RDM (Novel) Chapter 491

 C 491

Eun-yo asked,


"We need to replenish someone's blood."

"Is that possible? Giving your blood to someone else?"

"It's possible!"


At the Divine Physician's firm words, Eun-yo clenched her jaw.

It was an impossible task in her opinion.

The divine physician continued speaking.

"It's hard to explain, but people have different blood types. There's compatibility in blood too. If you inject blood of a different type, it may cause adverse effects."

"What should we do?"

"Normally, you need to use herbs to distinguish between blood types, but we don’t have those herbs here."

The divine physician frowned.

If they were in the Gi Family Clinic in Soyang, they could easily distinguish blood types.


However, they didn't have such herbs here.

The divine physician, Eun-yo, Nam Shin-woo, and Do Yeonsan.

Among them, they couldn't determine whose blood would be similar to Pyo Wol's. If they carelessly injected the wrong blood, they would only hasten Pyo Wol's demise.

After a moment of contemplation, the divine physician looked at Nam Shin-woo.

"I think we'll have to use your blood."



Nam Shin-woo had an ability close to immortality.

The divine physician believed that this ability originated from his blood. Some components in his blood enhanced his regenerative power.

Nam Shin-woo's blood might stimulate Pyo Wol's regeneration, even if their blood types were different.

"What do you think?"

"I'll give my blood."

Nam Shin-woo answered without hesitation.

If it weren't for Pyo Wol, he would have been long dead.

If he could save him, he was willing to not only give his blood but also risk his life.

The divine physician said,

"Let's get started. Roll up your sleeve and lie down next to Pyo Wol."


Nam Shin-woo obediently followed his instructions.

The divine physician took out the bundle of cloth from his chest.

As he unfolded the cloth bundle, an empty brass bowl and a bamboo tube made of reed leaves were revealed.

The divine physician placed the bamboo tubes on both sides of the brass bowl.

Before inserting the bamboo tube into Nam Shin-woo's arm, he spoke to Do Yeonsan and Eun-yo.

"You two, guard the outside. Don't let anyone enter the room while the treatment is in progress."



The two of them left together, understanding the gravity of the situation. They had to ensure not even a single ant could approach.

After they left, the divine physician stuck a needle into a vein in Nam Shin-woo's arm. He then stuck the other needle into Pyo Wol's arm.

Nam Shin-woo's blood flowed through the brass bowl and into Pyo Wol's body.

The divine physician told Nam Shin-woo,

"It won't take long, so just be patient."

"I'm fine."

"I'm proud of you."

"If it weren't for Big Brother, I wouldn't be alive today. I met my Master because of him. He's my benefactor. I can give him my life, not just blood."

"There's no need for your life. All I need is a little of your blood to serve as a catalyst."


While conversing, the divine physician calculated the amount of blood flowing out of Nam Shin-woo's body.

The more, the better, but if too much blood was taken, Nam Shin-woo would be harmed. On the other hand, if there was too little, it would be insufficient to boost the weakened life force.

The divine physician kept an eye on Pyo Wol's condition.

He had to be ready to pull out the needle at any sign of rejection. But so far, there was no unusual reaction.

Nevertheless, the divine physician remained vigilant.

Sometimes, even if there was no rejection at first, it would come after a while.

Fortunately, the process of transfusing Nam Shin-woo's blood to Pyo Wol went smoothly.

The divine physician pulled out the needle that connected their veins.

Nam Shin-woo rubbed his arm as he got up.

"Is it done?"

"For now!"

"Is there anything else I can help with?"

"Giving your blood is enough. Now it's my turn, so you go outside and help the other two."


Nam Shin-woo replied and went outside.

The divine physician looked at Pyo Wol for a moment.

Some color had returned to his corpse-pale face. But it wasn't enough.

As he had told Nam Shin-woo earlier, he had just managed to provide a catalyst. To save Pyo Wol, they needed something more.

The divine physician took out a small box from his bag.

Inside the box were hundreds of silver needles, so fine they were barely visible to the naked eye.

The divine physician muttered as he took out one of the silver needles.

"The Great Rebirth and Reincarnation Technique, there's nothing else to rely on."

It was a legendary method that could bring back a life as long as a single breath remained, even if it was at death's door.

The divine physician had traveled the world to perfect this acupuncture technique.

Now, the nickname the divine physician referred to him, but there were others who had been called the divine physician before him.

Those who possessed the medical skills that reached the realm of gods.

They disappeared, swept away by the passage of time. The divine physician collected their medical techniques one by one as he traveled the world. And thus, he completed the Great Rebirth and Reincarnation Technique.

To perform the Great Rebirth and Reincarnation Technique, a miraculous medicine was needed.

Fortunately, the divine physician had such a medicine.

It would not make sense for a person called the divine physician to not have at least one miraculous medicine.

The divine physician took out the elixir that he had been carefully storing until now.

A hundred herbs were used to make the elixir called the Hundred Spirits Divine Elixir.

All hundred herbs were difficult to obtain in the human world, and even the divine physician was only able to make three pills. He opened Pyo Wol's mouth and administered the Hundred Spirits Divine Elixir.

Upon contact with his saliva, the Hundred Spirits Divine Elixir melted like water and went down Pyo Wol's esophagus.

"I don't know if this will be a curse or a blessing for you."

After receiving Nam Shin-woo's blood transfusion, Pyo Wol took the Hundred Spirits Divine Elixir. The divine physician could not predict what kind of effect would appear when the Great Rebirth and Reincarnation Technique was administered.


After letting out a short sigh, the divine physician began to insert acupuncture needles into Pyo Wol's entire body.

The slightest deviation from the prescribed position would be disastrous. Therefore, the divine physician concentrated as hard as he could and stuck the needles in one by one.  Thus, the Great Rebirth and Reincarnation Technique was administered.

Eun-yo looked around the village.

It was so remote that it didn't even have a name, so few people knew about it. But it wasn't completely isolated.

To Eun-yo's eyes, this place seemed ambiguous.

If Pyo Wol's injuries weren't deep, they would have met here and moved elsewhere. However, due to the severity of Pyo Wol's condition, they had no choice but to stay here for about a day.

They had managed to fend off the blood demons for now, but they couldn't let their guard down.

There was no telling when they might be pursued again.

Eun-yo said, "We need to set up an array."

"What should we prepare?"

Do Yeonsan asked as if he expected this.

"We're going to set up a Maze array. We need seventy-two well-trimmed wooden rods."

"Got it."

Do Yeonsan ran to the nearby forest and began cutting down slender trees.

With just a few cuts, the branches were completely cut off, and the trees were smoothly trimmed.

Nam Shin-woo came out and asked Eun-yo,

 "Sister, what should I do?"

"Keep an eye out for any unusual movements outside.As soon as you detect a slightest movement, come back and report."


Like a squirrel Nam Shin-woo climbed a tall tree nearby.

Although he had given Pyo Wol a considerable amount of blood, he didn't seem to suffer any side effects.

Eun Yo thought he was quite impressive for that.

After a short wait, Do Yeonsan returned with an armful of wooden rods as she had requested.

Eun-yo took one of them.

She stood in front of the house and looked straight ahead.

Eun-yo had lost her eyesight due to the influence of the great technique she received at Xiaoleiyin Temple. However, in exchange for losing her sight, she gained a special insight.

The world she saw with this insight was very different from the world seen with the eyes.

The world she saw consisted not of the shapes of objects, but of light and flow.

Light represented the essence of objects, while the flow was the movement of qi that originated from their essence.

Everything in existence had both essence and flow.

This applied to the earth as well.

There were places where the Qi felt particularly strong.

In such places, a bright energy and a strong flow always existed together.

At first, she didn't know what this meant. But now she was sure, and she also knew how to use it.

If one could utilize the flow of Qi properly, various forms of harmony could be created.

That was the essence of arrays.

Arrays were created by slightly twisting the harmony between heaven and earth using human power.

Ordinary people had to train their whole lives to master arrays, but she didn't need to do that.

Because she could see it with her eyes.


Eun-yo stuck the first rod in a place where the flow of energy was particularly strong.

She could see the flow of energy changing.

She inserted the second rod where the flow had changed.

Again, the flow changed.

Eun-yo controlled the flow with the rods like this.

No other array master in the world could lay out formations as she did.

Although she could only deploy formations she had learned from the Xiaoleiyin Temple, as her level of skill deepened, she would be able to deploy even more complex and powerful arrays.

Eun-yo inserted the rods one by one.

When she had inserted about forty rods, a mist gradually began to surround the area. This was a phenomenon that appeared when the array was being manifested.

Even though the formation was not yet complete, the fact that this phenomenon appeared meant that Eun-yo's rods were striking at the core points.

As the maze formation was perfectly completed, the mist became even denser.

Not only the house where Pyo Wol was being treated, but the entire village was enveloped in a thick mist.

In an instant, the entire village was swallowed by the mist and disappeared completely.


Only then did Eun-yo let out a sigh.

If it had been just a matter of inserting the rods according to the flow of energy, it wouldn't have been this hard.

The depth to which the staff was driven for each flow was different, and the amount of Qi loaded also varied. Therefore, she also felt temporarily exhausted after deploying the array.

Eun-yo bent over and took a few deep breaths.

Do Yeonsan approached Eun-yo and wiped the sweat from her forehead.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine with this much."

"You've worked hard."


"Anyway, I hope there won't be any pursuers."

"That's the best-case scenario."

Eun-yo straightened her back and said, although she had gone through the trouble of deploying the array, not using it was the best option.

She wished for time to pass without any incidents.

"You've worked hard, so take a rest."

"What about you?"

"I have something to do."


"I think I need to study a bit."

Eun-yo blinked at Do Yeonsan's unexpected response.

Do Yeonsan smiled as if he found Eun-yo's reaction cute.

"Until now, I've used the power of Ghost King without much thought. There was no need to worry about it. I could just bring it out if I wanted to."

Until he offered his body to the Ghost King, Do Yeonsan had barely any knowledge of martial arts.

He acquired great power without understanding the principles of martial arts.

It was no different from giving a knife for slaughtering a cow to a child.

All the people he's faced so far have been inferior to him. He could overwhelm them with a big sword, so he didn't think much of it.

But that changed recently.

The skill level of the martial artists he faced had exponentially increased. His reckless attacks didn't work on them.

That's when Do Yeonsan's worries began.

How could he effectively utilize the power left in his body by the Ghost King?

"To be honest, I'm not sure how much I can utilize even if I study it now. But I have to at least try something. I can't just do nothing and accept defeat."

"I'm proud of you."


"Even though you're unsure what you can gain, you're willing to start. If something happens, the Maze Formation should buy us some time."

Do Yeonsan gained confidence from Eun-yo's smile.


Do Yeonsan immediately sat down in the cross-legged position.

Eun-yo watched Do Yeonsan and murmured.

'Right! If you desperately study martial arts like this, you'll surely gain something.'

It was up to her and Nam Shin-woo to hold out until Do Yeonsan achieved some progress.

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