RDM (Novel) Chapter 477

 C 477


ManSlaughter lightly plucked the bowstring, causing a slight vibration in the bow.

The surface of the gently curved bow, akin to a crescent moon, was filled with tiny nicks - evidence of its extensive use.

God Slaying Bow.

That was the name of the bow he was holding.

As powerful as its grandiose name, it was not easy to handle. Especially, its range was so incredibly long that those struck by the God Slaying Bow didn't even realize how they met their ends.

When internal energy was applied to the arrows fired by the God-Slaying Bow, its power was multiplied. It was indeed a formidable weapon in Kangho.

ManSlaughter was not the original owner of the God Slaying Bow.

The original owner was an old warrior named Chook Il-yeop

He had reached the highest level in archery, and the God Slaying Bow was his secret weapon.

Its killing power was so great that he was reluctant to use it normally.

Unfortunately for Chook Il-yeop, he targeted Lee Gwak, the head of Mad Martial Sect.

He attacked Lee Gwak with thirty of his Lost Soul Arrows. But Lee Gwak was an unparalleled warrior.

He cut down Chook Il-yeop and the Lost Soul Arrows and left the battlefield.

Afterward, the ownerless God Slaying Bow passed through many hands, finally landing in ManSlaughter’s possession.

The reason why Eulmok Ah, a warrior, could gain the terrifying nickname ManSlaughter was entirely due to the God Slaying Bow.

Even though his Blue Sky Hand was one of the best martial arts techniques, it couldn't compare to the God Slaying Bow.

Unless absolutely necessary, ManSlaughter had always kept the God Slaying Bow hidden. He knew that the power of a secret technique was maximized when it was not revealed. So, he thoroughly hid the existence of the God Slaying Bow even from his closest people.


ManSlaughter plucked the bowstring again, and the God Slaying Bow let out a strong cry.


ManSlaughter enjoyed the strong vibration he felt in his hand for a moment.


He prepared a small quiver and attached the God Slaying Bow to his waist. When he tied a red cloth around his waist, it perfectly concealed the quiver and the God Slaying Bow.

If one were to look without prior information, they wouldn't notice the God Slaying Bow at his waist.

Outside, ManSlaughter's followers were waiting.

ManSlaughter preferred to act alone, but he didn't hesitate to use his followers when targeting a big fish like now. ManSlaughter looked up at the sky.

The sun had already set, and darkness was consuming the sky.

That's when it happened.

Someone entered the place where he was staying.

ManSlaughter recognized him as a Demonic Madmen, an agent of the Red King.

The Demonic Madman approached ManSlaughter and spoke.

"The Red King says he will move after the second watch."

"The second watch?"

"Yes! He said you would understand."



The Demonic Madman bowed and withdrew.

ManSlaughter did not personally like the Red King. However, he was not foolish enough to make mistakes in his mission because of personal feelings.

What was most important now was to kill Pyo Wol and eliminate all factors threatening the Guryongsalmak.

The plan was simple.

When the Red King distracts Pyo Wol's attention, ManSlaughter will eliminate him with the God Slaying Bow.

The power of the God Slaying Bow was acknowledged by the Red King. This was because it was ManSlaughter's God Slaying Bow that had inflicted a serious injury on him.

After estimating the time for a moment, ManSlaughter said.

"Let's move according to the plan. Begin!"

"By your command!"

With the response, his followers scattered in all directions.

ManSlaughter walked alone.

He had already found out where Pyo Wol was hiding.

It was the slums of Soyang.

Among them, the Gi Family Clinic was the place where Pyo Wol was suspected to be staying.

That's when it happened.


With intense light and a loud explosion, a blast occurred in the distance.

It was the slums of Soyang.

'The operation has begun.'

It was the work of his followers.

ManSlaughter's followers were all specialized in infiltration and destruction.

Because they've been deployed in such tasks for a long time in the shadows.


Once again, flames soared up with the sound of an explosion.

The intense explosion momentarily brightened the area as if it were daytime.

When ManSlaughter arrived at the slums, a firestorm was raging there.

Most of the buildings in the slums were made of wood and cloth. Once the fire started, it wouldn't easily go out; instead, it would spread rapidly.

Knowing this fact, ManSlaughter devised such a plan.

The poor didn't have much of anything anyway, and there was no one to shed tears over the loss of their homes.


Rather, the people of Soyang would be glad to drive the slum dwellers out of the city center.


"Set the fire."


"Move quickly."


Unseen martial artists carried torches and set fire to the buildings.


They were not followers of ManSlaughter or the Red King.


They were the martial artists of the Hundred Cliff Gate.


The Hundred Cliff Gate had coveted the slums along with The Heavenly Treasure Pavillion. The Hundred Cliff Gate's leader, Jo Jang-pyeong, had intended to push out the slum dwellers and build luxury mansions. However, he gave up his ambition after being defeated by the Wind Saint. That's when the Red King appeared.


The Red King brutally killed the Heavenly Treasure Pavillion's leader, Ya Yuliln, but spared Jo Jang-pyeong, seeing some value in using him.


Only the Red King knew what that criterion was.


Although the details of what happened between them were unknown, Jo Jang-pyeong  desperately urged his followers.


"Hurry and set the fire."


"There's no need to consider the slum dwellers' situation."


"Burn everything down."


Jo Jang-pyeong  yelled with all his might.


At that moment, when The Hundred Cliff Gate's warriors were moving more busily.


"Block them all!"


"Stop them!"


Suddenly, a group of warriors in black uniforms stormed in.


Dressed in black, these warriors blocked the arsonists of the Hundred Cliff Gate and ManSlaughter's followers.


At the forefront was Hong Yushin.


He shouted with all his might.


"Protect the slums."




With the response, the warriors in black uniforms confronted the Hundred Cliff Gate's warriors and ManSlaughter's followers.


They were Hao Clan's elite Black Tiger Squad.


The Black Tiger Squad fiercely attacked the intruders in the slums.




"What are these bastards...?"


"Destroy them!"


The slums quickly turned into a battlefield.


The Black Tiger Squad, The Hundred Cliff Gate, and ManSlaughter's followers tangled together, attacking each other.


Screams erupted, and flesh was torn.


Blood pooled on the ground, and severed limbs flew in all directions like chopped vegetables.


It was a scene straight from hell.


Hong Yushin was at the center of it all.






Hong Yushin, who had just blown off the head of an approaching warrior, looked around.


Screams and death were everywhere.


The Black Tiger Squad was doing their best to stop the enemies. However, the number of enemies was far greater.


'I never expected them to involve the Hundred Cliff Gate.'


He was hit hard in the back of his head.


Even though the Wind Saint had warned them, they didn't think they would have to be cautious. However, contrary to everyone's expectations, the Hundred Cliff Gate's leader, Jo Jang-pyeong, deployed his subordinates.

The unexpected deployment of forces disrupted all plans.

The Black Tiger Squad was strong.

Simply judging by martial power, they were not inferior to the subordinates of ManSlaughter.

The problem was the warriors of the Hundred Cliff Gate.

Although their martial arts skills were far inferior to those of the Black Tiger Squad or ManSlaughter's subordinates, they had an overwhelming number advantage.

It was difficult to fend off ten hands with one.

Like water slipping through fingers, the Hundred Cliff Gate's warriors broke through the Black Tiger Squad and set fires.

"Our house..."

"Put out the fire quickly!"

The poor tried to suppress the fire by fetching water from the well, but the flames were too fierce, and it was useless to pour the water on them.

The flames spread more fiercely.

At this rate, the entire slums would be engulfed in flames in no time.

"Damn it!"

Hong Yushin tried to find a way to extinguish the fire but couldn't find one.

That's when it happened.

"You bastards!"

Someone's roar echoed throughout the poor area.



In the midst of a fierce fight, the warriors suffered severe shocks to their eardrums and hearts and staggered.

The Wind Saint appeared at that moment, riding the wind.

Seeing the slums engulfed in flames, the Wind Saint frowned.

Many of the slum houses had already been swallowed by the fire.

"You heartless bastards! You've given up being human."

The Wind Saint wanted to kill the people who started the fire right away, but extinguishing the fire was the priority.


The Wind Saint's clothes swelled up in the wind even though there was no breeze.


With a shout, The Wind Saint extended both of his palms forward.

A strong gust of wind immediately blew over the flames.

The flames, momentarily shaken, grew bigger as they absorbed the wind.

"No, that..."


As people's faces showed confusion, The Wind Saint reversed the flow of energy.


The wind that had been blowing over the flames was rapidly drawn to Wind Saint, temporarily turning the area into a vacuum.

Without air, the flames would be extinguished.


With a loud boom, the flames in the area were instantly extinguished.

The unbelievable sight left Hong Yushin and all the warriors in shock.

"Holy shit!"

"Is that even possible?"

Such was their astonishment that the fierce battle momentarily fell into a lull.

No matter how powerful the Wind Saint's martial arts were, nobody had anticipated he could create such a miracle.

"Ugh! Ugh!"

The Wind Saint bent over, gasping for breath.

He had pushed himself too hard.

He had completely depleted his energy, leaving him temporarily powerless.

His energy was empty, and his muscles felt heavy like waterlogged cotton, leaving him unable to move even a single finger.

"I've grown old, too."

It was then that the Wind Saint felt the transience of time in his body.


Suddenly, a sharp sound of cutting through the air echoed.


The Wind Saint instinctively twisted his body, feeling a strong sense of danger.


At that moment, he felt a powerful impact on his side.It felt like being struck by lightning, and the pain was overwhelming. An arrow had pierced through his side.

Someone had shot him with a bow.


Caught off guard by the sudden attack, the Wind Saint groaned and coughed up blood.

At that moment, ManSlaughter emerged from the crowd.

He was the one who had shot the arrow that pierced the Wind Saint's side.

He didn't miss the moment when the Wind Saint was staggering due to exhaustion and shot the arrow with his God Slaying Bow.

"No matter how busy I am, I can't let a big fish like you slip away. The Wind Saint, quite a catch."

ManSlaughter's eyes gleamed with murderous intent.

The Wind Saint, clutching his side, looked at ManSlaughter.

"You are?"

"I'm called ManSlaughter, Wind Saint!"


A look of frustration appeared on the Wind Saint's face.

He had heard that ManSlaughter had entered the scene, but he never expected him to barge in at this moment.


A groan escaped his lips.

An agonizing pain radiated from the wound inflicted by the arrow.

No matter how depleted his inner power was, leaving him defenseless, the moment the arrow made contact, he had used his internal energy to minimize the impact. Yet the fact that the arrow still penetrated his flesh was testament to the immense power of the bow ManSlaughter wielded.

ManSlaughter spoke as he knocked another arrow to his bow.

"Let's wrap this up quickly. I have a busy day."


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