RDM (Novel) Chapter 481

 C 481

The New Moon Manor was truly enormous.

It had initially started as just a slightly larger manor, but due to needs, it had continually expanded.

Because of this, the New Moon Manor had changed so much that its original appearance was unrecognizable. Even the members of the New Moon Manor didn't fully understand the internal structure, knowing only their assigned areas, and only a few had a detailed understanding of the overall structure.

Each section of New Moon Manor was thoroughly isolated. In severe cases, one might not even know who was in the adjacent area.

If those inside didn't know the overall structure, it was impossible for outsiders to know.

For people living nearby, the New Moon Manor was a mysterious place. The only accessible areas for outsiders were the main entrance and the adjacent martial arts training ground, with all other spaces strictly off-limits.

The security of New Moon Manor was thorough.

Every entrance to different areas was always guarded by around ten soldiers, and numerous traps and formations provided additional protection.

Although it was not widely known, the New Moon Manor was a true fortress.

Usually, it boasted an ironclad security network, but now there were gaps in its defenses.

It was because a large number of soldiers had left the previous night.

The traps and formations were still in operation, but there were places that needed human guards, and due to the lack of personnel, security in those places had weakened.

Of course, this didn't mean that outsiders could easily infiltrate. Guards were still on duty, after all. However, that was only from the perspective of ordinary people.

Song Cheonwoo looked deeply into the interior of the New Moon Manor.

He could indeed see gaps in the defenses.

If he had been trying to infiltrate the New Moon Manor secretly, he would not have missed an opportunity like this.

Song Cheonwoo glanced at So Yeowol beside him.

So Yeowol was walking with her lips tightly sealed.

Just by looking at her, it was impossible to know what she was thinking. She was skilled at hiding her thoughts and emotions. But that was only true for ordinary people.

Song Cheonwoo was not an ordinary person.

He had spent his whole life with So Yeowol and would continue to walk the same path with her.

That's why he understood her thoughts and feelings better than anyone else.

Right now, she was in the fight of her life, and she was nervous.

The iron-willed woman.

Song Cheonwoo quietly took So Yeowol's hand. At that moment, So Yeowol looked up at him.

Song Cheonwoo smiled and said,

"Everything will be alright."

"What will?"

"Just everything...."


So Yeowol laughed.

Song Cheonwoo's unexpected words made her tension vanish like a lie.

Song Cheonwoo had always been like that.

He didn't say much, but his mere presence was comforting.

He was always there, and that's how she'd made it through the highs and lows, from being raised as an assassin in an underground cave to now.

Song Cheonwoo asked,

"When do you think it will happen?"


"So soon?"

"It's Pyo Wol , isn't it? He always moves one step ahead of our expectations."


Song Cheonwoo nodded reluctantly.

He didn't want to admit it, but he had to.

Their opponent was Pyo Wol .

He had accomplished everything they had thought impossible.

So Yeowol and Song Cheonwoo might have boasted about reaching the pinnacle as assassins, but they had no confidence in facing Pyo Wol head-on.

That's how unpredictable Pyo Wol 's martial arts skills were.

So Yeowol kicked a pebble that was rolling on the ground. The small stone rolled away and plunged into a nearby pond.

Ripples spread across the pond's surface.

Just a small pebble had caused ripples that spread throughout the pond.

"Everything in the world is like this. A trivial matter that nobody cares about eventually affects the world's situation."

"Is the pebble Pyo Wol ?"


"Just remember one thing. Pyo Wol is a double-edged sword. If we're not careful, we could get hurt."

"If I can't take that much risk, I don't deserve to be the owner of Guryongsalmak."

So Yeowol revealed her true intentions.

She was sold to a slave trader by Udamha's schemes and raised as an assassin, one of the most despised jobs in the martial arts world.

After many hardships, she escaped Sichuan and returned to New Moon Manor.

Her suffering didn't end upon her return to New Moon Manor.

The manor master, Go Jang-myeong didn't appreciate her return, and Udamha constantly hindered and slandered her.

Despite all those hardships, she reached her current position. Even Go Jang-myeong, who had initially disliked her, acknowledged her abilities, and Udamha couldn't treat her like a young girl anymore. But So Yeowol's goal wasn't just this.

"I will definitely become the owner of this place and the ruler behind the martial arts world. You'll continue to be with me, right?"

"I told you, I only live for you. I will continue to live for you."

At Song Cheonwoo's answer, So Yeowol slightly smiled.

In a different sense from Pyo Wol , Song Cheonwoo was always a steadfast man.

Thanks to him supporting her from behind, she could come this far. And they would be together forever.

So Yeowol tightly held Song Cheonwoo's hand and thought to herself.

'Come on! Pyo Wol ! I'm fully prepared.'


Pyo Wol stood on a tall tree that swayed precariously.

As the wind blew, the slender branches seemed to break at any moment, swaying back and forth. However, Pyo Wol did not change his expression and entrusted his body to the swaying branches.

In the distance, a huge manor could be seen.

It was too far away and surrounded by a high wall reminiscent of a city wall, so it was impossible to see what was inside.

The massive estate, reminiscent of an impregnable fortress, was none other than New Moon Manor.

Guryongsalmak's headquarters was right before his eyes.


Pyo Wol adjusted his ragged breathing on the tree branch.

Having diverted the Red King's attention to Do Yeonsan and Eun-yo, he had run to Giyang with all his might.


Though it would have been better to ride a horse, it was clear that doing so would attract

people's attention. So, he used his qigong and rushed to this place hundreds of miles away from Soyang.

No matter how skilled he was in Qigong, he couldn't help but feel tired after using it all day. He tried to relieve the fatigue that had accumulated in his body by performing light exercises on the trees.

It was a battle against time.

He couldn't predict how long Do Yeonsan could hold out.

Although he believed that Eun-yo and Nam Shin-woo would wisely overcome the crisis together, he still had to finish the job before they found themselves in the worst possible situation.

The problem was that he had no information about the inside of New Moon Manor.

Despite mobilizing all of Hao Clan's intelligence network, they couldn't obtain any information about the inside due to the thorough cover-up.

In the end, he had to face them directly and make decisions based on the situation as it unfolded.

A split-second judgment could determine his fate.

From now on, he had to sharpen his senses to the utmost.

He closed his eyes for a moment and felt his body.

Aside from a little remaining fatigue, he wasn't in bad shape.

He then flew down from the tree.

There was nothing around New Moon Manor except a few houses.

If anyone approached without permission, they would definitely be caught.

Whether it was intentional or not, it was an optimal location for monitoring external enemies.

It was obvious that they were thoroughly guarding the area from all corners.

The place he chose to enter was the waterway.

To maintain a large estate like this, a well would not be enough. They definitely needed to draw water from the outside for drinking and living purposes.

That's why most estates were located near rivers or streams. The larger the estate, the more water was needed.

As he had guessed, there was a small stream flowing through the estate.

He moved stealthily along the stream.

After walking for a while, he slightly furrowed his brow.

It was because he sensed people's presence from afar.

They had deployed guards along the stream coming from New Moon Manor.

It was clear that they had prepared for cases like his, where someone would infiltrate using the stream. However, he didn't panic and used his stealth skill.

He blended perfectly with the surrounding scenery and moved covertly.

As he moved a bit further, an area with hidden guards appeared.

Their figures were invisible, but he could hear their rough breathing.

Although they were hiding, their presence was clearly felt by his senses.

They were not professionals trained in stealth like him.

They were just ordinary guards who had hidden themselves in the bushes. Deceiving their eyes was not a problem for him.

Even though he was close to them, they had no idea.

They were watching the stream with their eyes wide open. However, there are many blind spots in human vision. Just because they had their eyes wide open, it didn't mean they could see everything. Only the focused area was clearly visible, and the rest of the space was just dimly recognized.

It was the same when multiple people looked at the same space.

Rather, when there are many people, they rely on each other, and their vigilance weakens. Also, blind spots are created in their field of view.

Pyo Wol stealthily penetrated their blind spots without making a sound.

None of them noticed that he was passing by close to them.

He continued to follow the stream, leaving them behind.

Eventually, he safely arrived right in front of the manor.

The river was connected to the inside of the manor. However, thick iron bars blocked the entrance.

Pyo Wol examined the iron bars closely.

Inside the iron bars, a silver thread was connected.

If even one was forcibly cut, the silver thread would send a signal inside.

Pyo Wol didn't want to bother cutting the iron bars.

He brought his face close to the iron bars.

Although the gaps between the iron bars were so narrow that even a child could not enter, it was not a problem for Pyo Wol.

He first pushed his face through the gaps between the iron bars.


Like a snake, his face passed through the narrow iron bars.

Once the head passed through, the rest was easier than flipping the palm of the hand.


With the sound of bones, Pyo Wol's shoulders were dislocated.

As he exhaled the air that had filled his lungs, his chest circumference shrank significantly.

In that state, Pyo Wol slid through the iron bars.

It was a method unique to Pyo Wol, which ordinary people could not dare to follow.


His dislocated shoulders naturally realigned, and his shrunken chest returned to its original shape.

The silver thread that was precariously connected inside the iron bars remained intact.

Passing through the iron bars didn't mean he had entered the New Moon Manor.

There were traps set up inside.

If you step on the floor after passing through the iron bars, the trap would be activated.

It was a simple but effective method.

However, it didn't work on Pyo Wol.

He easily jumped over the trap and entered New Moon Manor.

It was still too early to feel relieved after entering New Moon Manor safely.

He could feel people's presence everywhere.

It was true that many people had left all at once, leaving gaps in the place, but the security was still quite tight.

Pyo Wol hid in a blind spot where people's gazes couldn't reach and waited for someone to pass by.

When he had waited for a while, someone walked past with a brisk pace.

Judging from his shabby attire, he was most likely a low-ranking warrior or a worker.

Pyo Wol caught him with a lasso.


As the noose tightened around his neck, the man couldn't scream and was dragged to Pyo Wol.

He held a dagger to the man's throat and asked,

"Where is the master's residence?"



At that moment, Pyo Wol slightly stabbed the man's neck with the dagger.

As the blood flowed down the blade, the man's eyes trembled. He had tried to scream just a moment ago, but Pyo Wol noticed it like a ghost and dealt with it.


It was then that he realized.


No tricks would work on the man in front of him.


Pyo Wol asked once more.


"Where is the residence of the leader?"


"In the deepest part of the manor, the Chaotic Heaven Pavilion."


"What's the security level?"


"The best warriors are guarding it."


The man obediently answered.


Pyo Wol stared intently into the man's eyes.


Facing Pyo Wol 's red glowing eyes was painful.


Unconsciously, the man lowered his head to avoid Pyo Wol 's gaze.


At that moment, Pyo Wol 's calm voice could be heard.


"It seems there's no leader here."


The man was startled and looked at Pyo Wol .


In that instant, Pyo Wol slit his throat.


The man couldn't even scream and his breath was cut off.


The fact that a seemingly strong warrior would answer so obediently clearly indicated that the situation was not normal.


It only happened when there was something to be relieved about, or when there was a hidden agenda.


The man's last reaction confirmed it.


The leader of the New Moon Castle was not here.


Pyo Wol changed into the man's clothes and disguised himself with the man's face.

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