RDM (Novel) Chapter 490

 C 490

"Heugh! Heugh!"

The Wind Saint gasped for breath.

His heart was beating furiously, as if it would burst at any moment.

No matter how he tried to control his breathing, his heart wouldn't calm down.

This was because he had pushed himself to his limit.

He couldn't remember the last time he'd given it his all.

"Man… Sl… aughter!"

The Wind Saint stared at the corpse sprawled out in front of him.

It was ManSlaughter, who had been fiercely chasing him just moments ago. However, his current state bore no resemblance to his former power.

His body laid bare and worthless, no different from a piece of meat in a butcher's shop.

This is what death is like.

No matter how one appeared in life or what reputation they had, everyone was equal before death.

So pitiful and worthless.


The Wind Saint let out a sigh.

It was a single move.

The difference that decided their fate.

The Wind Saint had gambled everything in one move and risked his life.

ManSlaughter's mistake was thinking that the Wind Saint's gamble was a fatal error and rushing in recklessly.

As a result, Wind Saint won, and ManSlaughter turned into this cold corpse.

If the Wind Saint's gamble had failed, he would have been the one lying as a corpse.

Wind Saint sat down next to ManSlaughter.

He had no strength left to even stand.

"I wonder how he's doing."

Wind Saint thought of Pyo Wol.

He had an extremely dangerous time himself, but Pyo Wol must be going through an even worse struggle.

"He'll manage. He's got the ability to do so."

"Who says he has such ability?"

At that moment, a calm voice reached his ears.

For an instant, The Wind Saint felt a chill as if he had been doused in ice water.


It was a voice that should never have been heard here.

So, he thought it was an illusion.

Wind Saint cautiously turned his head towards the direction the voice came from.

He was there.

The moment Wind Saint confirmed his appearance, his eyes trembled.

"How did you?"

"It's been a while."

He spoke calmly.

Although he was obviously not much older than Wind Saint, he still had the appearance of a young man, as if the years had been reversed.

He had an inner strength that could turn back the hands of time. He was the only person in the current era who possessed such a powerful internal energy.

At least among the people Wind Saint knew, only he was capable of this.

He said,

"I heard you were in the area while passing by."

"You just happened to hear it?"


"What a coincidence."

"The laws of heaven are so subtle that it is impossible for a human mind to understand them


"It's funny to hear the word 'heaven' coming from your mouth."

"I suppose it could be seen that way, and I find it funny too."

The corners of his mouth drew up into a slight smile.

Although he was clearly smiling, the Wind Saint couldn't help but shudder.

The Wind Saint, who feared no one in the world, was terrified of the man standing before him.

It was hard to breathe just being in the same space with him.


At that moment, someone's voice was heard.

He didn't have to turn his head to see who it was.

It was Gi Seon-hye of Gi Family Clinic.

Gi Seon-hye was holding a medicine-soaked cloth, alternately looking at Wind Saint and him.

She had rushed over to treat Wind Saint's severe wounds, but hesitated upon spotting him.

Gi Seon-hye's face looked pale and haggard.

Even though he wasn't exerting any energy, she felt an intense pressure. Merely by being in the same space as him.

The Wind Saint quickly spoke.

"Step back, Seonhye!"

"But, Master, your wounds…"

"Don't worry about me and step back."

Wind Saint's voice trembled.

Sensing the unusual atmosphere, Gi Seon-hye tried to step back. However, his voice stopped her.



For a moment, Gi Seon-hye's body froze.

Simply hearing his voice was enough to make her feel suppressed by him.

He asked Gi Seon-hye,

"What's your name?"

"I am Gi Seon-hye from Gi Family Clinic."

"Gi Family Clinic? I've never heard of it before."

"It's a small clinic in a poor neighborhood of Soyang that practices medicine. It's only natural that you haven't heard of it."


"Is that so?"

He looked at Gi Seon-hye with shining eyes.

At that moment, the Wind Saint clenched his teeth.

"Please don't take an interest in her, brother!"

"Ha! You finally call me brother."


"It sounds good."

He nodded his head with satisfaction.

On the other hand, the Wind Saint's face contorted even more.

The Wind Saint knew.

None of the people he took an interest in managed to maintain their sanity.

He was like a plague.

Destroying everyone except himself.

The Wind Saint hated him and wandered the world to avoid him.

He had never dared to approach his residence, fearing an accidental encounter. He had been evading him for decades, and yet, he encountered him here today.

If his body were in better shape, he would have at least considered escaping, but now he doesn't even have the strength to move a finger.

"Having met my brother after so long, I'd like to strengthen our brotherhood by sharing drinks day and night for three days. What do you think?"

"Do you really have to take this little brother with you?"


"Brother Cheonhwa!"

"You should know better that I don't ask twice."


The Wind Saint closed his lips.

Normally, he would never listen to him. However, he had no choice at this moment.

If he refused his words, everyone here would die.

Not only Gi Seon-hye, but also the people of Gi Family Clinic and the slums.

He was a man with more than enough ability to do so.

"I'll go with you."

"You made a wise decision. I've heard you've taken a disciple. Bring that child with you."

"My disciple is not here at the moment."

"Ha! Little brother. I'm not in a good mood right now. I'm trying to be considerate, but why don't you trust me?"

"It's true. I sent the disciple far away."

The Wind Saint was relieved that Nam Shin-woo was not here.

It was obvious what would happen if Nam Shin-woo fell into the hands of his brother.

He didn't miss the look of relief that flickered in the Wind Saint's eyes.

'It's clear that the disciple is not here.'

He was a little disappointed, but he didn't want to go out of his way to catch Wind Saint's disciple.

As long as the Wind Saint was with him, his disciple would naturally join him.

"Let's go, little brother!"


The Wind Saint stood up with great difficulty.

Before following him, the Wind Saint looked at Gi Seon-hye.

He didn't say anything, but Gi Seon-hye seemed to understand, nodding her head.

The Wind Saint also gave a slight nod and followed him.

He said:

"It feels very good to be walking with you after such a long time, so let's stay together for a long time."


The Wind Saint replied weakly.

He walked like a cow being led to the slaughter house.


A boat entered the dense reed forest by the river.


With a dull thud, the boat came to a halt, and a man jumped out and looked around.

"No one's here. You can come down."

The man speaking to the boat was Do Yeonsan.

As soon as he finished speaking, Eun-yo and Nam Shin-woo appeared.

Pyo Wol was on Nam Shin-woo's back.

Eun-yo asked Do Yeonsan,

"Is this the place?"

"Absolutely! A little further, and the divine phsycian will be waiting."

"Got it!"

Finally, Eun-yo and Nam Shin-woo got off the boat.

As the two of them carried Pyo Wol away from the boat, Do Yeonsan picked up the sword he usually used on the boat.


Do Yeonsan swung his sword with a powerful shout.

A powerful sword qi extended out, cutting down all the reeds in the area.

Do Yeonsan discarded the sword and spread both hands wide towards the scattered reeds in the air. Then, a strong wind blew, scattering the reed leaves onto the boat.

In an instant, the small boat was covered in reed leaves.

At this point, it would be difficult for anyone to notice the boat's presence unless they looked closely.

"Let's go!"

Do Yeonsan, who finished the camouflage work, told the two.

They left the boat and moved along the reed field.

It would be more convenient to move along the main road, but it was a foolish choice.

At this time, there would be people walking on the main road. If they moved along the main road, they would definitely catch attention

They were lucky to have shaken off the Blood Demons, but they didn't think the Blood Demons would give up so easily.

They wouldn't discriminate in their means or methods to find and kill Pyo Wol.

Until they completely escaped Hunan Province, they couldn't risk being seen.

They mainly moved through uninhabited areas.

Pyo Wol, carried by Nam Shin-woo, tried to circulate his Qi. But his body was so severely damaged, even circulating Qi wasn't possible.

For now, preventing his condition from worsening was the best they could do. But even that was not easy.

It was because he had lost too much blood. Even if one possesses the extraordinary heaven and earth martial arts," if they lose this much blood, death is inevitable.

Pyo Wol's condition, who had lost consciousness, gradually worsened.


Nam Shin-woo, who was carrying Pyo Wol on his back, was the first to notice this.

Eun-yo examined Pyo Wol's condition and said,

"It's dangerous! We need to speed up. Let's run along the main road."

"But what if we catch people's attention?"

"We can't afford to be cautious. The longer we delay, the less chance we have of saving him."

"Damn it! Let's do that."

In the end, Do Yeonsan agreed with Eun-yo's decision.

The three of them rushed onto the main road.

They sped up as they ran down the well-paved path.

Several people walking along the path were stunned to see them running. It was because they were running at a speed that ordinary people couldn't even imagine.

In an instant, the three disappeared from other people's sight.

They ran non-stop for almost half a kilometer, and arrived at a small village far away from Giyang.

At the entrance of the village, someone was waiting.

Suddenly, a welcoming light filled his face.

This was because he saw the three running from afar.


The person greeting the three warmly was none other than the Divine Physician.

"Where is he?"


Nam Shin-woo pointed to his back.

Seeing Pyo Wol unconscious, the Divine Physician's face hardened.

"He's seriously injured indeed. Quickly, move him inside."


The four quickly carried Pyo Wol into the largest house in the village. It was the village head's house, but it was given for the use of Divine Physician for the day.

The Divine Physician had once treated the village head's seriously ill daughter, so he gladly lent his house.

"Lay him down here."

The divine Physician pointed to the bed.

Nam Shin-woo hastily laid Pyo Wol down on the bed.

As Pyo Wol lay on the bed, Gwia slithered out.

Gwia coiled itself at Pyo Wol's bedside like a watchful guardian.

The divine Physician didn't even glance at Gwia and took Pyo Wol's pulse.

His expression grew more and more serious.

"Phew! He's lost too much blood."

The fact that he was still alive after suffering such injuries was astonishing.

That's how serious Pyo Wol's condition was.

"We need to do something about the blood loss first."

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