TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 356

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C 356

 Mark Gorton, shook his right hand, which was holding the sword.

"Defeat me without aura, just your sword skills?"

For the first time, anger flared up in his eyes, which were filled with nothing but irritation.

"You're even more ridiculous than that kid."

He looked at Dorian, who was still lying on the ground, and curled his lips.

"That's true."

Raon smiled and threw Dorian behind him. Dorian, who was flying through the air, slowed down and landed gently on the ground.


Mark Gorton narrowed his eyes as he saw this.

"So it's not complete nonsense."

He pointed his sword forward. A thick aura rose from the crescent-shaped blade.

"I don't care if you're related to that young          master. I can beat you half to death."

"If you can."


With that, Mark Gorton disappeared. He appeared on the left side, as if he had teleported, and slashed down with his sword.

The sword beam, which was wrapped in a powerful wind current, fell down as if to tear off Raon's shoulder.


Raon stretched his right leg to the right. He tilted his body faster than the sword beam could fall.


Mark Gorton's sword, which was only a hair's breadth away from Raon's shoulder, hit the ground.


As expected, Mark Gorton was prepared for this. He turned the sword he had cut the ground with to the right and slashed down. He aimed at Raon's movement path, creating an unavoidable sword beam.

'He's pretty fast.'

Raon stepped back with his left ankle turned inward. Raon's footwork, the Supreme Harmony steps, deflected Mark Gorton's sword beam. A strand of hair was cut off by the sword.

"Your footwork is good. But!"

Mark Gorton shot a sharp look at Raon and kicked the ground.


He predicted the movement of the Supreme Harmony steps footwork and preempted the space by raising the sword. It was a quick and decisive sword beam. The sword, which was the best weapon for speed and sharpness, was fully utilized.

'He may be addicted to pleasure, but he's not completely useless.'

He didn't seem to have neglected his training just to earn money for his vices. The amount and quality of his aura were at a high level.

'This is perfect.'

Raon's ability had increased after consuming the inner core of the sea spirit flower and the Ghost jellyfish. Mark Gorton was a good opponent to test his improved abilities.


Raon used the Supreme Harmony steps to deflect Mark Gorton's terrifying sword beams.

"How long are you going to keep running away when you say you can defeat?"

Mark Gorton frowned and increased his speed.

He slashed down with the first sword beam, and then moved back to deliver the second sword beam. The aura, which was bent like lightning, poured down from the front and back.

"I'm just taking a look."

Raon twisted his ankles and waist in opposite directions. His upper body turned like a leaf floating in the water, deftly avoiding the first sword beam.


Raon stopped the footwork and lowered his center of gravity when he saw Mark Gorton's sword beam coming straight at him. He twisted his wrists to perform the sword art.

"You fool!"

Mark Gorton laughed and brought down the sword beam. The aura, which was concentrated in the sword, pressed down on Raon's body.

'This is nothing.'

Raon broke through the pressure of the aura with his physical strength alone, and raised the long sword. He raised the sword on the blade, which was filled with sword energy, and cut through the aura that was wrapped around the sword.


The sword art, which was filled with the essence of spiral force, was like a constellation that flowed like a river.

"What a useless thing to do..."

Mark Gorton, who was about to raise the sword that was lowered, stopped in his tracks. He looked at the sword in his hand with his mouth open.

'The aura has been cut off?'

Just a moment ago, the red aura passed by, but the aura that was wrapped around the sword was like a wound cut by an animal.

He had never seen or heard of a sword that could cut through aura. He didn't know what was going on.


Mark Gorton swallowed his saliva and glared at Raon.

"What did you do?"

"I used my footwork and sword skills. Do you want me to tell you the name of my sword skill?"

Raon shrugged casually.

"Are you serious?"

Mark Gorton rushed in with the aura he had restored. His sword techniques now had a clear pattern, unlike before. He had begun to use proper martial arts.

Raon narrowed his eyes as he watched the twisted sword coming towards him.

'That's interesting.'

It was a rough form of sword technique that alternated between left and right, but it was much faster and stronger than a normal downward slash.


It wasn't something he couldn't break.

He predicted the movement of the sword technique and extended his longsword. A condensed form of aura that is gathered into a sword energy. If you keep releasing sword energy, it will eventually be cut off.


The spiral sword technique that contained the essence of spiral force continued like a constellation, cutting off Mark Gorton's aura.

Raon did not stop at defense and took one step further.

He shot out the sword that cut through the aura like a spear, piercing Mark Gorton's waist. Blood spurted from the wound.


Mark Gorton stumbled back, grabbing his waist. His eyes trembled in shock.

"...Rotating, is it?"

He seemed to have realized how the aura was cut off, even though he wasn't completely clueless.

"That's right. I scraped your aura with a sword rotation."

Raon nodded and aimed his longsword.

"That, that's impossible. You don't even know the pattern of my Byulland sword, so how can you understand the movement and cut off the aura?"

"Of course I don't know. But I could tell where you were going."

Byulland, which Mark Gorton mentioned, is a martial art that uses a sword to slash down in a sharp form like lightning.

It contains speed, sharpness, and strength, but it was difficult to read the flow because his training was not mature.

"It's not even as good as basic footwork and basic sword skills. It's a waste of sword energy."

"This bastard..."

Mark Gorton gritted his teeth until they bled.

"Talent. Is that the difference in talent?"

His aura grew to a level that was far different from before. His veins began to bulge as he seemed to be drawing on his full strength.

"Why do all the talents that I don't have belong to others!"

Mark Gorton yelled in anger and broke through the ground, charging towards him. A ferocious form of aura spread from his sword.

Although he is a beginner master level, a huge amount of aura that he had accumulated for decades was released at once.


The aura that bloomed from the sword drew dozens of violent trajectories, creating a storm of aura. It was powerful enough to tear off flesh whole if it touched.

Are you really going to fight him with just your sword?

Wrath frowned, thinking it was a pointless act.

Since you've already revealed your identity, you can just use your aura...

'A warrior should keep their word.'

Raon chuckled coldly and plunged into the storm of Mark Gorton's energy blade. After grasping the movement of the technique, he generated a massive flow that surpassed the precision of Mark Gorton's Byulland.


Raon's swordsmanship, faster, sharper, and more majestic than Mark Gorton's Byulland, surrounded the storm of the energy blade like a shimmering aurora.


The aura that had covered the training hall completely subsided, and Mark Gorton's sword crumbled to dust.

Injuries from being cut by the sword opened all over his body, and blood flowed out. They were injuries that would have been fatal if they had gone in a little deeper.


Mark Gorton knelt down helplessly like a puppet with its strings cut. His limbs were trembling as if all his strength had been drained.

"Now you've finally lived up to your nickname, Fallen Sword."

Raon laughed as he put his longsword on his shoulder.

"You, you are... what are you...?"

Mark Gorton raised his head with difficulty. Despair shone in his eyes.

"To erase my energy blade with only a sword, how is it that a guy like you doesn't even have a reputation...?"

"Do you know my name?"

"That, that's..."

As if he had just realized that he had fought without even hearing his name, Mark Gorton bit his lip.

"I was overconfident. Being a master level are not invincible. Swordsmanship does not always lose to aura."

"That's something only a talented guy like you can do.

Mark Gorton opened his mouth in a cracked voice.

"A guy like me who is ordinary can never be like you in my lifetime. What is the difference between you and me? What did you do to have such talent?"

He screamed in anger, as if he were venting his anger.

"Talent. Talent. I'm tired of it."

Raon frowned as he looked down at Mark Gorton.

"You're right. I have talent and luck. But what does that have to do with your weakness?"

"If I had your talent too...!"

"Talent is not something that is complete just by being born. It is made by living through countless experiences and despair, like carving a plaster statue."

In this life, a good environment was created because luck and timing coincided.

However, it was his own choices and efforts that made that environment. He has walked through blood dozens of times and has often faced death.

"You asked me how I read the flow of the sword technique earlier, right?"

Raon looked down at Mark Gorton with cold eyes.

"It's simple. Your forms were sloppy. You only practiced the forms roughly."

"What nonsense! I haven't put down my sword even now!"

"Yeah. You didn't put it down, and you only focused on the subtleties of the sword technique and aura cultivation. When was the last time you performed a form from beginning to end properly?"


"You were too immersed in martial arts and aura cultivation to properly train your forms. Your forms are dead. You can't stay in the same place because you don't even have the basics of a warrior."

He was irritated that someone who didn't work hard enough to create the talent that an ordinary human would want to die to have was disparaging it.

Especially since he lived a life where he couldn't work hard even if he wanted to in his previous life, he was irritated by Mark Gorton, who had freedom but only despaired.

"How many near-death experiences have you had? Have you ever passed out from training? Have you ever achieved something different from others on your own? What challenges have you faced?"

"That, that is..."

Mark Gorton was unable to answer any of his questions. He could only stare at Raon with his jaw trembling.

I didn't know if he had nothing to say, or if he had nothing to say, and I wasn't interested.

"A greenhouse-grown flower can't even overcome a small ordeal."

Raon approached Mark Gorton with his left fist clenched.

"Don't cover up your laziness and incompetence with talent."

As he said this, he punched Mark Gorton in the jaw.


Mark Gorton flew away without even being able to scream and crashed into the wall.


With a thunderous roar that sounded like the earth was splitting, the wall collapsed. Mark Gorton could not get up and lay down.

"What, what is this! What is this?"

Phalen trembled her jaw as she watched the smoke billow from the collapsed wall.

"Get up! How much money did I give you to be beaten by an expert!"

She screamed at Mark Gorton, who was knocked out, while rolling her eyes.

"Get up!"

Phalen kept shouting, but Mark Gorton's mind did not return.


Raon approached Phalen with his longsword slung over his shoulder.


Since he didn't build up his momentum, Phalen frowned but was not intimidated.

"Don't think this is the end."

She glared at Raon's eyes and gritted her teeth.

"I just hired that trash for this job. If I bring the real ones, I can crush you like that."

"You can you crush me?"

Raon smiled faintly and raised his chin.


"You're too young. There's nothing that can't be moved by money. You believe in that invisible thing called bound? I can bring in Zieghart and Robert right away if I have enough money. It's easy to bring you to your knees!"

"I won't ask again."

Raon swept his disheveled hair up. The red hair that had been touched by his hand became a brilliant golden wave, and the blue eyes that were like the sea evaporated and spewed out scarlet flames.

"That, golden hair and red eyes..."

Phalen screamed and backed away. Her legs seemed to have gone limp, and she collapsed after taking a few steps.


Raon's momentum rose like a wildfire. In a moment, the entire training ground became a space he controlled.

"Can you crush me?"

"Ah, ah..."

Phalen's eyes shook like a sailboat hit by a huge wave. She trembled all over her body, biting her teeth as if she had gone insane.

'Raon Zieghart....'

Why is this monster here?

When Eden kidnapped Raon, the branch was wiped out, and the White Blood religion's leader was seriously injured.

It is also not easy to find someone who can withstand the power of a person named Raon. It is not common to face the White Sword Dragon who defeated Borini Kitten, Garona, and Cardis in a row. 

However, beyond all that....

It's scary.

When she saw those deep, deep red eyes that were darker than the blood-red moon, her head turned white and she couldn't think of anything. She wanted to kneel down immediately and escape from that fear.

"Say it. Can you crush me?"

Phalen was so scared that she couldn't speak. She could only stare at Raon with her mouth open.

Raon sighed and shook his head.

"No, no, I can't!"

Palen lowered her head in a gesture of submission.


She could not withstand the sharp momentum like a blade and the mental shock, and she fainted and fell backwards.

Raon's gaze turned to the big warrior who was standing next to Palen.

"Will you surrender?"

"Yes! I don't have any intention of fighting...!"

The big warrior waved his hands frantically, as if all his fighting spirit had been lost.

"Not necessary."

Raon frowned and slapped the big warrior in the face.


The big warrior's huge body was stuck upside down in the ground because Raon did not spare his strength.

"It's pathetic for a warrior to say he's defeated without even fighting."

Raon clicked his tongue and shook his hands.


Wrath let out a sigh as he looked at Raon and the warrior stuck in the ground.

Isn't this guy really crazy?

He asked if he would surrender, and then slap him when he surrendered. He wondered if there could be another devil like him in the world.

No matter how much I think about it, the answer has come out. You belong in the devil world, not here...

'Shut up.'

*     *      *

Dorian bit his lip and looked at Raon's back.

It was only natural for Raon to defeat Mark Gorton. His strength was enough to defeat even a peak master.

'The really amazing thing is...'

He broke through the sword aura with only his sword.

He really didn't create a sword aura. He didn't even use a special martial art, and he defeated Mark Gorton with only sword and basic martial arts. It was hard to believe even though he saw it with his own eyes.


It was a really amazing thing, but the thing that really hit him deeply was not Raon's martial arts, but what he said.

[As you boasted about making money, Dorian came to Zieghart and built a relationship. That means I am his strength.]

[I and the other Light Wind swordsmen are also ready to draw our swords with our lives for this guy. That can't be bought with money.]

Those words. Those words that flowed so quietly kept ringing in his head and stabbing his heart.


He didn't know that this short word, which means the relationship between people, would cause such a deep emotion.

Especially because the person who said it was Raon Zieghart, who usually doesn't joke around.

'It means it's true.'

Raon doesn't lie about anything other than the Light Wind squad. The fact that he said that in this situation meant that the entire Light Wind squad really felt the same way about him.

'I wasn't the only one.'

His real home was not this Sepia, but the Light Wind squad. The fact that they all felt the same way that they could die for them made tears well up in his eyes.


Dorian used his sword as a cane to force himself to stand up. He bowed his head to Raon, who was standing alone in the distance.

'Thank you.'

For scolding this idiot.

Although Raon spoke as if he was threatening Phalen, he must have really wanted to enlighten himself.

'You're not alone. Raon Zieghart t and the Light Wind squad are behind you.' He must have planned this event to make him realize that.

'Thank you really…'

"What are you doing?"

While Dorian was still bowing his head, wiping away tears, he heard Raon's voice as a large shadow fell in front of him.

"I, I am thanking you...."

"Ah, that feels good."

Raon smiled as he turned his wrist.

"I didn't like your sister from the moment she started using informal language. I just destroyed everything. I feel a little better."


Dorian hiccuped and raised his eyes.

"Then it wasn't because of me...?"

"You? What did you do? You got beaten up and that's it, right?"

"No, because you said you were behind me...."

"That was to shock your sister"

Raon pointed to the unconscious Phalen , laughing.

"You were trying to enlighten me...?"

"No, I wasn't."


Dorian swallowed his saliva. Phalen had lost consciousness from the mental shock, so he wasn't wrong.

'Was it not sincere?'

As he lowered his eyes in disappointment, Raon tapped him on the shoulder.

"I just told you the truth. Good job. Today, you were like a Zieghart's Warrior."

Raon patted his shoulder firmly and walked out of the training ground.


Dorian held his chest, which was beating wildly, and bit his lip. He bowed his head more respectfully than ever before.

"Thank you!"

"That's enough, let's go."


He used all his strength to answer and followed Raon.

"It's noisy..."

"I'm sorry! I'm just so happy..."

"There's someone else besides you who's making a fuss, and it's about food."

Raon looked at his wrist and frowned, saying he was hungry. He muttered "annoying cotton candy" and turned his head.

"Let's eat first."

"True, we haven't eaten anything since lunch."

Dorian nodded.

"I'll ask them to prepare the meal."

"You too, let's go."

"Oh, I'll go to the infirmary first..."

"That'll be fine with some ointment. Let's go eat."

"No, I was stabbed with a sword...!"

"Do you want to train some more?"

"I, I'll go!"

Dorian shook his head, wiping away tears.

'This guy is still...'

He was impressed that he looked so cool today, but he started to look like a demon again. He's still an unpredictable person.


As Dorian sighed and was about to leave the training ground, Raon didn't follow him and was looking up at the tree in the west.

"Aren't you going?"

"I thought I saw a flying squirrel  on that tree."

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the tree at the western end of the training ground.

"A flying squirrel?"

Dorian looked at the tree, shaking his head.

"I don't think anyone was there..."

"Is that so?"

Raon shook his head, muttering that he was going to get a complex.

"Well, I don't know about flying squirrels, but there are quiet a few bats."

He smiled coldly and looked up at the sky.

"I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of reaction I'II get tomorrow."


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