RDM (Novel) Chapter 510

 C 510

The guesthouse that Sal-no had secured was rather large.

Located near the pier, and with a neat interior, it attracted many visitors. Especially, the food made by the inn's chef was so delicious that customers would come from afar.

Sal-no said, "There are no separate quarters, so I secured four rooms instead. We can divide them ourselves later as we see fit."


Pyo Wol nodded and looked around the restaurant on the first floor of the inn.

Despite it being early evening, the guesthouse was already filled with a substantial number of people. Most patrons were martial artists, evident from their weaponry.

At a glance, they seemed to be casually laughing and drinking, but there was an inexplicable tension in the inn.

At each table, martial artists were busy scrutinising others, even as they enjoyed their drinks.

These strangers might not mean anything now, but once they enter the Poyang Lake, they could

potentially meet again as enemies.

Not knowing when they might encounter each other as enemies, they were trying to gauge each other's power in advance.

As a result, there were very few people who would let their guard down, even when they were drinking.

As Pyo Wol and his group entered, martial artists occupying the tables looked at them with wary eyes.

Their entire focus was on identifying the newcomers that had entered the guesthouse.

'Who are they?'

'Are they joining the Golden Heavenly Hall or the Silver Lotus Hall?'

Curiosity filled the faces of the patrons.

The intensity of the gazes could have been unnerving, but Pyo Wol took his seat with complete composure.

Hong Ye-seol sat naturally next to Pyo Wol, and Saln-no and Eun-yo also found appropriate seats.

Only Chae Mu-ok was awkwardly standing, glancing around.

"Bro, sit here."

Do Yeonsan pointed the seat next to him for Chae Mu-ok.

"Huh? Oh!"

Chae Mu-ok sat next to Do Yeonsan, looking uncomfortable.


Hong Ye-seol burst into laughter.

Without asking, she seemed to know what Chae Mu-ok was thinking.

By now, even Chae Mu-ok must have doubts about Pyo Wol's identity. Even the most oblivious

person would have suspicions after seeing the actions of Pyo Wol's party.

Indeed, Chae Mu-ok was very confused right now.

The Hundred Mountain Valley was by no means an easy place.

It was a martial arts faction that had power ranking among the top in the Green Forest. It possessed a strong force enough to sweep away the minor factions in Kangho in a moment.

But Do Yeonsan killed the young master of the Hundred Mountain Valley without anyone's help. Eun-yo and Nam Shin-woo's martial arts skills were by no means inferior to Do Yeonsan. They demonstrated an immense martial prowess against the elites of Hundred Mountain Valley while

Do Yeonsan was dealing with Jo Han-pyeong.

Even Chae Mu-ok was swept away by their intense aura and fought in a frenzy.

When he came to his senses, the small ship was littered with corpses.

A considerable number of them had lost their lives to Chae Mu-ok.

He had refrained from killing ever since he made his debut in Kangho, but he had never imagined he would kill so many people in such a short time.

What he felt was a deep sense of despair and self-loathing after the heat of battle had subsided.

Although he acted calm on the outside, his mind was still in a state of great confusion.

"Here, the paths of many will diverge. Some may just slump in defeat, while others will conquer their heart demons and fully commit to the martial world. I wonder which way this gentleman will go?"

Hong Ye-seol murmured.

Her voice was so soft that it didn't reach Chae Mu-ok's ears. But Pyo Wol and Sal-no, who were by her side, heard her clearly.

Despite this, they said nothing.

It's not something that can be decided with advice or clumsy suggestions from others. One must make the decision oneself, and brace their heart firmly.

This was the first mountain that Chae Mu-ok, a newcomer to the murim world, had to cross.

Hong Ye-seol smiled and picked up her drink.

Of course, being an assassin, she wouldn't drink to the point of intoxication. It was just enough to wet her throat.

Compared to Pyo Wol, she was quite the drinker.

He didn't even touch a drop of alcohol.

While it's true that self-restraint is a basic trait of an assassin, no one controlled themselves as rigorously as Pyo Wol. At least, among those Hong Ye-seol knew, Pyo Wol was the only one.


Resting her chin on her hand, Hong Ye-seol watched Pyo Wol.

Though her stare was enough to be noticed, Pyo Wol didn't even glance her way.

Saln-no whispered from the side, "If you keep staring like that, you're going to bore a hole in

Pyo Wol's face."


"Please have some decorum. You're the leader of the Hundred Wraith Union ..."

"So, am I embarrassing you?"

"I am a little embarrassed."

"If it's not embarrassing for me, then it's fine."


Sal-no clicked his tongue at Hong Ye-seol's audacious answer. But there was a faint smile on his face.

'She's changed a lot.'

Even when she was a member of the ten blood assassins, she was loved for her unique optimism and audacity, but since becoming the leader of the group, her atmosphere has become even more relaxed. It's not that her martial arts skills have weakened or her sharpness has faded. She's just become more natural.

It was clear that she was influenced by being with Pyo Wol, even without realizing it.

'Not bad.'

Sal-no nodded his head.

It was a pleasant time.

That's when it happened.

The door to the guest room opened and a woman walked in.

The woman's face was concealed by a veil, adding to her enigmatic aura. Even though her face was hidden, the curves visible above her clothes made it evident that she was exceptionally beautiful.

The woman's entrance drew the attention of everyone in the guest room.



Exclamations burst out from all around.

The men couldn't take their eyes off her.

The woman, who had been looking around the guest room, soon found an empty seat and walked towards it.

As soon as the woman sat down, the waiter rushed over to her.

"Are you alone? Or will others be joining you?"

"Others will join. So, bring enough food."

"How much?"

"Two more people will come, so three servings should be enough."

"What about drinks? By the way, our guest house's soju is excellent."

"Ho ho! You know how to do business. Good. Bring a bottle of soju as well."


The waiter bowed his head and quickly ran towards the kitchen.

The woman soon lost interest in the waiter and began to scrutinize the interior of the guest room.

Suddenly, her gaze rested on the group with Pyo Wol.

They were the most noticeable combination of guests in the room.

A young man, a woman of similar age, an old man with a face full of black moles, and four children who appeared to be of the same age.

'Are they also heading to Poyang Lake?'

Even if they were going to Poyang Lake, it wasn't strange at all.

After all, two-thirds of the people staying at this inn were all heading to Poyang Lake.

What the woman found interesting was the composition of their group.

The fact that such mismatched individuals were gathered in one place piqued her curiosity.

However, that was only for a moment.

She soon lost interest and waited for the food to be served.

That's when it happened.

"Miss, if you're alone, why not join us?"

"Wouldn't you prefer company rather than eating alone?"

A group of men approached her.

All of the men were bald and remarkably similar.

They were about seven feet tall with tremendous muscles, and even their clothes were identical.

At a glance, they were unmistakably twins.

The twin giants naturally sat in the empty seats at the table, as if they had been part of the group from the start.

One of the twins introduced themselves.

"We are known as the Two Heroes of Changsha. Like the nickname, we are active in this nearby area of Changsha."

Their actual nickname was the Two Evils of Changsha.

They were actively based in the Changsha area, relying solely on their powerful martial arts to commit all sorts of atrocities, causing widespread resentment.

If the world hadn't been in chaos due to the Kangho Great War, they would have been dealt with by renowned martial arts schools.

If they had survived thanks to luck, they should have been cautious. However, they were far from being cautious people.

If they had any self-control, they wouldn't have earned the notorious nickname of the Two Evils of Changsha.

You can't teach an old dog new tricks, and upon seeing a beautiful woman, their lust was aroused.

They hadn't seen her face yet. But her figure was enough to hint at her beauty.

The woman wearing the mask spoke.

"Two Heroes of Changsha?"

"That's right! We're well-known heroes in the area of Changsha."

"Is that so? I've never heard of you. I did hear about two dogs called the Two Evils of Changsha, have you heard of them?”

The faces of the Two Evils of Changsha turned bright red in an instant.

It was clear that the woman was mocking them, knowing their true identities.


The larger of Changsha's two evils pounded his fist on the table and shouted.

"Who are you, hiding your identity and approaching us?"

"Let's be clear, you approached me first, didn't you, with your face like a dog in heat."

"Have you seen such a bitch, let me see your face."

The larger man reached out his large hand to rip off the woman's mask.


At that moment, the woman snorted and reached out to grab the large man's wrist.

"Golden Hand Technique? No way."

Even though he recognized the martial arts technique she was using, the large brother didn't retract his hand.

His arm was as thick as a small log.

There was no way he would be dominated by a mere Golden Hand technique, which she had barely mastered.


The woman's delicate fingers wrapped around his wrist.

The larger man concentrated his internal energy into his wrist, trying to fling off her hand. However, he realized something was wrong as he focused his energy.

Instead of being able to fling her hand off, his wrist was twisting.



The pain of a broken wrist and torn muscles caused the larger man to scream out without even realizing it.


Seeing his brother's wrist twisting, the younger one threw a punch at the woman to save him. However, the woman easily blocked his attack.

This time, she used the Golden Hand Technique again, twisting the younger man's wrist.



In an instant, the younger man's wrist twisted and he made a painful expression. However, the Two Evils of Changsha didn't just let it happen.

Almost simultaneously, they kicked the table.

They were trying to create distance by using the table. However, at that moment, the woman pressed down on the table with her palm. Whether she had infused the table with her internal energy or not, it didn't budge at the kick from the Two Evils of Changsha.

"Damn it!"

"Son of a..."

Only then did the Two Evils of Changsha realize that the woman was a much greater martial arts expert than they had anticipated.

"Who is this bitch?"

"Who are you under, on whose orders are you here?"

They stepped back and asked.

The woman was silent for a moment, as if dumbfounded.

Her face was hidden by the mask, but one could imagine the expression she was making.


The woman let out a sigh.

Her irritation was palpable.

Their audacity to start a quarrel and then act as if she had set a trap for them was preposterous.

The Two Evils of Changsha flared up and asked.

"Reveal your identity! Woman!"

"Do you think you can handle knowing my identity?"

"Frenzied bitch, Your arrogance reaches the sky. Even if you're the leader of the Golden Heavenly Hall, it doesn't matter. You'll pay for messing with us."

"Should I take that as an insult to the Golden Heavenly Hall?"

"What? Are you really related to the Golden Heavenly Hall?"

"My name is Lee Chu-su."

"Lee Chu-su?"

"Don't tell me, the Blood...Rakshasa?"

The Two Evils of Changsha's pupils trembled.

That was how shocking the woman's identity was.

Blood Rakshasa, Lee Chu-su.

She was a recent recruit to the Golden Heavenly Hall.

Her beauty, hidden under the veil, was rumored to be unrivaled in the land. But more famous was her martial arts skills and her deadly hands.

Her hand techniques were so cruel that she was nicknamed the Blood Rakshasa.

She had no mercy for anyone she considered an enemy, which was well known even within the Golden Heavenly Hall.

Although she had not been with the Golden Heavenly Hall long, her fame had already spread far and wide.

The Two Evils of Changsha were shocked.

"Son of a..."


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