado River Boat.

He was followed by Eun-yo and Nam Shin-woo.

Chae-Mu-ok, who came out late, hesitated for a moment at the sight, but soon followed them.

Pyo Wol was left alone, watching their retreating figure.

As the four of them boarded, the small boat began to rock heavily. It marked the start of an intense battle.

Too far away for ordinary people to hear, the passengers on the Unmado River Boat were oblivious to the fierce battle taking place nearby.

Only Pyo Wol, at least, could hear the shouts and screams of people.

The four of them were like wolves plunging into a flock of sheep.

Every time they unsheathed their swords, someone screamed and fell into the river.

In the confines of the boat, the four were invincible.

Everyone on the boat was an elite of Hundred Mountain Valley. However, ironically, they were not accustomed to fighting on a boat.

They were unable to adapt to the violent motion of the boat, which tossed and turned with the slightest movement.

Their original goal was to board the Unmado River Boat and launch a surprise attack. Once on the Unmado River Boat, there was no need to worry about the movement of the raging river.

However, by attacking on the small boats first, Eun-yo and the others completely eliminated the advantage they could have had.

Pyo Wol stood still, staring at the spectacle.

Hong Ye-seol and Sal-no approached Pyo Wol.

Sal-no exclaimed as he watched Eun-yo and others engaged in the fierce battle.

"Ha! Just as the master said, she let Jo Han-pyeong go to completely remove the potential threats."

Sal-no had a genuinely admiring expression.

It was simply astonishing that a young lady who had just made her debut in the martial world, not a seasoned warrior like Pyo Wol or Hong Ye-seol, had such a meticulous mind.

Not only did she have a strong mind, but she also had the strength to carry out the plans she had conceived in her head into reality.

A rare combination of both martial and scholarly prowess.

And there were as many as three of them.

The more he saw, the more he admired. Even excluding Chae Mu-ok, who had temporarily joined them, there were three people with enough talent to revive a martial arts school, all gathered around Pyo Wol.

'If they're this strong now, how much stronger will they be in a few years?

The mere thought sent shivers down his spine.

In his eyes, he could almost see the martial prowess of the three fully grown.

What was even more terrifying was that the three of them sincerely followed Pyo Wol. Their bond was so strong that it exceeded imagination and was hard to break.

'Whew! It's scary. So scary!'

For the first time in his life, Sal-no felt fear towards someone else.

That's when it happened.


With a faint mist, Pyo Wol's figure vanished.


Sal-no was shocked.

He hadn't been able to detect Pyo Wol's disappearance with his senses. He only realized after Pyo Wol had vanished.

Sal-no, a seasoned assassin, prided himself on his keen senses. However, he was unable to discern where Pyo Wol had disappeared to with those senses.

"What on earth..."

Goosebumps rose on his arms.

A ship as large as the Unmado River Boat was floating on the river.

To the unknowing eye, it could be mistaken for a small island, so huge was the ship.

The name of the ship was Snake King Ship.

The Snake King Ship was the treasure of Hundred Mountain Valley.

The ship was big and spacious enough to accommodate all the warriors of Hundred Mountain Valley, and even had mobility. It could very well be called a fortress on the river.

It was extremely rare for the Snake King Ship to leave the Hundred Mountain Valley and sail.

Maintaining such a large ship was not cheap.Thus, unless it was to show off the prestige of the valley master, the Snake King Ship rarely moved.

The lord of Hundred Mountain Valley was Jo Gu-su.

Unlike his ambitious son, he had little desire.

Gu Seon-hak, the Lord of the Luminous Jade Valley, who had separated from the Heaven High Castle, wanted to reunite the Green Forest, which was divided into two valleys and four fortresses. However, Jo Gu-su was content to be the lord of the Hundred Mountains Valley.

Therefore, he tried not to participate in the affairs of Kangho as much as possible.

But his son, Jo Han-pyeong, was different.

Jo Han-pyeong, who called himself the great Tiger of The Mountains from a young age, was very ambitious. He was always looking for an opportunity to make a name for himself.

Jo Gu-su found Jo Han-pyeong irksome.

Jo Han-pyeong boasted that he was a full-fledged martial artist, but to Jo Gu-su he still seemed like a child. So when Jo Han-pyeong announced that he was going to join Kangho, he secretly followed his son on the Snake King ship.

If his son was not in danger, he would just watch. However, he intended to intervene if there was any risk.

He even tried to intervene once. But he was reluctant to do so because his son had escaped. Instead, he sent some of the elite warriors of the Hundred Mountains Valley to his son.

Jo Gu-su also knew.

He knew that his actions were ruining his son further. Yet he couldn't stop because Jo Han-pyeong was his only kin.

Jo Gu-su's brow was deeply furrowed.

He saw the ship with his elite warriors rocking violently.

Even before they could approach the Unmado River Boat, the targets had counterattacked.

On the small ship that was silently advancing, their targets were frantically moving about. Each time, the elites of Hundred Mountain Valley fell like autumn leaves into the river.

"Where did those scoundrels come from?"

Jo Gu-su muttered, a look of disbelief on his face.

He tried as much as possible not to interfere directly in his son's affairs, believing that this was the best way to respect and encourage his son's growth. But seeing his son in such a precarious state, he could no longer hold back.

"This won't do. Move the Snake King Ship. I'll punish those guys myself."

"But, my lord, that would be..."

Lee Jo-myung, Jo Gu-su's close confidant, hesitated.

Although he respected Jo Gu-su, the Valley Master, he felt that the Master's excessive involvement in his son's affairs could hinder his growth.

Jo Gu-su issued the command again.

"I'll punish them myself. Hurry and steer the ship towards them."

"I... understand."

He could no longer refuse the lord's command.

In the end, Lee Jo-myung ordered his men to move the ship.

"Steer the ship towards the Young Valley Master."


His men moved busily in response, preparing to move the Snake King Ship.

That's when it happened.


Suddenly, Jo Gu-su's groan reached Lee Jo-myung's ears.

Startled, he looked over to find Jo Gu-su gone. Jo Gu-su, who had been standing next to him, had vanished without a trace.

Instinctively, he looked up and saw Jo Gu-su's legs being lifted into the air like a fish on a line.

"Valley Master!"

Lee Jo-myung shouted.

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