IBRV (Novel) Chapter 65

C 65

I looked at her without understanding and nodded. That was a wish I also desired.

Knock, knock.

She was wiping her tears with a handkerchief when I heard a knock.


After answering briefly, the doorknob turned, and Lucilion entered.




As if Lucilion had struggled with Enosh several times, some places on his clothes were slightly wrinkled, but there were no major changes.

"Is His Highness okay?"

Lillian asked in a hurry.

Lucilion opened his mouth in silence, his eyes looking reddened.

"Yes, he's fine now, but he said he really doesn't want to see us today."

"Then, later..."

After a moment of silence, Lucilion smiled.

"He said he would see us again in three days."

Upon that answer, Lillian let out a sigh of relief.

"Is Enosh really okay, though...?"

"Yes, 'today' he's fine. But... he's in danger."

At Lucilion's words, Lady Lillian's face turned blue again. I kept my mouth shut without asking further.

"Today, I'll just go back. Eirin, I'll contact you separately soon."


She bit her lip, but when she left the room, she straightened her shoulders and back as if nothing had happened.

And from that day on, Lillian and I started a project to cultivate "Dragonia" herbs.


The dragonia herb was an herb that was literally considered an illusion.

To obtain seeds, they first had to cultivate three flowers and artificially inseminate them, but it was said that raising these three flowers was hell.

The first flower was "Snow and Ice."

Snow and Ice, as its name suggests, was a flower that grew in snowy glaciers.

It was a special flower that sprouted in a very cold place, so I had to ask for several favors from Callan Etham.

"Well, ahem. There's nothing I can't do if my sister wants it."


"Yes, hold my hand tight and sleep with me for a week instead! What do you say?"


In fact, it was too easy to call it a reward.

I was very lonely and liked sleeping with someone, so of course, there was no reason to refuse.


"Really?! You promised! You and I will sleep alone together! No uninvited guests! Understand?"


"Your big brother will take care of it!"

In this way, Snow and Ice was cultivated by Callan Etham.

The second flower is the Jade Flower.

This time it was a flower that only grew in the hottest heat, hotter than hell.

In other words, it was a flower that could only be seen on rare occasions near active volcanoes.


Honestly, I don't know how to do this.

It is said that if you fertilize the Snow and Ice flower and the Jade flower to make a new flower, it will become a flower called "Snow Jade."

It is said that if you burn a flower that has been planted with the third flower, the "Deep Sea Flower," and the seeds of the modified flower, you will obtain a seed.

That is the seed of "Dragonia."

"I don't know how to grow that seed..."

I thought that if I made many Dragonia seeds and experimented with them, at least one would sprout.

Ah, the Deep Sea Flowers, as their name suggests, are flowers that grow in the depths of the sea.

"Honestly, I don't have the skill..."

I don't have the confidence to cultivate it, and I don't even have the confidence to safely bring the flower.

Even if I leave a single flower to Callan Etham, I still have two major challenges.


Who can I ask for this flower?

I crossed my arms and contemplated it seriously.

I gave up on cultivating it in the first place.

No matter how much I think about it, I'm an ordinary lizard, and an ordinary lizard will turn into a grilled lizard after obtaining Jade flowers and become shark prey after cultivating flowers in the deep sea.


When I let out a deep sigh, the shadow behind me deepened.

"You fluffy little thing, why do you sigh like that?"

"Oh...? Grandpa."

"You come and go from the imperial palace and completely forget about us. Are you at least having fun?"

Oh, why does he seem to be pouting?

I had many regrets, so I stretched my arms towards him and shook my head.

"Nope, I missed you..."

"Seeing you act cute, which is not something you usually do, it seems like you have something you want."


He hit the nail on the head.

When I smiled hesitantly, he snorted and casually hugged me.

"Thanks to you, that crazy bastard is acting a bit more human."

"That crazy one?"

"Your father. He acted as if he was dissipating without thinking about inheriting the successor position, and finally took the successor position as if he had a plan."

That's a bit surprising, I didn't think about that at all.

"Whoa, congratulations."

Somehow, did that make his expression look a bit brighter?

He put his arms around my hips and naturally walked into the office, hugging me.


Was the office this messy?

There were many statues everywhere.

They were also lizard statues.

There was even a stuffed lizard.

When I opened my mouth and looked at the office, he pressed the back of my head with a bit of force and buried it in his chest.



In a very, very small voice, as if whispering, Duke Miriel instructed someone.

I could hear the whispering and the movement of people, but he quietly left me on the couch in front of the office desk.

When I turned my gaze back, the office was very clean and orderly, as if it had always been that way.


They tidied it up in an instant.

However, it seemed like quite a lot.

"Ah, could it be that he's a fan?"

Well, maybe his hobby is collecting lizard-like reptile statues.

I might think that being exposed to such virtue isn't good for his body.

"...I don't think this kind of information was in 'Adopted' either."

Furthermore, many things are omitted in the novel.

"He doesn't like suin, but he likes reptiles..."

Nevertheless, I felt a little offended.

I shook my head.

"A luxury is a luxury."

I am blessed enough, so let's not be too greedy.

The moment you become greedy, the balance is bound to break.

"Oh, the room was a bit messy. It's because I usually don't organize well."

"It's fine."

I'm clever, so I'll pretend not to know. Because I have to respect your taste.

There was a time when I used to do things like drying herbs or making markers from poisonous herbs.

I shook my head.

"What do you think of the lessons with your tutor? The teacher says you're very good."

"It's fun!"

When I responded with a wide smile, Duke Miriel, who opened his eyes wide, suddenly leaned in close.

"Is it fun?"


"The succession and etiquette lessons?"


In reality, I was mediocre, but I couldn't say I didn't like it because I was given private lessons at most.

And Hill Rosemont, except for being rude to me at first, has been a good teacher since then.

He would have been if it hadn't been for the trivial conversations about what he likes after a cup of tea.

"Huh... it's fun, really... it might be innate."

Duke Miriel, murmuring in a low voice, laughed as if he were proud and messed up my hair.

"Oh, wow, how great would it have been if your father were like you!"

Duke Miriel exclaimed as if he were in a state of collapse.

"Then the novel wouldn't have been fun..."

There must have been a story about how the polite and courteous heir got a daughter with good skills and had a winning streak...

I just smiled.

"So, why did a little person like you sigh so much?"

"Ah... Because I need to get flowers."

"Flowers? If you tell me, I'll even bring you a garden of flowers. What kind of flower is it?"

"Jade Flower... Deep Sea Flower."

As soon as I finished my words, the tail bent as if reflecting the owner's will, and the space between Duke Miriel's eyebrows narrowed even further.

"Jade Flower and Deep Sea Flower? What are you going to use those finicky flowers for?"

They were flowers that everyone knew were difficult to cultivate.

"Just because..."

I decided not to go into details.

"Because they might not help me if I do stupid things."

I don't want that.

Even if Enosh doesn't come back to life, I want to place my last hope on it.

"Mmm..., is that so?"

However, Duke Miriel didn't ask for details and just rubbed his chin.

"I understand."

He nodded slightly.

Suddenly, what did he understand...?

"Wait a few days, I'll tell you the news. Also, since the second prince isn't feeling well, I was told to refrain from visiting him for a while."


"I received a call with the emperor's seal."

It seemed that Enosh had decided not to meet with us after all.

I nodded slowly.

I'll be busy making Dragonia for a while anyway.

I'll write a letter to Lillian.

Obviously, she'll be surprised too.

"You can leave now."

"Yes. I'll be careful!"

I bowed my head and left the office.

"My lady, did you have a good conversation?"

I kept my mouth shut and smiled awkwardly at the sudden approach.



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