TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 366

  N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 366

 Raon left the Weathers Village after packing his things. The gate and walls that had been destroyed were repaired by Henderson.

"Now we can go back."

There were no enemies or monsters approaching the village, and the people had found some stability. Henderson was left behind, so he could leave without worry.

There was a possibility of monsters appearing after the drake disappeared, but that was a problem for later. Raon planned to ask the Sepia Merchant Association to send soldiers when he returned.

As Raon waited for Dorian at the gate, he heard Wrath's voice, which sounded like it was sinking into the bottom of the underground.

S, strawberry pie and chestnut stew, it should have been the specialty. It should have been.

'When will he stop this?*

Wrath had been repeating that phrase like a parrot since he received a strawberry macaroon and a chestnut sweet potato from Lucy, the granddaughter of the village chief.

He seemed to have lost his mind, not just sulking.

Strawberry pie and chestnut stew, it should have been the specialty. It should have been.


It's clear that the world hates this king because it's a new product...Kuk!

He cried, saying that he had lost the bet he was sure to win because of the world's coercion.

'He's a bit pitiful.'

It made him feel a little sorry to see him like that, singing about food like he was breathing.

'I don't want to give him the macaroons…'

I'll have to buy him some mint chocolate when I get back.

He had promised Dening Rose to bring back the village's specialties, so he couldn't eat the macaroons.

He decided to buy Wrath what he wanted at the Sepia Merchant Association.

"Lord Vice-leader!"

While patting Wrath's head, who was sobbing, Raon rushed out of the inn.

"I'm all set."

Dorian smiled, rubbing his belly pocket.

He still couldn't believe that a carriage with eight horses and a drake that was close to 35 meters was in that small pouch.

"Let's go then."

Raon smiled and nodded toward the door.

"Aren't you going to say goodbye?"

Dorian looked around the village and tilted his head.

"What are you trying to show off again?"

"No, I'm not trying to show off, but I should at least say goodbye..."

"We've already received enough thanks. It's better to leave quietly without putting a burden on the sick people."


Dorian's answer was long, as if he didn't like it very much.

When Raon tapped Dorian's shoulder and tried to climb over the wall, a number of movements moved from behind.


"I knew it would be like this!"

"Of course, you're just leaving."

Villagers with bandages wrapped around their bodies rushed out to Raon and Dorian.

"You really came and went like the wind. Thank you. I have nothing else to say."

The village chief bowed his head, his lips tightly closed.

"Thank you!"

The villagers bowed their heads in response to the village chief's greeting. Even from their thickly trembling voices, he could tell how they felt about him.

Raon smiled as he greeted the villagers.

"I hope you get well soon."



He didn't want to be humble, but the villagers seemed even more moved by his words as they bit their lips.

"When you're like this, you're so neat and normal, but why do you sometimes go crazy...Uhhhh!"

Dorian's voice could be heard muttering behind him. When he glared at him, he flinched and backed away


Raon raised his head at the sound of the child's voice. Lucy, the granddaughter of the village chief, was running towards him with two baskets in her hands.

"Here, take this."

A sweet and refreshing scent wafted out of the baskets.

"It's a raspberry pie."

"A pie? Why?"

"I thought you seemed to like it when you had the macarons earlier."

Lucy lowered her head shyly.

'Liked it...'

She must have thought I liked it because I covered my mouth and laughed at Wrath.


Wrath screamed as he thrust his face into the basket.

Why are you giving this now?! You should have given it earlier! This is surely a gift from the gods! It's mocking the King!

"Thank you."

Raon kicked Wrath, who was struggling, and took the basket with the raspberry pies.

"No, it's okay. Just enjoy it."

Lucy nodded, smiling.

"I'll come back again later."

Raon turned his back after looking into the eyes of the villagers, who were filled with gratitude.

"Goodbye! I'll definitely come back!"

Dorian followed out after waving goodbye enthusiastically.

"Are you really coming back?"

Raon laughed and nodded at Dorian.

Ugh! Instead of strawberry pie and chestnut stew, it should have been a specialty…

'Here we go again.'

Even after leaving the village, Wrath's muttering continued. It looked like it would last for a few days.

"Lord Vice-leader."

When Raon was about to get on mhis horse after leaving the village, Dorian approached me.

"There are two pies, so why don't we eat one while it's still warm?"

Raspberry pie and chestnut stew instead of specialty item.

As soon as Dorian said to eat the pie, Wrath's screams stopped abruptly. His eyes, which had been staring blankly at the sky, also turned to us slightly.

'I wonder...'

Did he really make this mess just because he wanted to eat this strawberry pie?

He sighed and opened the basket. He gave Dorian one of the raspberry pies, which had been cut into five pieces, and took the second piece.


The sound of Wrath's saliva going down his throat thundered in Raon's ears.

'This Demon King really...'

Raon shook his head in disbelief and put the raspberry pie in his mouth.


Raon turned to Wrath at the sound of a laugh filled with joy.

The focus returned to his dull eyes, and his mouth corners rose to the sky.

It's delicious.

Raon looked at Wrath, who was grinning with his chubby cheeks, and felt ridiculous.

'What the hell is this?'

Is this really the Demon King of Wrath?

*     *      *

Rimmer walked up to Annex building with a swagger, as if he were a loafer.

Knock knock.

He lightly knocked on the door, and Helen, the head maid, opened it.

"Sir Rimmer?"


Rimmer smiled broadly and waved his hand.

"It's been a while. What brings you to the side building?"

"Is Sylvia here?"

"Oh, please wait a moment."

Helen bowed her head and walked down the hallway.

"I haven't been here in a while."

Rimmer looked around the side building and smiled.

'It's amazing that such a cold child came out of this cozy place.'

As soon as you enter the side building, you can feel that the atmosphere here is the warmest in Zieghart.

It was hard to believe that a monster kid like Raon was born in such a warm place.

"Hey? Swordsman Rimmer!"

"It's the Elf Uncle!"

Yulius and Yua, who were walking down the hallway, stopped when they saw Rimmer.

They had met quite a few times when they would skip training and visit Roan, so they were quite close to the two children.

"Why are you here?"

The two children looked up at Rimmer and tilted their heads.

"That's it...."

"Sir, Rimmer."

When Rimmer was about to answer, Sylvia walked out of the end of the hallway.

"Did you come because of Raon?"

"No. It's not that."

Rimmer shook his head lightly.

"I see."

Sylvia lowered her head with an ambiguous look, whether it was a relief or disappointment.

"You're surprisingly calm."

Rimmer smiled faintly as he looked at Sylvia's sunken eyes.

"I thought you'd be shaking and worrying."

"I'm worried. How can I not worry about a child who was kidnapped a while ago?"

Sylvia sighed deeply.

"But I can't keep him in my arms forever, and nothing will change if I worry. All I can do is trust him to make Raon feel at ease."

She closed her eyes for a moment, then opened them. Her ruby-like red eyes shone with a noble light.

Rimmer smiled as he met her eyes.

'She's changed.'

When Raon was a trainee, she begged him to pay attention to him, crying, but now she is definitely trusting the child even though she is worried.

It seemed that Sylvia's heart had grown as Raon had grown.

'They look the same when you put it that way.'

Although it seemed weak, that look was similar to Glenn and Raon. No matter what anyone said, they were an unavoidable family.

"Don't worry too much,"

Rimmer smiled at Sylvia.

"He's not the kind of guy to get beat up anywhere. He beat up Garona and Cardis too. There are also measures in place for kidnapping, so you can rest assured."

"That makes me feel a little better."

Sylvia smiled gently and nodded.

"If it's not about Raon, why are you here at the annex building?"

"Oh, it's because of them."

Rimmer pointed at Yua and Yulius, who were standing there blankly.

"I'm trying to scout them for the Light Wind squad."


"Light Wind squad?"

Yua tilted her head, and Yulius's eyes lit up at the mention of the Light Wind squad.

"Yeah. You're going to join the Light Wind squad, which Raon saved you from? How about it? Isn't it great?"

"Wow! I want to go!"

"Please let me in!"

Yua raised her hand, and Yulius grabbed Rimmer's sleeve and shook it.

"Okay, okay. Let's get the stamp first."

Rimmer grabbed Yua and Yulius's hands tightly with a look that screamed "scam artist".

"Wait a minute!"

Sylvia quickly stepped in between Rimmer and the children.

'His eyes were too strange.'

She stood in front of the children without realizing it, as if she had seen the face of a man who was crazy about gambling.

"Oh, what are you going to do with the kids?"

"I just want some help."

Rimmer shrugged at Yua and Yulius.

"The Saint Doctor Federick will be coming and bringing some kids soon. The kids coming with him are seriously injured, so I wanted Yua and Yulius to help."

He looked at Yulius and Yua with a somewhat bitter look in his eyes.

"I see, but why did you tell Yua and Yulius about the Light Wind squad...?"

"Oh, that's true too."

Rimmer stroked Yua and Yulius's heads and laughed.

"As soon as Raon comes back, the Light Wind squad will be promoted to the Light Wind Division."

*     *      *


A terrifying roar like the continent splitting in two rang out from the underground commons of the house Robert, which raises shadows.

It was the sound of Derus Robert, his face flushed red, stomping his foot. Even though he just pressed his foot on the ground, a huge hole that seemed to have no end appeared on the floor.


Even then, Derus seemed unable to let go of his anger, and he clenched his fist until it bled. The red blood that fell from his back and knuckles fell into the dark hole below.


When Derus was about to stomp his foot again, Regal came out of the darkness and kneeled down.

"Did you find out?"


Regal nodded and raised his head. A red current filled with killing intent swirled in Derus's eyes.

'I'll die just by looking at his eyes.'

Here is the translation of the Korean text you provided:

It was not surprising that Derus was furious, given that the damage had been severe recently, not only Rocktan and Shadows, but also the informants who had been sent to gather information had all disappeared.

No, if it weren't for Derus, he would have exploded by now.

"It wasn't Raon, but the dark mages of the Black Tower who were there," Regal said.

"The Black Tower?"

"Yes. I think they were targeting the drake. The body and traces of the Black Water have been confirmed."


Derus let out a sigh and lowered his gaze.

"So they didn't catch Raon Zieghart, but they fought to death with the Black Tower?"

"It seems so."

Regal nodded, his lips trembling. He had been serving Derus for a long time, but he had never seen him this angry.

"And Raon Zieghart?"

"He arrived late and cleaned up the tired Black Water and Rocktan. He saved the people and even took the drake's body..."

"Huff... huff..."

Derus looked up at the dark ceiling and sighed deeply.


He burst into laughter, wiping his forehead with his bleeding hand.

"I don't know if he's lucky or if he's playing with the world. I still can't make a proper judgment about him."

Derus Robert lowered his head. His eyes, which were filled with anger and murderous intent, had cooled to ice.


"Don't confront Raon Zieghart for a while. Instead, gather information. Use the northern line to collect all the information about him from the time he was born to the present."

"I understand."

Regal nodded, swallowing his saliva.

"I won't be careless anymore." 

Derus smiled faintly and wiped the blood from the wound on his hand onto the dark hole below.

"I'll figure out everything about you and put an end to you."

*     *      *

Before returning to the Sepia, Raon first headed to the Black Market in Rocan. Following the instructions he had received, he found Dening Rose waiting in a small room.

"Thank you for your hard work. And..."

Dening Rose stood up and bowed. It was a polite but dignified posture.

"Thank you for avenging Ferents."

It was the first time he had heard the name, but he thought he knew who he was talking about. He was the agent who had managed to hold on to the end even after being affected by the dark mana and had passed on information about the Black Tower.

"He can rest in peace now."

The deep sadness in her words was palpable. It seemed that the agent named Ferents was someone that Dening Rose cherished.

"I met him only once, and that was briefly, but he was a respectable person."

Raon closed his eyes and spoke. It was not just a pretense. It was hard to believe that he could even withstand the dark mana with the Carbon Breathing Technique in his current state.

"I'm sorry for what happened because of us."

"I'm sorry," Raon and Dorian said, bowing their heads.

"No, it's okay. He was just doing his job because he was hired. In the end, he saved the people, so he must have been satisfied."

Dening Rose smiled faintly, telling them not to say that. It was the image of the successor to the Black Market Chief, who quickly found peace.

"Please sit down."

At her gesture, he sat down in the chair opposite her.

"We plan to protect Weathers Village for a while. Now that the drake that reigned like a king in the mountains is gone, there is a possibility that monsters will take advantage of the gap."

"I see."

Dening Rose seemed to have a similar thought.

'That makes me feel more at ease.'

The black market, a group formed by the lower classes who are crushed at the bottom of society, seemed to put people first.

Of course, they might get the distribution rights for Weathers Village's raspberries and chestnuts in return, but that would be beneficial for both sides.


Dorian nodded to Raon, calling him.


Dorian understood what Raon meant and put his hand in his belly pocket and took out a basket and a box and placed them on the table.

"What is this...?"

"It's the promised item. And..."

Raon smiled faintly and opened the lids of the basket and box. Raspberry macarons and raspberry pies from Weathers Village appeared.

"These are the things that were protected thanks to the help of the branch chief and the agents."

"Is that so."

Dening Rose smiled and took a bite of the pie. Her eyes widened like a full moon. She looked like she didn't know it would be so delicious.

"It's delicious. The crust is still crispy, and the sweet flesh is overflowing!"

"Please try the macarons too. They say it's a new product that hasn't been released yet."


Dening Rose's eyes sparkled as she looked at the macarons, satisfied with the pie. She quickly reached out and bit into the macaron as well.

"This is delicious too. No, to be honest, I like this side better. The macarons that come out these days are too sweet, but this macaron is not a stimulating sweetness, but the combination of the refreshing juice and the soft macaron like bread is so refreshing. It's much better than the pastries made by pastry chefs in Cameloon or Rocan."

Dening Rose blushed when she saw Raon and Dorian staring blankly.

"You seem to like desserts."

Raon smiled as he looked at the macaron trembling in Dening Rose's hand.

'She's not perfect.'

I thought she was a cold-blooded person because she was so upright, but now that she is blushing and expressing her love for desserts, she looks her age for the first time.

I like it too. Just one bite...

'You're a little too pushy.'

He pushed away Wrath, who was clinging to the macaron.

"I d-do like them a little."

Dening Rose answered with her head down. Her earlobes were red.

"The other successors of the Sepia are also returning with their items!"

It was clear that she was trying to change the subject, but Raon smiled and let it go.

"Do you know what they are?"

"Yes, of course."

Dening Rose nodded and put the half-eaten macaron down next to her. She looked like she was barely holding back her desire to eat.

There is some still left? I also want...

Dening Rose and Wrath, who couldn't take their eyes off the dessert, looked like they would get along well.

"The third, Phalen Sepia, has obtained the best claws, teeth, and horns, and the second, Diarun Sepia, is said to be bringing the entire stuffed drake. And the first, Jessir Sepia..."

Dening Rose's gaze turned to Dorian. She swallowed her saliva and continued.

"A drake. And a special drake."

"A special drake? Like the one we caught?"

"Yes. It's said to be a wind drake. I didn't hear exactly about the size of the drake in the Zamari Mountains, I'm not sure if you can win..."

"How big is it?"

"I heard it's over 25 meters."

When they heard her, Raon and Dorian looked at each other and curled their lips.

"Is it only 25 meters?"

"Yes, 25 meters..."



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