TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 354

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C 354


Totten Robel drew his sword, and the sound of the blade scraping against the scabbard filled the tense atmosphere of the training ground.

"You said you were bored waiting?"

He pointed the sharp blade at Dorian.

"I'II grant your wish. Draw your sword right now."

"Teach that insolent mouth a lesson. Don't let him speak again."

Phalen glared at Dorian with anger.


Dorian's face turned pale as he glanced at Raon standing behind him, his eyes pleading for help.

I know you're not going to help him, but at least you could give him some advice?

Wrath frowned as he saw Dorian's trembling eyes.

The boy is weak mentally, not physically.


Raon, with a cheerful wave of his hand, responded to Dorian's fearful gaze. His wide smile was an added bonus.


'You know too, right. Dorian is not weak.'

In my opinion, he's as weak as an ant.


Wrath tilted his head with a sincere expression.

'...Maybe from your point of view, but you know he wouldn't be completely overwhelmed by his opponent, right?'

Dorian's opponent, Totten Robel, was indeed a top-level expert, but he had just reached the peak level.

Although he was still young, he was already very talented, but he was still far weaker than the group/team leaders of the Light Wind squad.

That is true.

Dorian thinks he is an upper-level beginner expert, but his actual abilities are already approaching the upper-level limit.' (The translations sometimes uses upper level or superior level)

Dorian had trained diligently and reached the early upper level.

He had also consumed leaves of sea spirit flower and with Raon's help, his abilities had improved rapidly like climbing a ladder. Thanks to the practical training he had undergone during their journey, he was now on the verge of upper-level expert. (well shi*, this confuse me)

'But he still doesn't realize it.'

When facing Dorian, he only used the skills of a novice. He still thought of himself as weak.

'In the duel in the Owen Kingdom, he surrendered too easily because the opponent was another member of Light Wind.'

Dorian had lost in a duel with another Light Wind member, but if he had fought seriously, he could have won easily. He didn't fight seriously because it wasn't his own battle.

'He doesn't use his strength for himself.'


Wrath nodded slightly as if in agreement

'On the other hand, he can use his strength and dare to fight for others. You saw it too, right? When he sprayed me with the scent of the continent tracking perfume.'

Raon lowered his eyes, recalling the day he was kidnapped. He had never expected the most fearful member of the Light Wind do such a thing. Even when he was kidnapped, he was still surprised.

Raon slowly opened his eyes. Dorian was still shaking, unable to draw his sword. He looked back at Dorian with determination.

But you're too hard on him, aren't you? A little softer...

'I know you think your subordinates are very important, but this time is different.'

'Now is the time for Dorian to climb up from the cliff on his own. He needs to develop the strength to do it himself.'

It was impossible to change Dorian's cowardly personality immediately. Perhaps it would never change throughout his life.

"But things have to change here."

The reason he developed such a personality was because he had been humiliated and harassed by his siblings and those who followed them in this place. To break free from that past, he had to climb the cliff with his own arms and legs.

Push him off the cliff...

Wrath turned his head while his hands were busy. It looked like he was writing something on his palm.

'What are you doing?'

Can't you see? I'm taking notes.

'Why are you doing that?'

To raise demons like you when I return to the demon realm.

He grinned, saying that two Raons would be enough to rule the demon realm.

'It won't be easy.'

Don't laugh!. The king will replicate Raon Zieghart to control both the demon realm and the continent!

Wrath muttered about the unasked plans for conquering the demon realm and the surface (continent).

'There can't be a second Raon Zieghart.'

I can't even grasp my own personality

He had lived as an assassin in his previous life, a disgrace to his family and the object of Sylvia's affection during his childhood. From his training days until now, he had been greatly influenced by the slightly insane Rimmer, and recently, Glenn's temprament had also started to seep in.

Thanks to his two lives and the countless people around him, his personality and temperament were constantly changing.

'This is also one of the preparations for the Zieghart's sword field creation'

The sword field creation is not just a swordsmanship, but it shows the life of a Zieghart swordsman.

Even now, his sword field is slowly being created in his mind.

'Anyway, I'll leave Dorian alone.'

It doesn't matter if he breaks the wall of expert upper-level in this battle or not. I just hope he opens his emotions and moves forward a little.

'Well, I should push him to this extent at least.'

I've been giving him one-on-one training for over a month.

It wasn't a training, it was a beating...'

'That's the point.'

No, it's quite different...


Raon interrupted Wrath's words and waved his hand at Dorian, who was shaking his jaw.

"He's a small fry! Hurry up and fry him"


Dorian clenched his teeth at Raon's voice from behind.

"Why is that guy acting like this today?"

He was someone who was usually somewhat sane, but today, it seemed like more than half of his sanity had gone missing.

It felt like he was dealing with a mischievous, reinforced version of Rimmer.


Totten Robel's patience seemed to have run out as his gaze turned chilling.

"Draw your sword quickly. If you don't do it within 5 seconds, I'm coming at you."

Whether he was serious or not, his momentum felt real, and it pressed on Dorian's entire body.


Dorian bit his lip and drew his sword.

"I'll make sure that mouth of yours can't be used again!"

Totten Robel surged forward, pounding the ground. A menacing aura radiated from his blade as he struck down.


Dorian activated his footwork techniques, moving to the right.

"Where are you going!"

Totten Robel suddenly changed direction and pursued Dorian. Like a needle, a sharp aura rushed from left to right. He was a swordsman who had fully mastered the arts of the sharp and swift sword.


Dorian slid back and unleashed the Shimmunhyun Sword.

The soft, silk-like sword aura collided with Totten Robel's sharp sword aura.


Dorian was unable to withstand the powerful impact and was pushed back. Totten Robel only took three steps back.

"You have the right to talk big. But..."

Totten Robel frowned as he looked at the slightly trembling sword blade.

"That's not even a scratch!"

He charged at Dorian again with his eyes wide open. His speed was even faster than before, and the sword aura surrounding the blade shone with a deep blue light.


Dorian was pushed back by the force and rolled on the ground like a ball, while Totten Robel took four steps back and gathered more aura.

"What are you doing now? I told you to crush him to the point where he can't even lift his head!"

Phalen glared at Totten Robel and shook her fist.

"Just wait a minute."

Totten Robel gritted his teeth and glared at Dorian.

"You were hiding something."

As if he was drawing out his full strength, a blue aura surged and burned on his shoulders.

"No, I don't..."

Dorian shook his head and bit his lip hard.

'What kind of trick is that?'

He simply blocked the sword aura that Totten Robel fired, but he didn't have any hidden skills or abilities.


Totten Robel approached like a ray of light and swung his sword repeatedly. His sword aura curled into a circle like a whip, attacking from all directions.


He unleashed the first form of the Shimmunhyun Sword from beginning to end.

The sword aura that spread like clouds and flowed gently like a melody could not withstand Totten Robel's fierce sword aura.


The sword aura of the Shimmunhyun Sword was torn apart mercilessly, causing a sickening shock.


Dorian swallowed a groan and hardened his defense by combining swordsmanship and footwork, but Totten Robel's onslaught continued endlessly.

His hands and feet gradually became dizzy, and even the space to escape began to disappear.

"That's all you've got? If you had talked big like this on the battlefield, you would have already lost your head!"

Totten Robel really believed Raon's words, and he fired even sharper sword strikes with bloodshot eyes.

"I knew it would be like this. What could a swordsman like you do?"

Phalen seemed to have found peace and laughed mockingly with her arms folded.

"Dorian! What are you doing? You can break him with your full strength! Use your ultimate move, the Infinite Orbit Impenetrable Demon Sword!" (wtf, lmao)

Raon started talking nonsense again and smiled brightly. What the hell is the Infinite Orbit Impenetrable Demon Sword? For the first time, he wanted to punch that smug face.


Dorian bit his molars so hard that they almost broke.

'Why is everyone doing this to me?'

Dorian was angry at Totten Robel, who was still being tricked by Raon's strange act, at his sister Phalen, who still ignored and mocked her younger brother after he had been gone for nine years, and at Raon himself, who seemed to be taking things too far today.


A sound like the shell of something stuck in his chest breaking rang through his body.

"Damn it!"

Dorian, who would never normally curse, let out a curse and wrapped the anger rising up in him around his sword.


The Shimmunhyun Sword shed its softness and struck Totten Robel's sword, which was pouring down on his shoulder, with a strong wave.


Totten Robel took five steps back with a short groan, and Dorian rolled on the ground again.

"You bastard!"

Totten Robel, with bloodshot eyes, came running, breaking the ground. He was like a fly drawn to sweet fruit.

"Come at me!"

Dorian's feet stopped. He didn't hide the emotions boiling inside him, and he expressed them in his swordsmanship.

'I don't know anymore!'

Since Raon didn't seem to be willing to help, he had to solve it himself.

As the will to beat all the idiots grew, he heard a sound like the shell of something stuck in his chest breaking open.


The eighth form of the Shimmunhyun Sword, Hyuncheonhubong, is unleashed.

"That sword technique won't work!"

Totten Robel, as if he had already figured out Hyuncheonhubong, went under and raised his sword up.

"You idiot. You moron!"

Dorian swung his sword with his wrist about to break. The sword aura of Hyuncheonhubong, which stretched out like a cloud with a peak on it, suddenly changed and emitted a strong aura.


A fierce shock wave exploded, and Totten Robel took seven steps back.


Dorian no longer rolled on the ground. He was standing on his feet, having been pushed back ten steps.

"Despicable bastard. You've been hiding your strength all this time."

Totten Robel, still talking nonsense, struck to the right. Sharp sword auras were shot at his arms, shoulders, and legs.

'He's definitely strong. My flesh hurts so much that I want to cry. But...'

'He's not as strong as I thought.'

Totten Robel's sword auras were certainly strong, fast, and sharp.

But he was on a different level from Raon Zieghart, with whom he had practiced daily since coming here. His sword was familiar, and the incoming blue sword auras felt frail.


Dorian unleashed the Shimmunhyun Sword's ultimate move, Huihyeonjungjeol. The sword aura that flowed smoothly like a cloud that roams a typhoon cut down all of Totten Robel's sword auras. The broken sword auras scraped the ground and disappeared.

"You insolent!"

Totten Robel couldn't stand it and charged in and swung his sword down. Dorian didn't back down and drew his sword up, scraping the ground.


Sword and sword. And Dorian and Totten Robel met eyes.

"It doesn't matter what you're hiding."


"Shut up!"

He pushed Dorian's sword away and turned his wrist. A spine-chilling aura rose up on the silver blade, and dozens of sword auras shot out. They rotated, surrounding them so that there was no room to escape.

"I'll never let you talk again!"

He really meant it, because the place he was most aiming for was the face, and that was the mouth.


Dorian's eyes quickly turned. Totten Robel, who was confident of victory, Phalen, who was sneering, and Raon, who was still smiling. His annoyance with the three people exploded again.

"What the hell have I done! Damn it!"

When he said the words he had been holding back, a loud sound like the shell of a lump boiling inside him was heard throughout his body.


Power flowed through his body as if the shackles had been released. He felt like he could do anything.


Dorian opened his aura to the fullest. As the enormous energy that he had never felt before wrapped around his sword, a huge cloud bloomed.

The last move of the Shimmunhyun Sword, Daeshimhyuncham, appeared in the world.

"Idiots! I didn't do it!"

With those words, the cross-shaped sword aura that spread out broke through Totten Robel's sword storm and beat his whole body mercilessly.


A powerful shock wave erupted, filling the training ground with brown dust.


Somewhere, the wind blew the dust away, showing the end of the duel. Totten Robel was stuck to the ground with his eyes rolled back, and Dorian was gasping for breath on top of him.


Phalen opened her mouth so wide that her jaw dropped at the sight.

"How is this...?"

She couldn't believe this situation and couldn't speak. Her mouth was properly closed as instructed by Raon.

"I, I won. You, you idiots."

Dorian's hands were shaking, as if his excitement had not yet subsided. His face was flushed.


Raon, who had been talking nonsense during the duel, called out to Dorian. When he turned around, he smiled and raised his hand.

"Are you going to end it so uncoolly?"


Something ignited in his chest at those words. Not a lump, but a burning ambition.

Dorian bit his lip and gestured to the two warriors behind Phalen.

"Next, come on!"

*     *      *

Raon smiled warmly at Dorian, who gestured with confidence.

'He's finally reached it.'

Peak Expert. The path that should have been taken when he ate the leaves of the Sea Spirit Flower and opened the mana channels in his entire body through training was finally opened.


This guy is really too kind.

All he said while releasing the lump was. It's not me! You idiots! Idiots! He was a pure 100% gentle man who couldn't say bad words.

'Isn't my words right?'

Raon tapped Wrath's head, which had quieted down, and pointed to Dorian.

'I told you he could do it.'

Yes. I saw it well.

Wrath nodded and curled the corners of his mouth.

When he broke the wall, the emotion he used was anger! As expected, it was a choice befitting of the King's subordinate!

Raon smirked as Dorian broke through the barrier by releasing his anger.

He thought he was a glutton because of his usual gluttonous disposition, but in the end, he seemed to be the Demon King of Wrath.

"Come on!"

Dorian flicked his thumb and nose and gestured to the remaining warriors.

'He's really excited.'

It seemed that he was too excited to have won against a strong warrior for the first time, using all his strength. It was worth the provocation.

Shouldn't you stop him now? It's too much.

'Let's see.'

Raon smiled brightly and shouted to the front.

"Dorian you did a good job! Your sister shut her mouth as planned!"

The words were directed at Dorian, but the voice was directed at Phalen's ears.


Phalen glared at Dorian with her reddened eyes and gritted her teeth.

"Kill that bastard right now!"

She turned around and glared at the remaining two warriors.

"Right now!"

At Phalen's cry, the warriors looked at each other and laughed.

"If the lady wants it, there's no choice."

"I'll take care of it."

A large man among them shrugged. He was about to move when a middle-aged man in mercenary attire walked out of the darkness.

"I don't want to do night shifts anymore."

He shook his head and approached Dorian.

"Come on anytime!"

Dorian swung his sword with a hot feeling in his eyes. He looked a little out of his mind with the joy and excitement of reaching the peak Expert.

Are you going to leave him like that? He's a master level!

He frowned as he looked at the warrior who drew his sword this time.

'Yeah, he's a master level.'

He was also a master who had experienced enough real battles as a mercenary.

Do you think he can beat him too?

'No, he can't even if he died and came back to life.'

But why provoke him...

'Because his confidence, which was on the floor, is skyrocketing. He needs to get beaten up a little to make him humble.'

If Dorian is not properly trained now, he could die in vain in the war.

'Of course, that's not all.'

Raon's eyes turned cold as he looked at Phalen Sepia.

'I have to teach her too.'

That Dorian had not only built up his own power in the past nine years.

Raon slowly rotated his shoulders and ankles so that he could move at any time.

So, you're going to watch him lose his confidence after giving him confidence?

'That's right.'


Wrath gasped as he saw Raon, who was smiling coldly and stretching his body.

You really won't become a demon king at least once?

I think a great devil will be born.


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