IBRV (Novel) Chapter 63

C 63

 "He just said it openly!"

It was something everyone could hear.

The Emperor's aides probably already knew, and the servants didn't react much.

However, they were sending astonished looks at Lucilion, who ignored Enosh's glares.

"Kidnapped...? Who dares to kidnap the prince of the empire...?"

Lillian Daisy was the only one surprised to learn that the prince had been kidnapped.

"It's not like that, my lady..."

Embarrassed, Enosh stood up and licked his lips, then looked at Lucilion with a twisted expression.

"You...! Insignificant commoner who doesn't even know the topic, for being a bit cute...! Hey, take this guy away right now and cut that loose tongue of his!"

"If you try to be honest after death, the message won't get through."


"Before you die, be honest."

I quickly approached Lucilion and shook the hem of his tunic.

"Hey, what are you doing?!"

"Ah... I'm sorry... Did I offend you? I'm sorry..."

Lucilion's expression became blurry for a moment as I scolded him, then he quickly knelt down and rubbed the back of my hand against his cheek.

"Don't hate me, Teacher."

I shook my head, a bit taken aback by Lucilion lowering himself to the point of embarrassment.

"No, I don't hate you..."


"Yes, I don't hate you."

"Thank you."

Lucilion, with a broad smile, kissed the back of my hand and stood up, looking at Enosh.

"Your Highness, they say that even if you're desperate, you can't obtain the human heart... Where do you plan to use your pride when you're dying?"

Lucilion held me in his arms.

"Then, we'll be going."

"Now, wait... U-unnie! I'll be back in two days, so you'll come too, right?!"


Lillian Daisy looked at me and then at Enosh.

Enosh slowly raised his head as if he had lost his senses, then frowned.

Seeing that expression, Lillian Daisy closed her mouth.

"I'm sorry, but I..."

"If the young lady has the time, I would like her to accompany me."

Enosh said, interrupting Lillian Daisy.

Upon Enosh's unexpected words, Lillian Daisy opened her eyes wide in embarrassment.

I was confused too. I didn't know that Enosh would say such a thing.

I didn't know that the arrogant and noble boy who had matured so early would bend.

"I thought he was building an iron wall because he was embarrassed and didn't know how to treat her."

Lillian Daisy looked at me. And I nodded immediately.

"...Yes, since His Highness invited me, of course, I will go."

Enosh wanted to add something, so I shook my head. He looked at me disapprovingly, then closed his mouth and nodded.

"Then we'll be going!"

I hurriedly tapped Lucilion on the shoulder. And I quickly turned around.

"I'm tired..."

The role of Cupid wasn't planned.

"I don't know."

Whatever happens, the original story is ruined anyway.

* * *

"What are you looking at so intently, daughter?"

"Dad? A book of medicinal herbs!"

Erno Etham nodded as he looked at the book the Emperor had given him.

"Yes, these days, the carriage wheels have been wearing down to and from the imperial palace. Do you like the prince?"

Is it my misunderstanding that I can somehow feel an unsettling energy in the bright face asking?

"He's my friend."

"Your friend..."

"Does he really need to be a man and a member of the royal family?"

Erno Etham asked affectionately with a more serious expression.

"... It seems uncomfortable."

As a result of living with him, Erno Etham's genuine smile definitely felt different.

Of course, there were times when he was in a very good mood, but most of the time, he laughed because he was in a bad mood or didn't like something.


"Of course, if my daughter wants to, she can. I'm not forcing you."


I've been thinking if I can save Enosh these days.

Since it's a fantasy world, I was wondering if there might be a special herb.

"Nothing comes to mind from the novel..."

When I fell silent, Erno Etham sat on the bed. The bed creaked.

Then he lifted me and sat me on his lap.

"Dad, is Enosh dying?"

"You mean the second prince?"


Erno Etham didn't immediately respond.

In the past, he would have honestly told me that he would surely die sooner or later.

However, he had changed.

Often, he had long silences when trying to give me an answer.

Knowing it was out of affection, sometimes it made my stomach tickle because I couldn't stand it.

I buried my face in his chest.

"It's like a dream..."

It was like a dream that someone thought of every word so as not to hurt me.

Even the fact that this person was my father...

"I heard he's not feeling well. But... they say he's been overcoming the obstacle every year."

I just closed my eyes at Erno Etham's kind lie that slipped out after a while.

If the original story continues as it is, Enosh will die this winter.

Even if the medicine I gave him helps a bit, he won't make it through the next year.

The parasite that disappeared without showing any symptoms was simply worsening Enosh's illness a little.

"Are you looking at the plant encyclopedia because you want to cure that child's illness?"


"I didn't know my daughter would be interested in herbalism too."

"Just a little."

Actually, I liked herbs a lot, but that was because I didn't have other hobbies in my previous life.

"What illness does Enosh have?"

"Since the second prince was born weak, no doctor could figure out the name of the disease."

In fact, I don't think the disease's name appeared in <Adopted>.

Looking at the plant encyclopedia won't give me an answer.

Did my expression look quite depressed?

Erno Etham gently rubbed his forehead against my forehead.



"There's no need to make such a sad expression over something that can't be helped. I'll try asking again."



"Thank you..."

While hugging Erno Etham tightly with my short arms, he smiled gently and patted my back.

"You don't have to bear everything alone. All you have to do is grow."


"By the way, do you happen to know Duke Collin?"

"Hyuk... Yes."

Richard, I completely forgot.

"He must surely be angry. I shouldn't have forgotten to write the letter..."

I've been so flustered and busy lately that I didn't even think about it.

I scratched my head and groaned softly.

"Daughter, that bastard... No, if that person dies, would it be a problem for you?"


"I'm asking just in case. There are many unexpected accidents in the world."

You want to kill him.

"Why out of nowhere...?"

Erno Etham smiled and gently stroked my hair.

"N-No, you can't..."

First of all, I can't leave Richard an orphan again, and I don't like the idea of my father being a murderer.

Erno Etham's hand stopped abruptly.

"...No? Why?"

"M-My friend... will be sad if her daddy dies..."

"Oh yes. Then if he just barely breathes properly..."

He muttered very quietly.

Of course, I said he was muttering quietly, but it was very clear to my ears.

"Dad, what did Uncle do?"




It seemed like Erno Etham's shoulders were slightly proud.

But soon Erno Etham fell silent.

He let out a short sigh, frowned like a child, and closed his mouth.


Erno Etham's shoulders tensed when I looked up. He let out a short sigh and finally opened his mouth.

"I wanted to adopt my daughter, so I went to ask the Emperor for permission, but he said Duke Collin had already completed the adoption process."


Duke Collin did that?

Obviously, I had heard the offer to become Richard's sister, but I hadn't responded.

The reason I couldn't respond at that time was probably because I still had lingering feelings for Erno Etham.

"So, I'll take away his custody by killing or mutilating him. Which do you prefer?"

He asked with a smile as if he were saying something very obvious.

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