RDM (Novel) Chapter 499

 C 499

The cold gaze of Pyo Wol stared at Hong Yushin.

"Are you telling me to get involved in their fight?"


"Why should I?"

"Because Grandmaster Pyo wouldn't want the war to escalate any further. The war was instigated by Guryongsalmak. If the war grows, Guryongsalmak's influence will also expand. Shouldn't we prevent such a worst-case scenario?"

Hong Yushin calmly replied.

The chaos in Kangho began when Jang Ho-yeon of Rain Mountain Manor secretly requested the death of Seven Sage Scholar at the Hundred Wraith Union. However, it was Guryongsalmak who fueled the atmosphere and ignited the war.

Guryongsalmak was trying to gain massive benefits by exploiting the outbreak of the Great War.

Although their leader and Noh Tae-tae were killed in a surprise attack by Pyo Wol, their power was still formidable.

If left alone, they would quickly regroup internally and try to gain benefits once again.

The Kangho was already in chaos due to the Great War, but if Guryong Sal-mak intervened, it would be plunged into further disorder.

So Yeowol had seized Guryongsalmak through unconventional methods.

Although they couldn't pay attention to Kangho due to the internal strife, they would undoubtedly interfere once the situation was somewhat resolved.

The best way to suppress internal strife was to fight against external enemies.

So Yeowol would surely intervene in the Great War to suppress her legitimacy issues.

'Considering Guryongsalmak's tactics so far, there's a high probability they'll use mercenary or assassin groups.'

Guryongsalmak still possessed astronomical wealth and knew how to use it.

Their favorite tactic was controlling mercenaries and assassins.

The probability was high that they would do the same this time.

'Taking away their options wouldn't be a bad move.'

Hong Ye-seol had seized control of the most powerful assassin group in the world.

During the process of suppressing the previous leader, Hong Ye-seol suffered significant injuries. Over the past few days, Pyo Wol had seen the scars on her body, like brands, when they shared their love.

If the wound had been slightly deeper, she wouldn't have been in this world anymore.

Anyway, since she firmly controlled the Hundred Wraith Union, they wouldn't accept Guryongsalmak's request. In that case, there was a high probability that they would turn to other assassin groups.

There were many assassin guilds in Kangho besides the Hundred Wraith Union.

These places were commonly called the Killer Gates.

There were huge Killer Gates like the Hundred Wraith Union, infamous across all of Kangho, and there were also Killer Gates like the Blood Shadow Assassins, to which Pyo Wol had belonged, operating in a single region.

Ordinarily, these killer gates had stayed within their territories, wary of the Hundred Wraith Union. But now, they were assembling around Poyang Lake.

For them, it was the golden age of business opportunities.

Killer Gates weren't the only ones.

Mercenaries were also gathering around Poyang Lake.

There were those who moved individually and those who traveled in groups.

They had caught the scent of money floating around the battlefield.

A significant number of them had already accepted contracts from the Golden Heavenly Hall and were attacking the Silver Lotus Hall’s side.

Those still watching would soon join the battlefield as soon as they signed contracts.

Kangho was already chaotic, but if Guryongsalmak interfered and used them, the world would descend into even more chaos.

 Pyo Wol looked at Hong Ye-seol.

"Do you know how many Killer Gates exist in the world?"

"I'm not exactly sure, but I know that at least over a hundred are covertly active."

Given the nature of the Killer Gates, the unknown outnumbered the known. There were many of inferior quality, but also quite a few boasting excellent skills.

"More than a hundred?"

"Killer Gates rarely operates openly. Hundred Wraith Union is an exception, but other Killer Gates strictly conceal their existence. If they're not careful, they could be seen as a public enemy in Kangho. Due to this nature, it's difficult to accurately determine the number. So, we can only guess that there are more than a hundred, but we don't know the exact number."

Pyo Wol's gaze deepened in response to Hong Ye-seol's answer because he didn’t know that so many Killer Gates existed in the world.

Hong Ye-seol continued.

"Not all those Killer Gates will come to Poyang lake. Most of them would have only possessed subpar power."

Not all Killer Gates were as amazing as the Hundred Wraith Union or Blood Shadow Assassins.

Most Killer Gates possessed below-average power. They merely maintained their existence by earning a meager income as assassins.

"Only about twenty or thirty Killer Gates would have built up any useful power."

"So you're saying that up to thirty Killer Gates will participate."

"That's my judgment."

Pyo Wol nodded at Hong Ye-seol's words.

No one was more knowledgeable about the world of assassins than Hong Ye-seol. Her guess was likely to be accurate.

Pyo Wol closed his eyes.

Hong Yushin must have come to ask Pyo Wol for help after much contemplation, but it wasn't a decision that could be easily made.

Pyo Wol remained lost in thought with his eyes closed.

Hong Yushin watched Pyo Wol nervously.

The course of the war would be determined by Pyo Wol's choice here.

Hong Yushin desperately hoped that Pyo Wol would grant his request. He believed that was the only way to minimize the damage of the great war.

Whether Pyo Wol understood Hong Yushin's wishes or not, his time of contemplation was growing long.


Hong Yushin left the deserted house in Giyang and headed for Poyang lake.

He would have liked to stay here and continue tracking Guryongsalmak, but the rapidly changing world situation made that impossible.

Just yesterday, he received news that over three hundred people had died in one day. To put it nicely, three hundred people in a day, but if the fight continued for over a month, nearly ten thousand people would be dead.

Of course, in reality, not ten thousand people would die. The world situation cannot be calculated simply by arithmetic. Still, he couldn't be at ease. He needed to see and confirm firsthand how the situation was unfolding. So Hong Yushin headed for Poyang lake without even taking proper rest.

Pyo Wol watched Hong Yushin's retreating figure with his arms crossed.

Hong Ye-seol was by his side.

Hong Ye-seol silently looked at Pyo Wol.

She did not pressure him to make any decisions, nor did she carelessly speak her mind.

Pyo Wol was not someone who would listen to someone else's words.

If he made a decision and acted on it, it was entirely his own will.

Knowing this fact, Hong Ye-seol said nothing.

It was then.

Someone appeared again in the direction Hong Yushin had left.

At first, he thought Hong Yushin had come back. But upon closer inspection, it was not Hong Yushin. Moreover, there were two people coming, not just one.

Pyo Wol and Hong Ye-seol quickly recognized their identities.

One was Sal-no, and the other was Nam Shin-woo.

"Why is Shin-woo here?"

It wasn't strange for Sal-no to come back. He had agreed to take the divine physician to Giyang and return. But it was strange for Nam Shin-woo, who had gone to see his master, Wind Saint, to come back.

Nam Shin-woo's expression as he returned to the deserted house was not normal.

Nam Shin-woo approached Pyo Wol and spoke.

"Brother! Master followed some man."

"A man?"

"Yes! Sister said he was a very young man, but master called him elder brother."



"He called a young man brother? That Wind Saint…"

Pyo Wol furrowed his brow.

Wind Saint was a man possessing the greatest martial arts in Kangho.

It wasn't just that his martial arts skills were strong; he had lived a long life as well. There weren't many martial artists older than Wind Saint in the current martial arts world.

"Is he a martial artist who has achieved rejuvenation?"

When one's martial arts skills reach the ultimate level, there were instances where the physical body could regain its youth, as if discarding the old state and being reborn anew.



Hong Ye-seol and Eun-yo let out a simultaneous sigh.

They both knew how incredible the rejuvenation was. It was an astonishing level they could not even dare to imagine.

It was not simply a matter of resisting the passage of time, but of reversing it.

They had never seen anyone who had reached such a level before.

Hong Ye-seol asked Nam Shin-woo.

"Do you know the identity of that person?"


Nam Shin-woo bit his lip slightly.

He clearly knew something, but he seemed hesitant to say it.

Pyo Wol said.

"If it's difficult, you don't have to say it."

"No, I'll tell you. Actually, I heard it from Master. He said he has a brother."

"Real blood relatives?"


Nam Shin-woo's eyes shook with anxiety.

He seemed conflicted even as he spoke.

Wind Saint had told his only disciple about his personal history and asked him to keep the secret. But Nam Shin-woo was still conflicted as to whether it was right to break that promise. But soon, he seemed to make up his mind and resumed speaking.

"Master's brother's name is Jang, Cheon, Hwa."

"Jang... Cheon-hwa? Are you talking about Jang Cheon-hwa from the Heavenly Martial Sect?"

Hong Ye-seol looked at Nam Shin-woo with surprise.

Nam Shin-woo nodded with a stern expression.

"That's right."

"Good heavens! I can't believe Wind Saint is the younger brother of Jang Cheon-hwa, the leader of Heavenly Martial Sect."

Hong Ye-seol was so surprised that she covered her mouth with her hand.

Jang Cheon-hwa, the head of Heavenly Martial Sect, was always mentioned when discussing the best martial artist in the world.

He did not directly fight him but merely took the life of Go Geom Wol who was on the brink of death. But that was enough to earn him a fiery reputation.

Heavenly Martial Sect already had considerable financial resources. With the addition of the young master's reputation, many people came to serve Heavenly Martial Sect willingly.

The young master Jang Cheon-hwa displayed astonishing skills and managed to keep the visitors as part of Heavenly Martial Sect's family.

Those who came to Heavenly Martial Sect simply to gain fame or support were won over by Jang Cheon-hwa's skills and character, becoming loyal followers.

Thus, the Heavenly Martial Sect rapidly grew in power and eventually became one of the two strongest factions along with the Mad Martial Sect.

Jang Cheon Hwa's abilities and martial arts were superb enough to turn the Heavenly Martial Sect into one of the world's two great powers in a short period.

Killing Go Geom Wol wasn't due to his skill, but merely luck. However, he continued to refine his martial arts to reach a level close to the best in the world.

His martial arts were comparable to those of Lee Cheong, the son of former best martial artist, Lee Gwak, and the current leader of Mad Martial Sect.

It wouldn't be surprising if Jang Cheon-hwa had really achieved rejuvenation.

The problem was that no one knew Jang Cheon-hwa had a younger brother.

Even Hao Clan and Hundred Wraith Union, who competed for the title of the best intelligence network, had no clue about this fact.

Pyo Wol asked.

"Is Heavenly Martial Sect's leader really Wind Saint's brother?"

"Master said so himself."

At Nam Shin-woo's words, Pyo Wol rubbed his chin.

Wind Saint was not one to make groundless claims.

Moreover, Nam Shin-woo was Wind Saint's only disciple. There was no reason for him to lie to his disciple.

"Then Wind Saint must have gone to Heavenly Martial Sect with Jang Cheon-hwa."


"We must save Master."

"Did Heavenly Martial Sect's leader harm him? They are blood relatives."

"Master didn't like his brother. He said if he stayed with him, he would live forever in his shadow. Master said wandering the world without a home was to escape his brother's shadow."


"If he enters the Heavenly Martial Sect, Master will have to live forever in the shadow of the Great Hero Jang."

Nam Shin-woo bit his lip slightly.

He recalled the words Wind Saint had said to him long ago.

— If I happen to meet my brother and enter the Heavenly Martial Sect, never venture near the Heaven Martial Sect. If my brother finds out your secret, he will never let it go.

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