RDM (Novel) Chapter 488

 C 488

Red King, who had been fighting against Goo Moon-hye's attacks, raised his head at the chilling sensation. Goo Moon-hye felt the same.

Even in the midst of extreme madness, they both felt something strange and stopped their actions for a moment.


At that moment, the Red King saw a long thread closing around him and Goo Moon-hye like a noose.


"No, don't!"




At that moment, an eerie cutting sound rang out, and Pyo Wol flew past them, slamming into the wall.


The leader of the White Ghost Squad shifted his gaze between Pyo Wol, Goo Moon-hye, and the Red King.


Pyo Wol was buried under the rubble of the collapsed wall, unable to move, while Goo Moon-hye and Red King merely stared at each other.


Then, Goo Moon-hye opened her mouth.


"Red.. KIng?"


"Have you come to your senses?"


Red King's eyes widened.


Goo Moon-hye nodded and spoke.


"I'm sorry to you."


"No, it's fine."


"I've been lost in the dream for too long. I think I can finally go to him now. Will he forgive me?"

"He will forgive you."




"Yes! I'm sure he will."


"Even though I've aged and become ugly, will he still find me beautiful?"

"You are beautiful. More than anyone else in this world."


"I'm glad. Even if it's just sweet talk."


"It's not sweet talk."


The Red King bowed his head.


Goo Moon-hye smiled.




At that moment, blood flowed from her lips.


Goo Moon-hye sighed as she looked up at the sky.


"It took too long. Too long…"


"Noh Tae tae!"

TL/N- Noh Tae tae here refers to elder, most probably.


"I'm sorry. Red King!"


"No, it's not. It was an honor to serve you until the end."




Suddenly, a red bloodline appeared on Red King's waist, and blood flowed down. The same happened to Goo Moon-hye.




As the bloodline on their waists grew darker, their upper bodies separated and fell to the ground.


"Noh Tae-tae! Red King!"


The White Ghost Squad leader ran towards them like a madman.


However, by the time he arrived, Goo Moon-hye and Red King had been fatally wounded and were at the brink of death.




The White Ghost Squad leader screamed as he held the two bodies in his arms.


Their deaths were practically his fault.


Pyo Wol had used his attack in reverse to approach Goo Moon-hye and Red King. Then, he gathered all his remaining energy and unleashed a devastating attack.


Neither Goo Moon-hye nor Red King had imagined that Pyo Wol would launch a surprise attack; they had only thought he had been blown away by the White Ghost Squad leader's attack.


All of this had been part of Pyo Wol's plan.


"Pyo Wol! I won't let you get away with this."


Tears mixed with blood flowed from the corners of the White Ghost Squad leader's eyes, turning into bloody tears.


The White Ghost Squad leader gently laid down the two bodies and stood up.


He walked towards the wall where Pyo Wol had crashed.


"I'll tear your flesh to pieces."


The White Ghost Squad leader cleared away the debris from the collapsed wall. However, Pyo Wol was nowhere to be found.


In the brief moment when everyone's attention was focused on Goo Moon-hye and Red King, Pyo Wol had escaped.


The White Ghost Squad leader shouted to his subordinates.


"He's gone. Find him, now!"


The White Ghost Squad and the demonic madmen scattered to search for Pyo Wol.


However, by then, Pyo Wol had already escaped from the Heavenly Origin temple.


Pyo Wol dragged his exhausted body up the mountain path.


He was severely injured.


A normal person would have already died from such severe injuries, and his internal energy was completely depleted as well.


He had used the last of his energy to create the devastating attack that killed Goo Moon-hye and Red King.


Now, he didn't even have the strength to gather more internal energy.


The best thing he could do now was to get as far away from the Heavenly Origin temple as possible.


Pyo Wol gritted his teeth and ran.


Branches and grass mercilessly scratched his face and body.


He desperately wanted to take a moment to rest and heal himself with his martial arts skills. However, Pyo Wol didn't stop running.

By now, they would have realized that he was gone and would be pursuing him.


He had no time to rest or gather his energy.


His breath was ragged, and his lungs felt like they were about to burst. Nevertheless, Pyo Wol continued to move frantically. However, his seemingly endless sprint eventually came to an end.




Pyo Wol gasped for breath and looked ahead.


A dangerously steep cliff was in front of him.


In his hasty escape, he had ended up at a dead-end.


Pyo Wol panted heavily and looked back.


At that moment, a group of warriors appeared from the direction he had come.


Pyo Wol stared at them while gasping for air.


Leading the warriors in red uniforms were people he knew well.


"So Yeowol, Song Cheonwoo!"


It was So Yeowol and Song Cheonwoo.


The two of them had appeared with the Blood Demon Corps.


So Yeowol stepped forward and spoke.


"Impressive! As expected, you never disappoint."




"I never thought you would kill Lady U, the manor lord, Noh Tae-tae, and the Red King. It's truly beyond imagination."


"Wasn't that what you wanted?"




So Yeowol nodded.


It was ridiculous to deny it now.


"I've always wanted to kill them. I don't know about manor Lord, but Lady U was more than deserving of death. But I couldn't do it. Do you know why?"


"Because if you killed them with your own hands, you would face the wrath of the Manor Lord and his subordinates."


"Correct! If I stained my hands with their blood, I would lose my legitimacy. The warriors of Guryongsalmak wouldn't accept me as their leader. That's why your role was important."


"I thought so."


"As expected, you know everything. That's why I like talking with you. I don't have to waste time explaining."


So Yeowol smiled.


Pyo Wol's prowess was truly beyond imagination.


She had thought it might be possible, but he never expected Pyo Wol to actually kill the manor lord and Noh Tae-tae as well.

The manor lord, whose real name was Go Jang-myeong, was her father, and Noh Tae-tae was like a grandmother to her. However, So Yeowol felt no emotion at their deaths.

From the beginning, she had never considered them her blood relatives. Go Jang-myeong had practically neglected So Yeowol, only sharing his blood with her, and remained indifferent even when she was sold off.

There was even less reason for her to feel affection for Goo Moon-hye, who wasn't even a blood relative and spent most of her time consumed by madness.

Their deaths were a great boon to So Yeowol, not a cause for sorrow.

"Thanks to you, I will become the master of the Guryongsalmak."

"Really? A significant portion of your power has been lost. Are you still satisfied?"

"Pyo Wol! You have no idea. You don't really think that the power here in the New Moon Manor is all the Guryongsalmak has, do you? The real power of the Guryongsalmak isn't here. Most of it is scattered outside. Of course, uniting them won't be easy, but I have the justification anyway. I am the blood descendant of the Guryongsalmak's leader and the rightful heir."

"Is there only one blood relative, you?"

"There's one more, my half-brother, who now leads the Ghost Fleet."

"Do you think he will stay quiet?"

"How could he know what happened here when he spends most of his time at sea? It doesn't matter if he does, because by the time he finds out, I'll have taken control of this place."


"Enough. Pyo Wol! You seem to be trying to buy time to recover your energy. I can't stand to watch you any longer."

So Yeowol saw right through Pyo Wol's intentions.

During their conversation, Pyo Wol had been trying to use his martial arts to recover his energy.

Song Cheonwoo stepped forward.


He drew his sword and approached Pyo Wol.

Pyo Wol looked at Song Cheonwoo with a slightly bent waist.

He was in so much pain and had such severe injuries that he couldn't even straighten his waist.

Song Cheonwoo looked at Pyo Wol with a cold expression.

"So this is how it ends."

"Song Cheonwoo!"

"I have to say, I've never liked you. There were countless times when I wanted to slash your smug face in the underground cave."



"You've achieved your wish. Even though it wasn't through your own efforts."

At Pyo Wol's sarcastic remark until the end, Song Cheonwoo's expression hardened.

Pyo Wol's words touched the deep-rooted inferiority complex that lay dormant in Song Cheonwoo's heart. He didn't want to admit it, but he had to.


He had always felt inferior to Pyo Wol.


The inferiority complex that took root in his heart since the underground cave had grown into a huge tree.


The only way to make the inferiority complex disappear was to kill its source, Pyo Wol.


Song Cheonwoo stopped right in front of Pyo Wol and slowly thrust his sword into Pyo Wol's abdomen.




At the sensation of the cold blade cutting through his flesh, Pyo Wol gritted his teeth.


Song Cheonwoo looked at Pyo Wol's distorted face with a satisfied smile.


"I won't kill you in one blow."




Song Cheonwoo thrust his sword all the way into Pyo Wol's abdomen.


The sword pierced through Pyo Wol's abdomen and protruded out of his waist. Yet, Pyo Wol did not die.


Song Cheonwoo had deliberately avoided vital organs when thrusting the sword.


With a twisted face, Pyo Wol tightly pressed his lips together. It was a clear expression of enduring pain.


Seeing Pyo Wol's face like that made him want to laugh even more.


Song Cheonwoo wanted to see Pyo Wol's face up close, so he took a step closer.


"How does it feel? The feeling of dying..."


"You... should have... killed me in one blow."


Pyo Wol barely replied.


A colder smile appeared on Song Cheonwoo's lips.


"Why? Is it painful?"


"If you had... this wouldn't have happened."




Suddenly, something sprang out from Pyo Wol's chest and bit Song Cheonwoo's arm. Song Cheonwoo was too close to Pyo Wol to avoid it.


Song Cheonwoo stared blankly at the object that bit his arm.


It was a red snake with horns on its head.


It was Gwia.




Song Cheonwoo couldn't finish his sentence.


His arm, bitten by Gwia, quickly turned black.


It was a truly terrifying poison.


If left unchecked, the poison would quickly penetrate his shoulder and reach his heart.


Once the poison entered his heart, even the gods couldn't save him.


When he looked up, he saw Pyo Wol smiling.


"I told you. You should have killed me in one blow when you had the chance."


"Damn it!"


Song Cheonwoo clenched his teeth.

Gwia that bit his arm had already returned to Pyo Wol's clothes.


He had no time to think deeply.


Song Cheonwoo hastily pulled the sword out of Pyo Wol's abdomen and cut off his own shoulder.






So Yeowol shouted in surprise. However, by then, one of Song Cheonwoo's arms had already fallen to the floor.




Song Cheonwoo staggered back, clutching the bleeding stump of his shoulder.


Pyo Wol watched him and laughed.


"Next time, it won't end with just one arm, Song Cheonwoo. See you again, Yeowol!"

"Pyo Wol!"


So Yeowol's venomous scream echoed to the cliff walls.


Pyo Wol threw himself off the cliff, ignoring her scream.


'Please let there be water...'


He gambled everything on the faint possibility.


In an instant, Pyo Wol's figure disappeared beneath the cliff.


So Yeowol issued an order to her Blood Demon troops.


"What are you waiting for? Follow him and bring me his head!"


Following her command, the Blood Demons began to crawl down the cliff.


So Yeowol hurried to Song Cheonwoo.




"Argh! Go catch him."


"Treating your wound comes first."




Suddenly, Song Cheonwoo's eyes rolled back, and he fainted.


Even though he had cut off his arm, the poison had still managed to seep in a little.



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