TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 367

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C 367

 Raon left the black market and headed for the Sepia Merchants Association. As he passed by the Association's shops, the gazes of the merchants pierced him like arrows.

"They're looking at me so fiercely!"

Dorian swallowed his saliva as he felt the merchants' eyes on him.

"Why are they looking at me like that?"

"They're checking to see if you brought a drake."

The information that Adis Sepia had given a test to select a successor by bringing a drake had spread throughout the association.

It was only natural for the merchants to be looking at him like that, as it was a matter of deciding the next owner of the Association.

"He didn't bring anything."

"It's in his spatial pocket, right?"

"So, like the third lady, he brought a claw, a nail, or a bone?"

"He might not have even been able to get that."

"Still, he went for the White drake, so he must have gotten at least that much."

The merchants watched Raon and Dorian, convinced that they had not brought a drake, but a few of its parts.

"So, the successor will be the second young master?"

"That's right. I couldn't imagine that he would bring a drake in just a week!"

"His connections are amazing, you know."

"It's a treasure that money can't buy."

The merchants who followed Dorian's second brother, Diarun, smiled as if the battle was already over.

"They're talking nonsense."

"The first young master hasn't come yet."

"It's dangerous to get carried away now."

"That's right. If it's the eldest son, Jessir, he'll bring something more than a stuffed drake."

"That's right. And it'll be bigger than the stuffed one."

"I'm looking forward to how the successor test will end."

There were also merchants who were smiling confidently and sure of victory, having heard the information that Jessir had caught a drake.

"In the end, it will be decided between the eldest and second young masters."

"It was decided from the beginning."

"I'm a little disappointed that the third lady fell so easily. She didn't seem like the type to lose that easily."

"I had a little hope for Dorian, too, considering that he brought the White drake, but I guess he's too young."

"It can't be helped. He must have only trained in swordsmanship in Zieghart."

The merchants only talked about the two of them, as if the successor selection had been narrowed down to Jessir and Diarun.


Dorian stopped in front of the training hall and his hand trembled.

"What are you doing standing there?"

"I can't stand it! I have to show them what we caught!"

He reached into his belly pocket to show the merchants the drake, but Raon sighed and slapped him on the back of the head.


A crisp sound like a watermelon breaking rang out, and Dorian collapsed, clutching his head.


He looked up with a tearful face.

"Why, why did you hit me!"

"We've been keeping the information a secret, so why did you show it?"

Raon spread his mana barrier to prevent the sound from escaping, and shook his head vigorously.


"No one thinks you'll win right now, do they? Even though the test hasn't ended, everyone is already assuming that your brothers will take the successor position."

"That's not true!"

Dorian shouted, but Raon ignored him and continued.

"If you show them what you have now, they'll just laugh at you and make it even harder for you to win."


"Just wait until the test is over. Then, you can show them what you have and surprise them."

Raon patted Dorian on the shoulder.

"I believe in you."

Dorian looked at Raon with a determined expression.

"I'll do my best!"

He stood up and walked into the training hall, determined to win the successor test.

"I understand. So, I should just go and tell them..."

Dorian rubbed his belly pocket and frowned.

"No," Raon said, clicking his tongue at Dorian.

"Imagine that your brothers are confident of victory, and the other merchants are about to congratulate them. What do you think will happen when that 35-meter drake comes out of your belly?

"Their minds will be blown, right?"

"I want to see that dazed look!"

Dorian nodded with wide eyes, like a hungry Wrath.

"So, be patient. The humiliation you're feeling now is nothing compared to the joy that will come."

Raon smiled as he patted Dorian on the shoulder.

'I have to give them that kind of shock to take over this Merchant Association.'

On the day the results of the succession test are announced, not only the employees of the headquarters, but also merchants from all over the area will gather.

If he pulls out the drake when everyone is sure that Jessir will be the successor, he can make a strong impression on the merchants who have been ignoring Dorian until now.

In other words, it will be a big step towards taking over this Merchant Association.

From the way you talk, it's already yours.

Wrath frowned at Raon.

'It actually will be. Or rather, it will be Dorian's.'

Look! You're calling it yours again!

'You're finally sane. I guess the macaroons were delicious?'

Raon sighed at Wrath.

They were amazing. If it weren't for that one thing, I would have made that child my servant.

Wrath  said that he was disappointed that the village chief's granddaughter, Lucy, had given him the macaroons first.

'You really can't express the taste of food.'

Raon sighed at Wrath.

'If you're going to express the taste, try it like Lady Dening Rose did. It's worth giving food.'

Lady Dening Rose expressed the taste of the raspberry pie and macaroons in a sophisticated way, like a gourmet.

He even felt a connection with her, and he wanted to give her another dessert.

I can do it if I try!

'Then do it.'


Wrath scratched his chin with his round fist, then raised his head sharply.

The cookie of the macaroon was as crispy as bark, and the raspberry cream was as soft as cloth!


It seemed like he remembered what Lady Dening Rose had said and followed her analogy, but it was worlds apart. He didn't know where to start criticizing.

'You have no talent.'

Oh, no....

'Stop it.'

*     *      *

Raon told Dorian to rest and went to Phalen's room.

Knock knock.

He knocked lightly, and a nervous voice came from inside.

"Who is it!"

Then, footsteps that were just as irritable as the voice were heard, and the door opened.

"Don't come looking for me... gasp!"

Phalen, with her hair down, opened her mouth to yell, then closed it tightly.

Phalen, who had been acting like a wild beast, shrank her shoulders as soon as she saw Raon’s face, becoming a herbivore.

Raon looked around. Since Phalen had bitten someone, there was no one around. He entered her room like it was his own.

“D, did your business go well?”

“I’ll be the one asking the questions.”

Raon cut off Phalen’s words.

“I’m sorry.”

Phalen’s eyes were still filled with fear.

“Did you hear from the Black Crow (shadow) before I came back?”

“No, there was no contact at all. I hung a cloth on the window, but they didn’t come and…”

Phalen shook her head, saying that she had lost contact with the Black Crow after sending the information.

“I see.”

Raon smiled and nodded.

'He seems to be trying to erase the trace of the Black Crow.' (shadow)

In the past, assassination organizations would either have to pay a penalty if they failed a mission, or contact the client to say that they had failed and then send additional assassins to complete the mission.

The fact that he did neither meant that Derus wanted to erase the Black Crow.

'It’s obvious how he’ll move.'

He’s probably stopped for a while since he’s been hit by me three times.

Since he had been hit three times by Raon, and had also lost the orphanage and the underwater dungeon, Derus’s personality would have been too angry to the point of being even more calm.

Seeing that he was even trying to erase the Black Crow, it was clear that he would not interfere with Raon for the time being, but would gather information and then suddenly strike at his dark parts or weaknesses.

'But I can’t be careless.'

Derus is a man who is incredibly persistent and cold-blooded. No matter how well his thoughts are understood, he needs to keep his mind focused.

Raon cleared his thoughts and turned to Phalen.

“Did you bring the items for the test?”

“Yes. But it looks like it’s already over.”

Phalen chewed her lips.

“My second brother brought a whole drake, and my older brother will bring something that’s just as good. It’s impossible for us to win.”

She seemed to think that Dorian had not caught the drake in the Zamari Mountains, as she had seen that he had come back empty-handed.

'That’s right.'

There was no need to tell Phalen the truth, so he nodded and stood up.

“I won’t be coming to you separately from now on. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“Forget everything that’s happened so far….”

“You’re smart.”

Raon smiled and grabbed Phalen’s chin.

“You have to forget it to the point where you won’t open your mouth even if you drink alcohol or are brainwashed. If there are any problems, she’ll come back.”


As soon as he said that Merlin would come back, Phalen screamed and struggled, then fell backward.

“I’ll never do it! So please! Please….”

Phalen knelt down and rubbed her hands together.

“You just have to be careful with your mouth.”

Raon covered his mouth with his finger and looked down at her.

“Yes. Yes! Never!”

Phalen nodded her head wildly, with her eyes bulging with fear. Judging from her terrified state, it seemed that she had no intention of bringing this up ever again.

'What did Merlin do to make her so scared?'

Raon laughed as he left Phalen's room.

The King does not want to know.

Wrath trembled all over when he thought of Merlin.

It is better not to know about such a madwoman!

He shook his head vigorously, saying that he did not know or want to see her.

'You had a similar experience, didn't you?'

That's right! There was a leech.

'A leech…'

As Raon and Wrath were talking, Dorian and Adis's butler, Regwin, were standing at the door of his inn.

"Raon-nim, the head would like to see you. Is now a good time?"

Regwin bowed his head politely.

"It's fine. Let's go."

Raon nodded. He had expected this to some extent, so he followed Regwin to the office of the head.

As soon as they opened the door to the office, Adis Sepia was sitting at his desk, looking at some papers. He was in the same old pose and posture as before.

"It's been a while."

Adis put down his pen on the papers and looked up at Raon.

"How did your trip go?"

"I think you should ask the person involved."

Raon smiled and pointed to Dorian.


Adis nodded and turned his gaze to Dorian.

"Did you bring the item?"


Dorian nodded weakly, as if he understood what Raon had said a little earlier.

"Since your voice is weak, I guess you didn't get what you wanted."


Since he wasn't giving a proper answer, he seemed to have decided to keep his mouth shut, as he was not good at lying.

"Drakes are strong, but they are also rare monsters. It is not shameful to not be able to find or catch the original. However..."

Adis glared at Dorian with cold eyes.

"That is something that a normal Merchant would say. To stand at the top of this Sepia, you must bring even a drake that does not exist."

"T, that's right."

Dorian nodded while fidgeting his fingers. His flushed cheeks showed that he wanted to take out the drake and show it off right away.

'Of course he would.'

He is the kind of guy who takes out something from his pocket whenever something happens, and since this is a chance to show off to his father, who has ignored him, he must be itching to do so.

However, if he can hold back now, he can get something even bigger.

"Show me what you brought. Let me see how much it is."

Adis's voice was cold, but his gesture was gentle. It seemed like he was trying to give some advice.

"No, I can't."

Dorian shook his head, gripping his pocket tightly.


"I need to build up the anticipation..."


"N, no! Uwah!" 

He looked at Raon and trembled his lips.

'Oh my…'

Raon sighed inwardly and closed his eyes tightly.

“I need to know what you have prepared…”

“I can’t do that because the head might see my item and leak information to other successors!”

Dorian shouted, raising his head.

Raon looked back at Dorian and smiled faintly.

'This is fine.'

It was just a random remark, but it was a pretty good way to refuse Adis.

“So I could be your enemy?”

“Y, yes.”


Adis nodded, stroking his chin. His eyes were even more sunken than before, but the heat in the depths of his eyes was even hotter. It seemed that he liked Dorian’s answer.

“I understand. Then go out. I’ll see you on the day of the exam.”

Adis waved his hand as if he didn’t care.


Dorian trembled his lips and rubbed his pocket at the cold response.


“Let’s go.”

Before Dorian could cause any trouble, Raon said goodbye to Adis and dragged him out of the office.


Regwin smiled slightly as he looked at the door that Dorian and Raon had left.

“The youngest master has certainly grown up.”

“Yes. To see me as an enemy and speak so boldly. He has changed a lot.”

Adis nodded, tapping his desk lightly with his fingers.

“It seems that who you are with is important. White Sword Dragon. He is not a person who can be judged by age or strength.”

Regwin nodded with a look of admiration in his eyes.

“So it’s fate.”

Adis smiled with satisfaction, picking up the pen he had put down.

“I’m looking forward to the day of the exam. It seems like they have prepared something very interesting.”

*     *      *

On the day that the Gray Hammer Guild arrived, and the last day of the successor’s exam.

Raon walked lightly towards the Association’s training hall.

Inside the training hall, there were many people seated, who appeared to be merchants from all over the continent who had gathered for the Sepia Merchants Association.

“Looking at this, there are really a lot of merchants in the association.”

Dorian swallowed his dry saliva as he looked around the training hall, which was filled with merchants.

“Of course they would come for the exam to determine who will be the next head of the Merchants.”

The selection of the successor is an important event that could determine the future of the merchants under Sepia, so everyone came despite their busy schedules.

“If you become the head of the Merchants, will all of these people be under you?”

“Yes. I have to be responsible for all of them.”

“T, to be honest, I don’t have any confidence. But…”

Raon turned his gaze to Dorian. He was shaking his head and trembling his neck.

“But, I can ask for help from others.”

Dorian raised his face a little. His eyes were shaking, but there was a faint light of trust in them.

That cowardly brat is finally talking in a way I like.

Wrath, who rarely praised Dorian, smiled with admiration.

‘That’s right.’

"That's a good answer."

Raon nodded in satisfaction.

"If you don't have the strength, it's a good idea to ask for help from someone you trust."

"Th, thank you! You'll help me too, right, vice squad leader ?"

"But I'm expensive. Very expensive. You know that, right?"


"You should pay some friendship fees in advance."

"Ah, yesss..."

Dorian's eyebrows drooped, and his lips turned blue.

Why are you killing the spirit of my subordinate again?

Wrath grabbed Raon's sleeve and shouted.

'It's fun.'

He patted Dorian on the shoulder and headed to the center of the training hall. There were his siblings, Diarun and Phalen, waiting for him.

In front of Diarun was a drake that was just under 20 meters long, and in front of Phalen were the drake's claws, teeth, and horns, neatly arranged.

'Jessir hasn't arrived yet.'

The eldest brother, Jessir, had not yet arrived. He knew what he was aiming for, so he smiled.

Raon and Dorian stood next to Phalen.

"Oh, hello."

"It's been a while."

Phalen greeted them awkwardly, and Diarun frowned slightly and bowed his head. Both of them had brought materials, but their expressions were not good.

It seemed that everyone knew what Jessir was bringing.

"We're just extras. The result is already decided. It's my brother's victory."

Diarun bit his lip as he looked down at the drake's stuffed animal.

"Why is Diarun-sama's expression so dark?"

"I know. He brought the drake back in one piece, so why does he already have a defeated look?"

"The rumors are late. It's said that Jessir-sama is bringing a drake much bigger than that!"

"Really? But why isn't he here?"

"He's waiting. Waiting for the best time."

It seemed that the rumors had spread to the people as well, and everyone seemed to be convinced that the eldest brother, Jessir, would become the successor.


Before the sun reached its zenith, the door to the training hall opened with a whoosh, and Adis, the head of the Sepia Merchants Association, entered.

He stood in front of the three successor candidates with a calm but powerful stride.

"Guests from the Gray Hammer Guild will be arriving soon. Let's check the items you've brought before they arrive."

Adis looked at each of the three successor candidates with his hands behind his back.

"Lord Adis."

Diarun raised his hand and narrowed his eyes.

"Jessir-nim hasn't arrived yet."

"Timekeeping is also an essential virtue for a merchant. If he doesn't arrive by noon, even if he brings a good drake, he will be disqualified...."

"Please forgive me."

Adis frowned, and Diarun's face was about to turn red when Jessir's calm voice rang out.

"What, what is it!"

"Where is it?"

"Up there!"

"It's coming from above!"

The merchants looked up at the shout. The dark spot that had been attached to the sun like a star in the daytime grew larger and larger and fell into the center of the training hall.


The impact was not so great, as if it had used magic, but thick yellow dust rose up from the training hall.


As Regwin waved his hand, the dust settled and the object that had fallen into the center of the training hall came into view.

A large object wrapped in a thick cloth was placed on a gray plank that seemed to be over 30 meters long.

"It's not late yet, is it?"

Jessir, who was on the plank, stood in front of Adis.


Adis nodded slowly.

"Yes. You came just in time."

"Thank you."

Jessir bowed his head politely. His posture and expression were filled with the confidence of already winning.

"It seems that the others have already taken it out. Then I should show you what I've brought as well."

He turned around and lifted the black cloth that was covering the plank. The cloth fluttered up into the sky like a flag, and the drake hidden under it was revealed.

Jessir's subordinates approached and spread out the drake's head and tail. It was a magnificent size that seemed to fill half of the training hall. It was a huge drake that was well over 25 meters long.


"That, that's a drake?"

"Why is it so big? It's not a drake, is it?"

"Crazy. This is obvious. The result is over!"

"Jessir-nim will be the successor."

The merchants who filled the training hall cheered. Judging from the thunderous cheers, it seemed that there were far more merchants who had been following Jessir from the beginning than the other successor candidates.


"Damn it..."

Diarun and Phalen bit their lips when they saw the drake that Jessir had brought. The difference was too great to even try to compete.


Jessir stood proudly, enjoying the attention that was focused only on him.

Raon smiled as he saw him.

'As expected.'

He didn't come until now for this performance.

If Jessir had the right connections, he could have arrived quickly even using magic, but the fact that he didn't arrive on the day showed that he was trying to win over the hearts of the merchants using this flashy performance.

'It was great. But...'

In the end, you will be the bystander.

Thanks to the situation he created, it seemed that an even more interesting scene would be created.

"The winner is decided now."

Jessir looked down at the other successor candidates with a haughty gaze.

Just like in the restaurant, Jessir didn't even look at Dorian. He didn't seem to even consider him as a younger brother or a competitor.


Adis raised his hand to stop Jessir's words.

"Dorian hasn't taken it out yet."

"He didn't bring anything, did he?"

"I don't know. I don't know either."

Adis looked at Dorian and Raon, who stood behind him.

"If you have anything, take it out."


Dorian swallowed his dry saliva and stepped forward.

“Please step back, everyone.”

He gestured to Phalen, Diarun, Jessir, and his subordinates behind him. It wasn't enough, so he even made the people who came out to watch step back.

“What is he trying to do?”

“Is he putting on airs?”

“It could be. Like a last-ditch effort.”

“He has to do something to get attention, even if it's just that.”

The people stepped back in front of Adis, but shook their heads in disbelief at Dorian.


Dorian took a deep breath and looked at Raon.

“Try it.”


He saw him smile as if he was giving permission, so he reached into his belly pocket. The first thing that came out was the head of a small reptile like a lizard.


“What is that!”

“I said to bring a drake, not a lizard!”

“It's over… wait?”


But the moment it came out of the belly pocket, the reptile's head swelled up into an enormous drake's head that could swallow several humans whole.


“That, that is….”


The jaws of the successor candidates and merchants, including Jessir, dropped open when the body of a drake over 35 meters long was completely revealed from Dorian's belly pocket.

the training hall, which had been filled with loud and small noises to celebrate Jessir's victory, fell silent as if it had become a library.

Raon smiled as he took in the silence.

‘I wanted to see those expressions.’


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