RDM (Novel) Chapter 482

 C 482

The Face-changing Technique was not perfect.

By forcibly moving the muscles, one could temporarily create someone else's face, but if someone had keen eyes, they could detect the awkwardness.

Pyo Wol's Face-Changing Technique was no exception. However, since Pyo Wol's skill was so high and the darkness was dense, even a slight awkwardness was completely hidden.


The guard who was on duty opened the door and spoke to Pyo Wol.

"Are you going to the Chaotic Heaven Hall? You must be tired."

"Well, I guess so."

Pyo Wol calmly replied and moved on.

His behavior was so natural that the guards who were guarding the door didn't even suspect him.

He easily passed the first gate like that.

The atmosphere of the newly entered area was different.

Instead of a well-groomed garden, a blue-stone paved practice yard stretched out.

There were depressions in various parts of the practice yard floor.

They were traces commonly left by footwork training.

Such traces filled the floor.

Numerous martial artists were sleeping in the guest houses surrounding the practice yard.

If Pyo Wol's identity was revealed, numerous experts would jump out of the guesthouses. Those experts would be strong enough to break the blue-stone floor with ease

At times like this, it was more important to act calmly.

Fortunately, Pyo Wol easily passed the second checkpoint.

Suddenly, Pyo Wol stopped.

It was because he thought it was strange.

It was easy, too easy.

It was possible that his Face-Changing Technique was so perfect that they were fooled.  But that didn't seem to be the case. It was as if they were new to this.

It felt like they had deliberately placed someone who wasn't used to this.

Of course, it could have been due to his diversion strategy, causing many troops to be drawn out at once. But Pyo Wol was not naive enough to take the situation at face value.


As far as Pyo Wol knew, the only person who could play such a trick in the New Moon Manor was So Yeowol.

Song Cheonwoo must have cooperated, but the one who led it was definitely So Yeowol.

The problem was why So Yeowol played such a trick.

'Borrowing a knife to kill someone!'

When they met after a long time, So Yeowol said that she was disliked by someone and was forced into the underground cave.

There was deep resentment in her voice.

The problem was who So Yeowol wanted to kill by borrowing Pyo Wol's hand.

"Is that what you mean?"

After borrowing a knife to kill someone, the next step is to put the blame on others.

As soon as So Yeowol achieved her goal, she will mobilize all her forces to attack Pyo Wol.

Pyo Wol pulled his body up into the air.

He had climbed to the highest tower nearby, and examined the interior of the New Moon Manor with sharp eyes.

A particularly bright tower came into his view.

It was overwhelmingly large compared to the other towers, and the number of guards was more than double.

Although he didn't know, it was clear that the most important person in New Moon Manor was there.

"It's the mouth of the tiger."

Pyo Wol briefly estimated the distance between where he was standing and the tower.

At a glance, it was a long distance, more than a hundred zhang.

Certainly, many soldiers would be deployed in between.

So far, there had been no one suspicious, but as he approached the tower, the guards would become more vigilant, and there would be more suspicious people.

There was no telling how long it would take to get there using the same method as before.

"I'll finish it quickly."

It was the only way to stab So Yeowol's intentions at the moment.


Pyo Wol took a deep breath for a moment and raised his internal energy.


He completely let go of the cumbersome Face-changing Technique.

A pale and elegant face appeared, piercing through the darkness.

At that moment, Pyo Wol hit the roof of the tower.


Pyo Wol cut through the wind and sprinted at a terrifying speed.

He dashed through the darkness without making a sound or giving any sign.

There were guards stationed at various points of the tower, but they couldn't even detect Pyo Wol's presence.

He broke through more than fifty zhang in an instant.

It was truly desperate.

However, at that moment, someone stood up from the darkness and blocked his path.

It was a warrior guarding the heart of New Moon Manor.

As befitting a warrior guarding the heart, he possessed a sharp sense.





The moment he tried to shout, the soul reaping thread pierced his forehead.


The warrior let out a dying scream.


Pyo Wol gently caught the falling warrior and laid him down, then increased his speed again. However, before he could move even ten steps, another person blocked his way.


He was one of the elite warriors of New Moon Manor.






But he couldn't stop Pyo Wol either.


Before he could finish his sentence, the soul reaping thread had pierced him.


Although the warrior let out a dying scream, there was another warrior not far from him.




As soon as he saw his comrade's death, he blew the horn.


Although Pyo wol was able to kill the warrior using the soul reaping thread, saving his life, the bugle's sound had already resonated throughout the New Moon Manor. However, Pyo Wol was not flustered.


Because he had already anticipated this much.


He flew into the air.


Shouts from warriors came from all around.


"An enemy!"


"There's an intruder."


They unleashed their attacks on Pyo Wol.




Sword and blade Qi tore Pyo Wol's body to shreds. However, the warriors couldn't cheer.


Because the shredded figure of Pyo Wol had disappeared.


"Damn it! It's an illusion."


"It's a fake. Find the real one."


The warriors looked around, panicking.


At that moment, Pyo Wol had already crossed the huge tower.


He had used the Demonic Shadow Exchange to deceive the enemies' eyes and then exerted his full power in Qigongl.


"Block him!"


"How dare this bastard...!"


Warriors who had heard the sound of the horn were already waiting beyond the tower.


They guarded a plaque with three clear characters written on it, visible behind them.


Chaotic Heaven Hall.


That was the tower where the master of New Moon Manor resided.


Pyo Wol, without a moment's hesitation, flew towards the Chaotic Heaven Hall.


"Damn it!"


"Block him!"


The warriors blocked Pyo Wol's path.




Their attacks stormed towards Pyo Wol like a hurricane. But all their attacks were blocked by Pyo Wol's soul reaping threads.








The soul reaping threads mercilessly pierced their weapons and bodies instead.


No one could stop Pyo Wol.


Pyo Wol relentlessly and mercilessly broke through.

It was then.

"How dare this rat..."

Along with a lion's roar, a powerful force flew towards him.

A distinct cluster of light emanating from the fist.

It was the Fist Qi (拳罡).

Pyo Wol couldn't underestimate it, so he changed his soul reaping thread to the threaded serpent qi to counter it.


The Fist Qi and the threaded serpent qi collided, creating a powerful shockwave.



Warriors caught in the shockwave bled from their ears and were thrown in all directions.

Pyo Wol, too, was unable to advance any further due to the powerful shock and his body jerked.

For the first time, his breakthrough was stopped.

At that moment, a warrior wearing a purple mask appeared in front of Pyo Wol.

He was the expert who had thrown the Fist Qi at Pyo Wol.

At a glance, the aura of a master was overflowing from him.

Although his true face was hidden behind the purple mask, just by seeing him release the Fist Qi without prior notice, it was clear that he was an extraordinary expert.

The expert in the purple mask exuded an imposing presence as he asked,

"Who are you to intrude here?"

Instead of answering, Pyo Wol launched his threaded serpent qi.

The expert in the purple mask became furious and sent his Fist Qi back at him.

"How dare you use such a trick on me, the Purple Faced Divine Demon, Buk Ri Hwang? Your gall must be out of control."

The purple faced divine demon, Buk Ri Hwang was one of the top experts in Guryongsalmak.

He always wandered outside like a divine dragon soaring above the clouds. He only entered New Moon Manor when he had a task to fulfill in Guryongsalmak, and spent the rest of his time freely.

He had come to New Moon Manor at the request of the landlady, Udamha.

She asked him to come inside in case anything happened.

It was rare for Udamha to make such a request to him, so he entered New Moon Manor without hesitation and waited. If he hadn't, he would never have encountered Pyo Wol.


The threaded serpent qi and Fist Qi collided, creating a loud explosion.

At the same time, the two men's bodies shook.


Buk Ri Hwang let out a stifled groan and retreated.

He intended to step back and dissolve the shock first.

The same shock was received, but Pyo Wol 's reaction was different.

Instead of retreating, Pyo Wol chose to advance.


He just accepted a bit of internal injury.


This place was enemy territory.


The more time he wasted, the more disadvantageous it was for him.


He had to win the game in the heat of the moment, even if it meant taking some losses.


His body movement slithered like a snake, and he quickly approached Buk Ri Hwang.


"Damn it!"


Buk Ri Hwang made a desperate expression and continuously launched his powerful fists. However, Pyo Wol dodged them all as if he were a snake, twisting his body this way and that.


Pyo Wol had a natural ability called fine sense.


This ability, which was awakened in an underground cave, allowed him to understand his opponent's thoughts and emotions just by looking at their facial expressions, eyes, and facial muscle movements.


He added synchronization to his fine sense.


By matching the target's breathing and life response, he could read the opponent's movements one step ahead.


These two abilities worked together, allowing him to predict Buk Ri Hwang's movements one step ahead.




He also unleashed the Black Lightning, maximizing his physical response.


Buk Ri Hwang blinked his eyes.


For a moment, Pyo Wol 's body seemed to be cut off. It appeared that way because he moved so quickly that an afterimage was left behind.






A loud noise erupted from his chest.


Pyo Wol had struck him with a powerful punch.


Buk Ri Hwang's body staggered back. But he was also an absolute expert.


He protected his chest by pulling up his defense at the moment of impact. Of course, that didn't mean he didn't receive any shock.


His internal organs were shaken, and blood filled his throat.




He forcibly swallowed the blood and endured.


He knew that if he gave Pyo Wol the upper hand now, a disaster would ensue.


"Cha-hat! Purple Lightning Triple Explosion!"


Buk Ri Hwang unleashed his most potent skill.


A brilliant purple light burst out like a thunderbolt.


This technique was to condense his energy and explode it three times.


Naturally, its power was almost like a heavenly force.


The problem was the recoil that was transmitted to the user. Since Pyo Wol was too close, Buk Ri Hwang had to endure the recoil with his entire body.




His body was pushed back by the tremendous recoil.


His chest and face were a mess. His clothes were torn to shreds, muscles ripped apart, and white bones were exposed.


It was the price he had to pay for enduring the recoil of the Purple Lightning Triple Explosion.


Buk Ri Hwang's expression twisted.


It wasn't because of the injuries he had sustained.


It was because he didn't feel anything in his hand.


It was hard to believe, but in that short moment, Pyo Wol escaped from the Purple Lightning Triple Explosion. Only Buk Ri Hwang suffered the damage from the recoil.


Then, he felt a chilling sensation on his neck.






In an instant, Buk Ri Hwang's head was severed from his neck and flew through the air.


Buk Ri Hwang thought it was strange.


It was because the world was spinning.


The sky spun, the earth spun, and there stood a headless body in the distance.




At that moment, the world turned pitch black.


That was the end for Buk Ri Hwang.




Pyo Wol , who had collected his soul reaping thread, rushed with all his might, leaving the fallen enemy behind.


His complexion was not good.


It was because he had taken a risk in unfolding the Demonic Shadow Exchange against an expert like Buk Ri Hwang. On top of that, he failed to completely avoid the Purple Lightning Triple Explosion and received a significant shock. Still, Pyo Wol did not stop.


If he stopped here, he would be done for.




He broke the gate of Chaotic Heaven Pavillion and jumped inside.

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