TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 116


Beyond the city walls, the Murim Alliance consisted of numerous pavilions.

The Namgung Family was considered small in comparison.

-It's much smaller than the imperial palace!

However, as Raon mentioned, it was much smaller than the Beijing Imperial Palace.

Cale, with Jegal Miryeo and Jegal Eunso at the front, followed quietly.

"Durst stayed with Choi Han and Beacrox, so I trust they'll handle it well."

Instead of Jegal Eunso, one of the warriors guarding the gate took charge of the guide.

It was thanks to Elder Ho's cunning that this was possible. Thanks to that, Durst no longer had to endure nausea and could head to the location without any issues.

The Promising Talents and the Murim Alliance member returned to their respective positions.

Only Elder Ho, along with the two members of the Jegal Family, was leading the group to where the Alliance Leader was.

"Once we meet the Alliance Leader and secure their cooperation, we'll finish the matters of the Justice Faction after dealing with the Jiangshi."

Then they could either follow the Promising Talents of the Kunlun Sect to the Demon Cult or use the Carnage Demon or the Evil Alliance Leader's son to get closer to the Evil Faction.

"I'm sure the Carnage Demon is on her way, right?"

She was stealthily following Cale's group at the moment.

Since Ron was watching properly, there was no need to worry too much.

"Let's go and finish this quickly."

Cale's steps were light.

A small smile formed at the corner of his mouth.

But this was just a thought of Cale's.

-Elder Ho.

Jegal Miryeo, who was at the front, sent a sound transmission to Elder Ho.

-Why didn't you inform us that Fist King was in the Imperial Palace?

Her tone was gentle but also contained a reprimand.

Jegal Miryeo had already received a report about Wi Chul Myeong. However, she hadn't received any information about Fist King and his granddaughter, Mok Hee.

Elder Ho pretended not to hear the sound transmission and didn't respond.

-Elder Ho, can I interpret this as the will of the Beggar's Band?

Once again, due to Jegal Miryeo's persistent words, Elder Ho had no choice but to respond.

-The will of the Beggar's Band? What are you talking about! Right now, I just have certain circumstances that I can't share.

Elder Ho was frustrated.

-What are those circumstances?"

-No, well..."

The Blood Cult. He couldn't put those words in his mouth.

-Elder Ho, it looks like I need to speak with Bangju-nim*." (*Note: Bangju = Beggar's Band Leader)

Once more, at Jegal Miryeo's warning, Elder Ho's forehead wrinkled.

It was true that he was being trampled upon by Kim Rok Soo's group, but he was still an Elder of the Beggar's Band.

Furthermore, his seniority in the Murim World surpassed the Military Commander, and not only that, but even without counting the experience, he wasn't someone who could be looked down upon.

Elder Ho couldn't bear the growing anger and sent a sound transmission without thinking.

-Is it really so important that Fist King is here? Those things aren't important at all, I'm serious!

-What do you mean?

Jegal Miryeo's expression hardened as she led at the front. It was to the extent that Jegal Eunso noticed this.

Whatever it was, Elder Ho just said what he wanted to say.

-Seriously! You have no idea of what's happening in the Murim Alliance right now, so why are you concerned about our Beggar's Band? Huh?

-What are you saying?

Jegal Milyeo, who was about to get angry, stopped.

Elder Ho's voice grew angrier and his tone changed.

-Really! You have no idea how hard I've worked to bring this group here! Seriously, at my age, I still have to endure this and that! Hm? Does the Military Commander understand everything I've been through? Moreover, the Promising Talents and the Young Band Leader keep pressing me with questions about what they're curious about. At my age, having to deal with all this... My goodness!

Elder Ho sobbed more and more. Jegal Miryeo's face showed confusion.

"It seems you've been through a lot."

"Of course! The Commander General will know everything in time, so she'll understand my heart after hearing it. So just wait a bit."

It was then...

"Let's be silent."

Cale's voice filtered through the silence.

Instantly, Jegal Miryeo stopped her steps.


And Elder Ho covered his mouth with his hand.

He had no other choice.

The path Cale was walking on at that moment fell silent.

No one spoke.

Even so, if Cale told him to stay silent, it meant he should stop the sound.

Not only Elder Ho and Jegal Miryeo were surprised.

Fist King, Mok Hee, and Chief Eunuch Wi exchanged glances.

Then, Cale, following Jegal Miryeo, looked around.

He saw many buildings along the streets.

"It looks like the Murim Alliance isn't busy, right? They seem to be occupied with chatting."

Jegal Miryeo, as well as Elder Ho, were startled.

At the present moment, many people from the Murim Alliance were concentrated in this place.

The fact that someone was waiting for them and personally guiding them.

The curiosity of those who stared at them.

And those secretly watching Cale's group under the command of the Commander General.

Everyone was engaged in conversations via Sound Transmission.

Jegal Miryeo realized one thing about Cale.

'He's an individual with a deep mind.'

There's no one who can secretly listen to Sound Transmissions.

Clearly, Young Master Kim didn't listen to the contents of the Sound Transmissions and warned them about it; he felt the presence of those observing them and warned them based on that.

Jegal Miryeo had to make a decision.

'Should I play dumb, or should I react?'

The latter was the answer.

"The path to our destination will be silent from now on."

At the same time, Jegal Eunso made a hand gesture.

Those who were curious and staring at them stayed still, but those who wanted to observe withdrew.

"It's fine."

Cale replied calmly.

"Let's go. There's no reason to linger, right?"

Cale's words resonated in Jegal Miryeo's ears.

'Don't give me a reason to linger.'

I must stay alert.

Young Master Kim was not someone to underestimate.

"What Young Master Kim says is correct."

Jegal Miryeo responded calmly and continued walking as if nothing had happened.

Finally, it was a calm movement both on the outside and inside.

Of course, Cale had other thoughts...

-Thank you, human!

Raon's words made Cale shrug slightly.

A moment ago, he was walking towards the Alliance Leader's room without thinking about anything.

Of course, he thought of one thing.

'When will we arrive?'

The distance to where the Alliance Leader was turned out to be farther than he thought.

At the moment he felt a bit dissatisfied about that.

-Human, human!

Raon suddenly spoke.

-There's something strange here in the Murim Alliance.


-It's not a Magic Circle, but it seems to be some kind of formation. I think I've seen something similar in the Imperial Palace, but this formation here looks a bit different!

A formation?

At that moment, Cale looked towards Jegal Miryeo's back.

The Jegal Family.

Compared to other powerful clans/families, their strength was slightly weaker.

However, they had sharp minds and specialized in the study of military tactics.

Furthermore, they had Formations.

In addition to Martial Arts, they also had weapons called Formations.

-This seems to be applicable to Magic as well.

This piqued Raon's curiosity.

-I'll focus on the flow of mana here. I need to study it!

Cale was pleased with Raon's attitude.

'An attitude of learning from anywhere is admirable.'

Raon was a child who was quietly growing.

He also had excellent economic sense and was not arrogant. If he continued to grow like this, he would become an exceptional Dragon.

-Human, but it's too noisy.


Cale was puzzled by those words.

"Noisy? Ah, Sound Transmission."

The answer came quickly.

Cale recalled what Raon had told him earlier.

"It's not Magic, but it seems that the Humans here communicate secretly among themselves through the flow of mana."

Raon could read Sound Transmission in the flow of mana.

'I hear it! I still need to practice more, but my concentration is exceptional, so I'll start listening more gradually.'

But as it required concentration, Cale hadn't asked Raon to read the Sound Transmission since he heard Wi Chul Myeong and Fist King's Sound Transmission.

-There's an unusually large amount of mana flow for a special Formation here. To distinguish it, I have to read all the mana flows here. But it's very noisy everywhere!

That made sense.

Cale could guess that Sound Transmission would circulate everywhere.

It was natural.

It was right for them to try to explore the newcomers in their territory.

-My head hurts! It's complicated!

But too much noise didn't help with the study.

'Anyway, everything will be revealed soon.'

Cale spoke.

Let's keep quiet.

-That's great. I think I'll be able to unravel this special Formation in no time!

Cale advanced with a satisfied smile on his face.

This was perplexing for Elder Ho and Chief Eunuch Wi, but Cale didn't notice that.

And so, they arrived at their destination faster than expected. This was because Jegal Miryeo, instead of taking detours, chose the fastest route.

"One front part of the advance remains."

Jegal Miryeo was determined to resolve the matter along with Alliance Leader Go Sebeom.

"We're here."

A five-story pavilion located in the center of the Murim Alliance.

The top floor was the leader's room, and it was said that Go Sebeom would be there.

Cale stopped in front of the door to that room.

There were two warriors who looked like guards standing in front of the door.

But they only looked straight ahead.

Jegal Miryeo also only looked at the closed door.

There was no gesture. In the moment Cale wondered, Wi Chul Myeong stepped forward.

"Shouldn't we inform the leader that we've arrived?"

Quickly, open the door.

That's what he said.

Jegal Miryeo's lips curled up.

"The leader already knows that we've arrived."


The moment Wi Chul Myeong let out a sigh.

With a "Kwiing" sound, the closed door began to slowly open.


Elder Ho let out a short murmur.

"He's opening the door with his Inner Energy."

Go Sebeom, Murim Alliance Leader.

He was one of the Five Saints of the Justice Faction.

His nickname was the "Light Saint."

He was as bright as light, but those who knew him called him crazy.


The two doors swung wide open.

A spacious area.

In the center, the leader was sitting at a table drinking tea.

Cale looked at the door for a moment. It was a sturdy iron door.

The leader simply opened it with his inner energy.

Cale recalled the information from the Imperial Palace.

<The leader is more flexible than one might think.>

<It's said he has never revealed the end of his Inner Energy.>

The last piece of information.

<He's also famous for testing people. He likes to test promising individuals after seeing their talents, to bring those he recognizes as members of the Murim Alliance.>

Cale's lips curved upward.

Although he clearly knew that Cale had come, and that's why he had swung open this door wide, revealing his strength.

And also knowing that he was from the Imperial Family.

"He's testing me."

The leader didn't spare Cale a glance as he looked outside through the window and sipped his tea.

And there was only one empty chair, besides the one the leader was sitting in.

It was a seat for Cale.

But the leader didn't tell him to sit.


Cale's calm voice reached the leader's ears.

But he didn't look at Cale.

Murim Alliance Leader: 'Even if he's from the Imperial Family, he's not the Emperor.'

The current Emperor was someone who didn't allow anyone nearby to interfere with his power.

Therefore, he considered that even if he were from the Royal Family, he would be quite far down the line of succession.

'I am the leader. I can't be dragged down.'

It was necessary to control the situation.

Moreover, he wanted to test the man they called the "Benefactor" in the Namgung Family.

He wanted to see his reaction.

He wanted to get to know him.

The Murim Alliance Leader smiled wryly as he took his time bringing the teacup to his lips.

At that moment...

"But it's inappropriate to treat a guest this way."

Cale spoke calmly and used his most powerful tool of domination.

Dominance Aura.

A stronger impulse flowed from his body than when he faced the Emperor.

'In the Central Plains, this is the best.'

Cale thought calmly, smiling. He was a little annoyed by the way the Murim Alliance Leader was behaving, so he used a bit more energy.

-This is already easy!

The aura emanating from Young Master Kim as he listened to the elderly man's exciting words flooded the space. No, it dominated it.

The hand of the Alliance Leader, holding the cup, began to tremble.

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