IBRV (Novel) Chapter 57

C 57

"I never said I would give it to you.

... I chose it first.

But I got it first.

Who is this despicable adult?

I twisted my face and turned my head away, puffing up my cheeks.

"If I get angry here, I'll turn into a child."

Yes, there are childish adults in the world.

Judging by the clothing he was wearing, he was clearly a nobleman.

"Because I decided not to have an accident..."

Let's find something else.

I calmed down and picked up any book that caught my attention.

After all, if you're reading a book, time will pass.

"Just look at that, mister, I'll look at this."

... What?


(N/T: Our MC used the term 아저씨 (Ajeossi/ ahjussi), which is used to describe a middle-aged or older man. This is a common way to address older men when speaking and can be translated as uncle or sir.)

Huh, I placed the book on the desk and climbed onto the chair, pretending not to hear the laughter next to me.

I was about to sit down and open the book when he placed it next to me and pushed it toward me.

"You're bold."

... Thank you.

"However, it's shameful for a Suin to walk without a leash."

My back stiffened at his sudden words. There was obvious hostility in his voice.


Instead of responding, I simply opened the book firmly. I just didn't want to deal with it.

"It's really strange to see a being that was at most a pet walking like a human. The world has improved a lot."

I clenched my fists at the obvious disrespectful words.

I'm not a pet, childish man. Is it nice to mock a child while being so big and old? It's quite pathetic. Isn't mister a nobleman?



Sticking out my tongue, I closed the book and jumped off the chair.

"I should wait for the female lead."

As I was about to leave the library without remorse, he followed me slowly.

Aren't you going to read the book?


Where are you going?

To see my friend.

Take this, I'll give it to you.

He handed me the plant encyclopedia that had piqued my interest earlier.


I don't really like that title.

That's stealing. Are you a thief? I heard you shouldn't touch other people's things.

They're not really someone else's things.

He replied with a smile on his face as if it were funny.

Is he a little crazy?

Well, no decent person would say something like that and refuse to give the book I chose.

Why is he following me?

I'm on my way too.


I frowned and walked slowly down the hallway where the heroine had disappeared before.

Why aren't the bridesmaids here, and why isn't anyone coming?

It seemed like a long time had passed.

I walked down the hall, ignoring the man who was following me.

It was then.


Out! Out! If you don't leave immediately, I'll kill you all!

I stopped walking at the sound of a voice coming from the partially open door.


Shouting hoarsely, he was hysterical beyond belief for an arrogant child trapped in a cage.

When the door opened and people ran out, I entered through the gap.

If he gets angry like this, nothing will be resolved. I'm here to help the prince.

I said I didn't need it. I tried it once before, but there was no improvement. If you're going to sympathize, get out of here.

It was the heroine who stood in Enosh's way and confronted him.

As expected of the female lead.

When everyone else ran away, she didn't, and she could point out what was wrong.

The original Enosh liked this type of heroine as a friend.

Won't they come closer soon? At that moment.



Something flew through the wind, grazed right by my side, hit the wall, and shattered it into pieces.


Now that... Eirin?

The heroine opened her eyes wide and ran towards me, carefully examining my cheek.

Fortunately, the debris didn't reach me. Looking at the broken glass of water, I stifled a laugh.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine."

The heroine's eyes widened. Immediately, she opened her eyes triangularly and turned quickly.

"Your Highness the Prince! What are you doing dangerously?! My sister almost got hurt!"

"A clear warning that I'll kill everyone if you don't leave..."


I really thought there would be a fight, so I quickly appeared behind Sharnae.

He was sitting on the bed with a face even thinner than I remembered.

He held a bloodstained handkerchief in one hand while gripping a white blanket tightly; his pale skin looked lifeless.


"...I'm not a bollo."

"You're safe. You belong to the Etham family... They told me you were a bastard."

When I nodded once, Enosh's eyes narrowed.

"You're still an ugly and cheeky bollo. Hey, you. I told you to cut everything off, when are you going?"

Enosh raised his eyebrows as he looked at the heroine. The heroine with clenched fists turned to me.

"Eirin, let's go back."

"Leave the bollo alone."


Despite Sharnae's questions, Enosh didn't answer but turned his head and looked at the man behind me.

"And... Why did the Imperial Father come?"

Imperial Father?


When I turned my head with a puzzled expression, the man who had acted childishly by refusing to give me the book was leaning against the door.

"Is there a problem with a father coming to see his son?"

"...Imperial Father...?"


I was speechless for a moment.

["Don't go and create trouble!"]

It seemed like I could hear Duke Miriel's shouts from here.

He told me not to get into trouble, but I think I got into a big problem.

["It's okay, if you encounter the emperor, don't even talk to him. Just throw this away and leave. Don't take responsibility."]

Should I throw this away and leave?

"Didn't he say not to talk to him?"

I not only talked to him but also scolded him. Moreover, I referred to him as "mister."

Seeing my pale expression, the emperor smiled.

"Lady Etham would do well to return now. Thank you for coming."

"Yes, Your Majesty. My cousin..."

"I will take responsibility and politely send her back, so please return first."

"...But, Your Majesty."

"I hope I don't have to say it twice."

The emperor lightly blocked the half-open door of the female lead. I was a little confused too.

"Why me...?"

You're not trying to get rid of me, are you?

"It's okay. Goodbye, Erin."

"Yes, please take care, sister."


The female lead hugged me once with a darkened face and left Enosh's room with a remorseful expression.


"I'm not a bollo."

Enosh arrogantly called me and nodded.

"Come closer to this body."

"How are you feeling?"

"Do I look like I'm doing well?"

"Mmm, no."

Enosh's eyes opened a little wider at my honest response.

The boy definitely looked worse than the last time I saw him. At the same time, my heart didn't feel good either.

"I intentionally stopped the epidemic before it spread..."

It was bittersweet.

Looking back, the emperor's expression wasn't very good.

"By the way, the anti-aristocrats are quiet..."

There was no more news of the plague.

Probably because Daddy intervened.

"What kind of relationship do you have with that white-haired guy?"

"The white-haired guy?"

"Yes! The one who carried me like a burden on his shoulders and handed me over to the commander of the knights!"

It was clear he was referring to Lucilion.


How should I explain Lucilion?

He's not a friend, but to explain that he's a pet, no matter how much I think about it, he doesn't seem like a normal person.

"An acquaintance?"

"If he hadn't saved this body, I would have cut off his ankle immediately! How dare he...?"

I chuckled slightly at the grumbling voice.

"Why are you laughing? Something like an ugly bollo."

"You too..."

I tried to find fault, but when I saw Enosh's almost perfect appearance with the addition of the illness, I closed my mouth.

The emperor dug into the gap where there had been silence for a while.

"How is your body, Second Prince?"

"How do I look? Don't you always look and receive reports every day? Or do you want to hear that I'm dying from my own mouth?"

Enosh clenched his fists.

"Enosh, I was just wondering how you're feeling today..."

"It feels like I'm dying!"

Enosh clenched his teeth and shouted with a hoarse voice full of anger.

"They ask me the same question dozens of times a day, and I don't want to hear it, not even from His Majesty."

"...Yes, I'll be careful from now on."

Contrary to how the emperor treated me maliciously, he didn't say anything in front of Enosh.

As I looked at Enosh, his face twisted.

"Why, do you sympathize with this body too?"

"...Yes, maybe."

As soon as I finished my words, Enosh's momentum became even fiercer.

Fire dripped from his red eyes.

"I don't need you either, so right now..."

"It's okay, but I don't feel sorry for you. I just... thought it would be frustrating if I sat here."


"I don't want to sit on the bed all the time."

I shrugged and Enosh's eyes narrowed.

"I want to play with you."

I sat on his bed and whispered softly.

"...A worthless bollo is saying nonsensical things."

Upon hearing my murmur, Enosh added a small comment with a snort after a while.

The emperor watched us in silence.

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