TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 376

 N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 376

 Raon smiled as he looked at the box that Chad, the master of the Shadow Agents, had placed down.

"What is that?"

'A gift from the Beast Alliance.'

Inside the box was Soung Hwans sent by the Beast Alliance leader Ogram. The elixir he had promised to send after losing his bet with Glenn had finally arrived at house Zieghart.

"I'll open it then."

Chad unlocked the lock on the thick box with a brown key that looked like it was made of wood. He stepped back as if to let Raon open the lid himself.

"Thank you."

Raon bowed to Chad and opened the lid of the heavy box. On top was a letter written in a rough handwriting.

[I kept my promise.]

The letter was so simple that it was obvious that Ogram had sent it. He sent over thirty elixirs without even bragging about it. I wonder how big his heart is.

He put the letter aside and looked inside the box. There were dozens of fist-sized gauntlets inside, and the inside was protected by wrapping vines that were softer than cotton.

It seemed that he had sent it with a lot of care, unlike the simple letter.

"Those are Soung Hwans, aren't they?"

Chad smiled as he looked at the gauntlets inside the box.

"Yes. It seems that the Beast Alliance leader did not forget to send them."

"The Beast Alliance is simple, whether in a good way or a bad way. They are people who always keep their promises."

As Chad said, the warriors of the Beast Alliance despise lies and cowardice. He had always believed that they would send it.

'Thirty-five, huh.'

When he was in Owen Kingdom, he had already received one, so there should have been 34, but he asked Ogram to give him 35 because there was one more person in the Light Wind squad.

I was worried if he said no, but he gave me one more..

"This is an opportunity that money can't buy, with so many Soung Hwans."

"That's right."

Raon nodded. Soung Hwans not only increase aura, but also create a body that is suitable for using the martial arts that a warrior has learned.

It was no wonder that it was the Beast Alliance's prized elixir.

"Thank you for bringing it all the way here. It must have been heavy."

Raon stood up and bowed to Chad.

"No, it's nothing."

Chad shook his head as if it was no big deal.

"I just wanted to deliver the good news as soon as possible."

He smiled and said that he was glad that he was happy.

"I look forward to hearing another good news soon."

Chad bowed politely and turned around to go down the mount as if he had no regrets.

He reached the middle of the mountain and clenched his fist.

"That's enough."

This time, he made a good impression on Raon. It was worth it to come up here alone, carrying that heavy box without coming with other agents.

'My eyes are still accurate, you know.'

Raon had already won the Six Kings Assembly Tournament in the Kingdom of Owen, defeating masters of the Twelve stars of of the continent, and even obtained the cooperation of the Sepia Merchants Association.

He was still young, but he was the person who would rise the highest in this continent.

'And most importantly...'

Those four people around him.

Glenn, Sheryl, Roenm, and even Rimmer, who is a bit behind, all support Raon.

The future of Zieghart is definitely focused on Raon.

'I'm glad I showed him well in advance.'

He was relieved that he had shown him a good impression even when Raon was not doing much. The friendship he has built so far will be a great help in the future.

'This is what social life is all about.'

Chad smiled and walked down the mountain with a light step like a feather.

*     *      *

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the forest where Chad had left.

"What news is he expecting to hear?"

I don't know if he's expecting the Light Wind squad to get stronger after taking this elixir, or if he's expecting another act of mine.

But not only his words, but Chad's behavior itself was strange.

'That guy is weird, right?'

Yes, it is.

Wrath nodded with his eyebrows lowered.

It doesn't make sense for the head of an intelligence organization to bring this box alone.

'That's right.'

Chad has trusted subordinates under him. He could have sent them, or he could have told them to bring the box, but it was strange that he brought this heavy thing alone.

'It's not just to look good, is it?'

He must have an ulterior motive.

If it were my first life, I might have thought Chad was kind and let it go, but because my previous life was so rough, I could tell that he had other motives.

'I'll have to be careful.'

He moved Chad up a little higher on his list of people to watch out for, and then looked at the Soung Hwans in the gauntlets. All thirty-five were genuine, without any defects.

'That's good.'

Raon closed the lid of the box again and headed to the end of the cliff.

While talking to Chad and checking the Soung Hwans, the Light Wind squad had already reached the top of the cliff.

"That devil should be killed here! He didn't treat me like a leader!"

Rimmer, who had fallen to the bottom, was climbing the cliff at the top.

"I'll hang him on a cross!"

Martha leaped up with a terrifying gaze that looked like she was sharpening a blade.

"Oh yeah! I'll cut his head off!"

The two of them had already hit it off and were discussing how to eliminate Raon.

"They're all crazy....”

Burren shook his head in disbelief, but he climbed the cliff at a speed that was no less than Martha's.


Runaan, on the other hand, seemed to be a sloth, nodding his head and climbing the cliff leisurely.


"Definitely dead!"

"Go! Aaaaaaaaa!"

"I can't live like this!"

The murderous intent that the Light Wind members raised was forming a shape and piercing my skin. It seemed that they were going to swing their swords as soon as they came up here.

'They've come up a lot.'

It seemed that I couldn't knock them all down with just the wooden dagger because I had taken too much time.

Even you, it's impossible to knock them all down with a wooden dagger.

Wrath sneered as she looked at the rising swordsmen.

This training will end here, I guess.

He shook his head with regret.

You're not going to swing your sword like you did with taht elf, are you? That's cheap.

'Of course I wouldn't do that.'

Raon shook his head. He had only drawn his sword because Rimmer had cheated, and he had no intention of using a sword again.

Then it's over....

'There is still a way.'

There is a way? They're already all up there?

'Of course.'

Raon stood at the edge of the cliff with the box containing the elixir. He smiled as he watched the Light Wind members climbing up with murderous eyes.

'If the game is unfavorable, you just have to break the game.'

He simply jumped off the cliff with the box in his hand.

"That's it for the cliff climbing training. Come down quickly."

He nodded to the Light Wind members who were clinging to the cliff as he descended to the ground.


'I'm in charge of training, so I get to decide when it's over.'

Since he was the ultimate decision-maker for the Light Wind's training, there was no problem with his actions.


"Wha, what?"

"We're already up here, so what do you mean it's over!"

"You damn brat! Where are you going!"


Rimmer and the other Light Wind members screamed in anger as they watched Raon fall.


Raon kicked off the cliff just before he hit the ground and landed softly on the ground.

You are really...

Wrath opened his mouth in amazement, saying that even a devil wouldn't do that. He seemed to be at a loss for words.

Gambling Monster approached him with a frown.

"You were acting like you were going to train them all day, so why did you come down so early?"

"Something more urgent came up."

Raon smiled as he put down the box he was holding.

"What's in that box that made you, a training freak, give up on training?"

"Oh, it's...."

As he was about to explain about the box, the Light Wind members jumped down from the cliff and landed roughly on the ground.

"You brat! What the hell is this! We were already up there!"

Rimmer approached him and grabbed his collar, shaking him.

"We have to beat him up today! We have to rush in and beat him up!"

Even the calm Burren seemed to be angry, grinding his teeth.

"Just hit him."

Martha was already ready to fight, clenching her fists.


Runaan was still stuck to the cliff, apparently not aware of the situation because she was asleep.

"He's really self-centered...."

"Are you a tyrant?"

"Why did you suddenly stop training!"

Dorian sobbed, saying that she was finding it harder and harder to handle him. The other Light Wind members also frowned and complained.

"Okay, okay."

Raon sat down on the box and listened to all of the Light Wind members' complaints.

"If you want my training that much, I guess there's no choice. Keep training. But..."

With a smile filled with joy, he opened the box.

"I'm taking all of these Soung Hwans."


"Soung Hwans?"

"That's the one the head of house bet with the Beast Alliance leader in Owen Kingdom?"

“They’re finally here!”

The Light Wind members rushed over with fire in their eyes.


Raon closed the box and shouted at them like he was scolding a dog.

“You said you wanted to continue the cliff climbing training.”



The Light Wind members who were just yelling a moment ago all shut up.

“That dirty bastard…”

“How does he keep getting worse?”

Burren and Martha frowned, saying that he was becoming more and more evil.

“The elixir…”

“That’s also a Soung Hwans.”

“But my pride…”

The Light Wind members also couldn’t bring themselves to ask for the elixir after causing a ruckus just a moment ago.

Especially since they had obtained the Soung Hwans thanks to Raon winning the tournament in Six Kings Assembly, they had even less to say.

“Hmph! I guess my elixir won’t be here anyway.”

Rimmer frowned and grabbed the sword hanging from his waist.

“I’m just going to beat this guy up here….”

“It’s here, you know?”

Raon pointed to the box of Soung Hwans that he was sitting on when Rimmer was about to draw his sword.

“I asked Ogram, the leader of the Beast Alliance, to make sure to include the leader as well, since you’re also part of the Light Wind.”

“R, really?”

“Have you ever seen me lie about something like this?”

There were 35 Soung Hwans in the box. Of course, Rimmer had one too.

“Vice-leader Raon!”

Rimmer ran forward as soon as he heard that his elixir was there. His hands rubbed together like flies. His voice became soft to the point of being smooth.

“I’ve always respected you, vice-leader! Your boldness in demanding from the Beast Alliance leader and your consideration for this foolish leader! I will continue to be loyal to you!”

He bowed his waist as if he had become a subordinate.

“You people! Can’t you kneel down to the vice-leader who worked hard for us? Huh?”

Rimmer, with his head bowed to Raon, glared at the Light Wind members who were gaping in surprise behind him.

“How much has our vice-leader suffered because of your weakness! Come here and apologize!”

He began to scold the Light Wind members as if he had become Raon’s spokesperson.

“V, vice-leader!”

Krein, who was the quickest to catch on, was the first to come forward and kneel.

“I can do anything you ask, leader. I’ll even die if you tell me to!”

Krein was the one who had been beaten the most and fallen the most in the Light Wind. He was also the one who bowed his head the fastest. He was indeed a sharp-eyed man.

As Rimmer, who they trusted, and Krein, who had suffered the most, bowed their heads, the other Light Wind members also rushed forward and kneeled.

“Vice-leader! I love you!”

“I will follow you for the rest of my life!”

“Raon! Raon! Raon!”

“The light and wind of the Light Wind!”

Endless praises and cheers for Raon poured out of the Light Wind squad’s mouths, who had just been cursing him a moment ago.


Runaan, who had just come down from the cliff, looked around in a daze.

“Handsome. Handsome."

Runaan, who didn't know anything, stood next to the Light Wind members and shouted "handsome." Now, only Burren and Martha were left.

“That kid must have been a loan shark in his previous life, or a real devil.”

Martha gritted her teeth as she watched Raon, who seemed to be enjoying the Light Wind's praise as if he were a cult leader.

“Even if he's a loan shark, now is the time to borrow money.”

Burren approached Raon with his lips tightly pressed together.

“If you go, you're selling your pride!”

“Can't you see the leader crawling?” That's the adult's adaptability! You have to bend when you have to bend!”


“Even if you sell your pride, you have to get stronger. So you don't see that kind of thing again!”

He pushed aside Martha, who was trying to stop him, and went to Raon's front and bowed his head.

“Thank you for your boundless grace, vice-leader!”

“Team 3 Captain is here too.”

Raon smiled and received Burren's greeting. His gaze turned to Martha, who was the last to remain.


Following Raon's gaze, the Light Wind members also turned their heads. Over sixty bloodshot eyes pressed down on Martha.


Martha, who could not bear the gaze of the members who were now feeling camaraderie, approached like a zombie.

“Ha, handsome Raon….”

She stood next to Runaan and muttered the same words.

In the end, the entire Light Wind capitulated and the cliff training ended.

Raon smiled as he sat on the box and looked at the Light Wind.

'Did you see? This is how to break the board and create a new one.'


Wrath trembled his pale lips as if in shock.

-This is the descent of the Demon King….

*     *      *

After returning to the fifth training ground, Raon distributed the Soung Hwans to the Light Wind swordsmen. The Soung Hwans were finally returned to everyone, and the Light Wind members' eyes lit up like dogs seeing food.

“This is a Soung Hwans.”

Rimmer opened the gauntlet to smell the Soung Hwans and trembled all over his body.

“Let's take it right away. If it's a Soung Hwans, we'll have to cultivate until tomorrow even if we take it now.”

Burren swallowed his dry saliva as he gripped the gauntlet tightly, as if he was nervous.

“Yeah. There's no need to drag it out, is there?”

Martha agreed and opened the door to the cultivation room.

“When cultivating after taking a medicine, impatience is poison.”

Gambling Monster blocked the door to the cultivation room with a frown.

“Especially with a strong medicine like a Soung Hwans, you need to calm your mind even more.”

He seemed to have grown fond of the Light Wind, so he gave them sincere advice.

“I and that devil will be guarding you. After completing your cultivation calmly….”

“That's not necessary.”

Raon interrupted Gambling Monster's words and approached him. He handed him the last gauntlet with a smile.

“The General Administrator must also cultivate.”

“What? That's yours….”

“No. It's for the General.”

“What crazy thing are you saying!”

Gambling Monster opened his mouth wide in surprise at the nonsense.

“I had it when I was in the Owen Kingdom. Normally, the effect is halved if you consume the same elixir, right? If I consume it, the Soung Hwans will be no better than a mid-grade medicine. You should consume it. That's why I asked for 35 of them.”

Raon revealed the truth and handed the Soung Hwans to Gambling Monster.


Gambling Monster received the gauntlet with the Soung Hwans in a dazed expression.

“I really don't know what your real appearance is.”

He tilted his head, saying that he was confused about whether the devil he showed before was real or the consideration he showed now was real.

“Both are me.”

Raon smiled lightly and pushed Gambling Monster's back.

“Come and get some body nourishment for the first time in a while.”

“Ha, but….”

“You've worked hard, haven't you?”

Gambling Monster was forcibly work here, and even though he had a much higher age and position, he faithfully helped the Light Wind squad's training. Knowing his sincerity, he didn't mind giving him a Soung Hwans.

“It would be better for a young man to eat two than an old man like me….”

Gambling Monster squeezed the gauntlet containing the Soung Hwans, contrary to his words.

“Oh, old man, if you're not going to eat it anyway, don't be annoying. Then give it to me. I'll eat two, so….”

“Go away, you!”

He approached and kicked Rimmer's stomach, who was wagging his fingers.


Raon clapped his hands and looked at everyone in the Light Wind.

“Mark and I will protect you here, so all of you calmly finish your cultivation and come out.”

After giving instructions, all the Light Wind members stood in front of the cultivation room. Before going in, they turned around and bowed to Raon.

“Thank you!”

Everyone gave Raon a sincere thank-you before entering the cultivation room.


Rimmer was standing in front of the cultivation room door with a smile on his face.

“Well done.”


“Even taking care of that old man.”

He pointed to Gambling Monster, who had entered the cultivation room.

“It's not an easy task to take care of the people who work behind the scenes. You'll be a good leader, I guarantee it.”

“I don't really trust a gambler's promise.”

“I quit gambling!”

“I know you went out yesterday….”

“I'm going!”

Rimmer waved his hand quickly and entered the cultivation room.

Raon confirmed that a powerful flow of mana was moving in all the cultivation rooms, then turned around. Mark Gorton was standing in the middle of the training ground with his back straight.

“I'm sorry I didn't have any Soung Hwans. At the time, You were not there.”

“It's okay.”

Mark Gorton shook his head as if it were a matter of course.

“Instead, I have another gift.”

He opened the spatial pocket borrowed from Dorian and took out the black sword, which he had obtained from Glenn, and handed it to him.

“I can't let my vassals use a shabby sword. Use that from now on.”

“This, this doesn't seem like an ordinary sword….”

Mark Gorton trembled his lips as he looked at the blade of the black sword.

“I haven't done anything yet, so I can't accept such a precious item!”

He shook his head, knowing the value of the black sword as a master-level martial artist.

“I'm not just giving it to you.”

He took out two martial arts books he had obtained this time.

“It's my payment for helping me with my training. Don't feel burdened.”

“Training, then….”

“They'll come out stronger.”

Raon looked at the cultivation room where the Light Wind squad members had entered and smiled.

“In the meantime, we should also get stronger.” 


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