RDM (Novel) Chapter 480

 C 480

The Red King frowned deeply as he stared at the island where the Eight-direction White Mist Phantom Array had been activated.



Screams of agony continued to be heard.

The unending screams meant that his subordinates on the island were dying, one after another.

If Pyo Wol , Eun-yo, or Nam Shin-woo had been killed, the screams would have stopped.

"What a nasty trick."

The Red King grinded his teeth.

His men were elite, survivors of the harshest battlefields in the world.

The fact that they were losing their lives without being able to use their full strength because of a mere formation enraged him.

He had originally intended to wait until ManSlaughter joined them.

That was because the existence of Pyo Wol was so unsettling. However, there was no sign of ManSlaughter joining them at all.

If he continued to wait for ManSlaughter, all of his subordinates would end up dead.

He could no longer watch his subordinates die.

"Damn it!"

The Red King drew his sword and leaped into the Eight-direction White Mist Phantom Array.

Inside the array, everything was white as if it were a snowy plain in the middle of winter.

It seemed that even an absolute master, such as Red King, would go insane if he stayed in such a place for too long.

The strange thing was that as soon as he entered the white mist, he couldn't sense his subordinates. No matter how miraculous the formation was, it couldn't physically expand the size of the island.

The fact that he couldn't sense his subordinates on a small island with a radius of about ten zhang proved the effectiveness of the Eight-direction White Mist Phantom Array.

The Red King closed his eyes and muttered,

"If I'm not deceived by this mere formation, that's enough."

Humans receive half of the information through their eyes.

First, they see with their eyes, and then they verify with other senses.

Therefore, to deceive a person, the first thing to do is to deceive their eyes.

Formations worked the same way.

After disrupting the vision with a white mist, and injecting various false pieces of information, the warriors trapped in the Eight-direction White Mist Phantom Array can't make proper judgments and are captivated by the strange phenomena unfolding before their eyes. That's what was happening to the Demonic Madmen and subordinates who had jumped into the Eight-direction White Mist Phantom Array.

However, the Red King was a martial artist of a different caliber.

He could discern true information with his other senses, even without his eyes.

As he closed his eyes, darkness enveloped him.

But it was only for a moment.

Soon, his senses expanded terrifyingly.

Blocking the false information coming in through his eyes, he judged solely by his hearing, touch, and intuition. Then, he clearly felt the presence of his struggling subordinates trapped in the Eight-direction White Mist Phantom Array.

He excluded their presence.

It wasn't difficult since the atmosphere and energy they exuded were familiar.

Once he eliminated the familiar presences, only three remained.

Each presence belonged to a different individual.

They were all trying to move with their presence as suppressed as possible.

The Red King focused all of his senses on one of them.

The one with the most powerful presence.

"It's him."

The Red King instinctively thought that it was Pyo Wol .

Otherwise, he couldn't exhibit such a powerful presence.


The Red King swung his sword towards the spot where he felt Pyo Wol 's presence. A red sword aura tore through the White mist and struck Pyo Wol .


With a thunderous noise, the white mist momentarily cleared. Pyo Wol , who had been hit by the sword aura, was revealed.

His left arm, which had blocked the sword aura, trembled.

It was clear that he had concentrated his internal energy in his bracer to defend himself before being hit. Though it was unknown what material it was made of, the bracer was intact even after being struck by the sword aura.

Just by looking at it, one could tell it was no ordinary object.

"Pyo Wol !"

The Red King shouted loudly and swung his sword at Pyo Wol .

When facing someone like Pyo Wol , it was essential to seize the initiative.

There's a reason for the saying, "the first move wins."

The one who attacks first has an advantage.

"There's a saying about striking after the opponent has struck, but it doesn't often apply to masters of the same caliber.


The sword aura, like a storm, raged wildly.

Pyo Wol also didn't dare to underestimate the attack and chose to evade rather than directly confront it. He dodged the Red King's attack while moving nimbly.


Explosions erupted one after another, and the ground where Pyo Wol had been standing was blown apart.

The earth was overturned, exposing its dark insides.

It was an enormous force, like that of an exploding landmine.

The aftereffect of the explosion caused Pyo Wol 's robes and hat to shake violently.

The Red King pursued Pyo Wol at a terrifying speed.

"Show your face. I'll give you a face full of scars."

He had already heard rumors about Pyo Wol 's handsome appearance.

He wanted to scar Pyo Wol’s inhuman face like that of ManSlaughter..

If he could scar him like a checkerboard, he would feel satisfied.


The Red King attacked Pyo Wol with an even more ferocious force.

Unable to avoid the relentless onslaught any longer, Pyo Wol finally counterattacked.


With a shout, he launched a punch at the sword aura.

A powerful energy burst from his fist and collided with the sword aura.



With a loud noise, Pyo Wol was flung backward.

A typical aura couldn't handle the power of the Red King's sword.

It was thanks to the bracer that he was still in one piece.

The bracer had absorbed most of the impact.

But the Red King's reaction was strange.

Instead of being pleased with his advantage, he looked at Pyo Wol with a puzzled expression.

"Who are you?"


Pyo Wol stopped mid-reply and touched his head.

His hat had been pushed back, revealing his face.

His face should have been more beautiful than a woman's, as the rumors suggested. However, the exposed face wasn't that devastatingly attractive.

A slightly handsome face with a hint of innocence.

Anyone could see that he was not Pyo Wol .

The Red King yelled angrily.

"Who are you? Who are you to masquerade as Pyo Wol and deceive me?"

"Damn, I got caught. Phew!"

The man, straightening up and sighing, was none other than Do Yeonsan.

Do Yeonsan had been disguised as Pyo Wol , wearing his black blood robe and bracers. Unaware of this, the Red King had mobilized all his subordinates to chase after Pyo Wol

"Where did the real Pyo Wol go?"


Do Yeonsan shrugged his shoulders.

The Red King's jaw clenched.

He wanted to tear that smug face to shreds, but he barely managed to suppress his anger and maintain his composure.

'Did he set up that brat as a decoy and then disappear?'

It was even more bothersome because it was Pyo Wol .

The Guryongsalmak had already analyzed him.

His personality, martial arts, and even his associates had been analyzed.

The Pyo Wol they had deduced was not the type to flee without a plan.

There must have been a clear goal for him to set up a decoy.

It was clear that he used his traveling companions as bait to achieve some purpose.

The problem was what Pyo Wol 's goal was.

'The nature of an assassin is assassination. Assassination?'

The Red King's eyes widened.

It seemed like he had an idea of Pyo Wol 's target.

It was only a few hundred li from here in Soyang to Giyang, where the New Moon Manor was located. It was a distance that could be traveled in a day if one wanted to.

That's why the Red King and ManSlaughter could receive support from the elite warriors at New Moon Manor within a day.

The warriors moving with the Red King were the elites from New Moon Manor and Gyuryongsalmak.

Gyuryongsalmak's martial power was truly formidable.

Their network of warriors was intricate, like a spider web, numbering in the thousands. However, they didn't always stay in the New Moon Manor.

Some were fighting wars abroad, while others were sailing the high seas as part of a ghost fleet.

Some of them didn't even know that Gyuryongsalmak's base was the New Moon Manor.

Because of this, the number of people stationed in New Moon Manor wasn't very high.

About half of them were out here.

That meant that the defense network at New Moon Manor was now more than half compromised.

'He's aiming for New Moon Manor.'

While everyone's attention was focused on Soyang, Pyo Wol had slipped away secretly.

His destination was undoubtedly Giyang's New Moon Manor.

Chills ran down the Red King's spine at the thought of Pyo Wol 's plan.

By now, Pyo Wol must have almost reached Giyang.

"Damn it! Pyo Wol is targeting the New Moon Manor. Everyone, return to the New Moon Manor."

The Red King's roar echoed across the island.

He immediately boarded a ship.

The Demonic Madmen and the elites from New Moon Manor followed him.

The boat, carrying all of them, quickly moved away from the island, leaving only Do Yeonsan and the others behind.

Finally, the clouds covering the island dissipated.

The situation on the exposed island was truly tragic.

More than dozens of warriors were either dead, bleeding, or dying.

In the midst of it all, Eun-yo and Nam Shin-woo were sitting down.

Their bodies were soaked with blood and sweat.

If the Red King's retreat had taken just a little longer, their lives would not have been guaranteed.

Do Yeonsan approached the two.

"Is everyone okay?"

"I think we're still alive."


Do Yeonsan collapsed beside them.

There was not even enough strength to move a finger.

Do Yeonsan lay down on the ground as it was.

"Will Hyung be alright? We should've stalled for more time."

Eun-yo lay down beside him without a word.

Their bodies felt like a ton.

It was as if they had been hit by a giant iron hammer all day long.

They had given their all in such a short moment.

Her original goal was to hold out for half a day here. She thought that if they could hold the red king for that long, Pyo Wol would be able to achieve his goal more easily. However, the red king's intuition was better than she had anticipated, making it impossible to stall any longer.

Anyway, they did their best.

Eun-yo muttered, thinking of Pyo Wol .

"We need to find a way to help our brother escape."


Pyo Wol raised his head and looked ahead.

His head and shoulders were covered in a thick layer of dust from the all-night running.

He had chosen to travel using his Qigong, as traveling on horseback would have drawn their attention.

After handing over the black blood robe and armor he had been wearing to Do Yeonsan, he changed into shabby clothes commonly seen in the area.

Their surveillance network was spread like a net all over Soyang, but no one noticed Pyo Wol escaping.

It was a battle against time.

He couldn't be sure how long Do Yeonsan, Eun-yo, and the others would hold out.

At least they were not pushovers. Although they were young, they were much more intelligent and superior to their peers.

It was Eun-yo who came up with the plan this time.

Eun-yo told Pyo Wol .

"Go to New Moon Manor while we buy some time."

She willingly added that she would be bait.

After some hesitation, Pyo Wol eventually accepted her opinion.

In Pyo Wol 's view, that was the best option. That's why he accepted her opinion.

Normally, he would have rested for a while and cultivated at this point.

It was his habit to move with his body in the best condition after relieving fatigue. But there was no time for that now.

Eun-yo, Do Yeonsan, and Nam Shin-woo were exceptional, but they were still far from being the absolute masters of the martial arts world.

It was clear that the more Pyo Wol stalled, the more danger they would face.


Pyo Wol took a deep breath for a moment.

Ignoring the slight fatigue, he moved toward Giyang.

New Moon Manor appeared in the distance.

The sight of the massive yard reminded him of a crouching monster.

His enemies were there.

His steps quickened and soon he was gone.


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