RDM (Novel) Chapter 478

 C 478

The Red King led the demonic madmen through the slums.

The eyes of the slum dwellers were focused on the battlefield where ManSlaughter's troops clashed with the Black Tiger Squad.

Thanks to that, the Red King and the Demonic Madmen were able to reach the Gi Family Clinic without anyone's interference.

The Red King ordered the Demonic Madmen.



The subordinates jumped into the Gi Family Clinic as soon as they answered.

The Red King watched them with his arms folded.

The Demonic Madmen searched every corner of the Gi Family Clinic, but they couldn't find a single person.

"They're not here."

"All the rooms are empty."

The subordinates who had entered the Gi Family Clinic returned with frustrated expressions.

The Red King asked.

"Not even one person?"

"It seems they've noticed us and fled."

"They couldn't have gone far. Scatter and find their whereabouts."

"As you wish!"

The Demonic Madmen dispersed again.

The Red King looked at the Gi Family Clinic with a twisted expression.

"So they knew we were coming."

He knew that Pyo Wol was a formidable opponent, but he didn't expect them to completely empty out their hidden hideout.

It was an extraordinary response. But the Red King's side was also extraordinary.

His preparations were not limited to the Demonic Madmen.

Last night, he sent a letter to So Yeowol, requesting more reinforcements. So Yeowol agreed with his opinion.

Soon, the elite of Guryongsalmak would arrive in Soyang.

When they joined, the net would be complete.

No one, including Pyo Wol, would be able to escape Soyang.

The heaven and earth net deployed by Guryongsalmak's elite was different from the ordinary heaven and earth net..

It was smaller but denser.

Above all, Guryongsalmak's warriors were all seasoned veterans who had gained countless experiences in the field.

It was the first time in Guryongsalmak's history that they had gathered to catch just one person.

"No matter what tricks you use, you'll never escape from Guryongsalmak. You should've just stayed hidden."

Everyone in the martial world feared the existence of Pyo Wol.

Even his ally, ManSlaughter, was wary of Pyo Wol. the Red King was no exception. However, that didn't mean Pyo Wol was really something to fear.

Rather, he thought this was a good opportunity.

If Pyo Wol was removed, there would be no more threats to Guryongsalmak.

"Today, you will die for sure. I'll make it happen."

It was then.

"We've found their traces."

One of the Demonic Madmen rushed over and reported.


"They're all together. They moved as a group."

"Where to?"

"They seem to have escaped from Soyang."


"But they shouldn't have gone far."

"Send the rear guard to block their path."


"And send someone to ManSlaughter to have him hurry up. It's already been this long and he hasn't joined us yet."

"I'll convey your message."

The Demonic Madmen ran off after answering.

The Red King unfolded his Qigong in the direction where Pyo Wol and his group had escaped.


As he kicked the ground, his body flew through the air like a bird.

Only after covering a distance of over ten strides did he start to gradually descend, tracing a gentle curve.

At that moment, the Red King kicked the top of his right foot with his left.

It was a qigong skill called Stepping on Air.

His body flew another ten zhang.

He used obstacles in the middle as stepping stones.

In an instant, the Red King left the slums and climbed onto the city walls surrounding the outskirts of Soyang.

He saw dust rising in the distance.

It was the dust caused by the warriors sent by Guryongsalmak moving.

Such a large number of them were moving that the dust rose like a cloud.

It had been a long time since Guryongsalmak mobilized this many people.

"If they sent that many troops, there must be quite a gap within the New Moon Manor."

However, he was not too worried.

The remaining troops would be enough to defend New Moon Manor like an iron fortress.

Red King shouted at the Demonic Madmen who had followed him onto the city wall.

"From now on, we begin the hunt for Pyo Wol. Be on your guard."


Shoo, shoo, shoo!

With Red King leading, the Demonic Madmen people all together leaped down from the city wall.


There were well-developed waterways around Soyang.

Large and small rivers were connected horizontally and vertically.

Pyo Wol and his group were on a small boat.

The boat they were in was heading upstream along a narrow river.

Pyo Wol looked ahead with his hat deeply pressed onto his head to protect him from the wind.

The hat covered his entire face, except for his mouth, so it was impossible to know what he was thinking.

Eun-yo stood behind Pyo Wol, and Nam Shin-woo rowed the boat alone.

Although young, Nam Shin-woo had practiced martial arts, and his strength was extraordinary.

Every time he rowed, the small boat shot forward several zhangs.

That's when it happened.


A sharp sound accompanied an arrow flying towards them.


Pyo Wol easily deflected the arrow with his armor.

At that moment, a group of warriors appeared on the riverbank.

They ran along the riverbank, following the boat Pyo Wol was on.

Then Nam Shin-woo said.

"There are warriors on the other side as well."

Eun-yo looked in the direction Nam Shin-woo pointed.

On the other side of the riverbank, over a hundred warriors were running after the boat.

In total, over three hundred warriors were pursuing the single boat Pyo Wol was in.

Whistle, whistle, whistle!!

The warriors sprinting on both the banks released volleys of arrows at the boat carrying Pyo Wol and his companions.

Clang, clang, clang!

Most of the arrows are deflected by Pyo Wol's bracers. However, some arrows managed to break through his defenses, and Eun-Yo swatted them away with her whip.

Realizing that their arrows were useless, the warriors momentarily stopped shooting.


At that moment, some of the pursuing warriors jumped towards the boat.

The distance from the river's bank to Pyo Wol's boat was more than twenty zhang. It was not a distance that could be crossed by jumping using Qigong.

Nevertheless, they leaped without hesitation.

As expected, they failed to reach the boat carrying Pyo Wol and fell into the water.

At that moment, the warriors running along the riverbank threw metal discs towards the falling warriors.


The discs precisely reached the point where they were falling.

The falling warriors kicked the discs and soared back into the air.

The discs, kicked by their feet, circled back into the air and returned to their owner's hands.

It was an unbelievable feat.

Dozens of warriors who rose into the air again accurately dropped onto the boat where Pyo Wol and the others were.

Their hands already held swords and knives.


Without hesitation, they swung their weapons.

It was as if dozens of eagles were swooping down.

At that moment, Pyo Wol and Eun-yo's counterattack began.


With a fierce sound, the warriors who had been falling onto the boat were either flung back or plunged into the river.

More than a dozen martial artists struggled in the river before sinking to the bottom..

Despite losing many comrades in an instant, the martial artists didn't even blink an eye.


Again, they jumped towards the boat where Pyo Wol and the others were.

This time, other martial artists threw discs to assist their leap.

The martial artists soared into the sky like eagles and swooped down towards the boat.

The sight of the martial artists filling the sky and falling down was majestic, but the weapons in their hands emitted a creepy omen.



They let out a battle cry and unfolded their venomous swords against Pyo Wol and Eun-yo.

Chu Haohak!

The sword qi and dao qi they emitted tore through the air and fell sharply.

If even one landed accurately, the small boat would shatter. However, Pyo Wol and Eun-yo wouldn't let that happen.

A series of sword arts bloomed from their hands.


The raging sword qi and dao qi exploded in mid-air.



The ones who attacked Pyo Wol and Eun-yo screamed as they fell onto the river.

Large wounds gaped open on their necks and chests.

The river water turned red with blood.

At that moment, some of the martial artists running on both sides of the river jumped towards the boat again.This pattern repeated as other warriors aided their leap by throwing iron discs.

Even though they knew this kind of attack was useless, they didn't stop.

They weren't afraid of death.

Their fearlessness in facing death, like moths flying into flames, disgusted Eun-yo and Nam Shin-woo.

Eun-yo's eyes, which had lost focus, shook.

Although she was raised as a weapon in the Xiaoleiyin Temple, this was her first time facing so many opponents in a bloody battle.

Her whip was soon soaked in the blood of the enemies she killed.  Even her hands were stained red from the blood that flowed down the whip.

Eun-yo glanced at Pyo Wol.

His face was hidden by his deeply worn hat, so she couldn't tell what expression he was making.

Still, she felt reassured by his presence.

That's when it happened.

"Over there!"

Suddenly, Nam Shin-woo pointed to both sides of the river and shouted.

Eun-yo quickly looked in the direction Nam Shin-woo was pointing. New martial artists had appeared there.


They unfolded their Qigong skills and joined the group of martial artists who were chasing Pyo Wol and the others.

The hands of the newcomers held bows.


Nam Shin-woo's eyes trembled.

Dozens of them aimed their bows at the boat in unison. The ones who already had bows also aimed at the boat.



The moment they fired their arrows, some of the martial artists jumped towards the boat again.


The series of events repeated like a wheel of hell. The only difference was that the arrow attacks were added.


Though it was just one more type of attack, its power was amplified several times.




Pyo Wol let out a battle cry and swung his armored arm.




In an instant, silver threads extended from his armor and whipped the air.


It was not the Soul reaping thread  he made himself, but a silver thread that Tang Sochu had installed in his wrist band. The silver threads whipped the air and blocked the incoming arrows.


In the meantime, the attack of the martial artists who jumped into the air began.


It was Eun-yo's job to stop them.




Eun-yo threw away her whip and picked up a sword lying on the ground.


It was a cheap, hastily purchased blade from a nearby smithy.


Eun-yo fiercely swung the sword at the martial artists approaching the boat.


It was the Xiaoleiyin Temple's sword technique called the Nine Heavens Demonic Wave.



Like waves fiercely crashing, her sword emitted a relentless sword aura.


The powerful sword aura directly hit the martial artists who had jumped into the air.




Their bodies fell from the air, and blood rained down.


Pyo Wol, Eun-yo, and Nam Shin-woo were covered in the rain of blood.


From head to toe, they were stained with blood, but they couldn't rest for a single moment.


It was because the enemies were attacking again.


An endless wave of human attacks.


Eun-yo and Nam Shin-woo had never experienced anything like this before.


The sight of people swarming like ants and throwing away their lives like insects was truly horrifying.




Eun-yo unknowingly let out a sigh.


Her body trembled, and she felt chills.


She didn't know how to bear the guilt of what she had done. However, Eun-yo bit her lips hard and temporarily erased her guilt.


Now was not the time to be consumed by guilt; it was time to fight.


For everyone's sake.


"We just need to go a bit further."


A small island could be seen in the distance.


It was the place where Pyo Wol and she had marked as their final battleground.

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